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For Her Honor

  • Title: For Her Honor
  • Author: Elayne DiSano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: None
  • For Her Honor There are three things Gabriel Taz Morrell loves his club his ma and women and exactly in that order Freedom to spend his days and nights doing what needs to be done for the Mountain Skulls MC plays

    There are three things Gabriel Taz Morrell loves his club, his ma and women and exactly in that order Freedom to spend his days and nights doing what needs to be done for the Mountain Skulls MC plays a big part in why the thirty six year old biker remains single much to the displeasure of his former rock groupie mother Black hair, pierced face and inked body, he sThere are three things Gabriel Taz Morrell loves his club, his ma and women and exactly in that order Freedom to spend his days and nights doing what needs to be done for the Mountain Skulls MC plays a big part in why the thirty six year old biker remains single much to the displeasure of his former rock groupie mother Black hair, pierced face and inked body, he s the go to guy when extreme measures need to be taken to extract information proclivities which than earned his childhood nickname, The Tasmanian Devil His bond with his brothers, the call of the club and the admiration for the woman who bore and raised him are pretty much all he needs.Enter Karen Hanson.A personal crisis cost her everything from her Cincinnati high rise, to her managerial position Though innocent, her association with a man she trusted brought shame to the upper crust life her family encircles Counseled to lay low and start over somewhere she packs up what s left of her life and heads east on Interstate 70 right into West Virginia and up to the small town of Tippitt More her father s strong, independent daughter than the puppet her sister is to their manipulative mother, Karen secures employment, a roof over her head and a steady assortment of interesting town acquaintances.Including one Taz Morrell.The devilish looking outlaw can t resist a pretty face, and Karen s sudden presence in his town raises his curiosity and piques his interest Though content being free to love whatever woman strikes his fancy, he finds himself gravitating towards the green eyed beauty a move which breaks his personal rules for living But the saying is true that all it takes is the right woman to throw a man off his course and Karen sends Taz over the edge Playful banter soon becomes physical desire which spin their respective worlds Karen never came to town looking for a relationship and Taz has fought tooth and nail to avoid his mother s quest to get him settled Neither can seem to avoid the other, though his lifestyle is a stark contrast to hers while her appearance in Tippitt poses a dozen questions.And when answers are finally given, a common thread between what Karen s trying to put behind her and a series of crimes assailing the town of Tippitt puts Taz in the middle The man who loves the company of many women now finds himself championing one.Contains explicit sex, violence and language.

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    1. 2 stars. Review posted June 26, 2014Cheesy…From time to time it bored me to tears…At some point it took a total nose dive…And that old and overused plot device annoyed the heck outta me…Ever since I enjoyed For Your Sake I’ve been looking forward to reading Taz’s as well as Aero’s stories. For Her Honor tells Taz’s journey of finding his ol’ lady and it saddens me to say that his book isn’t on a par with For Her Sake. Not by a long shot.For Her Honor started off good but betw [...]

    2. Whoa! Ms. DiSano has done it again! I've already said this countless times, but it's no secret that I LOVE LOVE book 1 (For Your Sake) Ben and Eva's story was in a word? Brilliant, IMO. So I could only hope that Taz's story would be a decent follow up. I wasn't expecting this story that I got. And I must say if I could, I think I would have rated this one a 6 star. That's how much I loved EVERY SINGLE aspect of this story.From our heroine Karen's circumstances & the things that brought her t [...]

    3. Taking her by surprise, he cupped her face and kissed her. Hard. Urgent. His tongue wasting no time thrusting between her parted lips and finding her own, hearing her gasp when she felt the stud. If she wanted to stop , then he’d wait for her to pull away and place a cold, hard slap across his face. But she didn’t. Those hands clutched his arms the way they did that morning. It only intensified the pressure of his lips on hers. She tasted real good - feminine and sensual. His knee parted her [...]

    4. Rating: 5 Stars This was another winner for me!! The story of Taz (The Mountain Skulls IES - 'Information Extraction Specialist') and Karen (Ex-bank loan manager) was just as interesting as book 1, For Your Sake. Karen was fleeing from a personal crisis and her immediate family when she packed up and moved from the big city of Cincinnati and landed a job in the small town of Tippitt where she could disappear and start over. Taz meets Karen and is drawn to her independence and strength and wants [...]

    5. 4 1/2 stars, I loved book 1 I devoured that book as fast as I could then went in search of any information I could find on this author and put her in my must read pile. So when I saw that this book was released I ran to my account and clicked the purchase button as fast as I could. After coming off of some ok and just plain bad book seeing this book was released I knew I had finally gotten out of my book funk. and I have to tell you I was so right.In book one we met Taz, with all of his hard an [...]

    6. Gabriel "Taz" Morrell knows his path in life, he is a biker, loves sex, and is dedicated to his former groupie mom. Even though his mom has been on his case about settling down with a "nice" woman and give her grandbabies, Taz though lives a wild life and he has no plan to settle down ever.Karen Hanson is looking for a new beginning after her ex-fiancee ended up in jail and could have cost her her career. Karen arrives in Tippitt, West Virginia and meets Taz on her first day. She knows he is a b [...]

    7. I enjoyed the story & the characters. I found at times the sub plots were a bit quick & not a good flow. The character development wasn't as detailed as I prefer but again these are my personal opinions.

    8. Elayne DiSano is a friend and fellow writer in the Freak Circle Press.I loved For Your Sake, the first book of the Mountain Skulls series and had a big ol’ crush on Ben, the brooding male lead of that book. I wouldn’t have thought I could love another Skull more. But I think I might love Taz more. He’s just so *pure*--he loves his mama, and he loves his club, and he loves what he does. There’s such joy and humor in him, even while he’s torturing somebody. That’s not to say that he’ [...]

    9. I did not think book 2 would be as good and certainly not better than book 1 (For Her Sake), which was a 4.5 star read for me. Well I was proven wrong. I really did not see a way for the author to make Gabriel Taz Morrell into a hero for me. Sure, in book 1 he was kind of cute, the devil personified but nothing about him endeared his character to me. Again this author took a character who is a psychologically deprived individual who can kill and torture someone and made them into someone I actua [...]

    10. I preferred book 1, For Your Sake. The hero, Taz, in For Her Honor likes to torture people who screw over the club. He gets pretty creative too. The heroine spends most of the book fighting with her mother about how she's not her perfect daughter. Yawn.There was also a really weird line in a sex scene, something like he sucked her breast like a hungry infant. Hungry infant? Really? So not sexy. It's the opposite of sexy. Just really threw me out of the scene. I also didn't like the talk about fi [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading this one almost as much as #1 in the series. I think the heroine's in both books were nuts for falling for their murderous men but hey who am I to judge! It was still a good read.

    12. Gabriel "Taz" was an awesome hero (bad guy type hero) I loved him. Karen was strong and had a brain that she actually used, gasp! I loved this story. A five plus stars for me. Sexy and strong, both in equal balance.Just enough real and fantasy. But oh man. That last line got me.

    13. I loved Taz from the first book For Your Sake. Enticed by his irresistible devilish good looks and charm it was evitable to fall further for his character throughout this read. Raised by a single mother whose past rock groupie status plastered the bakery walls, Taz (Gabriel Morell) stepped into his ma’s footsteps to enjoy a life without restrictions and responsibilities. Janice’s love for her son Taz was full of affection and concern, as she repeatedly challenged him to settle down and think [...]

    14. This is the story of Taz from book 1 and Karen, a newcomer to the area. Taz is Janice's son (who owns the bakery in town and was the bartender in the very early pages of book 1), and he continues to have a close relationship with her, the only woman really he sticks with long term. He is respectful of women but doesn't want to settle down with one, until Karen comes along apparently. Karen ends up in the little town after surviving her own problems with an ex-fiance and an unsupportive mother. I [...]

    15. I loved both of the books in this series. My only complaint I want more about the Mountain Skulls. I have seen that this is supposed to be the last book and wasn't actually planned. I would love to see another unplanned book aboutAero! These were the perfect mix for me not so dark it left you feeling sick but with enough grit to make it interesting. I also liked that there wasn't a butt load of unnecessary angst and BS with club skanks, like there are in so many MC books. There was a few things [...]

    16. This was a great book # 2 for this series. I do recommend reading this series in order so that you can understand some of what's going on better.I think that Taz was an excellent biker H. He was possessive, dominating and alpha (though, just a little OTT). The h was sweet, independent and a great addition to this cast of characters.****Can I just add that I would ADORE a book about Taz's mom. I think I connected to her and wanted more for her than I did our h. That sweet, awesome woman deserves [...]

    17. Cliffhanger: NoHEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Cheating: (view spoiler)[ Kind of? The hero does have sex w/other women after he has sex w/the heroine, though they're not in a relationship.(hide spoiler)]Rape: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Violence: (view spoiler)[ Yes, holy heck, yes. Very graphic violence.(hide spoiler)]Sensuality level (1 being kissing only and 5 being Penthouse Letters graphic:: 3, some graphic language, but not particularly titillating sex scenesGrammar errors/typo [...]

    18. Loved this book. This is the story of Gabriel "Taz" Morrell a sexy devilish man-whore biker and Karen Hanson, a woman basically running away from home after her fiancée is arrested for embezzlement. Karen is new in town looking to start over and Taz is the first person she meets. They are intrigued by each other and even though neither is looking for a relationship they are drawn into each other.As I said I loved this book. I like the strong heroine who stands up for herself. Loved how she told [...]

    19. Loved Taz's story - this MC series has a little more "grit" to it - but I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The best description of these guys"On the outside, these men would be viewed as chauvinistic Neanderthals. But up front, they were loyal, dedicated, hard-working and hard-loving men who'd go balls to wall for their club family."What more could you ask for?

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