- By Jamie Fessenden

Murder on the Mountain

  • Title: Murder on the Mountain
  • Author: Jamie Fessenden
  • ISBN: 9781632162038
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • Murder on the Mountain When Jesse Morales a recent college grad who aspires to be a mystery writer volunteers to work on the summit of Mt Washington for a week he expects to work hard What he doesn t expect is to find a

    When Jesse Morales, a recent college grad who aspires to be a mystery writer, volunteers to work on the summit of Mt Washington for a week, he expects to work hard What he doesn t expect is to find a corpse in the fog, lying among the rocks, his head crushed The dead man turns out to be a young tourist named Stuart Warren, who strayed from his friends while visiting theWhen Jesse Morales, a recent college grad who aspires to be a mystery writer, volunteers to work on the summit of Mt Washington for a week, he expects to work hard What he doesn t expect is to find a corpse in the fog, lying among the rocks, his head crushed The dead man turns out to be a young tourist named Stuart Warren, who strayed from his friends while visiting the mountain Kyle Dubois, a widowed state police detective, is called to the scene in the middle of the night, along with his partner, Wesley Roberts Kyle and Jesse are instantly drawn to one another, except Jesse s fascination with murder mysteries makes it difficult for Kyle to take the young man seriously But Jesse finds a way to make himself invaluable to the detective by checking into the hotel where the victim s friends and family are staying and infiltrating their circle Soon, he is learning things that could very well solve the case or get him killed.

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    1. Oh, man, this is such a good read. It has a cop, a wannabe mystery writer and the promised murder. Show me a dead body and I'll show you -- well, I won't show you anything but I'll be happy.Things to love about this book:Kyle Dubois, police detective. When we first meet him he's hanging out at home watching The Time Traveler's Wife. When his partner, Wesley, calls him he says he's watching The Hangover. I love this guy. Later, when he and his partner are traveling up a mountain to the scene of t [...]

    2. 3.5 starsReading and responding to a story is a subjective experience, and while I liked parts of this book, it didn't fully grab me. That has naught to do with Fessenden's writing, which is polished and professional, but my own ingrained ideas regarding What a Romance Novel Should Be. For one, this book is much more murder mystery than romance, so if you like more who-done-it and less baby-I-love-you, you're sure to like this one. Jesse, a wannabe sleuth and mystery writer, plays amateur detect [...]

    3. Will review later.Updated 8/29/14:Rating: 2.75 starsLet's jump past summarizing the blurb in my own words and go straight into my likes and dislikes, shall we?I'm not the biggest fan of mysteries. However, mysteries provide an interesting way for characters to interact. And when done right, they can add a certain suspense to the story. Murder on the Mountain held absolutely NO suspense. It was literally: someone is murdered and now let's solve the mystery. I never felt like either of the charact [...]

    4. I really enjoy Jamie's writing, and this book was no exception. He always grabs and holds my attention (Which is something, since I seem to dnf a lot of books these days!). I was looking forward to something a little darker from him after "Billy's Bones" and I was excited to hear he was working on a m/m romance - murder mystery.I wasn't disappointed. I was engaged in the romance featuring a younger amateur detective and an old, closet cop. There was some nice UST and some plenty of pay off in th [...]

    5. 3,2 stars.I like mystery.A gay mystery belongs to my favourite genre. I don't read exclusively mysteries but every time I pick up a new book about an attractive DETECTIVE/PI/FBI-CIA AGENT etc. who investigates a mysterious murder is like coming home for me. I enjoy the writing of Jamie Fessenden. He always provides the right mixture of a thrilling plot and a romantic love story.A mystery+Jamie Fessenden! What else could I want?Though as an old hand, I have my preference for murder mystery and th [...]

    6. Rounded up to 4 stars. This book feels much more like a puzzle-mystery than a romance to me, although there is a bi main character falling for his first guy as the other half of the story. I didn't connect with the characters well, which is a very personal thing but for me it took the emotional edge off the story. The mystery was pretty well done. I didn't guess the reasons for the murder and changed my mind a couple of times about who did it. Because none of the characters seemed really affecte [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book! Very cleverly done mystery, and although I kind of suspected who the killer was I couldn't figure out the reason why so I'm very pleased about it! The romance was ok as well, nothing earth shattering, but very nice!Smooches!

    8. **** 4 whodunnit stars ****--------- spoiler-ish review (not the murderer) -----------A while back I was weighing two books to read, which was kind of similar I thought. It was Mountain Prey and Murder on the Mountain. I chose Mountain Prey to read first, and I couldn't have chosen more wrong. I dnf'd, read my review here. I was kind of put off Mountains for a while, but after a very positive review from Marco I gave this one a shot. And it couldn't have been more different from Mountain Prey. : [...]

    9. 2.5 starsNot exactly impressed with the mystery (and the way that it was solved). Nor was I felt inspired by the romance. For the time being, please see Xing's review before I posted mine.--- UPDATED June 30, 2015 --It has been almost three weeks since I read this and I still have no idea what to write. Honestly, I already forgotten about this book, it was that forgettable *cringe*. Oh, well, what I could remember was that I thought the characters were BLAH. Kyle, for a 30-year-old, sounded real [...]

    10. There’s so much to like about Murder on the Mountain: from MCs Jesse and Kyle, to the setting on a remote and creepy mountain, to a murder mystery, to some first-time man love, to a closing with promise. This is the Jamie Fessenden I know and love!Jesse is a kid—just 23 years old—and aspiring to write mystery novels. He’s cocky and confident in that youthful sort of way we all envy. When a mysterious death happens during his shift/rotation as a cook/dishwasher at Mount Washington, and Je [...]

    11. This was so much fun to read! The story is told from twenty-three year old Jesse's POV, a wanna-be crime mystery novelist. Working a crap volunteer job at a mountain-top observatory after finishing college, Jesse gets recruited to help search for a missing man as night comes on and the temperature drops. What he finds is a dead body. Police are called, of course, and he meets Police Detective Kyle Dubois. Jesse sees an opportunity to observe a possible crime scene investigation in person to use [...]

    12. This was an incredible work by Jamie Fessenden. With three dimensional characters who you love, hate, love to hate, and would personally like to do in, Jamie weaves a world of intrigue high up in the snow capped mountains. This isn't your standard romance, it is a mystery first and watch out Agatha Christie, Fessenden has some serious writing chops. I wasn't really sure of what to expect from this author but I am totally glad I picked it up. If you love a good book, great characters, an intrigui [...]

    13. Ok, this book has actually one of my favorite tropes: Wannabe Sleuth!How can you not love Wannabe Sleuth Characters? They are small, but selected group of adorable men. Some of them you know, like Tony from Life Lessons series or Jory and their president Adrien English. They keep getting themselves tangled into some murder mystery and drive their cop boyfriends crazy! Bless their trouble-finding curious minds! :DWell, let me introduce a new member of this group: Jesse Morales (whatever you do, d [...]

    14. 4.5 starsTo my darling Santa Elsbeth for gifting this book to me!and to my stalkee, Marco for the wonderful review and recBR with my girls, but I couldn't stop because I had to know who done it, right?!I think this was very well written. I enjoyed so much that I didn't even care that the romance is more secondary. I was suspicious of everyone (though honestly I always am!), I had moments of "ohmigod" and "ew"--there were more than a few of those. What was it Joel said? "You know, the more I talk [...]

    15. 4 stars.I was skeptical reading this book seeing as I just came off from reading a murder mystery mm book. It was dud. It was so much procedural garbage that I would rather have just turned on Criminal minds honestly. Well browsing my carousel, I decided to give this one a chance. I really enjoyed this one. Detective Kyle Dubois is called to Mount Washington Observatory for a murder! A murder you say, yes a damn murder. This is a man that was sitting in his boxer briefs with a bag of popcorn wat [...]

    16. Jamie Fessenden has written a fine who-done-it and a gentle, sexy romance. Once again he has mastered the art of not wasting a single word, and I enjoyed every minute I spent with this book. He's an auto-buy for me anyway, because I really love the way he writes. This story doesn't change that assessment one little bit. Thanks, Jamie, for another great read. Just so you know, I was convinced all the way through the book that I knew who did it. Boy, was I wrong. Five stars.

    17. Loved it! More mystery than romance, no sex overload, great writing. There was a twist close to the end that really surprised me - not your average murder mystery.I'm not ready to let go of these MCs!

    18. "Murder on the Mountain" is a cozy -- a murder mystery solved by an amateur detective, where all the suspects are gathered in one place. In this case, in a Victorian hotel at the base of Mount Washington. I did a lot of research into the way a murder on the mountain would be conducted, including sending a list of questions up with a friend of mine who was visiting the summit to stay with the rangers for a week. However, the novel isn't a police procedural, despite Kyle being a state police detec [...]

    19. Jamie Fessenden is an author with considerable range. The author of such books as the dark, intense, and beautifully nuanced Billy's Bones and the lyrical supernatural mystery Murderous Requiem, both of which I loved, he has now given us a contemporary procedural mystery with a twist (or several). Jesse Morales wants to be a mystery writer, and when he stumbles into the middle of a murder mystery, he can't resist the chance to learn about the inner workings of a police investigation. It doesn't [...]

    20. 3.5 - Quick review since read it a few weeks ago. Enjoyed; would read more if there were some. I found the reveal a little anti-climactic, but a fun mystery.

    21. Great read! Loved it from beginning til end, well developed story around the murder and great chemistry between Kyle and Jesse. Wouldn't mind to read more about them.

    22. Not what I expected from the blurb AND the cover. But I enjoyed reading the story, it being more of a mystery solving than romance.What happened when hard-up broken home guy(s) met spoiled rich girl? Love affair. Alas, it's not. Lust, certainly. Thus the stories revealed after the death of a Stuart Warren on the mountain.I'm not fond of bad guys with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and throughout the story it seemed all suspects and the vic were of fucked up characters. If I were in Jesse's s [...]

    23. Contemporary crime story.Jesse, a graduate student and wannabee crime novelist, is working as a general dogsbody at the top of Mt Washington when a young man goes missing and it's Jesse that later finds his body. Getting involved with the murder investigation he also gets involved personally with Kyle, the widowed bi police officer. As Kyle and his partner Wesley investigate, Jesse tags along, getting in with the dead man's friends and fiancee. This was a nice mix of crime drama and romance, if [...]

    24. I actually liked it - it was a witty murder story with unusal MCs. I hadn't had a clue who did it and I actually liked that in the end I didn't really felt bad about the victim and the killer either.I loved Jesse with his adorable direct approach on Kyle and Kyle for being not too conflicted about his sexuality.Additionally this book lacked (and this is meant in a positive way) the "holier than thou"-conflict trope about mixing job and fun. Sure Kyle had some thoughts about this conflict but he [...]

    25. I love a good mystery! I love it even better when you add a little romance in it! Jaime Fessenden did both! Great characters and the suspects were created perfectly! I went back and forth on who the killer was and I gasped quite a few times!It's rare I find a really good mystery that doesn't have me rolling my eyes at it's obvious nature. Jaime kept me on my toes!

    26. I haven't read a good old fashioned murder mystery like this for so long I'd forgotten how much I use to love them. The characters are deliciously messed up, the plot just keeps twisting and the "who dunnit" reveal is rather fabulous. I know I didn't see that coming. Bonus points for the perfect murder mystery epilogue!

    27. Was für ein klasse Buch. Da findet Student Jesse während eines Praktikums in den Bergen einen Toten, verknallt sich in den ermittelnden Cop und spielt dann heimlich Privatdetektiv, um den Mörder zu finden, was Kyle (der Cop) so gar nicht lustig findet.Die beiden sind ein tolles Paar. Kyle ist Witwer und vom ersten Moment an von Jesse fasziniert. Aber da er mit Männern bisher nur in der Theorie Sex hatte, braucht er eine Weile, um sich näher an Jesse heranzuwagen. Er ist nervös, hat ein sch [...]

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