- By Toni Braxton

Unbreak My Heart

  • Title: Unbreak My Heart
  • Author: Toni Braxton
  • ISBN: 9780062293282
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unbreak My Heart The bestselling solo RB artist finally opens up about her rocky past and her path to redemptionWhile Toni Braxton may appear to be living a charmed life hers is in fact a tumultuous story a tale of p

    The bestselling solo RB artist finally opens up about her rocky past and her path to redemptionWhile Toni Braxton may appear to be living a charmed life, hers is in fact a tumultuous story a tale of personal triumph after a public unraveling In her heartfelt memoir, the six time Grammy Award winning singer and star of WE tv s hit reality series Braxton Family ValuesThe bestselling solo RB artist finally opens up about her rocky past and her path to redemptionWhile Toni Braxton may appear to be living a charmed life, hers is in fact a tumultuous story a tale of personal triumph after a public unraveling In her heartfelt memoir, the six time Grammy Award winning singer and star of WE tv s hit reality series Braxton Family Values is unapologetically honest in revealing the intimate details of her journey.Toni and the entire Braxton clan have become America s favorite musical family, but what fans may not know is the intense guilt Toni once felt when she accepted a recording deal that excluded her sisters That decision would haunt Toni for years to come, tainting the enormous fame she experienced as a popular female vocalist at the top of the charts Despite her early accomplishments, Toni s world crumbled when she was forced to file for bankruptcy twice and was left all alone to pick up the pieces.Always the consummate professional, Toni rebuilt her life but then found herself in the midst of heartache The mother of an autistic child, Toni had long feared that her son s condition might be karmic retribution for some of the life choices that left her filled with remorse Later, when heart ailments began plaguing her at the age of forty one and she was diagnosed with lupus, Toni knew she had to move beyond the self recrimination and take charge of her own healing physically and spiritually.Unbreak My Heart is than the story of Toni s difficult past and glittering success it is a story of hope, of healing, and, ultimately, of redemption.

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    1. Look, I am sorry, but autism isn't a punishment from God. It's not easy, but it's not a punishment. Folks need to stop having this kind of attitude. It just hurts autistic people. How are they supposed to feel knowing people think they are a punishment? WTF?Then again, I feel bad about her background. Mine was similar but at least i could wear pants. I would have been so MISERABLE if they made me wear dresses all the time. Ugh. People's view of God is warped. I'm not even sure if he exists, but [...]

    2. I'm a huge fan of celebrity memoirs, especially if the author discloses parts of their life that aren't very well known, and Braxton's confessions were interesting and heart-breaking. While I've always loved her voice, I've never been what you would call a fan so haven't really followed her career except what what was publicized about her bankruptcies and health issues. In this book I found her path to independence and self-awareness to be inspiring. I'm now off to check out her latest album and [...]

    3. UnBreak My Heart [A Memoir] Toni BraxtonToni Braxton the oldest of six siblings and a six-time Grammy award winner, American R&B singer and song writer. This is Toni’s first book a memoir ( UnBreak My Heart), giving her fans and the entire world a chance to really get a gaze into who she really is as a women, mother, wife, sister and artist. This book gives Toni the opportunity to share her story of her childhood, spirituality and the highs / lows of the music industry. Toni describes her [...]

    4. As a long-time fan of Toni Braxton, I was pleasantly surprised to find this. I have to say, this memoir was very well-written, well-organized and well-paced, especially when compared to others. I was only about 8 or 9 when I first heard her music and it brings back vivid childhood memories every time I hear her songs. "You're Making Me High" and "Let It Flow" came out at such an impressionable time in my life and it was so interesting and entertaining to read about the songwriting process for th [...]

    5. I've like Toni Braxton's singing for years. I love her voice, that deep throaty sound and the torch song type of singing. I class her with singers like Phyllis Hymen, Natalie Cole, and Jean Carn. So, I looked forward to reading this autobiography. I enjoyed the read. It was detailed enough to give me some real insight into who Toni Braxton, the singer and woman, really is. It shatters many myths and fantasies people have about the lives of celebrities. This account made her human, normal, and fl [...]

    6. This was a quick and honest read, in it Toni explores her life with the feelings and emotions that came with marriage, motherhood, being the eldest and her living with lupus. I loved that she was classy and didn't drag anyone through the mud but very open with the stories that she did choose to share.

    7. Not much to this book, sadly. I feel like this is memoir-lite, choosing to really only briefly touch on what could be (and probably were) more critical moments in her life and in her relationships with her family, business associates, etc. I'll be looking forward to a Tamar Braxton memoir.

    8. I generally have three categories for memoirs, biographies and autobiographies. Guarded, open and no-holds-barred. I would put this in the guarded category. I always have hopes that memoirs would go beyond the headlines. If one is somewhat familiar with Toni Braxton, you heard about the bankruptcies, and health issues. I was hoping for more depth on financial issues, although she did reveal she won the lawsuit against her record company, and walked away with $20 million. Part of the settlement w [...]

    9. MY GRADE: BThis was a quick read, less than 300 pages. While I'm not a fan of Toni's music, I am a huge fan of her family's reality show, Braxton Family Values that's on We TV. Toni opens up about her two bankruptcies, lupus, Autism, cosmetic surgeries, and other personal matters.She grew up in Severn, MD (my home state) with deeply religious parents, her mother more so than the father, it seems. She's grown up to feel guilty about things she shouldn't and seems to harbor a small amount of animo [...]

    10. Great read!. Couldn't put the book down;took me less than a week to finish the book. She was honest;she confirmed the nose and boob jobs. She's been through a lot and I love her perseverance. She fully explained her 2 bankrupties;I can relate. After reading this book, I realized how cut-throat the business side of music really is. I was once an aspiring singer, so reading about her experiences was a real eye-opener. She didn't delve too much about her marriage and divorce to Mr. Lewis, and I can [...]

    11. I've always been a huge fan of Toni Braxton, and I've definitely always respected her talent. The first time I heard the Boomerang Soundtrack, I kept wondering who is this chick? I loved her short haircut and she was cute and appeared to have it going on, but as I always say, you never truly know what anyone is 'truly' going through.This was an outstanding memoir on so many levels. I loved the fact that she broke it down about her bankruptcy mishaps, and how she ended up that way two times, whic [...]

    12. I understand that everyone wants to write a book and get their story told, but some people should just leave it alone. I say this as my first sentence to this review because Toni Braxton should leave the storytelling to celebrities who actually want to share something the public does not already know. If you watch Braxton Family Values or have the internet, then this book will be a complete snoozefest for you.On a bright note, it was neat that I knew of some of places Toni talked about during he [...]

    13. Imagine our individual lives as separate houses. You knock on the front door of Toni Braxton's life. She opens the door with a smile, invites you in for a brief visit in the living room. She then leaves to prepare a setting of sun brewed iced tea and butter cookies. When she comes back, she suggests that we sit outside on the front porch comforted by the warm summer breeze created from the shade of the tall oak trees dressing the manicured lawn. The conversation is continued with intimate feelin [...]

    14. Heartwarming read!I first decided to read this book because I have learned more about Tony on Braxton Family Values. I have come to love some of her sisters and dislike one of them therefore I wanted to know a bit more about her life but most of all I come from a family of five kids, one boy and four girls so watching the show I related to them so much and I related to Tony even more because in many ways I am the Tony of my family. Now that I have read it I could honestly say that you won't be d [...]

    15. Bravo!!!Toni Braxton's book was so good! I sit down after dinner to start reading it with the intention to read a couple chapters. Next thing I know I read the entire book! What I liked about the book is that I could feel the emotion of Toni's words. I found myself cheering her on one minute, and crying with her the next. Many times I wanted to reach thru the pages and give her a hug and tell her it would all be ok.

    16. This was an easy to read autobiography. I did feel that the author didn't take much responsibility for her actions, such as her two bankruptcies, but instead tried to explain them away as if they were unavoidable. I didn't know much about Toni Braxton before reading this book, so I did learn a few things, but I didn't think there was much depth to the book. Overall, an okay autobiography but not one I'd recommend.

    17. I enjoyed reading about her career and the personal struggles on the road to an amazing career. By her writing style, you can easily care about her relationships with her family and friends. I somehow knew she didn't want to do a reality tv show, however, like the old adage goes'you do for family.' I recognize that there were some relationships that were co-dependent, personally and professionally. At the end, she is an overcomer! Great read!

    18. I've never been any Toni Braxton fan; it's always been "Unbreak My Heart" that's mostly moved me every time I've heard it.I've lately started reading biographies (don't ask me why!) and I'm glad I read this one. Toni Braxtons rather difficult life and her openess and honesty in telling about it really moved me. I admire her courage and sincerity, and could become a fan! :)

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was light and an easy read. It was also fascinating to learn about Toni's childhood and her early passion and desire to become a singing sensation. I also appreciated getting her side of the two bankruptices she filed. She has endured a great deal, and I take my hat off to her for sharing her inspirational story, revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    20. Definitely wanted to like this more, but it was short and a little on the boring side. I feel for Toni (she's from MD, too!) but I think there could've been more depth to her reflections.

    21. This book made me love & understand the life of Toni Braxton so much more than before. It reminds me that life is a journey and we have to learn from our mistakes and simply breathe again. It's a awesome read.

    22. Posted originally on my blog: The Writer's InkwellWhenever you begin reading a celebrity memoir, you can never be sure what the pages will hold. Some are so scandalous that you can’t help but keep reading. And then there are classy confessions like the ones Toni Braxton makes in this book. Everything about this book is handled with care and what seems like genuine honesty. There’s not a time that I felt Braxton used this as a means to exaggerate events or even victimize herself. The fact tha [...]

    23. If you're into scandalous details, then this will be an interesting read for you. But if you're looking for someone who learns from her mistakes instead of rationalizing them away and pretending that is "growth", then this will just frustrate and irritate you.

    24. It is very easy to tell the world at large about your successes. Not so however, when the subject shifts to those "not so bright" moments in your life.But if you are Toni Braxton. You hold your head as high as you can manage, get the lay of the land, and persevere.The multi-platinum artist speaks with a humble honesty that draws the reader in, literally giving one permission to delve into those most private and closely guarded areas of a most illustrious, and at times, infamous existence.Though [...]

    25. Ok Toni Braxton had an interesting life. I enjoyed reading about it and I appreciate her little life lessons. I wanted to read her memoir after watching her biopic. I know all about Toni Braxton and her music from days when my mom would have the car radio on the contemporary station. I grew up on Toni, Mariah, Whitney, Cher, and Celine. Only thing about this book is I wish there were more photos. She talked about some things and I had to go to Google to find that Vibe cover (but I guess that's o [...]

    26. I bought this book in light of the movie coming out because it was on sale for $1.99. I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie to get more insight on Toni Braxton the woman. Overall, I think Toni's story is a "what not to do in the music industry" guide, as well as a very close look at religious extremism and it's after effects on children. If you are looking for juicy tidbits of things she experienced behind the scenes you won't find it here. This is a book all about Toni looking at [...]

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