- By NancyWoods

Hooked on Antifreeze

  • Title: Hooked on Antifreeze
  • Author: NancyWoods
  • ISBN: 9781304334701
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hooked on Antifreeze In this collection of stories poems and photographs Nancy Wilbur Woods reveals her life long affection for Alaska

    In this collection of stories, poems, and photographs, Nancy Wilbur Woods reveals her life long affection for Alaska.

    1 thought on “Hooked on Antifreeze

    1. What a fun set of stories about life in Alaska. I spent part of my childhood in good ole AK and so many of these stories had me nodding my head and laughing out loud. The authors voice is clear and warm - someone you want to invite over to tell stories in front of the fire. A fun read and something to share with those who love Alaska and enjoy a good ole funny yarn about life in the great north.

    2. Really enjoyed the poetry interspersed throughout. The stories of Fairbanks during her childhood even to contemporary times were enjoyable and brought back many memories although her perspective was different from mine.

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