- By Juli Caldwell


  • Title: Psyched
  • Author: Juli Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780615838656
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Psyched Aisi Turay has it all under control At least she thinks she does Forget that the most popular girl in school hates her guts and will stop at nothing to embarrass her Forget that her little brother is

    Aisi Turay has it all under control At least, she thinks she does Forget that the most popular girl in school hates her guts and will stop at nothing to embarrass her Forget that her little brother is tormented by the ghosts and demons she sees all the time Forget that her mom is a con artist who pretends to be psychic to make some cash Forget that her dad is hiding aAisi Turay has it all under control At least, she thinks she does Forget that the most popular girl in school hates her guts and will stop at nothing to embarrass her Forget that her little brother is tormented by the ghosts and demons she sees all the time Forget that her mom is a con artist who pretends to be psychic to make some cash Forget that her dad is hiding a secret than can destroy everything she knows about herself Nope, she s got this oneuntil that one awful day when she nearly loses it all With ghost hunting hottie Vance, a guy who stumbled into her life at the worst possible moment, Aisi must search for the messages hidden in visions and memories to protect her family Maybe, just maybe, they can reclaim what she thought was lost forever.

    1 thought on “Psyched

    1. If I’d have to choose one word and one word only to describe this novel I’d say: gripping. But I wouldn’t do it justice because Juli Caldwell wrote a novel that was much more than that: it was fascinating, thrilling, scary, intriguing, mysterious, detailed, RIVETING.Here a few things I observed:1. Storyline: concise, cursive, had well defined start, climax and an ending. The transition from one part to the next one was well executed allowing the reader to move in and out of them smoothly. [...]

    2. 3 1/2 out of 5 StarsI felt the events in the story were rushed and in turn was unbelievable. Putting that aside, I did enjoy the overall story.

    3. Aisi Turay is one awesome girl. She has power to see the dead in their souls. Now she's on a dangerous soul-risking quest, seeking answers to a mystery that's haunted her family for years. People she's lived around her whole life and never spoken to, as well as a new friend, have the knowledge she needs to solve it, and maybe bring her family back together again. This is a great read, filled with suspense. I NEVER knew from one chapter to the next what was happening. It is well written and a ver [...]

    4. This one reminds me of each paranormal movie or TV show, but I must admit, I've never read something like this. Maybe I'm a bit too much in romance stories lately so I haven't been even looking for something like this. It surprised me how good stories like this can be. I gave it 3 stars just because everything happens too fast. It should go a little bit easier maybe.

    5. Quick read. Decently developed characters. I'm still curious what the folks in chapter 22 had been subsisting on.

    6. Very good bookLoved the whole story. Really interesting characters who have great interaction. A little scary, but I get scared over anything, so judges for yourself. Can't wait to read the next one.

    7. The idea of this story was good, I can see what the author was aiming for. Unfortunately it fell short on a number of levels.The relationships and the actions of Aisi's parent's, especially her father, are unrealistic and underdeveloped. The first chapters felt unimportant and had me wondering if there was anything about the story going on in them--thankfully I found small ties that made them understandable, but at the same time, they could have been bigger and made more important. The backstory [...]

    8. Aisi is an everyday high school girl with a unique ability. Like her little brother Leo, they are both haunted—psychic. They both can see the dead. Leo is frightened by these scary apparitions, but Aisi refused to feed them her fear, so she fights them and sends them back to Hell using her special gift of Latin and telekinesis.One day, Aisi gets a dark warning from a demon, who will kill all happiness and joy and reign again. This one is the most dangerous demon she has ever faced and, for the [...]

    9. I thought this story was a very creative and interesting way to portray psychics. Aisi has a rough home life and is trying to keep her life together the best she can. Her mom almost seems depressed, or crazy, or both and she has to almost be a mother to her younger brother, Leo. I kept wondering why she just didn't go live with her dad--wouldn't that be easier? He obviously cared more than her mom seemed to. I thought it was funny that her mom pretends to be psychic and that Aisi really is.I lov [...]

    10. I enjoy a good paranormal book and although this book seemed to start out slow it went out with a bang. I was surprised how quickly slow went till I started this review. I would very much like to see more of Aisi Turay and the rest of the characters in the book in perhaps a series. Juli Caldwell did a fabulous job at keeping ones interest and pulling out a perfect ending that really wasn't an ending. I love the sassy Aisi Turay and her friends and family and of course the unlikely hero ghost hun [...]

    11. Overall this book had a very good story line that kept me engaged and interested throughout the whole thingere wasn't a part that was slow or uninteresting, and it wasn't predictable or cookie cutter. There were a great deal of errors throughout the e-book, and it wouldn't hurt to have an edited by a trusted proofreader. That fact would not keep me from reading other books by this author or in the series. The characters are well developed, and the reader really begins to care about them. If you [...]

    12. This is one of those books you just can't put down. What I love about Psyched in addition to a great, spooky story is strong characters and narrative voice. Aisi is the most awesome chick, strong-willed, sassy, and deals with some crazy stuff happening with a spunkiness that I loved. I'm familiar with this author and her work and she really breathes her own quirks into her characters and the effect is hilarious. Which seems odd, I know, considering the demon factor, but it works. In addition to [...]

    13. Psyched opens up a fun, spooky world that makes readers wonder if there is really more out there than meets the eye. There is just enough light-hearted humor to relate to the author's target audience and she delivers an exciting story with strong characters. At the end, I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next with Aisi Great book for a wide age-range. An added bonus is that there is nothing inappropriate for younger eyes. This book is fun for girls and boys of ALL ages!

    14. This book has good ideas but the execution falls short. Aisi has the makings of a great protagonist, but she's surrounded by an uneven narrative structure that doesn't flow well, and by other characters that are more cardboard.At times this seemed more like a satire of YA paranormal novels than an actual YA paranormal novel, especially as various characters were introduced with names that tried way too hard (Byington? Really?). When Aisi met The Boy and "the was just something about him" yadda y [...]

    15. This was interesting until about 35-40% in. The diner scene with Vance was just Not well developed. All of a sudden everyone is spilling all their secrets in front of anyone around? The best friend doesn't find it fishy or concerning? Stuff that was unexplainable and weird and alarming before all of a sudden were like common trivial events?! What just happened? Prob won't finish Just kind of ruined it for me. Bummer.

    16. I got this book from a giveaway. The book is overall a good book to read, just had some things that didn't go fluidly at least to me. The plot and the characters are good and the size of the book is fine. It just seemed to go from a little slow to jogging to running and jumping and then a nice leisurely jog. But as I said overall a good book to read.

    17. Yes and noThis book was well written and the characters were enjoyable with a good paced plot lineBut the whole idea is feeling overdone. Although it was an enjoyable read, there are so many other books out published that cover this topic.

    18. It was not scary enough for me.Sometimes a little boring.I liked the beginning, but half way I was getting a little bored.It's between 2 and 3 stars.I love the cover, the cover is a 5 star cover.

    19. While her overall writing style is fine and the concepts were okay, I just didn't like her use of coincidence. I felt like it was heavy-handed, and while Dickens got away with it, not many people use it well.

    20. I loved this book. it follows a girl named Aisi who can see ghosts and demons and learns more about herself and her family history as the story unravels. highly recommend

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