- By Tom McMillan Uwe Stender Tom Governor Ridge

Flight 93: The Story, the Aftermath, and the Legacy of American Courage on 9/11

  • Title: Flight 93: The Story, the Aftermath, and the Legacy of American Courage on 9/11
  • Author: Tom McMillan Uwe Stender Tom Governor Ridge
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Flight The Story the Aftermath and the Legacy of American Courage on United Airlines Flight which took off from Newark Airport the morning of September th is perhaps the most famous flight in modern American history We know of the passenger uprising but t

    United Airlines Flight 93, which took off from Newark Airport the morning of September 11th, 2001, is perhaps the most famous flight in modern American history We know of the passenger uprising, but there s so much to the story besides its harrowing and oft told climax Amazingly, the definitive account of this seminal event has yet to be written The book offers thUnited Airlines Flight 93, which took off from Newark Airport the morning of September 11th, 2001, is perhaps the most famous flight in modern American history We know of the passenger uprising, but there s so much to the story besides its harrowing and oft told climax Amazingly, the definitive account of this seminal event has yet to be written The book offers the most complete account of what actually took place aboard Flight 93 from its delayed takeoff in Newark to the moment it plunged upside down at 563 miles per hour into an open field in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania Flight 93 provides a riveting and complete narrative of the lead up, event, and aftermath of the flight, based on interviews, oral histories, personal tours of the crash site and evidence recently made public It examines the lead up to that horrific morning the stories of the victims who were launched into the center of history the revolt that saved untold amounts of carnage on the ground and likely, the US Capitol the eyewitnesses and first responders who rushed to the crash scene the impact on family members the effort to uncover evidence at the site and the legacy the story leaves for future generations.

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    1. Outstanding book to understand better the heroism that took place on that flight. The book is very graphic about the deaths of the passengers, as well as very sad. But it puts you on the plane with them, inside the minds of the terrorist, and with the families as the mourn. You will become a better American and more knowledgeable citizen by reading this book.

    2. We all wanted to know what was going on beyond the news story on September 11th. Being very well researched, this book goes back to the beginning where the original idea for the terrorist attack began, and traces the story of each individual that was involved in order to piece together what really happened that day. Truly a tragedy, the story of those brave citizens is brought to life and their legacy will live more effectively within the pages of this book. It captivates your attention as you s [...]

    3. McMillan did a brilliant job of covering a much talked about subject. I heard him speak in early fall and was convinced that he was the only person who could have taken on this challenge and shine a spotlight on areas previously left in darkness.

    4. This is AmericaWe have forgotten those things that we share. Love of family, of country. Integrity, bravery. This book reminds us of who we really are. As Americans, as humans. It made me want to be better, more kind, more tolerant. Grateful. Every one should read it.

    5. SpellboundEven though I was watching the tv coverage on that awful day, I still learned many things from this book. It is well researched. I do recommend reading this book.

    6. I don't know if I can write a review that will do justice to these brave men and women who fought back against terrorists bent on killing as many people as possible. I'll try though, full review to come.++++++++++allthebookblognamesaretaken.blfacebook/AllTheBookBlogNamesAitter/SarahsBookNookIt will be 15 years this September since the United States was attacked from within, and I am still not sure I am capable of writing a passable review about any book on the subject. I recall with near-perfect [...]

    7. Had me in tears.I've read many books about what happened that day in September 2001. This one gave more detail on how the terrorists prepared for that day. It opened the evil that was in their heads and made them appear more like robots then humans. With all the training, I do believe they reached that point.This also gave a better, if sadder, realization of what the people on Flight 93 knew, and how they tried their best to thwart the monsters who hoped to kill so many more. I could visualize t [...]

    8. This book gave me a new perspective on what happened on 9/11/01. I was a freshman in high school on that day, and it's a day I will never forget. Living 2 hours away from Shanksville in Ohio, I remember be terrified that we were at war. It's was even scarier when Flight 93 went down, knowing that it happened so close to home. I loved learning about the heroes in their final moments and how they came together to fight hate and save the lives of countless others. This book provided a great look in [...]

    9. I purchased this book at the Flight 93 Memorial. This highly readable account tells the story of 40 true American heroes - already ordinary heroes to their families and friends - who became extraordinary heroes because of their resilience and courage in the skies over Pennsylvania on that infamous day. Read it, visit the memorial, be inspiredd never forget.

    10. Read this, remember their names, remember that dayMoving and clear description of that day, of what happened in the sky over PennsylvaniaA reminder of America's greatness, and a reminder of what we almost lost

    11. This book was so well written. It was thorough and very logically sequenced. I think it was the perfect combination of informative and respectful. A beautiful tribute to the 40 heroes who lost their lives on Flight 93.

    12. Very good read, particularly interesting to me as I now live in an adjoining county. We plan to visit the site this year.

    13. One of the best books I've ever read and especially after just visiting the memorial. It will haunt, yet inspire me the rest of my life.

    14. all I can say after reading this is its very emotional and exciting at the same time. this is so in depth and you feel a lot of raw feel gs when reading this.

    15. Tom McMillan’s book, Flight 93: The Story, The Aftermath, and The Legacy of American Courage on 9/11, is a powerful account of the events leading up to the terrorist attacks on our country on September 11, 2001. It chronicles the final hours of the lives of the brave men and women aboard United Flight 73 and what their heroism has meant to a grateful nation.To provide an accurate account of why Flight 93 crashed in rural Pennsylvania, McMillan traces the events of 9/11 back to their roots, the [...]

    16. A well researched book that is both informative of the events on 9/11 and honoring to those directly affected by Flight 93's crash. I learned a lot about the terrorists and I learned a lot about what actually took place in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the crash took place. Quotes from the book:"Uncommon valor of uncommon man.""Passengers and crew rose as one to confront a new breed of fanatical terrorist bent on destruction.""Stoutness of character and raw heroism in their attempt to land th [...]

    17. The last part of this book made me think the most. Even though the beginning is true, the format of so many people coming together in an extraordinary event is so familiar from thrillers that it doesn't make as much as an impact as it should. But years have passed, and the event has had an effect on the world, both on the small town where it happened and on our thinking, and it's fascinating to trace that. I was struck by how impressive this plane load of 'ordinary' Americans was. I suppose you [...]

    18. A thorough and thoughtfully researched story of the crew, passengers, terrorists, politicians, and local Pennsylvania citizens who were involved or witnessed the fatal end of Flight 93 in a rural field in Pennsylvania. You can't possibly put down this book without "walking a mile in your brother's shoes." Good photo section, but any political or historical book without maps loses a star from me, and this book had no maps. Quick and easy read, though a bit perfunctory, enough to make you think an [...]

    19. Great book which was well researched and written. The author described the passengers and crew on the plane as well as their families with care and sensitivity. The local people, especially the coroner brought insight into the investigation and aftermath. The origin of the masterminds and terrorists was such an integral part of the story.On that tragic day, the country didn't know the story of Flight 93 until later when all the facts were pieced together. McMillan has given us a compelling read. [...]

    20. Phenomenal read the focuses on the individuals themselves, rather than the overall tragedy. I appreciated how the author worked in the story of the coroner and others on the ground along with the passengers and crew of plane. The author documented the known facts and included the personal details that bring these people to life and expose a very naïve time in our history that hits very close to home.

    21. Often called "the forgotten story of September 11," as we usually focus on the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this book is comprehensive but still emotional and tells the story of the heroes (and terrorists) of Flight 93. I cried many times while reading this, and I highly recommend it. We owe it to the victims to never forget.

    22. loved this book. i learned so much about that flight and the passengers and how the hijacking took place. a very solemn, emotion and thought provoking read. very well studied and investigated. the 40 people on board were heroes that should never be forgotten.

    23. A well paced detailed account of the flights attackers and happenings during the flight. Not quite as impactful as the movie United 93 or the book 102 minutes (which admittedly isn't about this flight but is a *gripping* 9-11 read) but still informative and enjoyable.

    24. Very moving account of the Flight 93 story that goes beyond the heroic actions of the passenger and crew to tell of how the national memorial was created and so much more. Highly recommended especially for those that would like to be more informed when visiting the Flight 93 Memorial.

    25. This book made me think "What would I do" I can't imagine what these people went through, knowing they would probably die.They were indeed heroes and the author did an amazing job in showing us an insight into the families of the passengers and crew.

    26. It was an awesome book detailing the preparation and planning that went into the 9/11 attacks. It was a real eye opener.

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