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Geekus Interruptus

  • Title: Geekus Interruptus
  • Author: Mickey J. Corrigan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Geekus Interruptus Re released with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed Marcy Margate has it all she s young rich and built like Barbie She isn t the brightest bulb in the chandelier but

    Re released with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed Marcy Margate has it all she s young, rich, and built like Barbie She isn t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but the girl s got sass and spunk to spare Plus, she s sizzling hot When her marriage to a real live genius starts to dim and grow cool, however, she s puzzled What went wro Re released with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed Marcy Margate has it all she s young, rich, and built like Barbie She isn t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but the girl s got sass and spunk to spare Plus, she s sizzling hot When her marriage to a real live genius starts to dim and grow cool, however, she s puzzled What went wrong Marcy loves her husband, even if Jess Margate is from the planet of the nerds She decides to play it smart for a change Using spyware and creative strategy, she plots to find out why her geek has been interruptus Armed with miniature technology, Marcy plans to uncover the cause for the downtime in their love life A modern romantic comedy of hot errors and hotter apologies, Geekus Interruptus is a story for our time Because these days, nerds rule And geeks have guilty pleasures too, some quite different than our own.

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    1. Okay, repeat after me: Be nice Heather, be nice Heather, be nice Heather::Deep breath:: I not only didn't like this book, this book made me visibly upset. I found it to be irritating and the characters to be shockingly one-dimentional. Not only that, I was even mildly offended by the content, which doesn't happen to me much. Let me back up and explain. This book is a very short story about a hot wife who thinks that her geeky husband is cheating on her. My favorite parts of this book were the ti [...]

    2. 2 Stars!! Mostly for the adorable cover, I can't say the same for what's inside.I couldn't connect to this story or characters at all!! I found the entire read somewhat humiliating. I’m not a heroine hater and I try to give women and their issues the benefit of the doubt, look at why they feel the way they do. BUT, Marcy’s issues and her answers to resolving things with her husband were twisted, and she was no better than what she accuses him of. I found her to be crude and nasty, not sexy a [...]

    3. My TeamRBH review with links here: rbh-contemporary.nOriginally read by the RBH team in May, the funny and entertaining hot short story; Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J Corrigan has been re-released by Bottom Drawer Publications with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed. Marcy has had enough of being ignored by her husband, Jess who's always closeted away doing whatever geeky stuff he does with his computer. Marcy wouldn't know, she's not allowed near him. We meet Marc [...]

    4. Geekus Interruptus fue una lectura bastante peor de lo que imaginaba, es cierto que no esperaba demasiado de esta novela, particularmente porque era tan corta que imagine que a la autora no le daria tiempo de crear un libro memorable. Cuando lei la sinopsis me dio la sensacion de que seria una historia fresca y divertida, pero no fue para nada asi, a pesar de ser muy corta ( menos de 50 paginas ) se me hizo eterna, en parte por la forma en la que esta narrada, ademas me parecio extraña, no se s [...]

    5. Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J. Corrigan is a short novella by an able author with an eagle eye for focussing on the details in relationships, romantic/sexual relationships in particular.This is not the first time I've seen a geek feature as a romantic hero - Libby Mercer and Louise Cusack have both featured computer nerds in their romance novels. But the premise is an interesting area to explore. Marcy, a young woman with a high libido, stopped her sleep around lifestyle to concentrate on domes [...]

    6. Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J. CorriganWhat is a beautiful " Barbie " like wife to do when she believes her Geek of a husband is cheating? Why go to a spyware store of course!In this short novel by Mickey J. Corrigan, we find Marcy at lose ends as to why her husband Jess is no longer interested in her. He is staying behind closed doors, working late and traveling out of town on weekends. Marcy realizes just how bad things have gotten when she is tempted by a neighbor into having an affair. Not [...]

    7. Marcy Buenaventure Margate is married to a Geek named Jess Margate. Marcy is worried about her marriage to her Geeky love because loving a Geek is very different from everyone else's love. Marcy wonders if Jess is cheating on her. Marcy misses her wild sex days before she married Jess whose loving is sweet and gentle. Marcy sets out to prove that Jess is having an affair. Is Jess having an affair? Will Marcy get her wild sex back? What is Jess hiding from Marcy? Your answers await you in Geekus [...]

    8. ** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **This would be a 2.5 stars for me.Book – Geekus InterruptusAuthor – Mickey CorriganStar rating - ★★☆☆☆Would I read it again – Probably not.Plot – A little thin, could have been expanded on.Characters – Can't relate to them. A little one-dimensional.Movie Potential - ★★☆☆☆Ease of reading – Very easy.Personally, the premise sounded great, but the story didn't grab me. I really didn't like Marcy; [...]

    9. I wasn't expecting Geekus Interruptus to be a novella but I admit it was a pleasant change of pace to read something short and fun despite my avoidance of all novellas in general.I think Mickey J. Corrigan really hit the "next big thing" on the head as to what we can start expecting from books: geeks! Despite a few titles that I can rattle off the top of my head, geeks (REAL geeks, not just the ones that look all awkward in high school and then get a makeover and turn into someone brand new with [...]

    10. 3.5 STARSGot an ARC in exchange for an honest review.When I checked my mail I got a message from Mickey asking for me to review her work. I gladly accepted and I she didn't disappoint. Though it was a short read, I enjoyed it.This is a story about a Marcy and Jess who's having some marital issues. Marcy thought of a way to "solve" their problem in a rather spy-ish wayRCYMarcy has an appetite for wild, hot, all-night-long rump in the sack before she met Jess, now she's a faithful wife. She devise [...]

    11. Marcy Buenaventure Margate is married to a Geek named Jess Margate. Marcy is worried abut her geek husband . Is he not attracted to her anymore? When they make love it is always sweet and easy. Lately, they haven't been making love at all. Marcy misses the days of wild sex with many different partners. Is she willing to give up what she has with Jess to get that back? Should she go out and have an affair to get back at him? Is he cheating on her? What is Jess hiding from Marcy? You have to read [...]

    12. One of the best things about being a reviewer for Romance Junkies is the vast number of new-to-me authors that I get to read. There is nothing more thrilling to me than finding a writer whose work I can instantly fall in love with. Mickey J. Corrigan is one of those authors for me. Her latest novella GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS is a juicy erotic story that is impossible to put down. Marcy Margate is so caught up in the day to day trappings of life that at first she doesn’t really notice that her husban [...]

    13. GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS by Mickey J. Corrigan is a May 2013 release.Jess Margate loves his wife but needs to spend time away from her. Then Marcy needs to find out why Jess is spending so much time away from her and where. So she starts investigating with hilarious results!GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS is a short, fun and emotional story. I enjoyed it recommend it for it's entertainment value alone.

    14. The following quote from the book pretty much sums up how I felt after finishing this (thankfully brief) abomination: "She would have barfed right then, but her insides were so empty she felt like she'd been vacuumed out. Evacuated of all substances other than pain."

    15. I think we will see a lot more out of this Author. Her credentials and talent is set in stone. I didn't think I would like this book, but I have to be honest, I am now on the hook of every geek out there. Might just make my husband take up chess.

    16. In today's world geek's rule, well not all geek's as let's face it there is still those absolutely drop dead gorgeous to go weak in the knees for hot hunks, but yes the world of geek's have made their mark on woman of today.For some they simply go after the geek because he has the money, but in the new read from author Mickey J. Corrigan she tells the story of how a hotter than hot wild and crazy bombshell falls for a geek and it has everything to do with the man himself and nothing to do with h [...]

    17. I don’t usually start book reviews by gushing over cover art, but in this case I just can’t help myself. The cover of this book is just everything. It so perfectly fits what’s inside this book that it’s just ridiculous. It pulled me in and made me want to read this book!What was inside was just as fun, lighthearted and funny. Mickey Corrigan’s writing style has a sense of humor that I really appreciate. Loads of sarcasm and wit make her voice unique and she knows who her characters are [...]

    18. Marcy Margate is hot, hot, hot, and she married a certified genius. When things start to cool off in the bedroom, Marcy gets worried Jess is having an affair. Marcy contemplates sleeping with her neighbor to get back at Jess, but then realizes it would be a bad idea…unless she gets proof of Jess’ affair. So Marcy goes to a spy shop and gets audio and video recording devices to help her catch him in the act. Yet nothing is as it seems to be and Marcy’s in for an interesting ride as she trie [...]

    19. I'll admit I really wasn't liking this book in the first chapter and nearly put it down because even though the scene was hot I couldn't see why she'd make such a mistake without finding out the truth first. Marcy had me mad at her in the beginning. You'll see what I mean when you read it. :) I'm glad I didn't put it down because Geekus Interruptus turned into a cute romantic comedy with a couple of sizzling scenes mixed in. I found some parts to be pretty funny shaking my head wondering what sh [...]

    20. What happens when a not so bright but beautiful woman misinterprets her husband's waning interest? Misunderstanding abound and hilarity ensues. That's what. Written in a very tongue in cheek style, we meet Marcy, a pampered but bored housewife who makes her her mind that her geek of a husband must be having an affair because of his lack of interest in their physical life. I have to admit that all things pointed to an affair in my book. But does she confront him with her suspicions? Of course not [...]

    21. Geekus Interruptus is a funny short story that deals with the totally different expectation between Jess, the Geek husband and his beautiful wife Marcy. It is told from Marcy's point of view as she worries that Jess is cheating on her. He isn't interested in sex with her, he is gone on unexplained business trips on weekends and seems distracted even when he is home, often going to his home office and closing the door on her for hours. The lengths she goes to as the reader listens to how her mind [...]

    22. Geekus Interruptus is such a wonderful novella . It is perfect for when you just need a quick read in the afternoon. Like all of the other ebooks by Mickey J. Corrigan that I have read so far, I have quite enjoyed this one. I admit that Mickey is one of my favourite authors and I can't wait to read more of her books.If you are looking for a quick read that is fun and quirky then this is a great book for you.

    23. Mickey writes this type of genre with the best of them. Her characters always are exposed to common human frailties without making either the character or the reader feel inadequate. If you enjoy a good trashy romance novel, read one of Mickey's, she writes them very well.

    24. Geekus InterruptusGeekus InterruptusThis was a cute,geeky, erotic story with a few lessons to learn. It was a little out of my genre but it certainly made me laugh. Kudos to you, Mickey!!

    25. Esto se llama novela? Todo fue por una patética obsecion al ajedrez enserio? ademas la perr*a esta dejo que su vecino chupara su pezon y su geek esposo solo estaba jugando ni deberia tener una estrella

    26. Reviewed by: AggieGenre: M/F ContemporaryRated: 4 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    27. Malo, pero tan malo que duele. La sinopsis me engañó hasta el punto del no retorno cuando me termino encontrando con una tipa que no ama a su esposo, un tipo que no ama a su esposa y un montón de juicios de valor que me hicieron decir: "Well, Marce, what about you shut the fuck up and STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE? YOU RUDE BITCH" 42 páginas de idioteces sobre como el "amor geek" es aburrido, negligente y un montón de cosas más estúpidas que las anteriores, intentando ser salvadas con un "pero lo [...]

    28. A quick rundown: Marcy has it all, young, rich, looks, popular, and is married to a real life Geek. She loves her husband but thinks he is cheating on her and in turn she is tempted by the rich hunky neighbor. What does she do? Cheat? Is her Hubby having an affair? Read this to find out it’s a fast fun read!I really like the character Marcy. She is well described and I could feel her pain and understand how she felt. I would have liked more about her husband all we really knew was he was a gee [...]

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