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Maggie Come Lately

  • Title: Maggie Come Lately
  • Author: Michelle Buckman Chap Clark
  • ISBN: 9781600060823
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maggie Come Lately While most girls are going to parties Maggie is busy acting as mother and housewife to her two brothers and father When she turns Maggie hopes it will be a great year But then she hears a noise i

    While most girls are going to parties, Maggie is busy acting as mother and housewife to her two brothers and father When she turns 16, Maggie hopes it will be a great year But then she hears a noise in the woods that takes her on a path that changes her life forever.

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    1. Whenever I read a book that contains any form of abuse--without meaning to--I remove my reader hat and slip on my professional one. I love it when an author gets the facts right. On the other hand, it irritates me to no end when the author gets something clearly wrong. In Maggie Come Lately Michelle Buckman got all of her facts right. The tension is very well done and the conflict develops at just the right pace. The title even fits the story. It's hard to say why it fits without giving any spoi [...]

    2. In all fairness I downloaded this book for free. It was not "billed" as a Christian read and I found the references throughout the book distracting and tiresome. Two "less preachy" reads would be the following: "The Soulkeepers" and "Meant to Be." I am not against Christian books at all (Peretti is fantastic), but think the product description needs to give an inkling as to what genre it is. This was well-written with a decent coming-of-age story that dealt with a myriad of different subjects wi [...]

    3. I don't really know what to think of this book. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't tried to tackle so much. It was probably the situations involving Andrea or Tony that bugged me the most. While most of the characters stood decently well on their own, Andrea seemed to pop up and act, not consistently, but according to what the specific situation demanded to push the story forward. It just didn't seem to fit with her profession to be so out-of-touch with how others were reacting to [...]

    4. This book is well-written. Keeps up a good pace. Maggie just turned 16. Her father is bringing home a woman for the first time since Maggie's mother died about 12 years prior. Andrea steamrolls the family home by speaking her mind from day one and quickly making changes inside their house.Maggie has been saddled with many responsibilities, from making dinner, doing dishes, taking care of her younger brothers, and even selecting and purchasing a washing machine and being alone when it is delivere [...]

    5. I downloaded this book for free. It wasn't bad at all, but just not great. Reminded me a lot of what the kids are like in high school. I just couldn't tell where it was going a lot of the time. Was it trying to be a light-hearted read or delve into the deeper issues it was raising? I thought the handling of the stuff w/ the youngest brother as well as what happened to Maggie near the end was taken way too lightly, especially by the father. Glad I read it, but nowhere near my top, must-reads.

    6. Powerful storyline, well developed Characters, and a strong message, and all without Vampires, loved the Christian Message behind this determined young woman's story, though this is a work of fiction, you couldn't help but feel for Maggie and all the changes she was having to face.

    7. Not a bad story discriptive and with good characterisation. I appreciated​ the sensitive spiritual imput.On a negative note I found it dragged a bit in parts, but on the whole a good read.

    8. At last, a writer who can write, and a contemporary teen heroine who isn't full of herself! Maggie is a marvelous character, and the social issues she faces are timely and relvant --rape, molestation, the trustworthy neighbor who isn't, the attitudes of teen guys, the superficiality of so many h.s. relationships. I bought this book new (not as a free download, not even a $3 e-book, but a paper copy from amazon), and was hoping I wouldn't have to cringe and get ride of another wasted purchase fro [...]

    9. So this book was interesting. The ending was cute and I liked how it worked itself out in the end so it left me somewhat satisfied. However, I felt as if this book was more "preachy" as opposed to just telling me the story. And not necessarily because of the fact that they all had faith and spoke about God. It was beyond that. I understand that Maggie dwelt on the horrible incident on what happened to Sue but must they dwell the entire book on it? And yet when something traumatic happened to Bil [...]

    10. Maggie's mother was married and pregnant at 16. Four years later, she takes her own life leaving Maggie to take care of her two younger brothers and their father.Now Maggie is 16. She is not popular at school, but has friends she hangs out with. She considers herself 'invisible'. Suddenly, Maggie's life is turned upside down. Her father brings home a woman for her and her brothers to meet - who proceeds to rearrange the house, repaint rooms, and generally try to 'take over'. Then she finds one o [...]

    11. Maggie Come Lately, by Michelle Buckman, is a poignant story about a young girl searching for herself. All her life Maggie has taken care of her father, two younger brothers, the housework, and the cooking. She isn’t popular at school, has a crush on a boy who barely knows she’s alive, and her father has a new girlfriend. Maggie flees to her forest sanctuary to get away from it all and stumbles onto a girl who’s been attacked. She calls 911 and does her best to help the girl.When she goes [...]

    12. The prologue is a poignant and powerful view of the depression and suicide of Maggies mother. The close third-person narration (occasionally moving into alternate points-of-view) draws readers into Maggies typical teen desire to be normal or even popular. This is an agenda-driven book, albeit quite well-done. The agendaawareness of the dangers of sexual predatorsis one we all approve, but in my opinion the book would have been stronger if the author hadnt tried to take on so much. We are dealing [...]

    13. For Maggie, life has not been easy as she has always had to play the mother role as when she was four years old, her mother committed suicide. Now Maggie is celebrating her sixteenth birthday and it seems everyone has forgotten . All Maggie ever wants is to be popular like one of the cheerleaders at school - Sue. As Sue's boyfriend Wes is her crush. So on her birthday, Maggie wishes that life was easy and she could for once be popular. But being popular isn't all it is cracked up to be as Maggie [...]

    14. Wow. Every teenaged girl should read this; I haven't found any other book that even comes close to capturing the emotions and insecurities that make "the best years of your life" (according to people who don't remember them so well) into what are (hopefully) the worst years of your life. As a warning, it deals with a lot of intense subjects like rape and sexual abuse of minors. But these subjects are mostly just referred to throughout the book. In short, they're handled pretty delicately, and th [...]

    15. This book was not what I expected. That being said, once I got over my misleading expectations I appreciated this book for showing a heroine that is mature and yet realistic (imperfect) and for tackling some major issues about sexual abuse. Some of the issues were well discussed and brought to satisfying conclusions, but I was left hanging on a couple issues that were thrown in but the resolution was skimmed over. The author attempted a little too much for one story. Overall well researched and [...]

    16. I realize this is a YA novel and that I should know going into it, it won't be too heavy. I wish it would have been more though. I liked the slight presence of the Christian values/morals, etc. in the story. Maggie, the main character, was just okay to me. There were times I cheered for her (fighting against her father's new woman) but other times thought she was really annoying (Webb for instance.)

    17. In Maggie Come Lately author Michelle Buckman tackled issues that many teenagers are facing: single parent home, caregiver of siblings, adult responsibilities when still a child herself, rape and sexual abuse, classmate issues, Christian values, among others. The story was well-paced and intriguing. When finished reading it (hard copy), I sent it to my two teenaged granddaughters for a must read.

    18. Extremely well written, this is a real, down to earth, YA novel. It doesn't shy from depicting life realistically yet offers hope. Great for the teen girls in your life who are tired of the saccharine.

    19. I rather enjoyed this book even though it was aimed at a way younger audience than Yours Truly. It's refreshing to read a Christian author who recognizes that not every kid is raised By the Cleavers. I liked Maggie and how she tried to play the hands life dealt her with dignity and grace.

    20. Christian Teen books? Free on Kindle. It was good, personally I think it could have used a little bit of polishing to be 4-5 stars. Touches on the topics of sexual abuse.

    21. Some suspense/whodunnit ultimately a brilliant book, scary if you have teenage girls but a very worthwhile read

    22. Great book!! Very intense but very well written! The characters are developed etremely well written and it had me fotill the end!oled

    23. i bought this book at a bookstore randomly one night and i ended up loving it! its awesome for any teenage girly to read :)

    24. This covers some very sensitive material, but very relevant material to our lives today. Scary but true

    25. Great book for teenage girls. I would recommend it to anyone with daughters 12 and up. This book has Christian themes, but not overdone.

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