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Young Woman in a Garden: Stories

  • Title: Young Woman in a Garden: Stories
  • Author: Delia Sherman
  • ISBN: 9781618730916
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young Woman in a Garden Stories In her vivid and sly gentle and wise long anticipated first collection Delia Sherman takes seemingly insignificant moments in the lives of artists or sailors the light out a window the two strokes

    In her vivid and sly, gentle and wise, long anticipated first collection, Delia Sherman takes seemingly insignificant moments in the lives of artists or sailors the light out a window, the two strokes it takes to turn a small boat and finds the ghosts haunting them, the magic surrounding them Here are the lives that make up larger histories, here are tricksters and gardenIn her vivid and sly, gentle and wise, long anticipated first collection, Delia Sherman takes seemingly insignificant moments in the lives of artists or sailors the light out a window, the two strokes it takes to turn a small boat and finds the ghosts haunting them, the magic surrounding them Here are the lives that make up larger histories, here are tricksters and gardeners, faeries and musicians, all glittering and sparkling, finding beauty and hope and always unexpected, a touch of wild magic.Contents Young Woman in a GardenThe Ghost of Cwmlech ManorThe Red PianoLa F e VerteWalpurgis AfternoonThe Parwat RubyThe Fairy Cony CatcherSacred HarpThe Printer s DaughterNanny Peters and the Feathery BrideMiss Carstairs and the MermanThe Maid on the ShoreThe Fiddler of Bayou TecheLand s End

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    1. DNF at page 142. These stories never grabbed my attention. Something about the writing style made them dry and boring. I couldn't connect with any of the characters. Though there are some interesting supernatural creatures and plots in here, I just didn't care, even about mermen.

    2. All good stories, some outstanding; I have mixed luck with short stories, but all of these kept my attention. Sherman has an assured command of a range of voices and styles, from bayou Louisiana to Shakespearean England. I especially liked the chilling "The Red Piano", the fabulously steampunk + ghosts "The Ghost of Cwmloch Manor", the Trollopean "The Parwat Ruby" (with cameos from Trollope's novels and everything), and "Walpurgis Afternoon", with its unusual take on witchcraft (which I felt cou [...]

    3. I probably liked this collection way more than I should have (since I am a fan of bittersweet endings) - there was something slyly subversive about the way Sherman writes happy endings. :D

    4. Stuff I Read - Young Woman in a Garden: Stories by Delia Sherman ReviewSingle story short story collections are normally fairly dangerous waters. Most of the time, one reads them because of other work (novels, etc) and decides to check out their short things. Meaning, if you know that you like a writer, probably you will still like a writer. Similarly, with multiple author short short collections, if you don't like one writer, chances are you will still like others. But, like me, what happens if [...]

    5. What most impressed me about Delia Sherman’s collection was how it was so varied yet every story felt as though they belonged together. This collection features everything from urban fantasy to horror. In each story, from the title story “Young Woman in a Garden” all the way through to “The Maid on the Shore,” magic is taken for granted by the majority of the characters. Curses and creatures and ghosts are accepted casually by the reader as well, because of how noticeably Sherman is wr [...]

    6. This collection was a mixed bag for me. A few stories I really enjoyed and a few I found uninspired. The library has this marked as sci-fi, but it's a variety of genres, including steam-punk, magical realism and fantasy. The construction and voice of each story was solid and well-done, however the content overall seemed a bit shallow and left me flat. But the stories in general were well-written enough to edge this to 3 stars.I am curious to see if I'd maybe enjoy a longer piece by this author a [...]

    7. This is a collection of short stories, all written by Delia Sherman. I've never read her works and thought short stories are a way to try out a new author. I loved the story the Red Piano. Most all the stories have a touch of magic or myth involved. There are 14 stories in the collection, Some I didn't care for (too wordy or dull) but most were interesting with characters that were believable. Stories were a nice length for an evening's read.

    8. Finally, thanks to Small Beer Press, a collection of the shorter fiction of Delia Sherman. Quiet, weird, funny, dark stories of the fantastic, stories that never land quite in one category or another. For those who prefer their fantasy to bend conformity rather than play nice in the pigeonholes.

    9. These short stories, all in the fantasy genre, are some of the best I've ever read. The author sees the magic in everything and invites readers into a variety of mesmerizing and wonderful scenarios, each one different from the last.

    10. 4.5 stars, really. A great solid collection. I've liked what I've read of Delia Sherman's in the past and this definitely exceeded my expectations.My favourites are probably The Ghost of Cwnlech Manor, Walpurgis Afternoon, and the Printer's Daughter; least favourite but still good were the Land's End and the Maid on the Shore. The stories are written in a variety of different voices and eras and even the old English in The Fairy Cony Catcher was enjoyable to read and not too dense.What struck me [...]

    11. I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars because I do think this is a very solid collection, but in the end there were too many historical ones for my taste. I admire Sherman's skill to write in different historical tones but it's less to my taste (I prefer my historical fiction--when I read it, which is not often--to be a bit more contemporary in its language, accuracy be damned). Some stories, like La Fée Verte, dragged a little too. But so many wonderful ideas as well.My favourites were:Young Woman [...]

    12. “Words might turn like snakes to bite their tails.” Almost wish I owned this book, because I don’t want to return it to the library! Delia Sherman’s short stories are all excellent. They are immersive, imaginative works that explore themes of art, gender, and desire. Ranging from Welsh manors to Louisiana bayous, from Elizabethan times to modern day, Sherman’s stories span wide worlds. Her detailed, ever-changing prose has some vocab gems (pulchritude!) but can also be difficult at tim [...]

    13. Hello Delia Sherman. I am your audience. I am queer and I am always looking for queer fiction, and I love fantasy, so I was excited about this book. I enjoyed it very much until I got to the problematic and transphobic pronoun usage. Two trans characters in this book get their pronouns switched when someone discovers that they are trans. Delia Sherman, you should know that a transperson's (and really everyone's) pronouns are not based on their genitals, they are based on their gender. If you wri [...]

    14. Most of the anthologies I've read lately have been either collections of stories in a particular genre, or they've been stories written by the author of a series I'm fond of, and many of the stories take place in that same series "universe", sometimes with an extra or two from another project. This is the first anthology I've read in a while where a single author writes from so many different perspectives, using so many disparate voices, and I'm suitably impressed. There are two different storie [...]

    15. I was already a fan of Delia Sherman, author of The Freedom Maze, when I picked up Young Woman in a Garden, but now I am a rabid fan. Sherman can write a Victorian steampunk Welsch ghost story ( “The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor”) every bit as convincingly as a Texan tall tale (“Nanny Peters and the Feathery Bride”) or a demonic folk tale from the Louisiana bayou (“The Fiddler of Bayou Teche”). I’m sorry, but that kind of skill isn’t normal. Many, indeed most writers I admire hit a cer [...]

    16. If you liked this book, you might also enjoy:✱ At the Mouth of the River of Bees: Stories✱ Somewhere Beneath Those Waves✱ The Bread We Eat in Dreams★★★★★ Young Woman in a Garden★★★★★ The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor★★★★☆ The Red Piano★★★★☆ The Fiddler of Bayou Teche★★★★☆ La Fée Verte★★★★☆ Walpurgis Afternoon★★★★★ Land’s End★★★★☆ The Parwat Ruby★★★★☆ The Faerie Cony-Catcher★★★★☆ Sacred Harp★ [...]

    17. Review for the Library Journal: In this first collection from Sherman (The Porcelain Dove; The Freedom Maze), what seems ordinary consistently veers into the extraordinary and often downright surprising. From a scientist studying a merman in her pond to two neighbors connected by matching ominous red pianos, these 14 stories are all full of surprising fantasy details (fairies, ghosts, werewolves, witches, magic), and distinctive voices. Ranging in length and style, these tales are captivating an [...]

    18. Three stars for what is really good here, but a deduction for some of the weirdness and yuck. Vivid writing, stronger in some stories than in others. "The Printer's Daughter" and "Miss Carstairs and the Merman" were favorites. I also liked the concluding story. It would be interesting to read an interview with the author about her influences.

    19. Interesting collection of short stories with a fantasy theme. The author definitely has a voice that's clear in every story. Some themes pop up a number of times, for instance there's several gender-bending moments for lack of a better term, and the settings vary, but the voice is still recognizable without them all being the same.

    20. Uneven and sometimes unsettling, but some thoughtful gems. Fantastical with a hint of steampunk at times.

    21. A wonderful collection of short stories. I highly recommend this. Magic, wizards, ghosts, and all manner of strange stories, so well written. Delia Sherman has an amazing voice for story telling.

    22. Enjoyed all stories. Some will stay with me for a long time. The perfect tinge of magic. Captivating although short and fantastic.

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