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Love Unclaimed (The Red Truck Series)

  • Title: Love Unclaimed (The Red Truck Series)
  • Author: JenniferBenson Rebecca J. Cartee Vikki Marie Wiessner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love Unclaimed The Red Truck Series Audree Edwards has loved Gavin Montgomery since she was a little girl but her older brother Clint made it clear that Audree was off limits Audree however wasn t taking no for an answer and made it c

    Audree Edwards has loved Gavin Montgomery since she was a little girl, but her older brother Clint made it clear that Audree was off limits Audree however, wasn t taking no for an answer and made it clear to Gavin she wanted him Gavin, not having the best family life, bolted as soon as he could after high school Audree knew she couldn t have all of Gavin and settled foAudree Edwards has loved Gavin Montgomery since she was a little girl, but her older brother Clint made it clear that Audree was off limits Audree however, wasn t taking no for an answer and made it clear to Gavin she wanted him Gavin, not having the best family life, bolted as soon as he could after high school Audree knew she couldn t have all of Gavin and settled for the bit of him she could hold on to When they are both finally ready to admit they want , Audree thinks Gavin has done the unthinkable Will Gavin be able to tell Audree he s ready to pursue a future Will Audree see the truth about Gavin before it is too late Will Audree and Gavin finally give in and tell each other how they feel and what they want

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    1. If you love a good love story then Love Unclaimed is for you. It will pull at your heart strings and and make you fall in love with the characters. The story goes back and forth between past and present and is told in third person. This is a story that you can pick up as a great weekend read and leave you falling in love. The story follows a circle of friends, Aubree and her brother Clint, Gavin and his brother Travis and Aubree’s best friend Ruby. Even though the story revolves around Aubree [...]

    2. Gavin loves tattoos and on Audree the boy gets all worked up, "it's sexy as hell." He leans down, kissed the tattoo, and felt her lay back down. He kissed her across her stomach and stopped at her belly button making her giggle." He can be considerate, well depending on what he and Audree are doing, "I'm sorry, baby. Why didn't you say something?" He pulled out of her instantly regretted the loss of her body wrapped around him." Audree I' m glad as the book goes on she finds her voice to well vo [...]

    3. Mmmhe plot was goode organization of the story line was not easy to followill entertaining enough.

    4. 5 STAR THOUGHTSAMAZING! Almost a week after finishing and I still don't have the right words! This is Jennifer Benson's debut novel and I am officially a FOREVER FAN! Her writing flows effortlessly while you can't help but fall more in love with every single character! AHHH! It is absolutely perfect! Breathtaking, sweet, romantic, hot, add in just a touch of drama that we all love to hate, and you have the perfect combination for an amazing book. I couldn't put it down! Okay, okay… I will stop [...]

    5. Unrequited love sucks and no one knows that better than Audree. She has been in love with Gavin since she was a child, but he only saw her as his best friend’s little sister and that made her off-limits. In the beginning of the book, Ms. Benson provides us with snapshots of their interactions over the years and lays a nice foundation for the story without bogging us down in an unnecessary retelling of their lives. The scene in which Audree gives Gavin her virginity on her eighteenth birthday w [...]

    6. I rate Love Unclaimed 4 stars. This is a story of a group of childhood friends that we read about growing up throughout the years. The story starts to dial in on Audree & Gavin, they start to have their first crushes on one another but Gavin heeds the warnings from Clint (Audree’s brother) and doesn’t act on them. Several more years pass, they share their first kiss, first love, but throughout the years Audree will push but doesn’t say out loud how much she wants Gavin and Gavin doesn [...]

    7. Love Unclaimed is the debut novel by author Jennifer Benson. It's a second chance romance, well maybe a third or fourth chance romance, ha. For a debut novel it is well written and shows that Benson has great potential in the indie world. I look forward to seeing more titles from this author. Gavin and Audree love each other. It's obvious to everyone. They fight their love, and honestly it drove me mad crazy. I wanted to reach into my kindle and SHAKE THEM. Or knock skulls together, either way. [...]

    8. Love Unclaimed is the first book in the Red Truck series and the first by Jennifer Benson. it's a contemporary love story about two people in love with each other but never confirming it.While I enjoyed the story, I found the back and forth between Gavin and Audree annoying. If you love someone enough you shouldn't let what anyone, not even their brother, say get in your way. When they finally admitted the truth, their romance was a sweet one.Benson takes the time to build the background for the [...]

    9. I received this copy from the author for an honest review. Audree Edwards has been in love with Gavin Montgomery most of her life. At the age of 11 she knows he is the one for her. Gavin is her older brother Clint's best friend and little does Audree know he feels the same way. When Audree turns 18 she wants Gavin to be her first. After that one night together Gavin makes it clear they could never be together. They begin a friends with benefits relationship. Although Audree goes along with their [...]

    10. I was gifted a copy of Unclaimed love for an honest review. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to read this book. One of my favorite story lines to read is the brothers best friend. This was that storyline of course with a nice little twist. In this we meet Aubree and Gavin who basically grow up together. Where Aubree has known that she loves Gavin. Gavin is not as convinced and has been warned away by Aubree’s brother Clint who is Gavin’s best friend. This story spans throughout many year [...]

    11. Audree has loved Gavin as long as she can remember but she was only ever going to be his best friends little sister. Well so she thoughtGavin had always loved Audree but he was always warned off by her bigger brother!Will Gavin finally pluck up the courage to tell her brother he loves his sister and he will take care of her and that beautiful little girl? Or will he continue expecting Audree to carry on with the arrangement?I loved the story this book held! A beautiful love story a typical count [...]

    12. Love Unclaimed is such a cute story about two young kids who grow up together, both fighting their true feelings for each other. We are brought into Audree and Gavins childhood lives and watch how these two struggle to keep apart from each other well into the present day.Gavin forces himself to look at Audree as his little sister, even though she is secretly the love of his life. Audree continues to push him to his breaking point, forcing him to admit his true feelings towards her.This is one of [...]

    13. Absolute Great ReadGavin has been best friends with Clint since they were kids, they grew up together so Clints family was Gavins and vice versa. So since Clint had a little sister, Audree, it was only fitting that he would help protect her from any jerks. But the thing is she's had a crush on Gavin since they were kids and Gavin thought he wasn't good enough for her. So as time goes one they have a strictly physical relationship even though Audree has a daughter by another man when it should ha [...]

    14. This is a sweet farm town love story. It brings a hometown family and their childhood friends coming of age and old family rivals bubbling over. The main characters while growing up together, protecting one another, learning life lessons along the way and always staying true to one another.Of course promises and mistakes are made along the way and hidden secrets could blow up each of their relationships. Yet in the end, they still all stand up for each other and even find love together with a fe [...]

    15. Love Unclaimed is a standalone book by Jennifer Benson. I absolutely fell in love with this storyline and the twists and turns that had me hooked from beginning to end. I am hoping the author is making this into a series because there is so many characters from this book that she can create some amazing stories for. Love the whole older brother's best friend falling in love with his little sister storylineI'm a total sucker for that!! The characters were all well developed and had great chemistr [...]

    16. Wow, just Wow! I give this book a 4 out of 5 rating. This was such a great love story. It was a story about a first true love. The story just flowed beautifully; it started in the past and continued through to the present. It was also Gavin and Audree’s story was full of ups and downs and loaded with angst. Each chapter was something new and kept you wanting to read more.It was also refreshing to read a story where the guy isn't a man whore when he wasn't with the woman that he loved. You coul [...]

    17. This book is a good love story! Audree has loved Gavin since she was about 11 years old but he was her older brother’s best friend. Gavin always felt a thing for Audree too but would never make a move on his best friends little sister. But once Audree turned 18 she didn’t care what Gavin or her brother thought and made her move. It took years for Gavin to come to terms with his feelings for Audree. I don’t like to say too much in a review and give stuff away but this book is really cute an [...]

    18. I usually like the I can't date my best friend's sister book. And I did like this one but it took it too far or should I say too long. Gavin has been in love with his best friend Clint's sister since forever. But she was two years younger and again Clint's sister. But over the years they have hooked up on Many occasions. This goes on for years, the friends with benefits but don't tell Clint even if the whole town knows that you two love one another. It really takes them forever to get it togethe [...]

    19. What a wonderful story of friendship, love, longing, and forever. I really enjoyed the story of Audree and Gavin. The struggles they go through and the love that they feel but don't verbally share with each other is loving yet frustrating. I really love the relationship between all the characters and how well they work together. As you read the story you can see how they grow together and yet grow individually. Get story and well written. I am looking forward to reading more from Jennifer Benson [...]

    20. I was warned in advance that this book had yet to be formatted, so bear in mind that my review is not based on any formatting or even editing issues. I actually like this story line, I was desperate to see how it would all come together and either work out or fall apart completely. However my issue, my biggest issue, with this book is the 3rd person POV's told by multiple characters in a sort of random succession. *FULL REVIEW TO COME ON OUR BLOGS SCHEDULED DAY OF TOUR*

    21. No organizationThis is a great storyline, however the author did not organize her thoughts. The story seems to run on and not really follow a timeline.

    22. I enjoyed this book. It has a HEA and at the end you want to see what becomes of the other characters and continue to read the series.

    23. I really enjoyed reading this book! I hope there will be a sequel- I would love to read more of these charactersre about their future together.

    24. 3.5 stars - Got a little confused with the dates going back in forth. Had some really good parts and I could appreciate the conflict with Gavin as to Audree.

    25. More 3 1/2. It was good. Just didn't flow well for me. I think if we had more of the back story first it might have made a difference. It was to choppy.

    26. I can't find this book !!!! Can someone pls tell me where they got it?! I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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