- By Becky Masterman

Fear the Darkness

  • Title: Fear the Darkness
  • Author: Becky Masterman
  • ISBN: 9780312622954
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fear the Darkness Ex FBI Agent Brigid Quinn thinks she has a second chance at life After too many years spent in the company of evil she s quit the Feds and is working out what normal is meant to feel like She s swapp

    Ex FBI Agent Brigid Quinn thinks she has a second chance at life After too many years spent in the company of evil, she s quit the Feds and is working out what normal is meant to feel like She s swapped serial killers, stakeouts and interrogation for a husband, friends and free time But when you ve walked in darkness for so long, can you stand the light When a local teEx FBI Agent Brigid Quinn thinks she has a second chance at life After too many years spent in the company of evil, she s quit the Feds and is working out what normal is meant to feel like She s swapped serial killers, stakeouts and interrogation for a husband, friends and free time But when you ve walked in darkness for so long, can you stand the light When a local teenager dies in a tragic drowning accident, the community thinks Brigid might be able to help comfort the family But when she does so, something doesn t add up And it s no easier at home after a bereavement in the family, Brigid has reluctantly taken in her niece to give her a break before she starts college Brigid s ever patient husband Carlo tells her they must go easy on Gemma Kate, the grieving youngster Which is fine, until she starts taking an unhealthy interest in dissecting the local wildlife For Brigid, death still seems to be wherever she turns But as she herself starts to feel unwell, it s her own mortality that is the most troubling And as she tries to get to the bottom of a series of allegedly accidental deaths and increasingly gruesome occurrences at home, she slowly realises that maybe this time, she s let the darkness inside the only place she ever felt safe Sometimes, death is closer than you think.

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    1. Finally have come back to review this one. This book is #2 in the Brigid Quinn series, and if you are thinking of reading these books, I would recommend starting there.I fell so hard for Becky Masterman's debut novel that I found it unbelievable that I could like a follow up to the story as good-boy was I wrong. This story might have been EVEN BETTER than the first one. We catch up with Brigid following the events of the previous book and life has calmed down a bit. Her marriage seems to be doin [...]

    2. In my review of Becky Masterman's first book, I noted a few editorial problems. It didn't bode well when I found one in the prologue of this book. Brigid is in a trunk lying on her left side, and on the next page, her "right arm has gone numb beneath me." Is that anatomically possible? Fortunately, that was the only editorial problem I noticed in this book.I like Masterman's writing style and the voice she gives to Brigid. I do like Brigid, even though she's not the sharpest agent in the Bureau [...]

    3. Retired ex-FBI agent Brigid Quinn was content and happy with her life – married at an age when she’d given up on love, her husband Carlo was a man who understood her; had endless sources of patience and supported her totally. Brigid had few friends because of her past, but her recent friendship with Mallory felt right – enjoying wine and conversation together was a delightful pastime.When Brigid’s sister-in-law passed away after a long illness, the promise she had made her and her brothe [...]

    4. PI Brigid Quinn is back, but unlike in her first outing when she risked life and limb to catch a notorious killer, this time the threat is a lot closer to home. Nearing 60, Brigid, is content with her life, married to Carlo and with two Pugs, life couldn't be better. That will change when she agrees to let her teenage niece, Gemma-Kate, stay with her after the death of her mother.Firstly one of the Pugs will get badly sick and then after agreeing to look into death of a local boy, a mass poisoni [...]

    5. I read this from my purchased pile where it's been sat for ages due to the new one having just arrived for review.I like this series - I liked the first one and this one was excellent also. Great plotting that keeps things unpredictable and a main character who is of a certain age showing that not all main protagonists in crime novels need to be young to middle aged and frazzled.I'll write a fuller review of book 3 but I'm enjoying the fact that I've had the chance to read a book I purchased so [...]

    6. Even though tough as nails Brigid Quinn is retirement age now and starting to have a few health issues, she still remembers enough of her FBI martial arts training to take down a much bigger, younger, stronger man in a hand to hand scuffle so this is no cozy mystery. Brigid did a lot of undercover work when she was an FBI agent which isn’t conducive to forming close personal relationships, but she’s slowly getting the knack for human connection and in this second book of the series she’s a [...]

    7. Brigid Quinn ist pensionierte Sonderagentin des FBI und lebt inzwischen in später Ehe zusammen mit dem ehemaligen Prieste Carlos. Als Icherzählerin hat sie im ersten Band der Reihe nicht konsequent überzeugen können, weil die Autorin ab und zu aus den Augen verlor, dass sie über eine ältere Frau schreibt. Im zweiten Band geht es um einen verdächtigen Unglücksfall, bei dem ein Jugendlicher im Swimmingpool ertrinkt. Brigids Ermittlungen führen dazu, dass sie sich selbst als Opfer von Ansc [...]

    8. This is the first Becky Masterman novel I have read but it certainly won't be the last. A chilling, thrilling tale that keeps you turning the pages with indrawn gasps of air and a racing heart as you try to figure out what's going on, Brigid Quinn is 59 years old, a retired FBI agent and a newlywed. She and her husband are now living in Tucson and she's self-employed as a private investigator. One day she gets the call she has been expecting and dreading, her sister-in-law has died after a lengt [...]

    9. The first book in this one so surprised me in a good way that I was really looking forward to this one. However I ended up being very disappointed. With how the story unfolded I found myself very paranoid, like Brigid. I suspected everyone, with the exception of Carlos. I knew that even if certain people turned out to not be the bad guy I still didn't like them. The story seemed like with each page it got crazy and crazier. By the end of the book I was glad to be done with it and really hope tha [...]

    10. The explosive follow up to author Becky Masterman's first Brigid Quinn series book, "Fear The Darkness", is a mesmerizing suspense thriller. Protagonist Brigid Quinn retired FBI agent and now fledgling private eye once again at age 59 is tougher than most men half her age. Quinn only knows one way to go and that's relentless. This second book is set several months after the conclusion of first book. After Brigid's sister in law dies in Florida of cancer, daughter Gemma-Kate comes to live with Ca [...]

    11. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipThere’s something special about this series, I don’t remember being this excited about discovering a new to me author, or bingeing a series in record time since I picked up Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. (I then proceeded to race to where I found out she had a series and I never looked back) Anyway, my Becky Masterman binge has been amazingly fun and I have to thank Chelsea (again) for putting this phenomenal series on my radar. Things pick up [...]

    12. Fear the Darkness: A Thriller (Brigid Quinn Series)ByBecky MastermanThe main and most important characters in this bookBrigid Quinnher ex-priest husbandCarloher niece Gemma-Kateher new bestie Mallory and the PugsBrigid's beloved yet nameless Pugse all key characters. There are tons of other characters but the above mentioned ones are the essential ones.My very brief story summary that includes bits and bobs from the beginning, middle and end of this bookThis is a mystery so my summary will be so [...]

    13. I'm so sad to give this only a pair of stars, because I really, really liked the first book. When things on the work front are particularly busy, I tend to gravitate toward crime fiction, as evidenced by six straight weeks of cranky, often homicidal protagonists like Reacher and Bosch. So I zoomed through these in two days and was thrilled to discover the fiery, sassy, old-law-enforcement-broad voice that I enjoyed so much in her debut. Even if much of the FBI stuff is a stretch. In the second o [...]

    14. I had been looking forward to the release of Masterman's second novel for quite some time and I am pleased to report that I not only wasn't disappointed by any 'second novel slump', but rather I think that Masterman's story-telling abilities have only grown and left me savouring every single sentence. I never get into story details in my reviews because I hate spoilers and don't want to give away a single thing, but I can tell you that red herrings Masterman plants in Fear the Darkness are delic [...]

    15. I just loved the first book in this series. Unfortunately this book is not nearly as good.I love that Becky writes about an older female retired FBI agent. I was so excited to read the new Brigid Quinn mystery. There are not many mystery/thrillers that focus on older adults, which is why I was double disappointed with this story.I was hoping for a riveting mystery where Brigid is a consultant on a new case. Instead, the story centers more on her homelife. Her niece comes to live with her and her [...]

    16. Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for a free advance copy of Masterman's second Brigid Quinn mystery. As I said in my review, I had enjoyed Masterman's first book mostly because of Brigid Quinn and her narrative voice. As a retired former CIA officer who comes from a family of cops, she is a strong minded middle aged woman with plenty of rough edges. Using Phoenix as a backdrop, Masterman has a great protagonist and a good setting for her new detective series. I enjoyed her second book [...]

    17. Fear the Darkness by Becky Masterman is the second book in the Brigid Quinn series. I love the premise of this storyline. Brigid Quinn is a retired FBI agent wanting to live a quiet life in Arizona with her new husband Carlo and their pugs. When Brigid's sister-in-law dies, Brigid had made a promise for her niece, Gemma-Kate, to move to Arizona and stay with Brigid and her husband to establish in-state tuition rates for the university. How hard can 3 months living with a teenager be, especially [...]

    18. I am enjoying this series and am glad I found it. This book however, was not as strong as the first. Brigid' s character is still engaging but she seemed a bit "off" in this one in figuring out what was happening to her and how. Recognizing she was sick but she just seemed more passive and a victim in this one than in the other where her tough-as- nails ex FBI agent entering her golden years persona was the most compelling aspect of the book. Carlos as a character and additionally their relation [...]

    19. Review of FEAR THE DARKNESS by Becky MastermanThis second in Becky Masterman's Brigid Quinn series is my favorite of the three so far (published). I'm thinking it very well might be the author's exquisite depiction of sociopathy, its whys and therefores, and delineates so well how sociopaths can fool: both the "normal," and those who are themselves on the sociopathic continuum. Each mystery in this series is a pageturner, but I found this the most suspenseful and riveting.

    20. What I enjoyed most, in the end, is that although Gemma-Kate is (view spoiler)[ proved not guilty of poisoning anyone (including The Pug), she's still not innocent. (hide spoiler)] Brigid sees that she will somehow have to play moral compass for her niece, which will be a struggle for them both when Brigid obeys the spirit of the law on the best of days. You rarely see someone in fiction with malfunctioning empathy as a good, or even neutral force.

    21. For me the story started very slow and it didn't really pick up to the point where you just have to keep reading to see what will happen next until about half-way through the book. If you can stick it out that long then you will find some good twists and a very satisfactory conclusion. I thought from the start that there was something not quite right about Gemma-Kate. She seemed just too good to be true. If you like mysteries that take awhile to solve then you will like this one.

    22. Retired FBI agent Brigid Quinn has a lot on her plate that have very little to do with retirement. She and her husband take in her niece, whose mother has just died from a long, protracted illness. She begins to feel progressively unwell, and the doctor suspects something could be very wrong. Her dog is poisoned. And she is hired to investigate the supposedly accidental death of a local teenaged boy.Becky Masterman weaves a tale where almost any of the characters could turn out to be the "bad gu [...]

    23. I enjoyed reading this one, but I didn't think it lived up to the first book in the Brigid Quinn Series. This one was strange and crazy, and it seemed to have a much different atmosphere than Rage Against Dying. There were so many characters to suspect of wrongdoing, and it seemed like the book was filled with unlikable characters.In this installment, Brigid Quinn and her husband Carlo, take in her teenaged niece after the girl's mother dies. She is supposed to stay with them for a few months, u [...]

    24. Ex FBI agent, Brigid Quinn, has left the service to settle down in Tucson to lead a quieter life as a private investigator. However, her world turns upside down when her niece comes to live with her ,and diabolical events begin to happen.As she begins to investigate a young man's death,her dog gets poisoned, a man dies at a church event and then she begins to feel sick. Is this the fault of her psychopathic niece or is there something else at play? Suspenseful action ensues with this resilient h [...]

    25. Bridgid is investigating the drowning death of a teenager while dealing with taking in her teenage niece who is troubled. Throughout Bridgid is having mysterious physical symptoms as well. This one had me guessing throughout.

    26. Jetzt weiß ich wieder, warum ich aufgehört habe, amerikanische Thriller zu lesen (bzw. zu hören). Die Geschichte war eine pure Ansammlung abgegriffender Klischees und Plattitüden, die Hauptperson oberflächlich, kalt, egoistisch und langweilig und die Erzählweise war noch langweiliger und stellenweise pathetisch-theatralisch. Nach nicht mal einem Sechstel war ich kurz davor abzubrechen, warum ich es nicht getan habe, weiß ich nicht, hätte mir viel sinnlose verschenkte Zeit erspart.

    27. This second book in the Brigid Quinn series is a page-turning read. Brigid remains married to her husband Carlo who is an ex-priest, now a professor of philosophy. Brigid's beloved sister-in-law has just died and Brigid promised to take care of her seventeen year old niece Gemma-Kate who is now transplanted from Florida to Tucson, Arizona where Brigid and Carlo reside. The only problem is that once Gemma-Kate arrives, bad things start happening. One of Brigid's pugs is poisoned and Gemma-Kate co [...]

    28. There is such an odd cadence to these books, partly just writing style and also partly because they are technically writing as if the protagonist is looking back. No matter the oddness to the flow, I enjoy these and it's refreshing to read with an older woman as the detective.

    29. Po počáteční rozpačitosti se příběh slušně rozjel. Takže čtyři hvězdy. Musím říci, že vymyšlené to bylo dobře, až na to, že to bylo celkem průhledné už od půlky knihy. Ale akce slušná!kniznidenicek/2017

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