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Gossip (Desire Never Dies, #2)

  • Title: Gossip (Desire Never Dies, #2)
  • Author: Clara Grace Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gossip Desire Never Dies Gossip is tabloid publisher Nicholas Beck s business and he makes no apologies for it When his wife is murdered however he finds his publishing rival Peter Arnold slinging the mud and rumors in his

    Gossip is tabloid publisher Nicholas Beck s business, and he makes no apologies for it When his wife is murdered, however, he finds his publishing rival Peter Arnold slinging the mud and rumors in his direction, and the police hounding his every move Needing to clear his name and determined to unmask his wife s true killer, Nick goes to work tracking down the real storyGossip is tabloid publisher Nicholas Beck s business, and he makes no apologies for it When his wife is murdered, however, he finds his publishing rival Peter Arnold slinging the mud and rumors in his direction, and the police hounding his every move Needing to clear his name and determined to unmask his wife s true killer, Nick goes to work tracking down the real story behind her death As he uses his investigative skills to discover who killed his wife, he learns she was hiding dark secrets, and soon finds himself embroiled in a sleazy world of revenge, deception and blackmail With leads running out, his rival printing headlines casting blame on him and his heart broken from a failing marriage that ended in murder, can Nick clear his name and break the story And will easing his pain with beautiful photographer Jamie Jennings turn out to be his biggest mistake Or the cure for everything wrong in his life

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    1. Murders. Usual suspects. Steamy sex scenes. Dirty secrets. Gossip pretty much covers every element that makes a story so intriguing. It’s a whodunit mystery-romance hybrid that knows exactly how to get you involved in the case. The suspicious characters are quite obvious as red herrings, but they sure add a layer of intrigue and complexity.The idea to pit one tabloid publisher against another is brilliant. It can’t get any dirtier than that. The sex scenes are so steamy, you think you’re i [...]

    2. A Pleasant Surprise!When I decided to read and review "Gossip", I thought it was a romance novel with a murder woven into the story. Not my typical genre, but I have begun reading books outside my comfort zone. I think a better characterization of "Gossip" is a murder mystery/suspense novel with a heavy dose of sex and romance.Ms. Walker does an excellent job of describing her characters, who are a diverse group. And she writes a fast paced, entertaining story that is enjoyable to read. Overall, [...]

    3. I read the first book in the Desire Never Dies Series, Gratification and I was happy that some of the supporting characters from the 1st book came to the forefront in Gossip. I am always a sucker for a murder mystery and was really excited about the whodunit element. It was sexy and romantic with lots of suspense. Can't wait for the next one!

    4. This is one of those books that kinda languished on my to-be-read list for a while, and now that I've read it, I regret it.This is one of the better written whodunnits I've read in quite a while. Just when you think you've got it figured out, you don't.At first glance you think the book's gonna be some trashy sleazy read, but it was actually very well executed.

    5. [review also posted on my blog at beentherereadthatreviewedthebo]Gossip was a whodunit written brilliantly. Twist after twist made for a really interesting story and I was really impressed with how everything that was unveiled linked together and no clue went forgotten.We’re thrown right into the action at the beginning of the book and I loved that. I was instantly drawn into the story and eager to follow the investigation and find out who had been responsible for Janelle’s murder.At the beg [...]

    6. I bought this book a few months ago after reading the book description.The story focuses on the murdered wife of a successful gossip magazine owner and his rival, who was also his mentor at a competing gossip magazine.This story has a lot of twists and turn and while we get the inside on the crime it is truly interesting to see the paths the characters are taken while one pursues the leads to his wife’s killer and the other takes every opportunity to destroy him.Interject the porn industry, un [...]

    7. Gossip is actually book two of the Desire Never Dies trilogy by Clara Grace Walker. This book stares Nick Beck, a tabloid publisher, in his dog-eat-dog world of magazine gossip.Basically, Nick's wife is murdered. And Nick, as well as the police, are determined to find out who did it. In a swirling world of tabloid publication and slander, Nick's got to find the truth. His favorite freelance photographer, Jamie, is his detective partner. Nick's got to talk to all kinds of people, and dig up quite [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this Whodunit novel. It's the 2nd in a series, but I read it first with no confusion. It stands alone well. While I typically wouldn't read a series out of order, it worked out great in this instance. I have to admit I like to know as little as possible about a book before I read, so I was guessing this was going to be more of a romance novel. It isn't. I mean, there's a strong thread of romance and some definitely sexy moments, but it fits even better into the Murder Mystery/Su [...]

    9. GossipbyClara Grace WalkerOften, a book will develop from gradual and peak to a point where the reader finds it hard to put the book down. Gossip is different. It charged into the story with fire from the very beginning and did not stop until the end. At points, I had to stop and check to confirm again who the author is, especially after those hot and steamy sex scenes, and was surprised again to see that it is a woman describing those scenes. I thought that women should be more modest in talkin [...]

    10. Suspense, romance, mystery and gossip magazines slinging dirt aplenty, this novel manages to pack a lot in.Nicholas Beck, gossip magazine owner, and Jamie, a photographer, team up when Nick's wife gets murdered. As Nick digs further into his wife's life, the discoveries are as unwelcome as the police suspicion and the public humiliation at the hands of his arch rival, Peter ArnoldThe plot was intriguing, the pace fast, and the characters all had complex back stories. Unfortunately, the character [...]

    11. Gossip, begins with the murder of Janelle Beck, the wife of the book's leading male, Nick Beck.A tabloid journalist, he puts his investigative skills to good use trying to find his wife's killer. If he doesn't, he fears that the police will pin the crime on him.A murky tale of sex and deceit, the book is very well written, and despite the immoral world he lives in, Nick is a very likable character.I rooted for him throughout the story, and even found myself drawn in by his romantic relationship [...]

    12. The storyline moved at a quick pace with lots of great supporting characters, which was helpful since the book is both a bit of a mystery and a romance.Each of the characters was fairly well-developed with the storyline mostly following the hero Nick, whose somewhat estranged wife was murdered early. This offered a few sub-plots and a red herring or two, which kept the story interesting.The romance was a bit more challenging for me. While I loved Nick, his romantic partner Jamie did not quite se [...]

    13. A book you cannot put down!! Suspense meets sexy meets contrasts. At first, it looks like the goodies are really good and the baddies are just plain horrible. But as the story unwinds, the reader has to let go of this simple view and accept that things are not always what they seem. As I read the chapters, more and more questions were hanging in the air, waiting for an answer. But once I finished the whole story, only one question remained: why have you not bought this book yet? It is such a gre [...]

    14. A sultry, lurid tale of greed, revenge, lust and love, all wrapped up in a who-done-it murder mystery. This was a book that I didn't want to put down, because I had to find out what happened next. I didn't realize that it was part of a series, and some references to things in the past had me confused, but I attributed it to the story-telling style of the book. It did not interfere with my enjoyment; rather, it makes me want to go back and read the whole series! I will be following this author fo [...]

    15. Nick has a gossip magazine and a competitor that is always trying to out do him. He is called to the golf club he belongs to for a murder and it turns out to be his wife. They were not speaking to each other but still he did not want this to happen to her. He decides to investigate her murder right along with the police. Lots of things going on here and anyone of the people he suspects could be the one. You may guess early on but Nick doesn't until the end.

    16. Gossip is a suspense, romance mystery story. With Gossip magazines slinging the dirt.Nicholas Beck is a Gossip Magazine owner , Jamie is a photographer they team up when Nick's Wife is murdered.As he digs deep into his wife's life he makes some unwelcome discoveries as unwelcome as the Police suspicion and the public humiliation because of his arch rival Peter Arnold another magazine owner. The plot is intriguing with a fast pace the characters all have complex back stories.

    17. It's a fun read with an engaging storyline and characters that you either love to love or love to hate. It reminded me of the atmosphere of Desperate Housewives and was perfect for devouring by the pool in Turkey. Gossip is one book from the Desire Never Dies trilogy, but it works perfectly as a stand-alone novelplete review on my blog : madhousefamilyreviews

    18. Outstanding story! Clara Grace Walker is a fantastic writer of romantic suspense. Readers won't be disappointed with its fast pace and alluring characters. This one continues the series from the first novel Gratification, which was also great. Readers, be warned: Gossip reels you in from the very first chapter and won't let you go until the thrilling conclusion. Better add this to your wish list.

    19. Interesting look into the behind-the-scenes aspect of the tabloid world. At times I loved the main character, felt bad for him even but at times you had to shake your head at some of the choices he (and his co-workers) made. Looking forward to seeing how their story progresses

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