- By Rosalie Tarr


  • Title: Bonded
  • Author: Rosalie Tarr
  • ISBN: 9781626391635
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • Bonded Alec Whitehall is old fashioned literally Approaching his rd birthday the steely vampire has nothing better to do with his time except to investigate and hunt murderous vampires as a means of rega

    Alec Whitehall is old fashioned literally Approaching his 123rd birthday, the steely vampire has nothing better to do with his time except to investigate and hunt murderous vampires as a means of regaining some sense of his withering humanity While trailing his current case in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the last thing that Alec expects to find is his bonded mate an unwelcAlec Whitehall is old fashioned literally Approaching his 123rd birthday, the steely vampire has nothing better to do with his time except to investigate and hunt murderous vampires as a means of regaining some sense of his withering humanity While trailing his current case in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the last thing that Alec expects to find is his bonded mate an unwelcome distraction, he s sure of it But that s exactly what happens, and he s shocked to realize that his mate is a young attractive man named Aidan Copperfield.How do two straight men deny an attraction that they have absolutely no power over As their stony resolve begins to crumble and they start to succumb to the fiery magnetism between them, a sadistic killer continues to roam the city streets at night, narrowing his sights on the newly bonded couple.

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    1. 4.25 starsBecause no one does FOREVER like a vampire. If you're a hardcore vampire aficionado, this one might be too soft for you. Bonded is a true double GFY: these men never even looked at another man until they looked at each other. And that's because they're bonded, and that bond is unbreakable. Alec is almost 123 years old, young for a vampire and very young to be meeting his soul mate, but that's exactly what he finds in Aidan, a 21-year-old art student. Alec's friend Portia, who's nearing [...]

    2. *3.5 stars* Total guilty pleasure reading! Honestly, this story is pretty ridiculous. If you like hard core vampire books with a bad boy blood-sucker, formidable foes, and a well crafter plot um, look elsewhere. If you want to fluff-tastic DOUBLE GFY where one of the MCs happens to be undead? Look no further!Everyone and their mother knows that I'm a sucker for GFY. I just am! I seek them out like a bomb sniffing dog. When I saw that this was a double GFY, I just had to jump on it. I need my GFY [...]

    3. This was a rare treat for me. I don't come across many vampire mate bonds in my reading. I loved the fact that the author allowed the main characters to struggle with the attraction to another male even with the bond. The mystery was a little OTT, but still good. I would love to read more concerning Aidan and Alec. I will definitely look for more from this author in the future.

    4. I loved this!!! Such a super sweet and very romantic vampire tale!! Double GFY baby!! Beautiful.

    5. Vampire meets his bonded mate, who is male, and falls hard even though vampire is straight and tries to fight the compulsion drawing him to his fated love, who's also not gay. This book would have gotten more stars if it hadn't been a) too short, and b) so superficial.I liked the mythology, and I liked that the two MCs tried to fight the attraction for a while, even though the fact that neither identified as gay prior to meeting the other was a little off-putting. It was like the supernatural bo [...]

    6. Not the usual vampire story.Don't expect brooding, tragic haunting vampires here. Alec is a nice vampire that keeps his humanity by protecting humans from murderous vampires.The beginning is slow but well written and I enjoyed his struggle with accepting his bonded mate when he realized it was a man. There wasn't any homophobia here but feelings I'd expect from anyone who suddenly found themselves attracted to someone of the same sex. The villain is the usual bad vampire so nothing really exciti [...]

    7. The supernatural novel Bonded by Rosalie Tarr!!!!Alec is an old fashioned vampire and now he is approaching his 123rd birthday. His main function now is hunting murderous vampires to help regain some sense of the decline of the human race. Aidan is a young and beautiful man who meets Alec who turns out to be his bonded mate which comes as a complete surprise to Alec. Both men appear to be straight and they're trying to deal with their attraction to each other which is very new for them. Now that [...]

    8. Finally my wish has been granted.Best DOUBLE Gay For You RomanceYaayy!!*******************************************************************It feels like an M/M version of Midnight Sun and No Such Thing as Immortality being combined into this lovely book.I think this is the first Double-GFY book I've ever read. There should be a listopia for this.

    9. This was unexpectedly fun! This one had vampires, mates, and a double GFY, which was pretty awesome. We could use some more gay vampire romances, give the werewolf/wolf/bear/whatever shifter romances a rest for a bit and write some hot vampires biting each other m/m romances! hahaI will say, I think that this book could have done without the whole "vampire killing people" mystery, as that took away from the delicious romance, and it was just tied up too neatly. However, I really liked the dialog [...]

    10. DNF at 38%I just couldn't get into it. The writing isn't bad. Also vampires honestly aren't my favorite supernatural MC's It's probably more me than the book

    11. It had the right amount of everything, light enough to make you happy and intense enough to keep you interested.4.5 stars!

    12. *free copy provided by the publisher via netgalley*I read this book four days ago in one sitting, with the intention of writing the review later in the day, when I came back from some errands. One thing led to the other, and I completely forgot about it. And now, for the life of me, I can barely remember what the book was about. Not a very good sign, since I’m not one to forget things like these. Reading the blurb on , I slowly started to remember…that the feeling was just…meh. And that’ [...]

    13. Ok so we start with a sting of grizzly murders happening in Pittsburg. Aiken who is a 122 soon to be 123 year old vampier who only like to drain the blood of the scum of the city. As aide is out one night look for the one who is murdering he has drank nothing but animal blood for the past six months and feels the urge for human blood he come across a prostitute and end up feeding from her while he is feeding from her he has a vision of nothing to do with the women that he is feeding from. He end [...]

    14. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 because I did snicker quite a bit in the story. Delivery can only make up for the plot so far, though, and I felt that Bonded took the gay for you a bit far with 2 'straight' characters. I have to admit to having issues with fact that the insta-love element didn't just apply to the character's newly met relationship but to the sexual desire element as well. There's a line there when it comes to attraction going from opposite to same gender that doesn't always need to b [...]

    15. If you are looking for an all encompassing love affair between two men, a love that has meaning and depth of feeling, or a romance that makes your heart sing, this is not that book!This book has a DOUBLE gay for you couple, one happens to be a vampire. They are a "Bonded" pair and both are heterosexuals! It is kind of amusing with the level of denial that the author portraits for her main characters, but they can't escape the "bond". It was not a steamy as I would have liked. It had a few sex sc [...]

    16. I'm not particular about my novels as long as they have HEA's, and I rarely write reviews since I'm no good at being critical.However, this novel was one of the few I'd read during its creation when it was on Wattpad. I'd found it captivating them when I waited on pins and needles for each chapter, and I still find it as entrancing as I did then. I used to read chapters repeatedly till I knew many by heart.I thought the relationship between Alec and Aidan to blossomed rather quickly, which is no [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book very much. I will say you shouldn't start reading this novel with preconceived notions. Rosalie Tarr has a unique author voice, and the overall flavor of the book is likewise different. The pacing was well done and free of lags, so the whole story flowed nicely. There was enough conflict to be believable and interesting without filling the plot and relationship with too much angst. For me, it was a nice balance. I would certainly recommend this book.

    18. 3.5 starsTo be honest I was going to give up on this story, to many inner thoughts that I dislike very much, and it seems like Alex, the vampire took over for far too many pages all by himself. When the story reached 36% in my kindle finally the story started to get interesting and the two main characters met and talk for more than 2 seconds.It wasn't one of the best Vampire story I have read, however at the end it was quite enjoyable.

    19. This book was entertaining. Nothing mindblowing, because I've read several books about vamps with similar or better world building, but it was entertaining. I also wish the story would have been a bit longer since the main characters don't meet until arround 30% or something like that, i think.

    20. 4.25 Stars. I enjoyed the instant attraction in this story. Even though both males had been only with females until that point I loved that they didn't fight their attraction. This book is going on my list of books to read again in the future.

    21. Sweet vampire romance about a straight vampire becoming bonded (finding his human mate) with a straight man. There was just enough angst to make this an enjoyable read.

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