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Pieces of Broken Time

  • Title: Pieces of Broken Time
  • Author: Lorenz Font
  • ISBN: 9781612132563
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pieces of Broken Time July ReleaseWhen wounded soldier Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan he wants nothing than to hide from the world He s plagued by the memory of his best friend s death and the pain of his

    July 24, 2014 ReleaseWhen wounded soldier Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing than to hide from the world He s plagued by the memory of his best friend s death and the pain of his own injuries On top of all that, he has another burden to carry.Take care of our girl Blake s vow to watch over the woman who was left behind is overshadowed by his seJuly 24, 2014 ReleaseWhen wounded soldier Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing than to hide from the world He s plagued by the memory of his best friend s death and the pain of his own injuries On top of all that, he has another burden to carry.Take care of our girl Blake s vow to watch over the woman who was left behind is overshadowed by his self contempt and bitterness, making it impossible for him to reach out to her like he d promised Jennifer Owens had expected to get married the moment her fianc returned home from the war, but the news of his death changed everything Shattered by her loss, she is still struggling with feelings of guilt when she receives an unexpected letter that raises new questions and reopens old wounds.Jennifer s need for answers leads her to Blake s doorstep, but she is met with hostility and rejection from a man who only vaguely resembles the head turning charmer she remembers from so long ago Blake is determined to keep her at arm s length, and Jennifer soon discovers that she must decide whether to push back or let him go Caught up in circumstances beyond their control, Jennifer and Blake have to learn to accept the truths that lie below the surface She comes to recognize the beauty underneath the scars, and Blake realizes that he s broken in ways than he cares to admit Nothing will ever be the same for this ex Army Ranger once he faces the truth If he can learn to accept the help he needs, he might be able to overcome his warped self image and emotional scars To be the man Jennifer deserves, he must heal his wounds before he loses the woman he loves forever.

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    1. 3 - "I want to be perfect for you." Stars.Pieces of Broken Time, is one of those books that has all of the components in it that would usually make it a hands-down winning read for me, it unfortunately fell a little short of the mark this time. A strong, quietly confident woman, and man who is broken, a bit of an asshole and is battling a boat load of personal demons, bought on by survivors guilt and PTSD, as well as the loss of one of his closest friends tick all my boxes. Add to that a slightl [...]

    2. I’ve read a few of Font’s books before, and I always know to expect excellent writing, fantastic characters, and a heap load of angst. Pieces of Broken Time is no different!Even before I opened the book, I knew it was going to be a tough read for me, due to the military aspect to the story. As someone with a long and varied military family, I kind of feel an affinity for these stories. Especially when, as in the case of this book, they are done with compassion, sympathy and obvious research [...]

    3. As soon as I saw this available on Net Galley, I requested a copy because it sounded like a very intriguing story. I wasn't disappointed with the writing, or the storyline. My only complaint was the fact that Black just wasn't a very likable guy. He didn't want Jennifer to fall for him, and frankly, I was surprised she was able to. He was bitter and had a lot self-loathing which he projected to everyone around him.Jennifer's a great girl and had the two of them not met before the loss of her fia [...]

    4. A new book from this author that has the knack of taking readers on an unexpected journey. I previously discovered this authors paranormal work but was very keen to give something more contemporary a try and I am so pleased that I did . I am a huge romance fan but this story covers a whole gamut of emotions as the reader is truly turned inside out with these characters. A story of loss, pain and redemption that will stay with me a while .Blake is home from fighting but he is not whole he is a ma [...]

    5. Liz’s Review:Blake Connor is lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe that. After watching his best friend die and then living with the pain of his own injuries and recovery, Blake has become an angry man. Mad at the world, he seems to have broken the one promise he made to his dying comrade.Take care of our girl.All that Jennifer Owens has left of her dead fiance are pictures, memories, and his best friend. A man that she has had feelings for since she met him. Knowing that Tren [...]

    6. Lorenz Font has written another well-written novel.Pieces of Broken Time is a highly emotional novel, full of intense and dark moments and characters trying to regain the light in their lives.Blake is such a traumatized and sad soul, angry at himself and the world. War and death bring those to people and Blake knows it firsthand. Even promises he made cannot be kept. Breathing is difficult, living is unimaginable.And then, Jennifer appears.Jennifer lost her love in that war. She’s full of ques [...]

    7. ‘Pieces of Broken Time’ by Lorenz Font, is a well written novel of love, tragedy, and recovery. The characters are strong and easy to identify with. Each of the three main characters have their own inner struggles and I found myself struggling right along with them.The plot is strong with many ups and downs. I cried, laughed, and got mad along with Blake and Jennifer. Author, Lorenz Font has written a wonderful love story. The characters overcome anger, grief, loss, and pain.I recommend ‘P [...]

    8. "Received and ARC for an honest review"Lorenz Font has proved once again she is a good writer, the story line in this book and the characters where complex and deep. Blake and Jennifer story is strong, he comes back from war struggling from his friend's death and the pain of his injuries. He vowed to take care of his friend's fiancée. Jennifer tries to reach Blake to find answers but Blake is hostile and rejects her. But they both try to face the truth in order to overcome everything, he is fal [...]

    9. Lorenz Font is a new star on the rise! She never fails to tell compelling tale that evoked emotional reactions in readers. Her novel, Pieces of broken Time is an enjoyable tale of second chances in life. It's a deeply emotional and satisfying read. Her story lines are full of situations that captivated the readers , but it's the emotional pull you experience which brings the story to life. It is sensuous and straight up Awesome! I absolutely loved it.

    10. I enjoyed reading this book. I could not put it down once I started reading the book. It took me half a day to read it. I enjoyed the two main characters, especially Blake. I truly enjoyed the friendship he had with Trent. Trent meant so much to him that he was willing to give up on the women he loved. I would recommend this book to all my friends.

    11. I adore this book and have claimed Blake as my very own. The author took us on the journey, the path where our soldiers are often forgotten…. home. We expect them to fall back into their normal lives before they fought the war and forget what they left behind on the desert sands, but how do you forget watching your friends die? When do the nightmares stop of the last moment you are holding your best friend in your arms as his life is slipping away forever? When Blake comes home from the war he [...]

    12. ~Given to me in exchange for a honest review~I was interested in this book when I read the excerpt for it so I went a head and signed up for the blog tour/review for an honest review. At first I though that the story would pick up right after Blake’s’ time in the army but I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t it.For some background on the characters to understand why they are the way they are is important but me being a military wife didn’t want to read about what he went through when [...]

    13. I have a soft spot for a story about a soldier. And no, it’s not about how hot they look in their uniform…it’s about how hot they look when taking it off.After a tragic accident leaves his best friend dead, Blake Conner returns home grieving and physically, emotionally and mentally wounded. He shuts himself away from the world, hating what he now sees in the mirror and unable to make his best friend’s dying wish come true.Jennifer Owens lost the same man Blake did. Her fiancé was suppos [...]

    14. This is hands down my favorite among Ms. Font's stories. I love her attention to details and the vividry of her writing. This is a tale of loss, love and the path to self-acceptance.

    15. **Pieces of Broken Time generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**Pieces of Broken Time takes the reader on an honest and raw journey of redemption with two main characters navigating the pieces of their lives after a tragic loss. A good military story seems like the hardest to get right. The pressure for the sensitivity and care in which the author needs to write of loss and disability from the military is immense. Lorenz Font handled this beautifully [...]

    16. I think the first thing that comes to mind when I read books like these is how sad and tragic it is that there's still such a thing as warfare going on anywhere in the world. All the lives that are (negatively) affected by this whether in an instant or forever altering someone's life is senseless. Take Blake and Trent in this novel--Trent doesn't survive and Blake is injured only to survive but be forced to live a severely altered life. Then there's Jennifer--her life is changed forever when her [...]

    17. Lorenz has yet to fail me in her books. She nails the complex relationships and feelings we all have. In this book we follow the all too common complex and conflicting aftermath of war, the hero, Blake survivor of a battlefield of Afghanistan, injured and scared badly while trying to to save his best friend and his squad. Blake is trying to hide his scars and survivor's guilt while keeping his promise to watch over his best friend's fiancee without letting her see him and his injuries. Blake is [...]

    18. Pieces of a Broken Time had a very intriguing synopsis which is what compelled me to read it. In the end, the book was okay. Wasn't horrible but not great either. There was a bit of a disconnect between the reader and the characters, even the connection between Blake and Jennifer wasn't very strong.It started off really well, but from the triangle with Trent to the aftermath, I felt like it really jumped.You don't really understand why Blake becomes who he does, other than PTSD and Jennifer is s [...]

    19. I have never read stories like this and I found myself addicted to this from the first chapter to the last and I was shattered that it came to its end. Both main character were scarred in their own way and I started to feel like I was inside this story as its main character Jennifer, which of course made me hope everything would turn out the best for her. I had so many different feelings while reading this story, from utterly happiness to the moment where I was crying like a little child who had [...]

    20. **ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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