- By Allyson K. Abbott

Murder with a Twist

  • Title: Murder with a Twist
  • Author: Allyson K. Abbott
  • ISBN: 9780758280176
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder with a Twist The regulars at Mack s Bar love putting their heads together to solve a good mystery But Mack is learning there s a big difference between barroom brain teasers and real life murder Milwaukee bar owne

    The regulars at Mack s Bar love putting their heads together to solve a good mystery But Mack is learning there s a big difference between barroom brain teasers and real life murder.Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie Mack Dalton has a unique neurological condition that gives her extra perceptive senses, and police detective Duncan Albright is convinced Mack s abilities cThe regulars at Mack s Bar love putting their heads together to solve a good mystery But Mack is learning there s a big difference between barroom brain teasers and real life murder.Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie Mack Dalton has a unique neurological condition that gives her extra perceptive senses, and police detective Duncan Albright is convinced Mack s abilities can be used to help catch crooks Mack may be at pro at mixing drinks, but she s still an amateur when it comes to solving crimes and she s not sure she should mix business with pleasure by working with a man who stirs up such strong feelings in her At her first crime scene a suspicious suicide she experiences a heady cocktail of mixed sensations and emotions that make her question whether police work is right for her But when Duncan asks her to help find a kidnapped child, she knows she has to give it a shot The first book in the Mack s Bar Mystery series is a hit RT Book Reviews on Murder on the Rocks

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    1. Mack’s Bar is a local tavern filled with patrons who love a good mystery. Daily specials revolve around a crime of the day. The first to solve the crime wins a free drink and meal. Mackenzie Dalton is the owner of this Milwaukee bar. Not only does she make a mean drink, but she is able to use a unique neurological condition to help others. Her new friend, Detective Duncan Albright, believes that Mack could use her special ability in crime solving. Mack agrees to try out Duncan’s theory. The [...]

    2. A lot going on in this one and sometimes hard to follow, but I like these characters. The synesthesia thing is just icing on the cake. Recommend this series! Some good sounding drink recipes, too.

    3. Another good installment in the series, this time with Mack starting to take an active role in helping the police solve crimes with her synesthesia. This one was a little different as there were two cases she was involved in but I liked it. Definitely kept me guessing. Love the Capone Club at her bar as well and their puzzles were lots of fun to try and solve. Also loved all the crime theme named drinks.

    4. I love this series, Mack's synesthesia gives this series such an interesting twist, having senses that are short wired, hearing, tasting and smelling things that nobody else can. There are plenty of characters in this series many of which are in the Capone Club at the bar, all are very likeable, you feel like you can sit down right with them. You actually get more than one mystery with this book, and it had so many twists that had me guessing until the end. I can't wait for the next in the serie [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. I love this one, and I loved that the author shook things up a bit from the bog-standard formula of one crime, or multiple crimes that tie together. It felt like a fresh read to me. There's a lot going on, and the book might have been better had there been fewer puzzles/riddles and fewer moments of MC angst, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one nonetheless and I'm looking forward to book 3.Full review: jennoklikes/post/104713

    6. More like 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book but slightly less then the first. Cannot wait for the next one.

    7. Something about the man in front of me bothered me, something more than the simple fact that he was dead.Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton is back in the second installment of Mack's Bar mysteries. The bar regulars have formed the Capone Club that works at solving crimes after being involved in the murder from the previous book. The bar now has daily drink special that correspond to different crimes. Detective Duncan Albright is grooming Mack to assist him with his cases. Her synesthesia, a rare neurologi [...]

    8. I was super disappointed in this one after really liking the first book. This was just really implausible to me and to top it off had too much going on with the Capone Club and more than one mystery. I get that the author was trying to show all aspects of the protagonists life but I think she tried too hard and jam packed this book with too many things. I felt like I had whip lash going from real mystery to "fake mystery/riddle". I think one quick session with the Capone Club would have sufficed [...]

    9. A vastly different book than the first. Felt like multiple mysteries inside a mystery. The end got a touch confusing but overall it was very good and enjoyable.

    10. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsThe second book in the series begins with Duncan using Mack's ability to help him with a case. They quickly solve it, but Mack is starting to wonder if this is something she can really do. But when a baby goes missing, she's all for helping out no matter what happens. However, things start to get complicated, and Mack isn't sure which way is up or down. This book wasn't as good as the first one. I'm starting to have my doubts about Duncan, and I was a li [...]

    11. I'm loving this series!This is the 2nd book in the Mack's Bar mysteries. I love Mack the bar owner and Duncan the detective cop. Set in Mack's Bar in Milwaukee loves to solve puzzles, mysteries and real crimes. I have enjoyed all the characters. On to book #3!

    12. This was a very creative story about a person with synthesia. She used her unique abilities to solve crimes with her detective friend and some bar patrons. The drink recipes were good too.

    13. This is the second book in the Mack's Bar Mystery Series and I enjoyed it even though it was very different from the first one. Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton is a Milwaukee bar owner with Synesthesis. This is a real disorder that gives her extra senses and her own senses a boost, for example when you smell something you might hear a sound, or when you see something you might smell an odour. In this book, Mack has become involved with the Detective she met in the last book. Duncan has been testing Mack [...]

    14. I really liked the 1st book in this series, Murder on the Rocks, so I was excited to put this one on my to-be read list. A lot of reviewers didn't like the 1st book in the series because they thought it focused too much on Mack's synesthesia. I didn't think that but I definitely thought that about the 2nd one. The 1st part of the book focused solely on Mack's responses to various items around the bar and in staged crime scenes and I felt that this dragged on quite a bit. Duncan, Mack's love inte [...]

    15. I was hesitant to continue with this series after being split about Murder On the Rocks, the first book in this series. I felt very much the same about Murder with a Twist by Allyson K. Abbott. First of all, this is a themed cozy with a bar theme, but the bar atmosphere takes a backseat. Interesting, since I remember one of my biggest complaints in the first book was that there were no scenes that took place out of the bar! Can we get a happy medium here? This go around the protagonist, Mackenzi [...]

    16. Murder with a Twist is the second in the A Mack’s Bar Mystery series. The protagonist, Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton has a medical condition known as synesthia (a real medical condition, not scifi) that causes her senses to be cross-wired. For instance, she might taste or see a smell. She can also sense subtle changes in temperature, for instance the refrigerator was opened or closed before she came into the room. The condition is fascinating and this outing in the series spends a lot of time on [...]

    17. 4 starsI liked this second book in Mack's Bar Mysteries. I like how the Capone Club all get involved solving riddles and mysteries. Though a lot of them spend all their time it seems in a bar.The main character is Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton. She owns Mack's Bar. She also has a condition that is called synesthesia. Which makes her senses cross-wired. She sees and hears differently from everyone else.Her detective boyfriend Duncan and some of the Capone gang members are helping her to be able to lear [...]

    18. Although I really enjoyed the first book in this series, this one seemed to be severe case of sophomore slump. The main character, Mac, has synesthesia, a condition in which she may hear colors or smell or taste sounds. In the first half of this book, we were treated to an endless catalog of her reactions to various stimuli. It's not enough that we get all of the details of how she reacts to crime scenes she visits. At her bar, a group of regulars have formed a club that discusses and attempts t [...]

    19. The regulars at Mack's Bar love putting their heads together to solve a good mystery. But Mack is learning there's a big difference between barroom brain teasers and real-life murder. . .Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton has a unique neurological condition that gives her extra perceptive senses, and police detective Duncan Albright is convinced Mack's abilities can be used to help catch crooks. Mack may be at pro at mixing drinks, but she's still an amateur when it comes to solving cri [...]

    20. This was a good cozy read - the concept of synesthesia adds a unique twist to the story. The characters are likeable and the book flows well, although you have to suspend belief regarding the involvement of civilians in police procedures, but most cozy mysteries contain that same aspect, so you just chalk it up to entertainment value. One thing that I enjoyed but found distracting at the same time were the extra puzzles included within the story-it felt like a break for a commercial during a TV [...]

    21. InterestingThis book incorporates a rare condition and its use in solving crime. I hesitate to go into explaining it because, to be honest, even after reading both books in the series, I'm still a little confused about how this works. I can say without a doubt that I really enjoy the characters and in particular, the riddles and made-up scenarios within the storyline that add a little something for the reader to solve along the way. Also, I like the fact that the book's main character works with [...]

    22. I love this seriesThe second book in this series, Murder with a Twist is a great sequel to what is quickly becoming my favorite cozy mystery series. one of the minor issues with many mystery series is the reasons why the protagonist gets involved with so many murder investigations; some of those reasons can become pretty trite. That's not the case in this series where Mack has a special ability that makes her the Milwaukee PD's secret weapon. Add in Mack's troup of bar side amateur sleuths, and [...]

    23. This is the second in a new series. I like the characters and the premise and will likely read the next book, but the characters are still being developed. The main female character, who narrates, comes off as a little whiny about the new position she's been put in by her new relationship with a police detective. But, I gave her a break, because, after all, it is all new territory she's navigating. Has an ESP element to it because of her unique condition in which her senses get mixed up. For ins [...]

    24. I liked this second instalment of the Mack's Bar mystery series. I give it three and a half stars.It had a good murder mystery,the answer to which wasn't that easy to figure out. The characters were interesting and likeable.My only issue, really, with this book was that (the author) Ms. Abbott had a LOT going on. I think this was an effort to hone Mack's skills/neurological disorder. There were many "case study" cases that the Capone Club were working out every day, on top of several "real life" [...]

    25. MURDER WITH A TWIST Is such a fun read. The characters are real and interesting. Without giving the plot away You will learn about a real neurological disorder known as Synesthesia. The main character has this disorder and sometimes it isn't such a bad thing. She tastes chocolate when she hears certain tones in a detectives voice. ( what's so bad about that )This is a busy and fun novel and I look forward to Book 3 in this series. It will keep you turning the pages. I was given an ARC by the au [...]

    26. Entertaining book. Synesthesia is new to me - and once I learned about it, the main character, Mack, reminded me a lot of Sookie Stackhouse in Charlaine Harris's books. Both characters have to learn how to block out all the extra vibrations/noises/sensations.Having this series set in a bar and learning about some yummy-sounding mixed drinks (and their virgin counterparts) was fun, too. Milwaukee in the winter, thoughrrr! Glad I read this in the summer!My second novel this week that ended up bein [...]

    27. Loved the concept of this book, with Mack being a synesthete and being able to hear smells and taste sounds and generally process sensory information on two levels. I liked the bar regulars and her relationship with Duncan and the way she reacted as a normal person with trepidation about getting involved in these cases. I thought the mystery elements were well-done and the riddles and puzzles at the bar were fun as well. I even found the resolution of there being repurcussions for a cop involvin [...]

    28. This was fun. I had read the first book, where Mack turns amateur investigator through the traditional genre method of being accused of murder and having to clear herself. Mack has crossed senses, or synesthesia - she tastes sounds and hears touch. She had suppressed and ignored it for years, and now she has friends who will help her figure out how it works.And she'll solve crimes with her 'bloodhound' skills. Only not very well, because there's more to detecting than finding clues, but she's le [...]

    29. This was a great mystery. Book was hard to put down and had a lot of twists and turns. I love how the main character Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton uses her unique abilities to help solve crimes. Her partner in crime is police detective Duncan Albright who believes her can be used to help catch crooks. Would i like to have an ability like this, possibly, but I think it would drive me nuts. Try out this book and see what you think.

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