- By Marcus Alexander Hart

The Oblivion Society

  • Title: The Oblivion Society
  • Author: Marcus Alexander Hart
  • ISBN: 9780976555957
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Oblivion Society What would you do if you slept through the apocalypse What if everything you knew about disaster survival came from old B movies What would you do if society as you know it suddenly became The Oblivio

    What would you do if you slept through the apocalypse What if everything you knew about disaster survival came from old B movies What would you do if society as you know it suddenly became The Oblivion Society After an accidental nuclear war reduces civilization to a smoldering ruin, grocery clerk Vivian Gray joins a comically inept bunch of twentysomething survivors, aWhat would you do if you slept through the apocalypse What if everything you knew about disaster survival came from old B movies What would you do if society as you know it suddenly became The Oblivion Society After an accidental nuclear war reduces civilization to a smoldering ruin, grocery clerk Vivian Gray joins a comically inept bunch of twentysomething survivors, and together they try to ride out Armageddon on little than scavenged junk food and half remembered pop culture When the contaminated atmosphere unleashes a menagerie of deadly atomic mutants, Vivian and her friends take to the interstate for a madcap cross country road trip toward a distant sanctuary that may not, in the strictest sense of the word, exist But can they get to safety before the toxins get to them Read the first eighty two pages for free at OblivionSociety

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    1. I went into this book really wanting to love it. Honestly, I did. A snarky, witty heroine and her strange bunch of friends on a post-apocalyptic road trip? Awesome. Sign me up. When I actually read it, I found there was just too much that fell short in the story to make it something I could properly enjoy. It does have some redeeming parts, for example I did quite like Sherri's character and there were some genuinely funny moments, but overall the whole thing seems contrived.The characters were [...]

    2. What do Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski have to do with the apocalypse? Not much, outside of inspiring the tryst that brings it on. And, as in this review, you won't see them again after the introduction. "The Oblivion Society" is a hilarious post-dot-com, energy-drink-fueled apocalyptic romp with some fun science (somewhat abused) and clever characterizations. The book is populated by a group of late teen/early twenties geeks, goths, and jocks. They form a ragged party trying to survive in the [...]

    3. The Oblivion Society is a novel filled with sharp wit, entertaining characters, and scenarios that can only be described as "delightfully absurd." This fast-paced novel combines one part sci-fi B-movie adventure, one part foul-mouthed slacker comedy, one part post-apocalyptic road movie, with just a pinch of chick-flick to create an explosive read.

    4. I bought this book for two reasons: 1) It is published by Permutated Press, which is a great Indie Publisher, although they are hit and miss (more hit in my opinion); and 2) Because David Wong wrote the Introduction, and this was not long after he had written John Dies at the End, which I thought was great. So, I was expecting some good humor and some good characters, and some post apocalyptic anticsd, for the most part, I got exactly that.The story follows a group of survivors after a Nuclear A [...]

    5. Metaphors, and similes, and flowery prose, oh my! Just get to the frackin' point already!Here an excerpt:Adjacent to the front entrance was a display that had not been there the day before, composed of a pile of soggy wooden crates filled with ice. She stepped up to the crate and looked inside, and a foul smell seared through her sinuses. The beds of ice were populated with the corpses of the most pathetic selection of fish that she had ever seen. There was not a matching set of species-mates to [...]

    6. I didn't enjoy this very much, but that's not to say it isn't any good, or that it doesn't have any redeeming factors whatsoever. It's not terrible, but it's not brilliant either. I found some of it offensive (another reviewer refers to the rape scene at the end as being "almost played for laughs"; and I've got to say, I agree with this view. Indeed, in my opinion there was a bit too much emphasis on sex throughout the book, and a bit too much gratuitous, schoolboy innuendo, which doesn't add to [...]

    7. So I wanted to like this book more than I did. Interesting story line, new author but it had too many flaws that I could not overlook in the long run.Spoilers aheadFirst of all - the character Trent was more than obnoxious. He was unforgivably obnoxious and yes, I get he was suppose to be this way but really? The women put up with him for that long with castrating him? I was *more* insulted by the fact that they put up with him than by his behavior by the end of the book. He alone could have rui [...]

    8. Spooktoberfest 2010 continues with the end of the world!So funny enough this book opens with a foreword by David Wong, who wrote John Dies At The End, which is how I kicked off Spooktoberfest. There are a fair number of similarities between Wong's book and Hart's, but ultimately I think Hart's suffers by the comparison. Both books have a dark sense of humor, but Hart pushes deeply and frequently into wacky comedy including way too many pop culture references (and for ME to say that, just wow ) [...]

    9. After reading a three-chapter excerpt of "The Oblivion Society," I decided to buy the book. I am very glad that I did -- I enjoyed this novel *very* much.Hart's writing is witty and skillful. The element which impressed me the most was his ability to tie in seemingly-unimportant plot points from much earlier in the story to events which unfold hundreds of pages later. Very, very solid.His characters are earnest and real. I wanted to kick Mr. Boltzmann in the groin, and I wanted to strangle Trent [...]

    10. I had to go all out and commission an actual stamp of approval, just for this book. It's an outline of me riding an ancient Megatherium, whilst pulling off a wicked king pigeon pose and giving two thumbs up. At least that's what it's supposed to be; it's kinda hard to tell. I should have listened when the artist said it was too complicated (read: awesome) for a stamp. Anyway, this book totally deserves it! After I finished John Dies at the End, I was in one of those morose sort of states that ha [...]

    11. It started off really promisingly for me, but lost steam. I did find the events leading to the apocalypse to be quite humorous.Main complaint: I had a really hard time with the Trent character from the get-go, and he progressively got worse until the final scene was difficult to get through. He was too creepy and aggressive and a lot of the time reading his scenes made me very uncomfortable. I think the author was trying to make him so over-the-top that it would be funny? But it was just hard fo [...]

    12. This was a spectacular failure. The book promised so much. I liked the name, the post-apocalyptic setting, some good pop culture references at the start, etc. etc.But suddenly, Hart dumbed down all the "bad" guys in his book. There is the boss of the departmental store where Vivian (female protagonist) works who couldn't count and then there is the main "villain" who is the most annoying bad guy you will ever read about. The female lead (Vivian) was quiet interesting but other characters (especi [...]

    13. This was a very fun book to read. The conversations can get really heated and there is a lot of laughs all around. At the end, I was yearning for a follow up. However, I don't think it'll happen.The world seems pretty messed up at the end.The beginning was kind of slow and full of jokes. This book is more of a commentary on life than really about the "end times". The author was using it as a backdrop.It is definitely not a true sci-fi, fantasy book. but one that uses it as a backdrop for comment [...]

    14. OMG BUG SQUICK WARNING! If you are easily bugsquicked like I am, this book's last third is gonna give you the serious wiggins.Other than that, though?Vivian, our awesome lil redheaded heroine -- rocks.Erik, the heart of the group, also rocks.Even foulmouthed Sherri rocked in her horrifyingly vulgar way.It was mostly unpredictable, though when Viv's wings show up you know she's gonna fly at some point.And the pop culture geekery made me think it was all very Night of the Comet.

    15. Mutant or zombie? That is the question Vivian Oblivion and her friends are trying to answer while wading through a radiation-drenched apocalypse. And that's about itNot much happens in this taleThere's a lot of snarky one-liners and dialogue, but I found myself thinking from the beginning, "Oh, come on! Something happen already!!" A couple of things do, in fact, happen, but much too late to save the book from being dead-boring.

    16. Quirky. The book is a good read however I found the nonuse of breaks in the pages between perspective changes confusing. I'd be reading about character A and then the next paragraph nothing would make sense until a few sentences in I realized I was now reading from character B's perspective. If you like postapocalytic stories and mutants and good characters that fit their molds like jello then this is worth a read.

    17. The book had its moments with some clever writing, but I eventually gave up on it as it was too much of the same thing over and over. The characters were stereotypes and became too unbelievable as they stuck to those stereotypes in spite of the stupidity of doing so in their situation. I suppose it was done for humor, but it became the same joke over and over, as did the silly "mutation" plot device.

    18. I was swayed to read this book due to the preface by David Wong, author of John Dies at the End. Sadly, I found the characters to be flat and the dialogue uninspired. There were a few moments that were entertaining, but in general it wasn't really worth reading.

    19. And the geek shall inherit the earth. This was a great post-apocalyptic pop culture romp. The Gen-x slacker characters were great, there was a lot of humor, some violence and gore and a wee bit of social and political satire. What more could one want? This was a fun read.

    20. The book started slowly, but I realized it was mostly a buildup for the characters, to make you start caring for them. Its a great book with sad points and exciting points and I know I couldnt put it down. I basically read the whole book in one night. Totally recommend it to everyone.

    21. This was such a great book-absurd, funny, lots of adventure. I've always had a thing for post-apocolyptic stories and this is a different view-point on it. Reminds me of a comic book adventure without the pictures

    22. I've always wanted to know what a dark comedy version of Cormac McCarthy's the Road mixed with David Cronenberg body horror would look like. Thanks, The Oblivion Society, now I do! And you also sprinkled in Late 90s period piece for good measure!

    23. Original and very funny, burned through the pages over christmas. I really hope hart writes some more books!

    24. Irreverent and sometimes shocking—but always entertaining—The Oblivion Society is a enjoyably offbeat adventure.Read the full review at nightsandweekends/arti

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