- By Susane Colasanti

City Love

  • Title: City Love
  • Author: Susane Colasanti
  • ISBN: 9780062307682
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • City Love In this first book of a captivating new series by bestselling author Susane Colasanti three girls share a Manhattan apartment the summer before college begins City Love captures the essence of summer

    In this first book of a captivating new series by bestselling author Susane Colasanti, three girls share a Manhattan apartment the summer before college begins City Love captures the essence of summer love, self discovery, and sisterhood, a perfect fit for fans of Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, and Jennifer E Smith.This summer will change everything for Sadie, Darcy, and RosanIn this first book of a captivating new series by bestselling author Susane Colasanti, three girls share a Manhattan apartment the summer before college begins City Love captures the essence of summer love, self discovery, and sisterhood, a perfect fit for fans of Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, and Jennifer E Smith.This summer will change everything for Sadie, Darcy, and Rosanna Sadie is all about dreaming big and following her heart, hoping her soul mate is right around the corner Darcy wants a summer of boy adventures with New York City as her playground Rosanna is running from dark secrets of her past, desperate to reinvent herself With no parents, no rules, and an entire city to explore, these three girls are on the verge of the best summer of their lives.Told from alternating points of view, City Love resonates with the moments when everything is thrilling, amazing, and terrifying all at once in a way it will never be again.

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    1. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“Operation Shiny New Summer is a go.”This was a YA contemporary story about the love lives of three girls living together in New York City.I found it quite difficult to keep track of which girl’s story I was reading in this book, even though the girls were quite different, and kept having to go back to the start of the chapter just to check on who’s point of view I w [...]

    2. Quick review for a not-so-quick read. I'm not really sure how to review this because I feel like I read/listened to a 7 hour audiobook in which nothing really happened except for a bunch of really rushed romantic relationships in an overly hyped up (and very light) portrayal of New York City. The story ended right when in the midst of huge conflicts between three girls attending college and in ensuing relationships while also hiding things about their pasts they'd like to forget.So this supposed [...]

    3. Imagine an episode of Gossip Girl written by a fourteen year old boy crazy girl if that sounds appealing to you, then you should probably check out this book.I am not a fan of writing negative reviews. I know how much work goes into a book and what a difficult process it must be for an author to turn an idea into a full novel. But it is not very often that I feel this strongly about a book, at least not in a negative way. Because seriously, City Love was just I don't know whether I will be able [...]

    4. Rating: 3.5 starsAnother Susane Colasanti novel to cross off my list. I've been looking forward to reading this one for a while, and it lived up to my expectations. This was Colasanti's first attempt at writing a series/trilogy, and having followed her work for a while, I was interested to see how she did. I liked the way she's setting up the series. This first book was really optimistic, with lots of hopefulness and exploration. The way it ended tells me that the next book will be darker and fi [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars.City Love is a young adult contemporary novel about three girls the summer before college begins settling in as roommates, with all three taking turns with chapters we follow Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna as they navigate New York, living away from their parents and finding love where they least expect it.Sadie the eternal optimist, New York born and bred who believes in soul mates meets Austin the boy of her dreams, Darcy who's family is well off is dating guys with once before never seein [...]

    6. I wasn't aware that this would be a trilogy until I saw this one Susane's website. I really think that trilogies/series should be marked on , especially with the way this book ends. While I enjoyed this book, I do think that it would have been better for the trilogy if each girl just had their own book as opposed to having bits and pieces of each girls story in each book. I would have liked if the first book focused on Sadie, then Darcy and Rosanna. Still, this book was entertaining, even if the [...]

    7. **A version of this review will be posted to Ashley Loves Books at a later date!**I loved the friendship in this book. It’s a bit sudden, and sometimes it felt forced or superficial, but overall the three roommates were a fantastic bunch that paced quite well in the evolution of awkward roommates to real friends. Discovering new things about roommates is part of the fun of becoming friends, and I like that it wasn’t always awesome things they had in common – sometimes it was differences in [...]

    8. Looks like Susane is trying her hand at a book series. I just hope it's better then the All I Need book, which I didn't care for, but since I liked all of her other books I'll give this a try. It'll be great to read a series that's not paranormal, fantasy or dystopian! It'll be good to read a realistic teen series since even the ones that weren't paranormal, fantasy or dystopian like, were always about pretty rich shallow kids with shallow problems. Hopefully the teen characters will have more p [...]

    9. THE STORY:Becca: City Love is a book that I have really been looking forward to, it was even a WOW pick of mine! The story is about three girls and their journey over the Summer before their Freshmen year in NYC. Going in I thought this was going to be a coming of age/friendship story and although it was that, that was only a small part. It focused more on each girl and their love interest over the Summer. This story was told in three points of view, the chapters would alternate POV’s from eac [...]

    10. City Love by Susane Colasanti is the start of a cute, contemporary trilogy set in New York City about three college bound girls on the cusp of love. Read my full review here Link goes live 9/15/2017

    11. I'm sorry to say that I abandoned this book seven chapters in. I just found this story to be the epitome of cliches. All the cheese was just being piled up, one thing after the other. Right after starting the first introduced romance, I found it to be toorfect. I know that might seem like a good thing but in my books, it really wasn't. It was cute at times but borderline unrealistic. Just by the first few chapters, you can pretty much tell what the rest of the story will be like. Each of the cha [...]

    12. This review is also posted on my blog“City love is the kind of love that never dies. No matter how many boyfriends come and go, no matter how many heartbreaks I endure, this city will always be my true love.”First, I would like to thank HarperCollins for providing me with a review copy. It has not, in any way, influenced my thoughts about this book. Growing up, I used to be amazed by city lights and towering skyscrapers and the fast-paced life of a big city. New York City was definitely on m [...]

    13. 2.5 starsI’ve read my fill of Susane Colasanti’s books before, but they’re simply those contemporaries that are quick and easy to read, but eventually blur together in my head after a while. I’m not quite sure why I picked up City Love. Reading the synopsis, I was automatically entranced by the idea of love in New York City. If you all didn’t know, I’ve never been to NYC and it seems like a distant dream to me. Of course, I will grasp at anything that can bring me closer to NYC. City [...]

    14. Alternating point of views can either go very badly, or very well, in the case of City Love I would say they went beautifully. It takes a very skilled writer to be able to pull off alternating point of views to the extent that Susane pulled off as we follow Sadie, Darcy & Rosanna throughout the story. The story itself is beautifully crafted. When you have three main focus characters, it’s really hard to make a story feel fluid. I have seen so many authors fall short of being able to execut [...]

    15. Who are we kidding, NYC is magical. There are hundreds of things to do and beautiful strangers at every corner (I blame Sex and the City for the brainwash). It's no wonder that Colansanti chose this location to set her latest romance series. As we follow the dating life of three roommates, Sadie (the hopeful one), Darcy (the heartbroken one), and Rosanna (poor, very poor) in a lapse of ten days, we discover how goose-bumpy and dreamlike love can be. Since it is a novel that takes place in ten da [...]

    16. This book feels like it was written by some boy-crazy fifteen-year-old. Love at first sight, really? *Soulmates*? Look, girl, get your head out of the clouds your life so does not revolve around a guy you just met. Besides, it has only been two weeks and already, you're in love? Please. Give me a break. This book had a ton of unnecessary cliches. Austin totally felt too good to be true. Judas was just mysterious. "D" was simply irritating in the sense all he wants for himself is money and a goo [...]

    17. I really want to know what happens next! :/ HOW LONG UNTIL THE SEQUEL?! Full review to come!Updated May 16, 2015City Love was a very interesting book. It follows three characters: Sadie, Rosanna, and Darcy. Each of these girls has their own love stories in New York City, the year before they start college as freshmen. New York City is such a marvelous city, so the setting in this book was outstanding. I also love how tons of specific areas in New York City were mentioned, and so was ImprovEveryw [...]

    18. Review also found at kristineandterri/2I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is April 21st 2015. Right from the start of the story you can tell that it is written by someone who has either a lot of love for New York City or a lot of knowledge about it. Since Colasanti lives in New Youk I would say that it is a bit of both. This story is definitely written for the YA audience as the main characters [...]

    19. I have only read one book from Susane and I wasn't very impressed. I believe I gave that book a 4 stars but now that I think of it, I should have given it a 2. City Love was kind of disappointing. I loved the characters and how they were each different but the plot didn't work out too well for me. Let's just say it was predictable and I wasn't able to pinpoint the climax in this book. There are three main characters in this book: Darcy, Sadie, and Rosanna. I loved reading from each of their pers [...]

    20. Find more reviews and lettering at my blog, The Art of Escapism.The best way to describe City Love would be to compare it to shows like Gossip Girl or 90210. I haven't watched either of those shows, but from the commercials, these are shows that have an air of glamorous, city-based drama. The problem is, City Love is only the first book, and it's just laying things down for a potentially engaging series.The three girls are all different from each other, but it still had me confused. I constantly [...]

    21. Unfortunately, this book did nothing for me. I didn't care for the characters, and the story really lacked substance. I don't know if it was because I expected so much more, but City Love was really disappointing to me. Told in alternating chapters, I found it was pretty easy to keep track of which girl’s story I was reading. For the most part I thought the girls were different enough, but at times they seemed like some weird combination of each other because they had the same thoughts and fee [...]

    22. Sometimes there's nothing worse than a book that can't make up its mind.City Love is about three girls who rent an apartment in New York City for the summer prior to their freshman year of college. It follows their individual adventures in the city and their searches for love and dealing with the baggage they bring along with them.On one hand, this story does feel like a traditional teen romance with the added addition of adjusting to adulthood and throwing people into the big city. That the gir [...]

    23. Oh man I did not like this. I don't usually write bad reviews and I'm relatively easy to please but if you have similar tastes in books sadly I have to recommend skipping this.I listened to the audiobook and I'm not sure if that added to my dislike because some of the voices made the characters sounds super shallow or pseudo-intellectual.Maybe I'm just old but it felt like I was listening to a bunch of dumb immature college girls who thought they knew all about life and love and the world spout [...]

    24. I told myself I would never read another Susane Colasanti book again. As a person, Colasanti deserves all the high fives (really, have you ever met her in person or watched her videos on youtube? She's AMAZING!). As a writer, Colasanti is a flop. I didn't want to insult my comprehension and entertainment level by reading this book, but it's about New York. And I *love* New York. This is my favorite Colasanti book I've ever read. Yes, I could barely tell the characters apart, I was frustrated by [...]

    25. This was so disappointing. I loved the idea of 3 girls experiencing the city in different POVs, but it was absolutely not what I expected. All three ladies have unbelievably young sounding voices. I would have never expected them to be in college if I wasn't given that information. I struggled with the dialogue and the overuse of several phrases. Everything was just so juvenile. There were a few twists and revelations at the end, but it wasn't enough to keep me interested. I will not be reading [...]

    26. I feel very neutral on this book. It's not my favorite, and it's not my least favorite. It was a cute short romance. Then the end had a huge twist and then it just left me hanging on a cliff. It just ended abruptly and didn't really give any closure to anything. It hit its high point with the twist then it just dropped you without a parachute. Not sure how to think of this book. I want to read the next one, but I also don't. I'm so confused right now about what to feel.

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