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A Mage's Play

  • Title: A Mage's Play
  • Author: Zak Shareef
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Mage s Play While struggling to deal with the loss of his Wizard s powers Joshua Awen meets a beautiful Wizard who s been cursed Joshua and Ananda search an absurd dangerous and complex world full of monstrosi

    While struggling to deal with the loss of his Wizard s powers, Joshua Awen meets a beautiful Wizard who s been cursed Joshua and Ananda search an absurd, dangerous, and complex world full of monstrosity and miracles Described as poetic and hallucinogenic check out this unique blend of science fiction and fantasy.

    1 thought on “A Mage's Play

    1. *Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy by the author with a request for a review*Wow that was quite some read and made me feel both clever and stupid simultaneously. The conversations are masterful, the theory confuddling but followable and reading this has made me want to reexplore some poets and discover ones I have missed. The use of language is poetical and at the same time gave me a slight headache, one that came from having to use my noggin more than usual. Baffling, confusing and yet cle [...]

    2. Overall an OK book. Liked how the magic system is developed in the story line. Maybe a bit to much spent on explaining how that magic system worked. Got lost and confused a bunch of times while reading the story and was hard to follow what was going on at times. But once I caught on to what was happening in the story I enjoyed it. Almost felt like a bunch of short stories joined together with rough transitions in-between.Would I recommend the book to others? No.Reason: Not many of my acquaintanc [...]

    3. I enjoyed this but felt that at times there was alot going on but nothing much seemed to happen - possibly I think this was due to my having decided to read this before the other titles in the series so I prehaps didn't grasp elements of the back story. That aside I enjoyed the journey the characters took and felt that they and the world they were inhabiting were well constructed and believeable within the realms of the fantasy world created in the book.Looking forward to reading the previous bo [...]

    4. This was a good second book in the series, I still love the magic/tech of it all and the fact that Zak is not afraid to use large words and have debates. Although one part that slightly bothered me was that it seemed the book was more focused on the theoretical/philosophical debates and teasing and talking than actually doing anything. It feels more like it is setting up for the next book while being a good book it just lacked the drive that a quest should have. Overall 4/5 stars for good story, [...]

    5. This is the third book in this series that I���ve read. In the first book, A Wizard���s Role, we meet the Awen���s. There is Jason, the father, leader, etc. Then, there is his son Joshua who has an ego no matter that he can back it up with talent, he hasn���t earned the experience quite yet to go with it. Next, there is Marcus, Jason���s brother. Marcus is a significant part of the Guard, which is an organization of very talented Magicians who hunt and kill rogue wi [...]

    6. A new take on magic or mostly new if you have read the the short novels (they are must reads also lol). The author does an extent job of character development, rebuilding and refining as the story progresses. Read if you like magic with a twist and great world building.

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