- By Joy Cowley Christopher Denise

The Wishing of Biddy Malone

  • Title: The Wishing of Biddy Malone
  • Author: Joy Cowley Christopher Denise
  • ISBN: 9780142405895
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wishing of Biddy Malone Biddy Malone stumbles upon a faerie village and meets a beautiful loveling who asks to hear Biddy s three deepest wishes Biddy tells him but soon learns that something gained for nothing has no valu

    Biddy Malone stumbles upon a faerie village and meets a beautiful loveling, who asks to hear Biddy s three deepest wishes Biddy tells him, but soon learns that something gained for nothing has no value Full color.

    1 thought on “The Wishing of Biddy Malone

    1. I wasn’t really in the mood for folk or fairy tales, but this is the last book I must return tomorrow to the library, so I read it. I loved the illustrations, which are glorious. I loved the message that getting something without working for it isn’t satisfying, and loved how Biddy found the magic within herself.However, I absolutely hated the end. I have little doubt that the story follows what’s considered a sensible pattern, but I was left feeling very morose. What is probably meant to [...]

    2. This is a wonderful tale of magic, but what I liked the most is the magic that came from within Biddy Malone. She worked hard and looked inside her own heart to make the changes she so dearly desired. The magical world of the faerie people is so enchanting and we loved the illustrations. The ending is bittersweet, especially from my perspective as a parent, but we really enjoyed this story.

    3. I really enjoyed this book. It makes me think of how every teenage girl feels at least once in her life. Even though this is a children's book I feel like you could get away with giving it to a teenage girl and asking her to read it, I feel a lot of girls can really relate no matter what age they are. We all have a little but of Biddy in all of us, a hopeless romantic and will not settle for anything or anyone who is not the best. This book is about following your true hearts feelings and turnin [...]

    4. This is book is written with such beautiful language. It would be wonderful for a lesson about simile, metaphor, and figurative language. The story is similar to several folk tales and fairy tales, so a joint lesson could be created as well. The main character learns an important lesson about working hard to achieve what you really want. The beautiful illustrations truly bring Biddy Malone and the "little people" to life.

    5. This was an exciting read with an awkward easy to anger young girl who stumbled upon a magical fairy party with a handsome male fairy who asks her what her three wishes are. Wanting to improve her flawed and gangly ways she asks for the talents of: dance, song, and a tender heart. When the magic doesn’t take effect the way she hopes Biddy Malone is forced to work hard and practice, practice, practice to obtain these talents for on her own. The illustrations are beautiful and I really liked the [...]

    6. Biddy Malone has attitude! I love it! She has "angry legs" and loves to do things but is terrible at those things. Not your typical intro to a heroine. Love Love Love.The artwork had me rom page 1 cause Biddy looked so lively. But the fairy party clinched it with all those diverse looking fairy faces! Be still my beating heart! (Hee hee) And the way she got her wishes was truly *magical!*The ending was satisfying enough for any romantic.A story after my own heart for sure.

    7. Children's book. I got this from the library to read to my daughters and now I want to buy it. It's a lovely story! I think I may have enjoyed it more than the girls, but then again, Bea wanted DayDay to read it to her again the other day. It's a great Irish tale (I'm always on the lookout for British books for kids).

    8. The Wishing of Biddy MaloneCowley, Joythe story of a young girl who wished for many talents and found that dispite that she asked for her wishes she had to work for them. and dispite all she accomplished she did not get the thing she wanted most

    9. A story about the little people with a moral to the story. Beautiful illustrations. Not your average picture book. Great book for seven to 13 year olds.

    10. My children loved this book. Especially my oldest book. He asked if I would make him a petal cape like the Faery loveling has.

    11. Very positive message that hard work is the best and only way for wishes to really come true. Enjoyed it.

    12. Great story! I LOVE that Biddy Malone gets her three wishes, because she works hard to develop her talents! Love the magical fairy story too. :)

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