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Journal infime

  • Title: Journal infime
  • Author: Julien Neel
  • ISBN: 9782723442756
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Journal infime Lou est une petite fille qui ne conna t pas son papa qui vit seule avec sa maman et le petit chat qu elles ont adopt Toutes les deux ont une grande complicit elles jouent la console d nent dans de

    Lou est une petite fille qui ne conna t pas son papa, qui vit seule avec sa maman et le petit chat qu elles ont adopt Toutes les deux ont une grande complicit , elles jouent la console, d nent dans des pizzerias Lou est amoureuse de son voisin d en face mais, bien s r, n ose pas lui avouer C est une petite fille tr s la mode avec des dons de styliste Sa meilleLou est une petite fille qui ne conna t pas son papa, qui vit seule avec sa maman et le petit chat qu elles ont adopt Toutes les deux ont une grande complicit , elles jouent la console, d nent dans des pizzerias Lou est amoureuse de son voisin d en face mais, bien s r, n ose pas lui avouer C est une petite fille tr s la mode avec des dons de styliste Sa meilleure copine s appelle Mina, et ensemble elles partagent beaucoup de choses Lou se dit aussi que Richard, qui vient d emm nager sur son palier, pourrait tr s bien plaire sa m re D ailleurs, elle va se d brouiller pour les faire se rencontrerNouvelle s rie de Tch la collec , Lou nous conte la vie d une petite fille d aujourd hui, croqu e avec norm ment de tendresse, d intelligence et de po sie Une bande dessin e pleine de charme qui s duira autant les enfants et les adolescents que les adultes.

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    1. Lou #1 Secret Diary is probably one of the most adorable and awesome GNs I've had the pleasure to read. It's a children's/middle-grade graphic novel that's about a girl named Lou who chronicles her daily adventures and interests in a series of comic panels taken from her diary. She sports an interest in fashion, has a mother who's a die-hard video game addict, and a best friend (Mina) who's usually grouchy, but not afraid to stand up for Lou and speak her mind on a number of different things.The [...]

    2. Really, 3 1/2 stars.I thought it was great, with two odd exceptions:1) I had trouble figuring out the age range for the book. Mostly it seemed like it was suited for elementary school-aged readers, until the sequence about the mom's back story involving a pregnancy test. Of course, those show up on television commercials now, so I guess it wasn't so bad.2) I had trouble with the mom in general, who seems to have no visible means of support. She seems to be a wannabe writer and former fast food c [...]

    3. Another French graphic novel import, Lou is your average middle school girl. She loves theatre (that's THEATRE, with a re), makes her own clothes, and has a huge crush on someone who she can't bring herself to talk to. She also has an awesome best friend, and a video game loving mom who she's determine to set up with the guy across the hall. Life is never dull for Lou!I am confused how Lou's mother is able to pay rent. She is always shown coming in from being out somewhere or playing video games [...]

    4. On m’a offert cette bande dessinée il y a longtemps, et je ne sais pas trop ce que j’ai traficoté dans mon coin, car j’ai attendu des années avant de le sortir de la poussière. Quel dommage, car j’ai passé un moment délicieux avec Lou.Cette BD tout en couleurs se déguste avec bonne humeur. Chaque page recèle d’un humour tendre, on s’attache très rapidement à Lou et à sa mère dans leur petit quotidien bien rodé. Et le parcours de nos personnages dégage des valeurs fondam [...]

    5. In some ways, it might be unfortunate that I stumbled onto (and started with) volume 3 first, then came back and read this first volume, since Neel became an even better storyteller after hitting his stride with Lou's ongoing development. This volume almost feels lacking in subtlety and complexity in comparison.But that's the only reason I think this would feel lacking, as it's an excellent look at life for a fully-realized, twelve-year-old Lou and her mother. They are multidimensional, complex [...]

    6. Follows the adventures of a precocious blonde tween through her life in the city. The city being somewhere in France (probably Paris). Feels like a younger version of Amelia Rules, but with a French sensibility. The stories are a little shorter, bodies are a little more bootilicious. Like Amelia, Lou's mom is raising Lou on her own. In Lou's case, that's how it's always been and she's fine with it. Both Lou and her mom get crushy on boys in this volume. Lou's mom is a well-rounded character. She [...]

    7. Quick read.Starts off & ends with pages taken from the diary of the main character, Lou, as she talks about her life and her family. The actual comic follows her around from day to day as she goes about her life having various adventures. I'ts very cute and funny. Lou is very much a girl who loves designing clothing, and wants to grows up to be a playwright/director/and costume designer. However, this doesn't make her the shallow 'girly-girl' type that gets on my nerves a lot in books. Shes' [...]

    8. This was a very cute comic book aimed at pre teen girls. I loved the artwork in this comic book. The characters are quite simply drawn and yet the use of facial expression is so accurate that it made my day. It has the drama of a pre teen girl and ya. Just read this comic book it is really good.

    9. Completely goofy is the only thing that comes to mind after reading this.Enjoyed this a lot more than I was expecting. Not terrible deep or insightful. It did make me laugh so 3 stars is more than fair.

    10. Hace mucho que había leido esta novela (de hecho ya he leido los primeros 4 tomos) pero no la había reseñado. Me encanta. Es muy divertida y te encariñas con los personajes, sin mencionar que los dibujos son PRECIOSOS. Es genial :')

    11. Une bande dessinée adorable et très sympathique!Ce sont les aventures quotidiennes de Lou et de sa mère, - adolescence et histoires d'amour et familiales -. La collection avance à chaque âge avec Lou, et elle est accessible à tous les âges, car Lou (qui grandit) n'est pas le seul personnage principal. Sa mère et leur voisin se lancent dans une histoire d'amour tant pour les enfants que pour les adultes.

    12. J'ai lu cette Bd en guise de lecture légère et je dois dire que c'est une bonne découverte. Lou, sa meilleure copine, sa relation complice avec maman, son chat et son premier béguin Les planches sont jolies, c'est coloré et on s'attache aux personnages facilement. Parfait pour la jeunesse!

    13. Cela fait des années que je repousse la lecture de cette bande-dessinée sous prétexte que ça doit être trop "fifille" et trop "bébé". En fait pas du tout ! J'ai trouvé ça très drôle et assez mignon.

    14. EN: This was a fun comic book. Lou (in the Finnish translation Mimu) is an energetic, bit eccentric and rather happy schoolgirl who lives in a city with her mother. Lou makes her own clothes and has had a huge crush on a boy living across the street from her for ages. But mostly she is just very typical pre-teen.The book is really colorful and fun to look at. It had just right amount of "show don't tell" as with comics it's good to trust on the pictures too. I liked the structure of the book: it [...]

    15. In her secret diary, written in full-color graphic novel style, Lou records her feelings for her cute neighbor, Tristan, her mother's obsession with video games, and her life-long friendship with level-headed serious-minded Mina. Though each page of the book focuses on a particular moment in time, almost like a comic strip, many of the panels address common threads that run through the entire book. These threads include the absence of Lou's father, Lou's adoption of a smelly cat, and the relatio [...]

    16. I think this is supposed to be a juvenile book but some of the illustrations seem a bit teen, or maybe even adult with the large and prominent breasts of Lou's mother. In some ways the story almost seems like it's meant for adults as making fun of childhood rather than through a truly child-like perspective, although feel free to try to change my opinion. That said, I really did like the general qualities of the illustrations. They cartoony just to a whimsical point where they were very expressi [...]

    17. Lou is highly original. She designs her own cool clothing, and then wears the new outfits even when her peers make fun of her. She writes out her secret thoughts in her journal, dreams of catching the eye of the boy who lives across the way in another apartment, and plots to connect her mother with the new neighbor. She also has a loyal friend in Mina who puts up with her even when she's at her most annoying, and a cat that slipped inside the apartment one day. Part of the appeal of this graphic [...]

    18. Text to Self-As much as I hate to admit it, technology is taking over my life. I might be a little bit obsessed with my phone and computer to the point where I zone in and out of conversations when I am on them. I was never the girl with the boyfriend in grade school. I was always the boys friend but never the girlfriend. The boys drooled over the rest of the girls in my class.Text to World- This book makes me think of all the bullying in the schools these days and how in some situations not muc [...]

    19. Julien Neelin "Mimu 1: Päiväkirjaelämää" (Gummerus, 2011) oli minulle entuudestaan tuntematon suuruus kunnes satuin törmäämään albumiin Akateemisessa kirjakaupassa. Sarjakuva kertoo esiteini-ikäisestä Mimu-tytöstä, joka asuu yhdessä konsolipeleihin hurahtaneen yksinhuoltaja-äitinsä kanssa, on ihastunut vastapäisessä talossa asuvaan Ripaan ja yrittää urhoollisesti kestää vierailulle tulevaa isoäitiä. Lisäväriä elämään tuovat myös kissa, paras kaveri Sara ja naapuri [...]

    20. I'm not usually someone who reads graphic novels or comics, I've only read Asterix and a French canadian series call Les Nombrils (which I think is translated in other languages but not sure), but I LOVED Lou. I started reading Lou because they add it at my school library and I had nothing to do and didn't want to read a novel, it was definitely a goo idea! It's about a girl who was raised by a single mother, has a best friend call Mina and has a crush on a boy who she observe from her window. I [...]

    21. Step inside the life of 12-year-old Lou with this peek inside her secret diary, where she chronicles the ins-and-outs of her everyday life. Lou lives with her videogame-obsessed mother, who is she is always trying to fix up with their neighbor, Richard. And, they have a cat as well. Lou is head-over-heels in-love with the cute boy across the way, Tristan, but is afraid to tell him. So, she's really happy when he comes over, asking her to spend time with him. They start hanging out alot, but at t [...]

    22. I went into this without really thinking or knowing about the book before hand. Um okay, I was simply going by the intriguing covers of volumes 1 and 2. Boy though, what a treat! It's fresh to my eyes - a comic book about a 12 year old girl who lives with her computer-game-obsessed adorable and nerdy mother. Just the two of them, living in an apartment on their own, in a big city, sharing their lives together with friends and boyfriends -- when they have the nerve to admit their feelings, that i [...]

    23. 3,5 estrellas.Este puede ser un comic perfecto para leer un domingo lluvioso, tomando un té/café y bajo de millones de frazadas.Lou es muy tierna y todas las experiencias que cuenta en este ejemplar son muy divertidas, la relación que lleva con su madre es ejemplar, como un estilo entre Rory y Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) por con notables pero pequeñas diferencias. Y una de mis cosas favoritas fue que con cada hoja, se cuenta una nueva experiencia pero sin perder el hilo de la historia.Quiero má [...]

    24. Text to self- This book reminds me of the stories I used to write in the 6th grade about real life situations that were happening around me and how my counselor would always question me and worry about me even though I was just expressing myself through easy writing. Text to World- This book makes me think of all the bullying in the schools these days and how in some situations not much is done about it.Text to Text- I connect this book to the book, "Princess Diaries" as both the girl in that bo [...]

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