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Emily Windsnap - A Tangle of Tails. Liz Kessler

  • Title: Emily Windsnap - A Tangle of Tails. Liz Kessler
  • Author: Liz Kessler
  • ISBN: 9781842556856
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emily Windsnap A Tangle of Tails Liz Kessler An omnibus of the first three bestselling Emily Windsnap adventures about a girl who is also a mermaid

    An omnibus of the first three bestselling Emily Windsnap adventures about a girl who is also a mermaid.

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    1. this book was truly amazing you have no idea how good this book is until you read this book. In the first book, the tail of Emily Windsnap is about when Emily first got her tail and turn her into a full time mermaid and it was such an inspiring story that a mermaid was fitting into the human world oh and shes half human and half mermaid her mom is human and her fathers a merman so when you put 2 and 2 together you get Emily Windsnap! In the second book,Emily Windsnap and the monster and the deep [...]

    2. I read all of these books in 5th grade and loved them! They were all very good and held my interest the whole time. This trilogy is about a girl named Emily Windsnap finding out that she is half mermaid and half human. At first I thought the books were going to be cheesy and childish because they were about mermaids but they were actually very good :)

    3. This book is about an ordinary girl that suddenly discover herself a mermaid and it was a secret kept from her by the underwater world as her mother is a human.

    4. This book is like amazing it's one of my favorite books I think it is a really awesome book to read because they're exciting and it's a lot of cliffhangers!

    5. Book #2: I liked this book a lot. It was very adventurous and had a lot of cliffhangers. Although, the way the author described some of the places was boring. I don't mean using boring words, I mean that she went on and on about one place for at least a page. This made the book a little slow, but it is wroth it. Other than that the book was great.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Book #3: I liked this book better than the second book. Partly because [...]

    6. Swishy! :) my first mermaid novel to read. HAHA. it's kinda of cute, and the adventures never leave you wondering when will Neptune arrives any minute. The best part I guess of the book are the parts about the description of total soceity underwater, and their cool subjects (ex. Beauty and Deportment), and the jewels and love between merpeople and humans. I think people younger than me will enjoy it better, but for those folks who still want to enjoy this kind of stories. I can say this is good. [...]

    7. I read chunks of each of these books and Kessler's fourth with my 7 year old at bedtime. She'd read during the day, so I didn't get to read every last word, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I admired Emily's bravery and value placed on strong friendships. A boyfriend is introduced in the third (I think it's the third and he sticks around for the fourth) which was a new concept to read about for my 7 year old. I liked them!

    8. the Tale of Emily Windsnap was a really good book! What i loved about it is that it took you in a whole nother world. For example the world it took you in was mermaid land. It had lots of creative details in the story. It was also very emotional because she was out to search for one of her family members that she had never seen before because they were taken away from the family. Read this book i think you will like it!

    9. Emily Windsnap books are really awesome. They describe what Emily is like and her friends and her adventures. I read these books before and I am reading them again. I love the adventures that are described so well. Emily Windsnap just discovered she's a semi-mer. That means she is half mermaid, half human. Read this series to enjoy reading.

    10. Liz is so good at capturing a teenage girl's musings as she turns into a mermaid! She has lots of adventures and meets new friends and gets into all sorts of trouble. Emily is a wonderful heroine that never leaves her messes undone!

    11. I thought that this book is amazing! Liz Kessler has an incredible imagination and explains things in such detail that I feel like I am there! I definitely recommend this book for basically all ages. Well done Liz Kessler!

    12. I read these a while back but I still remember how touched I was by the stories of Emily and her struggles as a teen and a mermaid

    13. All three of the books rock, although the 2nd one got a bit boring, the first and the third ones were awesome!

    14. This was an Ok book but no the best I ever read. It was a bit young for me but I thought that it was a sweet book and showed the ways of getting round problems.

    15. It is a really good book. When I was younger I loved it. Now I enjoyed it to read it when I was a bit older. I will definitly give this book to may kids to read it.

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