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  • Title: Lawless
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lawless Old West passions collide in the first historical romance from New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Available digitally for the first time In Loving Jack author Jackie Jack MacNamara foun

    Old West passions collide in the first historical romance from 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Available digitally for the first time In Loving Jack, author Jackie Jack MacNamara found love while writing a historical romance set in Arizona Territory in the late 1800s This is her story Half Apache Jake Redman is as untamed as the rugged land he cOld West passions collide in the first historical romance from 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Available digitally for the first time In Loving Jack, author Jackie Jack MacNamara found love while writing a historical romance set in Arizona Territory in the late 1800s This is her story Half Apache Jake Redman is as untamed as the rugged land he calls home Living by his own code, the gunslinger has little tolerance for rules and regulations especially the kind that Sarah Conway embraces Her talents for entertaining and social niceties have little worth in the Old West But the Eastern beauty has the heart of a pioneer under her ladylike demeanor It s a combination that could prove lethal to Jake Includes a teaser for J D Robb s Delusion in Death.

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    1. A western by Nora Roberts. She should write more if them 'cause this is terrific! It's got all the style and romance of a Louis L'amour.This is the book that the heroine, Jackie MacNamara from Loving Jack was writing. It has tall, dark and handsome gunslinger who finds himself involved with a young girl raised by nuns in the East. She arrives in a dusty town hoping to meet up with the father she hasn't seen since childhood.We have the expected complement of Apaches, saloons, bordellos, shoot-out [...]

    2. "Lawless" is the story of Sarah and Jake, and a western masterpiece by Nora Roberts. I can't believe I didn't read this before- because this book was amazing!Sarah moves from the east to country finally reconcile with her father, but what she finds out is her father is dead and she has to survive in the rustic lands all by herself.Jake doesn't believe the Duchess who arrived on the coach would survive in the harsh conditions in the Old west, but what he doesn't expect is himself falling for her [...]

    3. "You take too many chances, Sarah." Slowly, when he was certain she understood his meaning, he removed his hand."You don't frighten me, Mr. Redman. If you were going to hurt me, you would have done so by now.""Maybe, maybe not. Your kind wears a man down.""My kind?" She turned, the height of challenge in her eyes. "Just what kind would that be?""The soft kind. The soft, stubborn kind who's right on the edge of stepping into a man's arms."Jake Redman and Sarah Conway were two pretty great charact [...]

    4. Listed as .5 in the Love by Design: Jack's Stories series by Nora Roberts. Sarah Conway has come to Arizona Territory to see her father. Her mother died when she was young and her father left her in Philadelphia at a convent school, while he set out west to carve out a better living for them. The stage is attacked and Jake Redman comes to the rescue. Anyway, she arrives in Lone Bluff to discover that her father was killed in a mining accident just days before. She continues on to her father hous [...]

    5. Superb suspenseful storytelling from the Old West!This was my first historical romance by Nora Roberts and I loved it. Set in 1875 in Arizona Territory, it tells of Sarah Conway, who was raised in a convent school in Philadelphia where her father left her when he went west to discover gold. He loved his daughter and saw Sarah had everything but the one thing she really wanted—her father. So, when she was nearly 18, she traveled west to Lone Bluff where her father had settled and built them a f [...]

    6. ¡Me encantó! ❤ Esta es la historia que escribe Jackie mientras vive en la casa de/con Nathan, protagonistas de "El hombre de sus sueños" (primer libro de la Serie Arquitectos), contada por Nora Roberts. Impecable. ❤

    7. It's a romance novel set in Injun country! Does it have:1. A "half-breed" hero? CHECK! Per the jacket copy, Jake Redman is "half Apache and all man"!.2. A caucasian heroine? CHECK! She's even blonde and pale. (+2 bonus points)3. A kidnapping and attempted rape of the caucasian heroine by a Native American villain? CHECK! His "dark eyes" actually "gleam" in the firelight as he begins to cut her clothes away! (+1 bonus point)I believe that's romance novel Indian bingo right there. Putting aside th [...]

    8. [Setting: Arizona Territory, 1875]Lawless is one of Nora Roberts' novellas - though not too short like some you find, thankfully (I read it in the new version, The Law Of Love, in which it's paired up with another Roberts novella). This story was very sweet and engaging. Sarah and Jake are nice contrasts for one another and although I was afraid at first that Sarah might be one of those TSTL heroines, she thankfully wasn't. Jake was the bad-boy/loner whose heart has before this been untouched an [...]

    9. This is a delightful and romantic western about Jack, a half-Apache gunslinger, and Sarah, a city-bred woman who moves to Arizona to meet up with her father. Sarah is a great heroine, strong and smart, she never whines regardless of her dreary circumstances. Jack is a loner who learns to love, and for the first time in his life he wants a place to call home. They make a great pair and I loved the scenes where they were together. The villains are truly evil, and even though the storyline is predi [...]

    10. Historical fiction/western romancet exactly my cup of tea but palatable. Not the deepest plot in the library but okay and entertaining.

    11. Depois da boa surpresa que foi o segundo livro, estava com receio de não gostar deste terceiro, pois as expectativas eram bastante altas. Felizmente, o nível de qualidade manteve-se e mais um livro aprovado.Para quem não sabe, apesar deste livro estar enquadrado nesta trilogia, "Sem Lei" não tem nenhum arquitecto e nem é um romance contemporâneo. Logo na primeira opinião, em "O Homem dos seus sonhos" disse que a protagonista, Jackie, está a escrever um livro. Pois bem, este é o livro es [...]

    12. I quite liked this--I think it's one of Nora's older titles, but it's held up pretty well to the passage of time.Sarah's come to visit her father out west, and her stagecoach is rescued from a hold up by none other than Jake. He's got a reputation for being a cold man, quick on the draw, no better than a bandit. When she finally arrives in town, she's heartbroken to discover that her father died just recently, and decides to remain on his property, feeling a sense of closeness that she missed in [...]

    13. I really liked these two characters. I guess I like those stories about struggling in the early west.Half-Apache and all man, Jake Redman was more than a match for the wild Arizona Territory. Sarah Conway, on the other hand, was an Eastern lady who belonged anywhere else but on the rugged land Jake loved. Still, the stubborn beauty was determined to make Lone Bluff her home Though Jake was annoyed to find himself playing guardian angel to this tantalizing innocent, he was even more disgusted to [...]

    14. Nora Roberts at her best. Great storyline, a strong heroine and one of her most appealing heroes.I'm very picky when it comes to stories about the "Wild West" since they are always portrayed exaggeratedly and I don't always care for their atmosphere, but "Lawless" just grabbed me and I couldn't do anything but root for the characters, even despite the overdone parts.The story about Jake, the drifting gunslinger, and Sarah, the "fine" lady from the east, was a delightful one. This book will go to [...]

    15. Adorei este romance, que foi o escrito pela personagem de "O Homem dos seus sonhos", mas a historia de Sarah, foi sem duvida mais emotiva que a de Jackie MacNamara (a autora fictícia deste romance). Notou-se uma evidente melhoria na escrita de Nora Roberts desde o 1º volume desta trilogia, até este livro. E vou continuar apostar nos Harlequins da Nora, porque embora sejam livros mais rápidos de ler e com histórias mais pequenas, conseguem ser bem melhores que outros livros dela em edição [...]

    16. I got this book at this book sale thing at a church(really explanatory eh?) and started it today. I was looking for easy and fun. I am a virgin when it comes to Nora Robert, and I'm not sure what I think of her. Her writing was good, and her story wasn't bad if a little stereotypical, and I enjoyed the characters. I'll be revisiting her as I read through these books. Over all, good. 3.5ish stars. I am hoping she gets better since I think this is one of her older books.

    17. Good Book. A little different twist to a western, but I could not put it down in the Nora Roberts fashion. I quit readng her books because they all seemed to be the same. Was glad to return to an old friend.Sarah is going to see her father that she has not seen in many, many years. Course she has been groomed for the rich and her father lived in a shack. Usual boy meets girl not the same class of people type of story. Still was very very good.

    18. Banale, con poca caratterizzazione dei personaggi ed una storia costruita tanto per buttar giù due righe.

    19. A perfect poolside book. Adventure, mystery and steamy sex! Ms. Roberts does not disappoint on all categories.

    20. 4,5 Adorei, adorei e adorei Para mim o melhor dos 3, simplesmente 2 personagens irresistíveis! Uma mulher de armas e um homem, duro e maravilhoso Adorei!

    21. Jake Redman is half Apache, half white and can out shoot, out run anyone in the Arizona Territory. A drifter and a hard man he will save himself no matter whateven to killling. Sarah Conway has come to Lone Bluff to finally see her father whom she hasn't seen since he left her with the Sisters to go and find his fortune in gold and make a good life for her. His letters to Sarah are no comparison to what she finds. Lone Bluff is no place for an Eastern woman, and Sarah is no good for Jake. Sarah [...]

    22. Essa capinha não faz jus à uma história tão linda como essa. Poderiam ter caprichado muitíssimo mais!Estamos na época do Velho Oeste, com pistoleiros, xerifes, saloons e etc. Nossa personagem principal, criada num ambiente elegante e sofisticado, chega à uma empoeirada cidadezinha, com seus delicados vestidos e gestos educados. Ela estava ali para encontrar seu pai, com quem conversava apenas por meio de cartas. Infelizmente acaba descobrindo que tudo o que o pai lhe contava era apenas pa [...]

    23. Jake Redman, half Apache and hired gun is a rugged man who has been on his own a long time. Sarah Conway grew up in the East and has headed West to meet up with her father who she hasn't seen in years. After surviving the trip, Sarah learns of her father's death as soon as she arrives in town and the house her father described in his letters is little more than a shack build in the middle of nowhere. But, Sarah is determined to stay and she's inexplicably drawn to Jake.Jake is determined not to [...]

    24. I don't know why I don't read more Westerns because I really like them due to my passion for horses and having seen all of the Westerns on TV while growing up."Lawless" is a pretty "predictable" western story though there are a few surprises including the fact that "Sarah" isn't as prim and proper as she at first seems. I enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down. Nora Roberts really got my attention when she wrote this story.

    25. WowSo, Sarah went west to be with her father, whom she hadn't seen in several years. After being rescued by Jake when Indians attacked the stage coach, Jake has to tell her that her father is dead. When a well to do rancher starts to pay court to Sarah, Jake has had enough and sets out to claim what is his. Great read.

    26. Great western historical romance novel . I read this series out of sequence but I enjoyed every book from Jack's story then Cody's love story and Lawless . Nora Roberts never disappoints me .

    27. Voilà un livre que j'ai adoré lire et relire. Magnifique histoire avec de superbes paysages qui propulsent le lecteur au temps des indiens et des cow-boys.Je n'aime pas regarder les films de western à la télé ; en réalité, cela m'ennuie. Mais, là, avec la jolie plume de Nora Roberts, je ne pouvais que me laisser séduire et surtout lui faire confiance.Nora Roberts a un style propre à elle. Soit on l'aime, soit on l'aime pas. Et, depuis que j'ai découvert la saga "les Stanislakis", c'es [...]

    28. I always faulted the Western stories, accused them of lack of imagination and creativity! However, this was amazing! At first, Sarah was marginally just plain annoying, and I seriously couldn’t see her appeal, but little by little, we learn to love her, and accept that all that she does is from the goodness of her heart, which made me like her despite my previous irritation towards her, and more importantly, without realizing it!I loved Jake, who despite his cruel, cold and heartless history t [...]

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