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Pandora Hearts 22巻

  • Title: Pandora Hearts 22巻
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki 望月淳
  • ISBN: 9784757541979
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pandora Hearts

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    1. Actually, that's not how I feel right now. As (i think) Oz said, "I have a slight sense of loss" And I forget the rest. :)(view spoiler)[AND BREAK BASICALLY SAID THIS RIGHT BEFORE YOU-KNOW-WHAT(I am in denial): (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    2. That ending. I had to blink, read it again and was like, what just happened? This series, what do I say about PH up until to this point? Well, I first saw the anime and liked it and thought, it needed another season. Then I figure you know what, let's see where the manga picks up after that. And so with each volume, the art got better and better, the story while interesting, a little confusing at times but still really good. And the characters, I love these characters. And the colored pages and [...]

    3. Character focus: Echo, Vincent, Break and Oz.We learn about Echo's past .Vincent's lingering thoughts in past. Oz's hateful father. Seriously, he pissed me off! He loves Ada but makes Oz cryAnd Break. Xerxes Break. One of my favorite characters. (view spoiler)[ why? Why did you die too? And you didn't want to die (hide spoiler)]Last two volumesI hope the ending is happy

    4. Even if my eyes see nothing there is a light, a dazzling light illuminating the darkness behind my eyelids.My heart is utterly shattered. Actual rating: 4.5★

    5. Me gustó el momento en que Ada se defendió, la verdad es que a mí sí que me parecía algo idiota e inútil en la trama. Más un peso muerto. Sin embargo, cuando defendió su propia ignorancia y sus diferencias me gustó, porque le da un lugar en la trama.Break, no, que pena.

    6. This review is for the last few volumes, and includes spoilers throughout.The art has actually continued to improve, and the characters only get cuter the longer this goes. As for the story, I thought we were pretty much past the major, game-changing twists, but apparently not. Pandora Hearts has gone meta! Suddenly, fan fictions can be canon compliant. I'm not entirely sure about the 'common enemy' direction, but there's certainly been nothing negative about it yet.The characters are still some [...]

    7. WHY MUST THIS BREAK MY HEART SO???!!!!! WHY????? I can't believe it. I should've expected it. But I didn't want it to happen. No

    8. Just exactly what are you thinking, VINCENT?!!!!!!!!!!! ECHO!!!!!!!!!! ADE!!!!!!!!!!! And NOOOOO!!!!!!! BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! ~4th Oct, 2016~I still cry at the end BREAK!!!!! With Duchess Sheryl's chain, the Owl (so fluffy, so cute), Break and Sharon and the Duchess reunite with Oz and make their way to Sablier to stop Glen.Vincent was friend with Noise and Echo 100 years ago. And Ada tells Noise that just because she's different from Vincent and Noise, it doesn't matter at all! [...]

    9. I know I'm going to love a volume of Pandora Hearts when it starts out with Break. It's no secret that he's my favorite character with his tortured past and happy-go-lucky facade. And though he is not the central character of this story, his role has been essential and heart-breaking.Even with so much going on in the story which is quickly coming to its close, Jun Mochizuki is able to take a moment to give us a glimpse into Echo's life and further develop her painful past. We have known for a lo [...]

    10. Oh my gosh, we're in the final stages! Only one volume left?!Honestly, I really enjoyed the central group of five getting reunited, even if only for a short while; there was such a sense of foreboding in these chapters, and yet even amid that, there were still those brighter moments of hope and friendship. Gosh, this series kills my heartHow could you leave us without knowing exactly what happened with Oz and Zwei/Echo, Ms. Mochizuki? Gah, I'm so curious! The anticipation! That last sceneI will [...]

    11. Before I read this, I spent a bit of time admiring the cover. It's definitely one of my favorites so far (up there with the 14th!). Comparing this picture of Oz to the first cover, it's obvious that Mochizuki's art has vastly improved. (Just look at Oz's legs -at the very least- in both of them.)Oz also looks more mature (which he is), and while I love his original outfit; he looks pretty darn good in the new one. Loads happened in this book (it's even slightly larger than normal!), so I'll try [...]

    12. Another one?! I think I'll stop here tonight. More tomorrow hopefully things will finally stop being so depressing now that there's only two volumes left.

    13. My god this whole series was amazing. I really was taken for a wild ride and that is an understatement. So many plot twists, kind of reminds me of GoT

    14. Me: This volume isn’t as heartbreaking as it looks. Sis: Oh, really? Me: Yeah… Oh, WAIT! IT IS!!!Certain characters I still find annoying (surprise, surprise) and then they turn around and I kinda like them. It’s confusing, I know. But that’s the series for you. The characters are so well-developed that each one seems human in a way that they have their upsides and their downs.In all, I gave this book 4/5 stars because I honestly don’t remember the plot because I read the last few book [...]

    15. Did . . . did Break just die? I mean, he told us in volume one that he was dying, and his physical condition has been degenerating rapidly, and he has little concern for his own safety, but, but, he's my favorite character!Well, if he is dead (unlike Reim when he faked us out that time), at least he died in the arms of the two people who care about him most. *Sniffle*Also, what about Duke Barma? Did he die in the last volume? Why is this always so unclear? And why are there so many characters I [...]

    16. It's okay. I don't really need my heart. This is the volume that destroyed me. And I had been spoiled — I knew the end of the character arc was coming. And yet I still cried and grieved, over the course of several days.It seems that Break lies in wait: a stealthy, mysterious character who slowly sneaks up on you and coils himself around you until there's no chance of release. Such a wonderfully rich character. The knight, the clown, the hatter, the seer and the seeker, the broken man who still [...]

    17. Spoilers ahead Ohhh love it so much My favarite charcter desgins are Gil Leo/Glen The previous Glen Alice Lottie Ada and Sharon. I like Oz's first outfit but he is still cute haha. Such beautiful art Love the hall/ court room where Glen fights the lurking eyes.So the lurking eyes want to end this story love Leo/Glen's quote "Do you consider anything you cannot percieve as cursed? Then you lurking eyes are no more then ill omens to us" Ahaha Alice and her meat partyEquus B Rabbit and Vincents Cha [...]

    18. i had to reread the final chapter again and again, because i am trying to convince my mind that is what had happened.Everything in this story amazes and shock you every time you read a new chapter.you realise what you know about the characters is not true and every truth was a lie.you can't help but love each one of the characters, every each one of them had a story to tell and you can't help but understand the motivation to do it and whyry good story really really loved it! recommended !

    19. I think I'm going to have to reread this series. I got so confused with this part. I really liked this part, but I think having had to wait so long between volume 21 and 22, I forgot some things that I probably should've known.Seems like next volume's going to be the last one. Can't wait to see the ending!

    20. Finally caved and started reading scans online for this series so I didn't have to wait for the official English releaseThe plot thickens! And Leo! And Echo! And Gil! Etc. I think I'm most excited about the, however brief, appearance of Leo, admittedly

    21. JesusThis was wowEko Loved learning her back story finallyOz and his father God that guyBreak (view spoiler)[ Please don't go *cries like a baby* (hide spoiler)]This was just such a memorable volume I think I'm going to go cry in the bathroom now

    22. “Yo no quiero morir. Quiero quedarme aquí.”(view spoiler)[SPOILER.No me puedo creer que Break haya muerto. Duele demasiado para asimilar. (hide spoiler)]

    23. This is the penultimate volume (I think) yet still have no idea what the heck is going on. Still a fun ride.

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