- By Swami Achuthananda

Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism: Turning Believers Into Non-Believers and Non-Believers Into Believers

  • Title: Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism: Turning Believers Into Non-Believers and Non-Believers Into Believers
  • Author: Swami Achuthananda
  • ISBN: 9781481825528
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism Turning Believers Into Non Believers and Non Believers Into Believers Religion is the opium of the people said Karl Marx many centuries ago For than a billion people living in India and abroad Hinduism is the religion and a way of life In this book Swami Achuthananda

    Religion is the opium of the people, said Karl Marx many centuries ago For than a billion people living in India and abroad, Hinduism is the religion and a way of life In this book Swami Achuthananda cracks open the opium poppy pods, analyzes the causes for euphoria, and comes away with a deeper understanding of the people and their religion This is a comprehensi Religion is the opium of the people, said Karl Marx many centuries ago For than a billion people living in India and abroad, Hinduism is the religion and a way of life In this book Swami Achuthananda cracks open the opium poppy pods, analyzes the causes for euphoria, and comes away with a deeper understanding of the people and their religion This is a comprehensive book on Hinduism It tells you why Hindus do the things they do and don t Written in a casual style, the book guides you through the fundamentals of the religion It then goes further and debunks a number of long standing myths, some of them coming from the academia of all places While most books shy away from contentious issues, this book plunges headlong by taking on controversies, like the Aryan Invasion Theory, idol worship, RISA scholarship and many In fact one third of the book is just on controversies that you rarely find in any other literature.

    1 thought on “Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism: Turning Believers Into Non-Believers and Non-Believers Into Believers

    1. I think the one word that can fully describe this book is "beautiful." Firstly, the cover is stunning, which made me instantly excited to begin reading the book. Inside, the formatting and layout of the book are stylish yet simple - fits the tone of the book very well. And the writing - the writing is absolutely beautiful. "Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism" is filled with descriptive and creative word choices, which I think is a fair indicator of a good book in the spirituality and religion genre [...]

    2. Did you know?* That Hitler's concept of a `pure Aryan Race' was fatally flawed and based on inexact, prejudiced research.* That the Hindu caste system was abolished in 1949?* You can join Hinduism even of you want to retain your atheism. ("All paths lead to God").* There is no such thing as "Sin" or "Hell".* And "much, much, much" moreThese fascinating insights, and a host of others, are contained in this excellent and accessible book about the beliefs, history, social and geographical origins a [...]

    3. Most Hindus don't understand their religion! The average Hindu knows more about the rituals but less about the religion than he realizes!!This book has all the vital facts which every practicing Hindu must read. People interested in knowing more about India's formation in the past few centuries.Best lines from the book:The word "Hinduism" is only about 300 years old, even though the religion is more than five thousand years old.The word Hindu itself is actually a Persian word coined by Cyrus the [...]

    4. This is a well-researched book that the author has written with much passion. The author writes in a clear easy to read style. However, there are too many ideas and facts in this book for me to give an adequate review. I feel that this is a worthwhile book to read because Hinduism is a major religion that most of us know little about.The author states that one out of every six people around the world is an Indian who can trace their root to India. He also states that 80% of all Indians throughou [...]

    5. I loved this book for many many many reasons!I knew very little (almost nothing) of Hinduism, and wasn’t sure what to expect when I read this masterpiece. I now have a new appreciation for the culture, history and the people. When my wife comes home from her yoga class and says namaste, it has a new meaning to me now.The author does an incredible job putting together a complete resource for anyone that wants an entertaining “” style reference book that dives into the complex, colourful and [...]

    6. I was surprised with how much I liked reading this book. I admit I’m not normally one for the religious-type books, and consider myself more spiritual than sticking to any one practicing religion. But I think that was almost what I liked the best about this book was explaining the roots of the spiritualty that Hindus believe and especially how they connect it with the body and mind. Even if you don’t agree with the philosophy for your own religious ideas, it is hard to deny that this is a we [...]

    7. I've read the dummies book and the idiot's guide on Hinduism some time back. Both are quite good, but none of them talks about the controversies as this book. I believe that's the best part in this highly entertaining book.

    8. I am a bit conflicted about my feelings on this book. My love for the first two thirds of the book had me talking to people about my interest and engagement with it as I devoured its contents, and then for the final third very disappointed in some very specific ways.The book began as a wonderful primer of Indian culture - a collection of short, friendly nonfiction essays on the history of the people and one of the oldest and most culturally diverse countries on the planet. With a light voice and [...]

    9. What’s interesting is that as a Christian in present day America, one might not even really realize the amount of influence Hinduism has had on our culture and how it is not necessarily some strange foreign religion, but one that touches most of our lives whether we realize it or not. From the popular practice of yoga, to the belief in “karma” (thanks for fully explaining that, btw), it’s funny to see that Hinduism isn’t necessarily a culture that is “over there” but can be felt ri [...]

    10. I think that MANY MANY MANY GODS OF HINDUISM by author Swami Achuthananda is exactly the type of book that students should read when learning about other cultures. When its presented in this way, it comes off less as a teaching text book, but more like an interesting novel, with the stories and background information. It is almost like plots weaving themselves together. I had no preconceived notions regarding Hinduism good or bad…frankly I never gave it much thought. (I’d never heard of it a [...]

    11. This book is not only about Hinduism, it's also about human perspective to something different. We fear what we don't understand and this book in every respect, shows that we practice a lot of Hinduism more than we are willing to admit. I love how the author put Hinduism into perspective through clear and simple language. Prior to reading this book I can honestly admit I knew nothing about Hinduism other than limited information of Gandhi. I am more enlightened and informed about the different a [...]

    12. Wow! What a fascinating book! I love the way he writes, just drawing me more and more into the complexity and staggering depth of the Indian culture and religion. This is not really a book about religion, although there is a lot of engrossing detail on such. Rather, it seems like a conversation with an educated professional, who happens to be a friend of yours, and who happens to be a long-time resident of India, born and bred there, all the way to the bone.As I mentioned, this book is not just [...]

    13. This is a very interesting book. It tells us how historical and prehistorical facts of life become myths over time and space. This book can be useful to those who believe in Jesus because of the ancient Krista (Krishna) and similar religious constructs (Krst, Horus, Orpheus, Dionysus, Mithra, Krishna, Adonis, Tammuz, Hercules, etc.) which have been more or less popular since the dawn of patriarchy. In order for patriarchy to take hold of the world, it needed to make people worship male spirits, [...]

    14. "Many, Many Many God of Hinduism” is literally the first book I’ve ever read on or about Hinduism and I’m so glad I did! I hate to admit it but I honestly never knew that Hinduism was so fascinating and multifaceted and like the living tree it talks about (The Great Banyan)…I love so many things about it! You would really have to spend more time studying in depth this is just a glimpse into a huge religion and culture but it is a good survey of a broad landscape. I never knew that “cha [...]

    15. Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism is a well written, well formatted and very easy to read Kindle book. Not knowing too much about Hinduism and the religion as a whole - this was the sole reason I read this book. I'm based in the UK and being of Western origin I was keen to discover and broaden my religion knowledge of Hinduism.What I liked about this book is the clear illustrations and diagrams together with the easy to read writing style. Its clear that the author thought out their planning befor [...]

    16. Comprehensive, descriptive, engaging, and provocative, “The Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism” by Swami Achuthananda is by far one of the better books I’ve read on this subject. Disclaimer: I haven’t read that many. Why? Because usually books like this are very one-sided and pushing an agenda, or are so esoteric it is nearly impossible for a “non-believer” to understand what is going on. This book was written in a way that anyone could grasp the concepts, and laid out in a way that tie [...]

    17. "MMMGH…” is really the first introduction I’ve had to learning about Hinduism and I must say it was very eye opening and enlightening! I almost feel stupid for how many things I was familiar with that I didn’t realize were connected with India and Hinduism. This was a very informative book and in my opinion one that should be required reading in classrooms. It is interesting to read and easy to understand, and Swami Achuthananda did a marvelous job of explaining complex ideas simply and [...]

    18. An excellent introduction to Hinduism by an extremely bold Swami. Great writing and I came away with a good understanding of the religion.

    19. Generally I have difficulty staying with books about religions other than my own. Most of them, including my own religion are usually hard to read and understand. Swami Achuthananda changed this with his book Many, Many, Many Gods of Hinduism. It was easy to read and understand and was delightfully humorous while being very serious at the same time. I came away with a better understanding of Hinduism. Hinduism is the only religion that accepts everyone and has no rituals to follow to allow someo [...]

    20. I received this book as a free copy.To gain a true understanding of Hinduism, I feel as if I don't need to look any further. This book was enlightening and informative and had me glued to every page. And I found that the author describes what might seem like complex philosophies and concepts, regarding Hinduism, in a simple manner. His writing style makes this book easy for anyone to understand and very fun to read.This book made me clearly understand how the many, many, many Gods of Hinduism ar [...]

    21. Wow, this book was incredible! First of all, the cover and inside pictures are GORGEOUS. Right off the bat the author had me hooked with his down-to-earth, almost “folksy” approach to a subject that is complicated and controversial at best (I’m referring to religion, not Hinduism specifically). I appreciated how the author maintained a respectful tone about other beliefs and practices, and just informed the readers what and who Hinduism was, and most importantly “why”. I didn’t under [...]

    22. This book was strange to me…I loved so much of it, but wish I could have cut out some parts. It starts of so wonderfully…engaging, positive, almost like a friend is welcoming you into his arms and telling you a wonderful story. The pacing is great and the writing and editing flawless (and I loved the designs on the chapters). This felt like such a beautiful and intelligent treatise and I was becoming more and more impressed and immersed. And then a whole section seemed to have nothing to do [...]

    23. Well written, well researched and neatly organized into different sections, this book comes together in a brilliant way to paint a picture one rarely sees outside the ‘inner circle’ when it comes to the practices and traditions of Hinduism. At the risk of sounding like a cliché ignorant American, I never knew so many of the things that Swami Acuthananda teaches us in this book, yet for some reason I feel like I should know them. The closest I’ve come to Indian culture is the Indian food I [...]

    24. Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism is not a quick read but instead something that makes you think. This is not a book I plan to delete, but keep to re-read as a reference. Being from the west I know of Gandhi, I know the benefits of Yoga and I certainly know the major tourist attractions, but I admit my ignorance when it comes to the religion and some customs. The book makes reference to a number of sayings and appropriate quotes "Life doesn't make sense" How true is that! Some make me think, other [...]

    25. This author wasn’t kidding when he named his book “Many, Many, Many gods of Hinduism”… there are over 330 MILLION gods! Wow, I had no idea! In fact, this book was chock full of information that I’d never heard of before, or only vaguely in passing. It seems like Hinduism doesn’t get a lot of attention in this country, so I’d only learned briefly in school. But this book made it more tangible and understandable and was wonderful because not only do you actually learn something, but [...]

    26. I read this book from Swami Achuthananda cover to cover in the span of an evening. I was raised Christian, yet I’ve always been interested in other religions and cultures different than my own. Mr. Achuthananda presented a very fair and wide reaching report of several important facets of Hinduism and its traditions that I thought were very interesting. Although it is not necessarily the same thing I believe in, I can say that I like how it sounds and what the Hindus do. It seems like a peacefu [...]

    27. I loved that this book answered so many question I never even knew I had! And explained so many different facets in such an easy to understand and comprehensive way, I really feel like I got a lot out of it. It was very educational, but not in that dry, textbook sort of way that many religions nonfictions can be. And it didn’t come across as preachy at all! Just explaining things and connecting the dots to how the world is influenced by (and influences) Hinduism. I was shocked to learn it was [...]

    28. This was a great book with excellent information. I would have liked to see some footnotes with links to source material for some of the facts and statistics, even though I could probably double check the info myself, it seems in a book like this it would be standard. Apart from the information Swami Achuthananda is imparting on readers about Hinduism and India, he also doesn’t hold back his feelings, whether it be about Americans approach to the accents, or other authors’ approach to teachi [...]

    29. I have slightly mixed feelings on this book. On one hand, I was so pleasantly amazed at how good it was! It gave such a neat, almost step-by-step description of not only Hinduism, but about the history of India, its cultures and people, the traditions, the rituals and why they happened, and some fascinating backstory I’d never heard of before. The writing was solid and the information impressive. However, I found myself taken aback at the tone the book seems to take toward the end…to me it f [...]

    30. 4.5 starsI thought this book did a great job of explaining Hinduism and its beliefs and roots in a way they everyone can easily understand and probably identify with some element or another. Although I’m sure about becoming a believer, I can surely see why so many would gravitate to this branch of theology. While being informative I do know that there is much more to learn and further study would be needed, but this is a GREAT start. I look forward to learning more about this religion and its [...]

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