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The Ballad of Les Darcy

  • Title: The Ballad of Les Darcy
  • Author: Peter FitzSimons
  • ISBN: 9780732286361
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ballad of Les Darcy The Ballad of Les Darcy a biography of the legendary Australian boxer is the latest book from Australia s bestselling author Peter FitzSimons and is exclusive to Books Alive It s FREE in participati

    The Ballad of Les Darcy, a biography of the legendary Australian boxer, is the latest book from Australia s bestselling author Peter FitzSimons and is exclusive to Books Alive It s FREE in participating bookshops when a customer buys any book from The 2007 Books Alive Great Read Guide.

    1 thought on “The Ballad of Les Darcy

    1. A book about a boxer, who would have thought I would have really loved it. I bought this book from a book dealer after looking for an Australian story - wasn't quite sure this was what I was after but what the hey, not being a boxing fan I really hoped it would offer more than I feared it would -IT DID in spades.I was halfway through this book when I had the opportunity to meet the author and find out why he uses the style of writing which he does. I was impressed he says he wants you to feel th [...]

    2. This book provides an overview of the life and times of Les Darcy, but as the author himself states in the introduction, it is far from being an in depth account of the boxer's character or career. If you are searching for that, look elsewhere.But if you want a quick and easy to read biography that covers the pivotal and sometimes controversial moments of Darcy's tragically short life, this is a good starting point. The book starts slowly but manages to gather momentum once Darcy's pugilistic ca [...]

    3. I have for many years been fascinated by the story of Les Darcy. When it was time for our annual "boys" book I chose this. This is the only book I have read by Peter Fitzsimons but had heard good things about his style. Imagine my disappointment when all the readers in the book club agreed that the writing was well below average and very cold fish. It is such an exciting tale but delivered in a jumpy style. I suggest reading up on this man but not via this tome.

    4. As someone who has no interest in boxing, I picked this book up simply because it was a freebie. Thoroughly enjoyed it, ant learnt a little bit about Les Darcy, along with Aus history at the time. Highly entertaining and engaging, with a writing style that's very simple and easy to follow & understand.

    5. Was interesting and you would like it if you are into boxing and australian history. Think it wold make a good movie and was a good choice to be the 2007 books alive book

    6. I had heard the name Les Darcy, but didn't know anything about him. Never liked the sport of boxing and can't bear to watch people beating each other up, nor have I had a desire to read anything on the sport. But when this book came my way I decided to give it a go and learn something about the man whose name is a legend in Australian history.What a tragic story, and Peter Fitzsimons told it well. Not only did the writer keep me engaged in the boxing contests of Darcy and his determination to pr [...]

    7. I came to this with great anticipation, having read several Fitzsimons biographies previously and with only sketchy knowledge of Darcy. He was revered by members of my father's extended family.The result was a disappointing one, the writing style being too colloquial and the evidence having been presented on the main element of Darcy's life, his refusal to enlist. The author draws no conclusions, other than unspoken acquiescence by his descriptions of Les Darcy's post death fame. I suspect the s [...]

    8. I read this through Book Club and thought 'oh noa boxing book' but it was so much more Great characters, bringing history to life. was so very interesting reading the struggle of this battler, and also so very sad and moving. I read this back in May 2009 so I'm sorry I can't be more specificever I thought it more than rated a mention, because like all Peter Fitzzsimons Aussie books, it tells a fine story.

    9. I dislike boxing but I love Australian history. Fitzsimmons has captured a sense of Darcy's era. His writing style is easy and the book took no time at all to read. Boxing fans will enjoy it even more. I had a vague idea of Darcy's story but this is as much a tale of media power and irresponsibility as it is a sporting tale.

    10. This story takes place in Australia mostly. I liked the history (of Australia and WWI), and the story of Les. I have never followed boxing, and he was a boxer. So the description of the matches he fought and his opponents were not as interesting to me. So I gave it an "I liked it" instead of "I really liked it." But he was quite a fellow!

    11. Les Darcy is the NSW city of Maitland's favourite son. FitzSimons has captured the mood of Darcy's times. It particularly interested me as I had once prepared a mortgage over the house and land that Darcy bought for his parents in East Maitland and I also met Darcy's mentor Maurie O'Sullivan who was chairman of the Sydney Cricket Ground and local member for Paddington in the 50's.

    12. A concise yet incredibly poignant biography of a true Aussie hero who deserves more recognition. Peter FitzSimons' cordial, frank and conversational style of writing somehow captures the Australian style of speech and thus the book captures the essence of the Australian character of its subject, all the while retaining a pathos of the short, and somewhat tragic life, of Darcy.

    13. This is a great yarn. It is much more than a story about an Australian boxing legend. You don't even need to know who Les Darcy was (I didn't). It captures the history and thinking of the times very well and describes the poignant predicament Darcy found himself in and the sad results.

    14. A short biographical account of a great Australian boxing legend, not often mentioned in modern circles.

    15. Great book about one of my Grandfather's heroes. Truly a religious giant and a man of priniciples. Great read and well written.

    16. Excellent book. This was thrown in for free when I bought another book. I would not have thought to buy it otherwise. Much more that I expected it to be.

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