- By Massimo Fenati

Gus & Waldos Buch Der Liebe[Zwei Pinguine Suchen Das Wahre Glück]

  • Title: Gus & Waldos Buch Der Liebe[Zwei Pinguine Suchen Das Wahre Glück]
  • Author: Massimo Fenati
  • ISBN: 9783455380170
  • Page: 352
  • Format: None
  • Gus Waldos Buch Der Liebe Zwei Pinguine Suchen Das Wahre Gl ck None


    1 thought on “Gus & Waldos Buch Der Liebe[Zwei Pinguine Suchen Das Wahre Glück]

    1. Checcarino!La storia dei due pinguini che s'innamorano e così tenera.I disegni non sono il massimo perché si vede che c'è troppa computer-grafica dietro. Però tutte le vignette sono piene di riferimenti molto divertenti al mondo reale.Peccato che mi sia accorta dell'esistenza di Gus & Waldo troppo tardi. Tanti libri son già fuori stampa. SIGH!

    2. Before they fell in love, penguins Gus and Waldo were single, sad and lonely. One of them spent his time moping over a cup of coffee in Starducks coffee house while the other wandered aimlessly around the streets with a sad face.Nothing could make them happy or even smile, even when they were independently watching comedy films at the cinema, but then one day they passed each other on escalators in a department store. They made contact and from that day on their lives changed.Summer, winter, tog [...]

    3. This is and always will be my favourite grown up's picture book :DUsually, picture books are aimed at the younger generation but there are a fair few out there that aren’t and Gus & Waldo’s Book Of Love is easily my favourite picture book for grown ups by a mile.Gus & Waldo are penguins and they are happily in love but the ups and downs of modern life just seem to be getting in the way. It all seems to get too much and they worry that everything’s over – but surely it can’t be? [...]

    4. Che dire questi due pinguini gay sono uno spasso. :0) Ci sono anche dei video: youtube/watch?v=FPfUzU

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