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Designed to Kill

  • Title: Designed to Kill
  • Author: Chester D. Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781930754461
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Designed to Kill A thoroughly enjoyable mystery with an intelligent plot clever clues and characters who are like people you know Phillip Margolin New York Times bestselling author

    A thoroughly enjoyable mystery with an intelligent plot, clever clues and characters who are like people you know Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author.

    1 thought on “Designed to Kill

    1. Enjoyable mystery with a great twist at the end. The book wasn't cluttered with superfluous characters. Nothing bothers me more than to introduce a character who you expect to be part of the storyline just to have his name not mentioned until 200 pages later. Why introduce those kinds of characters? Now that I have explained that, let me say that the author in this book tied all the characters into the main plot, and even the minor players were used enough to matter. Very good book.

    2. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so . Shelley MA

    3. Campbell has written an extremely good mystery story here. His characters are realistic and human without some of the annoying cloying habits which seem to singularly identify a person in some modern mystery novels. I felt like each of the actions which the protagonist took required some sort of actual effort and time; no one was magically transported to the front of the line at the restaurant on a Friday evening and even the recovery from accidents seemed moderately real. In movies, of course, [...]

    4. I received a copy of Designed to Kill (Greg McKenzie Mysteries #2) as a free download on . In exchange, I offer this author this, my honest review.I have been enjoying a number of mysteries of late. I’m not sure why I’ve been picking them up, but they have been a welcome change from my generally preferred genre. (This may be, in part because I don’t write mysteries. Thus, I don’t ever find myself wondering what might have happened if . . . . ) With a clear understanding of the area of Fl [...]

    5. Second in a series. I picked it up as I thought it might teach me something about the work process in architecture, but it was more of a traditional murder mystery tied to the rhythms of a happy, healthy retirement lifestyle, AARP-focused demographic, set in the south (mostly Florida but also Tennessee, Alabama). At first I found the author's penchant for throwing in so many details irritating--not because I don't like details, but so much about fashion of every character, or the range of items [...]

    6. Refreshing take on the detective mysteries that I've read in the past. Chester Campbell's book is a first for me in his writings and I must say I have not been disappointed. There wasn't the usual 'over-the-top-testestosterone' one usually reads in a male lead detective or investigator, there wasn't the slut-of-the-century-sex-kitten that some writers typically fall back on; there wasn't the bumbling-yet-smart-detective that others seem to to think readers enjoy.No, Chester creates a retired cou [...]

    7. Retired Air Force investigator Greg McKenzie can’t refuse when his best friend asks him to investigate the alleged suicide of his son, though he’s uncertain how it might be handled if the result proves it to be true.Police contend the son, a design engineer, took his own life out of remorse after a structural defect resulted in the deaths of guests at the opening of a luxury condominium in Florida.Greg and his wife, Jill, are an engaging couple it would be a delight to know. Their honesty an [...]

    8. Entertaining mystery with a polished "professional feel" to the writing. A sensible, mature couple star as the amateur detectives with the investigation talents provided logically by the main character's military investigators' background.Fast action in the opening that hooks the reader quickly, well developed characters and a realistic and unusual plot line that twists in unexpected ways. Refreshing to find main characters without major character defects, neuroses and addictions and action that [...]

    9. A compelling who done it.I got this book free on bookbub but will definitely read more from this author. This story kept me interested from start to finish. I enjoyed that although the main investigator is the husband, he gives his wife credit for cleverly worming vital information from sources that help to crack the case. The story did not have to rely on descriptive blood and gore scenes, sweating sex or foul language to keep in reader interested. The chemistry between the two protagonists and [...]

    10. The writing in this book is the best I've seen in a while. I've come to expect errors and editing problems to at least a minor degree; in fact, I've quit commenting on the need for editing unless the problems are extensive. I didn't notice a single error in this book, and the writing style is relaxed and easy to follow. The characters were likable and competent--they didn't go downstairs alone in the dark in response to a strange noise or commit a dozen felonies in the course of the investigatio [...]

    11. I almost didn't download this book because a typo in the description had me worried about quality. But I definitely don't regret my choice. A very enjoyable read and decently edited (not perfect, but few are). A nice stable first person POV after a third omniscient intro. I would definitely be interested in more of the series. I didn't even suspect there was an earlier book until well into it and was able to follow all of it. No background dumps. It really felt like an independent novel.

    12. another good Greg McKenzie mysteryGreg and Jill are pulled into the fire again. While they investigate the apparent suicide of their best friends son, they become embroiled in murder and beatings and general incompetence on the part of many. Greg and Jill take on the part of unlicensed Private Investigators. I never saw the murderer coming and was quite surprised several times. Recommend this lite fun read

    13. This was a well-written mystery about a husband and wife team solving a crime for a friend. The characters were likeable, the story was good, but there wasn't an extreme amount of intensity. For those who prefer mysteries that aren't gory, violent and bloody, this will be a good choice. I enjoyed it.

    14. This caught my eye because the main character is from Nashville, yet maintains a beach condo in Perdido Key. Given my connection with the 2, I thought I'd give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised & enjoyed this sleuth story. Nice to see a couple near my age as the P.I.'s & loved all the TN & FLA/ALA references.

    15. This was my first book that I have read in this series. And I must say - that I was sucked in and I loved it. I look forward to reading and getting to know more about the main characters and the trails that await them. If you like a good page turner and a never ending guessing game to the last chapter - then this is a book for you.

    16. C. D. Campbell really needs a good editor. The details of what people are wearing, the car they are driving, what the house and shrubbery look like do nothing g for the mystery. I forced myself to finish the book.

    17. A balcony collapse results in two deaths. Did Tim. Sam's son, commit suicide? Greg McKenzie and his wife, Jill, set out to find the truth.Greg is an ex air force criminal investigator. A good job was done describing the scenes.

    18. I found it a little bit slow in the beginning. Wound up enjoying this book. Wouldn't mind reading another book in this series.

    19. Didn't finish Even as an avid reader, e could not get into this story. Perhaps it was me perhaps it was the storyline. Judge for yourself.

    20. Really enjoyed the book, loved the characters and the action. Will read more of his books. The characters seemed real and the plot moved well.

    21. Enthralling!Campbell does an excellent job! This good clean story is captivating. The characters come alive. When I was reading I just couldn't put it down!

    22. a well writtem mystery, it has a good pace, likable, realistic characters and enough clues and twists to keep the reader guessing!

    23. I actually enjoyed this one. The writer did a good job of playing it out until the end. Nicely done.

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