- By David Morrell


  • Title: Scavenger
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9781593154417
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scavenger David Morrell s Creepers was a publishing event in a powerful edgy dark thriller by a master of the genre A New York Times best seller it won the prestigious Bram Stoker Award and earned nume

    David Morrell s Creepers was a publishing event in 2005, a powerful, edgy, dark thriller by a master of the genre A New York Times best seller, it won the prestigious Bram Stoker Award and earned numerous critical raves Scavenger, Morrell s latest novel, takes us in a harrowing new direction a desperate high tech scavenger hunt for a 100 year old time capsule Frank BalDavid Morrell s Creepers was a publishing event in 2005, a powerful, edgy, dark thriller by a master of the genre A New York Times best seller, it won the prestigious Bram Stoker Award and earned numerous critical raves Scavenger, Morrell s latest novel, takes us in a harrowing new direction a desperate high tech scavenger hunt for a 100 year old time capsule Frank Balenger, the resolute but damaged hero of Creepers, now finds himself trapped in a nightmarish game of fear and death To save himself and the woman he loves, he must play by the rules of a god like Game Master with an obsession for unearthing the past But sometimes the past is buried for a reason Scavenger is a brilliant, frightening hunter hunted tale that layers modern technology over the dusty artifacts of earlier times The result is a surreal palimpsest, one that contains the secret of survival for Balenger and a handful of unwilling players who race against the game s clock to solve the puzzle of the time capsule, only to discover that time is the true scavenger Morrell s trademark action sequences are embedded with fascinating historical clues that make Scavenger a thrill a minute page turner as well as a mesmerizing literary experience.

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    1. I really wanted to like this book. No, I'm not just saying that! I really really really did. But I couldn't. It was boring to me. But it was full of action, you're saying. Yes. Yes it was. But the action parts were BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGG! Here's the deal, there is a psychopath who wants to enact some revenge against one of his old foes (cliché), so he sets up an elaborate scheme to get his nemesis and his girlfriend to go to a meeting of historical architecture (I'll buy it); once ther [...]

    2. I made it to page 100 of 368 of Scavenger before making the executive decision to shut this one down. I think the decision to bill this book as a sequel to Creepers was a poor one. Completely different type of story, and way too pulpy and unbelievable to continue. Skimmed through to the end and it didn't seem to improve in the slightest. David Morrell's characteristic wonderful writing is absent in this book, and seems as though he took a bare-bones plot and tried to patch it up with hundreds of [...]

    3. Several people have been kidnapped and sent on a high tech scavenger hunt for a lost time capsule in the desert of the American West.I was really intrigued by the scavenger hunt/time capsule premise, but this book just didn't deliver. This was particularly disappointing since I really enjoyed the author's Creepers - which features some of the same characters. This story was bogged down by descriptions of the history of time capsules (which could have been interesting, had the info been presented [...]

    4. Scavenger – David MorrellScavenger is a quick paced action adventure novel dealing with time capsules and what amounts to be a scavenger hunt in the wilderness. Those familiar with Morrell's book Creepers will recognize the two main characters in this book. Although I found this book to move at a quick pace, I also found the story to be a rehash of many novels which have gone before it, I wont waste anyone's time by naming novels, but the similarities are obvious. David Morrell does mention th [...]

    5. A great combination of action, thrills, and history. If you ever wondered what would happen if someone took video games to the extreme, this is a novel you need to read.

    6. Reading this book I couldn't believe this was the same man who wrote The Brotherhood of the Rose and The Fraternity of the Stone. Maybe I was younger then. As I read this book my intended rating swung from 3 to 2 and back to 3 again.ly. Again I wish for a half star or 10 star system. This would get a 2.5 and at times that would have been generous. Let me hasten to say, it's not that the book is bad. It's just that it constantly left me apathetic. When away from it I wasn't looking forward to get [...]

    7. Romanzo thriller d'avventura/azione, "forse" più adatto nella forma di film o, meglio ancora, di videogioco, ma comunque la scrittura è molto scorrevole e senza tanti fronzoli e quindi la lettura risulta a tratti coinvolgente ed intrigante. Non un capolavoro, ma una buona lettura per intervallare altre letture più impegnative.Quaranta ore per avere salva la vita o meglio per "vincere" il gioco (Scavenger), passando da un livello ad un altro. Per i patiti di videogiochi, qui soprattutto i "fir [...]

    8. Continuing with characters from the book Creepers, David Morrell delves into the subjects of time capsules and video game technology in a thriller that has some neat ideas but doesn’t always work. As I read the book, it seemed as if author Morrell was a little behind the times, elaborating on video game and computer breakthroughs that are common knowledge to anyone with even the slightest interest in the video game market. Morrell writes as if he were the first to discover these concepts and t [...]

    9. This book was nonstop action. I really enjoyed reading this book. A lot of the reviews I read compared this book to the Saw Movies franchise. I don't agree with those comparisons. The Jigsaw killer or whatever his name is in those movies was playing a game involving people who needed to pay for their bad actions. This "Game Master" created a game-like world for people to rely on their survival skills to win.I really liked the concept of this book because I'm a fan of the gaming world. I'm not a [...]

    10. A fast read with a good amount of suspense. Story starts by drawing you into the history and lore of time capsules, but ultimately draws you into a deeper realm of gaming intrigue. Five people with varying survival skills are "kidnapped" and forced to play a game of cat and mouse to find this ultimate time capsule. Someone called the Game Master has gone to great lengths to invent the ultimate video game. With 40 hours to complete their mission and reach their goal, it is a question of will they [...]

    11. It's a while since I've read "Creepers" this is a loose sequel to that book. Scavenger was not what I expected, the book is completely different in tone and subject matter to Creepers, essentially you have two of the central characters from Creepers finding themselves drugged and competing in a strange "game" to find a hidden cache. The "game" is controlled by a madman willing to sacrifice lives in order to evaluate how his game players fair and to find the hidden time capsule. I found this book [...]

    12. Good book. I first read "First Blood" by David Morrell many years ago and was impressed, but for some reason, never read another Morrell book since. I picked up "Scavenger" at a local Dollar Tree store for a buck, read it and immediately wondered why I had ignored Morrell all these years. Now I'm on a search for all books written by Morrell and will create a check list as I go through them. Excellent writer and highly recommended.

    13. Agh. I've figured out another ploy that authors use. It is the art of convenience. David has this down in spades. They are stuck in a building, but guess what, someone knows the history of the building and guides them out. Another is former military and thinks quick on his feet when they are in a bind and so on and so forth. But what really ticks me off is that the story itself has potential, but is inexpertly executed. David Morrell's books are not for me~

    14. When I picked this book I didn't realise it was a sequel to "Creepers". Well I wasn't very impressed with that but I was more than ready to give this a go. Sadly it started off well but failed to live up to its potential (mmmjust what I said about "Creepers"!)The idea of the book was one I liked & I did enjoy the early parts. It started to fall down for me when I couldn't follow what was going on during the escape from the theatre. I felt that quite a few of the "action" sequences were uncle [...]

    15. Very enjoyable and informative on a topic you don't really hear much about. I love the obscure info and the odd premise. It brings something that other books of the same ilk don't have. Well done

    16. Fast moving and exciting but a little disturbing. A lot of violence. You learn about computer games - which are evidently created by psychotic nerds.

    17. Plot-wise, I much preferred Scavenger to Creepers. I think it probably would have been a much better read if it stood alone, rather than as a sequel. There's a point when having so many ridiculous, barely related events occurring to a single person gets annoying. It's especially boring when the character doesn't change as a result of these experiences. Frank did have a bit more personality in this book, but I wouldn't call it an improvement. If anything, he was a real jerk. The example that stay [...]

    18. The entire story was fantastic. Like always, all the characters were lovely. I especially loved the new relationship between Amanda and Frank. And the villain and his ideologies were mind-boggling awesome.

    19. I honestly have mixed emotions about this book. I'd put off reading if for a while after reading 'Creepers', partially because there were other things I wanted to read more & partially because I'd heard differing opinions about the book. Those differing opinions were right.Following on the heels of the awesome 'Creepers', 'Scavengers' shows us what has become of Balenger & Amanda, the survivors of that awful night in the Paragon Hotel. The pair have formed an unlikely relationship but ar [...]

    20. Scavenger is David Morrell's sequel to his highly acclaimed 2005 thriller Creepers. The protagonist of that earlier novel, Frank Balenger, and his girlfriend, Amanda, are forced to participate in a life-or-death search for a century-old time capsule. They soon learn their search is little more than a test run for a television game show created by a psychopathic video game designer who calls himself the Game Master.Morrell is one of my favorite thriller authors, and I've never read a book of his [...]

    21. David Morrell is one of those authors that I generally don't seek out but almost everything that I read by him is really good. It makes me wonder why I don't anticipate reading his books as much as other authors. The only reason I can think of is that I have so many other authors that I read and try to stay current on that I can't handle one more. A poor excuse considering the quality of Morrell's writing. Anyway, SCAVENGER makes me reconsider why Morrell isn't on my must-follow list. The book i [...]

    22. Scavenger, the sequel to David Morrell’s Bram Stoker winning novel Creepers, features Frank Balenger, still trying to recover from his ordeal from the previous novel, where he had been looking for his wife only to find her dead. He and Amanda, who he had saved in the previous novel, are now a couple and are trying to heal together. They go to a lecture on time capsules, which is a set up for an elaborate game. Amanda is kidnapped and thrust into a virtual reality game with others who have been [...]

    23. Scavenger by David Morrell was, to me, a cautionary tale of the possible future of reality TV in a society becoming more economically divided while becoming desensitized to violence. One comparison to a popular show suggests that if only one person had a critical accident on an island reality show, viewers would feel compelled to watch more to see who might be next. This is cleverly infused in the metaphor of this story that combines societies of history seekers with current technilogically infu [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book for it's factual information about time capsules and video games. "Reality" games is an interesting concept and I enjoyed the foray into the psychologics that causes a person to want such an experience and the reuslting effects on the players. We are ever changing beings and our environment and situations do affect us.This book was extremely violent and gory. I likened it to reading a film version of "Saw." Although it's a fairly small book, it wasn't a quick-read for [...]

    25. A sequel to the great "Creepers" novel. They say that sequels tend to ruin the first good impression the original story had made (given the original is/was a good story, of course), but this is not the case with "Scavenger". Another interesting Morrell's novel, this time a little faster paced (or perhaps that's how I experienced it), it takes us by surprise with a sudden change of events. Balenger and Amanda (the sole two survivors from the first novel), are taken down the path they would have n [...]

    26. Frank and Amanda, from Morrell's earlier book Creepers, are again targeted by a psychopathic killer. This time they are tricked by a bogus invitation to attend a lecture on time capsules. They are incapicated while at the lecture. Amanda wakes up to find herself locked in a room with several strangers, who like herself have been picked for their survival skills to play a bizarre version of a video game--one in which they are the players controlled by the "gamemaster" who has the power of life or [...]

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