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  1. Will they or will they not? Arrrgh.ing about it makes my head hurt. One thing for sure, I hope somewhere out there there is a real Ren Tsuruga :)

  2. I loved this so much I just cannot wait for the next volume. The spark of humor is coming back, there is a lighter tone with Ren, their relationship is progressing-ishI have just enjoyed this more than I have in a long time.

  3. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/This was such a great volume in the series. Nakamura really knows how to string a reader along and then drop a bombshell when least expected. 33 is my favorite in the series by far for what Nakamura packs in those 5 chapters.Story: The 'perverted Cain siblings' heat up the movie set when they show up holding hands and with an obvious hickey on 'Cain.' But behind the scenes, both Ren and Kyoko are fighting to maintain the careful faca [...]

  4. oh manokay so at this point in the plot i'm not feeling all that appreciative of renbut do you wanna know what i am hella excited about?kyoko getting to learn that love does not have to be something that makes you smallthat love should not grind you away, it should help you growi say this in the affirmative because if ren does not treat her well i will straight up invent a machine renders fictional characters real specifically to punch him in the facealso the president because screw that guy. :l [...]

  5. The beginning of this manga was jaw dropping in what Kyoko and Ren are up to. Acting as the Heel siblings or not!!!!Kyoko has definitely fallen for Ren and it almost break my heart that she feels she has to hide that from him. And he, on the flip side, wishes she'd react and doesn't get that she has. It is all just too much-in a wonderful way! The end was a bit of a cause for concern. Not sure what to think of that, except for to immediately read the next volume!

  6. 4 Stars.I know I've said this in earlier reviews, but I'm repeating it - this reread was a brilliant idea!

  7. 5 MILLION SHINING STARS. Best volume yetG. OMG OMG!!! I'M FANGIRLING SO HARD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Why does this manga torture me so much??? AHhhhh!!! The freaking scenes. The KISSSING scenes. My. Heart. Can't. Take. It. Anymore. I NEEEEEED THE NEXT VOLUME NOW. I would force myself to learn kanji or romanji or hiragana or whatever if that would mean I can read the next volume already!-----This is actually a review for volume 34 but I read online so I messed up on the volume number. T_T

  8. While reading: *flails* *squeals* *fans self* *flails* *flails* *gasps*After reading: *screams* *shakes book* *sobs*My favorite series continues to always excite and never disappoint! Except in the fact that it's too short and there is WAY too much time between volumes. I can feel the end coming, but at this rate it'll probably take at least two years. Oh, the torture T-T

  9. EEEEEEEEK! The first few chapters of this volume killed me omgKyoko finally realizes and admits that she has feelings for Ren and now the President might also know! This is getting so good!!

  10. *spoiler alert!*I think these last few volumes, 25 to 33 (haven't read 34), has really dived deep into the waters of Kyoto's feelings and the backstory of the mirage known as Ren Tsugura. I have always been extremely interested in WHO the real Ren Tsugura is. While we have been given glimpses in the past volumes, I am overwhelmingly pleased that we get to discover his feelings; we are slowly chipping this mask that he hides behind, where he keeps Corn/Korun's true persona locked up. I appreciate [...]

  11. El aceptar y afrontar los nuevos sentimientos, necesitan mucho valor después de una experiencia muy mala en el pasado, pobre Kyoko espero que se aclare en favor de Ren pronto <3 <3 <3

  12. U-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW CAN THIS BE THE LAST VOLUME AVAILABLE UNTIL WHO KNOWS WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I knew I'd be pissed at the end of this volume. lolWhoa, this volume was like a soap opera! I just couldn't get enough! And now I'm DYING to know what Lory is going to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay, first gurl Kyoko there is that will power of steal. How she only (view spoiler)[ gave Cain a hickey and that's it (hide spoiler)] man will power of steal! XDSe [...]

  13. More Cain and Setsuka awesomeness! I love how close Ren and Kyoko are getting through their roles, and that Kyoko was successfully able to break Ren out of his Kuon stupor. She obviously knows at this point that she loves Ren, and is doing her best to both fight against it and hide it from everyone else. She is truly afraid of returning to the situation she lived in did so many years with Sho - blind obsession with a man who doesn't care for her that much (or so she thinks). Ren obviously knows [...]

  14. Kind of an odd volume. Basically Kyoko and Ren spent the whole time coming on to each other in the roles of their characters. But not while they were filming. The whole idea is that they are trying to immerse themselves into the characters at all times. What's weirdest is that the characters are brother and sister. Quite the incestuous relationship.The whole brother/sister incest thing is nothing new. It's been going on for a few volumes. But I felt like I was hit over the head with it especiall [...]

  15. So many reviewers are getting hot over this volume, and I'm over here shrugging. I think it was great for plot development, and Kyoko's growth is blowing off the ceiling (which I love!!). However - my big however - I am liking Ren less and less with every volume. Am I the only one out there who thinks he's kind of a selfish, self-absorbed ass? I realize he's dealing with trauma, but he ends up taking it out on Kyoko way too much. She's too full of rainbows and sunshine to handle that shit, no ma [...]

  16. ♥ 10 Sterne ♥Das ist mit Abstand mein Lieblings Band der Reihe. Ich weiß gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll, es ist einfach so viel passiert. Die Szene von Band 32 wird fortgeführt und oh ja es wird noch besser. Ich wollte ja das die beiden Gefühle zeigen, aber hiervon hab ich fast eine Herzattacke bekommen. Vom Anfang bis zum Ende geht es hoch her und die super Szenen wollen einfach nicht enden.Endlich steht auch Kyoko zu ihren Gefühlen, die sie natürlich zu unterdrücken versucht, aber Re [...]

  17. This volume was another great addition to the series with a lot of really fun scenes as well as some more serious ones. Kyoko really surprised Ren with her acting as Setsu in chapters 195 & 196. The scenes about Cain and Manaka are also kind of fun and Setsu's reaction is good too. It seems Ren and Kyoko's relationship is finally starting to shift in this volume but it will probably still take awhile for them to actually get together. The president's reaction in the next volume should be int [...]

  18. Read as digital ARC.When I discovered Skip Beat, I read it all the way through non-stop for something like two weeks. This was the first volume that came out that I had to wait for. I was nervous about how it would read, if I could pick it up right where I left off and still feel so strongly about it, but I completely did. It's kind of a ridiculous situation, but it's so great to see Kyoko's acting and the inner struggle. I cannot wait for the next volume, I might have to go learn Japanese to ex [...]

  19. As Kyoko and Ren find themselves in a difficult spot, the two struggle to keep their characters' and their own feelings separate. As the locks on Kyoko's heart fall open one by one, can she maintain her self control?While the Setsu twins arc has not been a favorite of mine, this particular volume does very well. The two of them are entertainingly obtuse about their feelings towards each other and both are trying to maintain a professional relationship in the midst of a tense situation.

  20. romantisme Ren Tsuruga dan Kyoko Mogami akhirnya meledak dalam volume kali ini.rasa cemburu dan putus asa, gembok-gembok peti cinta yang akhirnya terbuka satu persatu, serta perasaan dilematis Kyoko terhadap aktor yang paling dihormatinya di dunia pelakonan, Ren Tsurugamua komponen itu menjadi volume ini sebagai volume terbaik Skip Beat! (menurut versi saya)ngkin akan ada volume-volume terbaik setelah yang ke-33 ini, tapi yang ini saja sudah sulit dilupakan.

  21. 4.5/5 starsOne of the better installments. It looks like Kyoko has finally realized her feelings for Ren (of course it's not stopping her from trying to squash them). I think we're slowly (emphasis on slowly) reaching the manga series conclusion. Hopefully, we'll reach the end before volume 50. Another series I love but am ready to see the end of.

  22. This was such a hilarious series! Kyoko was such a quirky character and was always doing stuff to get into trouble. I liked the transformation of her character throughout the series and how she found out that instead of having to rely on a boy she could make it on her own. There was a love triangle that I also enjoyed very much.

  23. (Kind of like a 4.5? Because so much happens and so much doesn't happen, but I like that the mangaka takes her time and it's why Volumes 34 and 35 are so much more powerful, because volume 33 leads into them.)

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