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Damian's Discipline

  • Title: Damian's Discipline
  • Author: K.C. Wells Parker Williams
  • ISBN: 9781632164148
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • Damian s Discipline Collars and Cuffs Book Five The man who pimped Jeff may be in prison but Jeff is still living the nightmare selling himself to men and relying on pills to manage Then he meets Scott a young America

    Collars and Cuffs Book Five The man who pimped Jeff may be in prison, but Jeff is still living the nightmare, selling himself to men and relying on pills to manage Then he meets Scott, a young American man who could easily have been where Jeff is now Scott s friends extend a helping hand to Jeff, and he grabs it Leo and Thomas bring Jeff to stay with Dom Damian BarnettCollars and Cuffs Book Five The man who pimped Jeff may be in prison, but Jeff is still living the nightmare, selling himself to men and relying on pills to manage Then he meets Scott, a young American man who could easily have been where Jeff is now Scott s friends extend a helping hand to Jeff, and he grabs it Leo and Thomas bring Jeff to stay with Dom Damian Barnett until they can find him someplace long term Still grieving from losing his sub to cancer two years before, Damian agrees to help But when he glimpses the extent of the damage, Damian wants to do than offer his guestroom Jeff is not a submissive, but Damian can see he desperately needs structure in his life It s up to Damian to find an answer He never expects that what he discovers will change both their lives.

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    1. Okay, I'll start by saying that I didn't really understand the whole concept of domestic discipline, but it did make for an enjoyable story. I liked Damian. I liked Jeff, too. But I didn't love either. It was a pretty low-steam story, actually. But the way the series is going forward like a family growing together is the most wonderful aspect.However, I can't say that there was something so outstanding that will make me reread the book again. Having said that, the little surprise at the end was [...]

    2. 4.25 starsI'm totally hooked on this series; these books always make me think, and Damian's Discipline is no different. Even though I added this to my Dom-sub-bdsm shelf, this is not a D/s book but a Domestic Discipline book. What's the difference? The story does a much better job explaining it than I ever could, but DD doesn't involve scenes or a Master/sub relationship. Instead, the focus is on rules and consequences, on one person making decisions for both people in a relationship. When Jeff [...]

    3. 4.25 StarsWe met Jeff in the "Someone to Keep Me". When he was sixteen and came out as a gay to his mother, she thought the church could "cure" him but since that didn’t happen he was forced to leave the house and since then he was on his own. He wasn’t proud of the things he did to survive and then he met Curtis who forced him into prostitution, he was abused physically and emotionally by him and his friends. After Scott found him, Ben and Leo took him to Damian until Leo could find a bette [...]

    4. Another top notch read in the Collars and Cuffs series, although strictly speaking this wasn’t about BDSM, but Domestic Discipline. Really well written by KC and Will, this was sooo much better than ‘Someone to Keep Me’. Gritty and realistic, this is not a ‘looking at the world through rose coloured spectacles’ type of story, not at all. I loved the change to 1st person POV too. 4.5 stars from me.We meet Jeff in ‘Someone to Keep Me’ as he is the person that Scott has come all the w [...]

    5. When Damian's Discipline came up on I immediately added it to my BDSM shelf, but now that I've finished I removed it. Yes, it is part of a series where the books all revolve around a BDSM club and couples that live the lifestyle in some form, but this book is different and I wouldn't want someone who shies away from BDSM to miss out on a wonderful story. This book can easily be read as a standalone, but if you've been following the series, the timeline runs parallel with Scott and Ben's story, [...]

    6. This series keeps getting better and better. I love that so many people from all the books continue throughout and support new mc's It's beautiful to see. 5 amazing stars. I can't wait for the next book.

    7. There was virtually no communication throughout 95% of the book which was extremely frustrating. I didn’t particularly care for either Peter was was very naïve and Damian who didn’t follow his own rules.

    8. 4.5 Stars - Another Great addition to the Collars and Cuffs SeriesIt is time to join the guys of Collars and Cuffs again only this time Authors K.C. Wells and Parker Williams add a new twist, Domestic Discipline. If you have not ever heard of Domestic Discipline then take the time to read up on it so you can fully understand and appreciate this book as it is not your typical BDSM relationship.Our main characters in this story are Jeff who is living a nightmare of a life, selling his body and add [...]

    9. DNF at 50% I’m not sure if it’s me or the book. I did like the other books in this series, but I didn't like the writing of this one. It could be that I’ve read so many books since then that I can’t enjoy this type of writing anymore.The prologue is a couple of pages long and we don’t get eased into the story, the story is dropped on us. And it was so unrealistic that I wanted to DNF right then and there.Let me sum up the things that bothered me.Damien is a professional book reviewer. [...]

    10. Omigosh, I love this series so much. I keep waiting for the next book, and the next, and the next and so on. This was such a sweet and wonderful story. Damien is so kind and patient, full of love and the need to protect and give, and nurture. His need to take care of someone he loves is so great. And Jeff. Poor Jeff is so messed up and needs that guidance. Needs someone to take him in hand and show him the way. Show him he's worth something. Together they're beautiful. As always, I was filled wi [...]

    11. Wow!!!!! This series just keeps getting better and better. This story touched on themes that I've never heard of before and I really enjoyed following Damian and Jeff as they discovered just what their relationship was to each other. At times it was really serious and my heart broke for both MC's and then at other times I laughed my arse off at their interactions.A touching, beautiful, compassionate and sometimes tragic story. Thank the gods for happily ever aftersI also got the added treat of s [...]

    12. Perhaps 3.5 stars?It started out very nice, only to then becoming totally harebrained and in the end it was more like a Harlequin-book?

    13. Talk about a different kind of story! While it contains some elements that reminded me of BDSM, in that there is a more dominant personality and a partner who needs rules and structure, the dynamics in this “domestic discipline” setting are quite different from those in the more regular BDSM relationships in the first four volumes. However, this is by no means a “vanilla” setting, and could work quite well even without the romantic aspect that eventually develops in this specific case. W [...]

    14. A very interesting and enjoyable read introducing Domestic Discipline which is something I had not heard of before. Both Damian and Jeff worked hard at making their arrangement work and not without some terrible mistakes along the way. They make it and also manage to fall in some serious lust and ultimately love. There is not tons of romance here because that is not what this story was about I think but what is included is off the charts, worth the wait, and fits perfectly with the rest of the s [...]

    15. How do you review a book that is so full of tender emotions, courage and strength, the will to overcome and survive with characters that not only captured your heart but took you with them on the path to healing? I struggle to find the proper words that will express how much I felt while reading this story. Damian became my hero, Jeff my inspiration. The author wrote a story that was so realistic; I could almost smell the warehouse that Jeff slept in. I could feel the tension and exhaustion as D [...]

    16. Ahh, KC and Parker, you have no idea how much I needed to jump back into the world of 'Collars & Cuffs' this morning. It's a favorite and very well loved world for me, and it's a comfortable place to spend a few hours. As I'm sure you both are aware, many of your readers, myself included, have been wanting to know what happened to Jeff, whom we met in 'Someone to Keep Me'. I'm thrilled you wrote his story, and, in case I forget to tell you, I loved every minute of it.Jeff hurt my heart from [...]

    17. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEBack to Collars and Cuffs we go and this time for something very different. There are no whips, restraints or even floggers in Damian and Jeff’s story; just a hearty dose of discipline but the story is just as powerful as its predecessors.Jeff is living on the streets, relying heavily on drugs, being frequently abused and in dire need of rescuing. His photo was used in a prostitution ring scam to bring Scott over from the States and it is Scott that finds Jeff o [...]

    18. I've got to stop giving this series "one more chance". I liked the first two books, so I keep reading, but I'm starting to wonder if I don't need to go back and reread those first two books and see if I still like them.Damian is fail. I just can't keep reading these epic fail Doms that are portrayed as being saviors. He pushes at all the wrong times and makes such a big deal out of the rules and punishments but the whole time he is lying and nothing is ever done about that. There are no punishme [...]

    19. Wow, This series really is a winner. It keeps getting better and better. I particular like is that every book is similar but very different as varying aspects of BDSM are focused on and explored. This installment in particular really moved away from what people traditionally associate with BDSM. This book focuses on Domestic Discipline as a tool to provided structure to a troubled man (Jeff) who has suffered a horrible existence until Scott, Ben, Leo, and Thomas rescue him. They place him with D [...]

    20. Unless someone tells me Damian magically redeems himself during the last 36%, I have to DNF right now. I'm so disappointed. Not only the writing wasn't very interesting, but Damian turned out to be a real disappointment. (view spoiler)[The worst of it was that he lied to Jeff. He had that rule about being honest, and he actually lied. I don't know if that will be dealt with at some point, but I doubt it. I could have finished to see, but then there were other things I really don't see how he cou [...]

    21. This is the story of a Dom Damian Barnett who takes in an abused young man named Jeff. Jeff is not a sub, but he is in desperate need of structure. Damian would like to give him this structure after losing his sub/lover to cancer several years earlier. The question becomes, can they get rid of the baggage they carry and enjoy a loving relationship.I thought telling this story by alternating Damian and Jeff's POV, made this story unique, entertaining, and a beautiful love story.

    22. Jeff has more horrors in his past than most people could deal with, and when he freaks out at being restrained by Damian (though he consented to it), Damian seeks another way to ground his boy. A Domestic Discipline routine is something Damian wants to try to help give Jeff structure, but they get off to a rocky start.Really enjoyed seeing how this couple found their way to meeting both their needs. Well done!

    23. Jeff, who we met in Someone To Keep Me, was the face used to lure Scott to the UK. He’s been abused by the same devil who has been torturing all the boys in this series. Jeff is free now, but he is nowhere near saved.Leo and Thomas find Jeff on the streets, he’s addicted to drugs and still turning tricks to survive. They hand him off to Damian, a “temporary” housing until a more permanent solution can be found.Damian is a Dom, he’s lost his previous lover/sub to cancer almost two years [...]

    24. 5 star joint review by Cindy and DanielleSpeechless…that’s the first thing that comes to mind after finishing this story.Intense is the second, amazing the third and incredible the fourth and so many more wonderful things. This is what I am writing right after finishing the story where I still am in awe of what I’ve read.That I was excited about getting my hands on this book is an understatement. I have been completely head over heals in love with this series from the moment I picked up th [...]

    25. I have wanted to read this series for a while since I like BDSM books. However, I got a chance to read this book first, and I wasn't disappointed. It is not a BDSM book, if you were afraid to read the other books in this series, this one might be the way to go first. Not having read the other books in the series yet, I can tell you that I definitely do want to read the rest of them now. I also can say that you can read this book as a standalone. The story starts off with Jeff meeting Scott, who [...]

    26. Something about this series just grabs me. I'm not sure if it's the writing style, the subject matter, or the way the author(s) brings the characters to life with a few strokes of the pen. Book #5 in the Collars & Cuffs series makes me want more, more, more. In this one, we are treated to a lesson in Domestic Discipline, not the usual BDSM D/s relationship. Though Damian is a Dom, when he's asked to house Jeff, another young man who has escaped from the traps set by the Dom who so abused Pet [...]

    27. I loved this book so much!It's a beautiful story, with some angst, some sex and a lot of love and friendship. It's different from the Collars & Cuffs series, cause really it has nothing of the BDSM lifestyle but it's a Discipline Domestic book (I knew nothing about it). So if you have any issues about the BDSM theme, you absolutely can enjoy this one. Even if you haven't read the previous stories in the series, you will miss nothing, cause it can be read as a standalone. But if you can, star [...]

    28. Damian's Discipline is a BDSM book in the Collars & Cuffs series but it is quite different from the other stories, and for that matter, different from most BDSM fiction. The characters are also seen in Someone to Keep Me (Ben and Scott's story) but this is Damian and Jeff's story alone.Jeff is a victim of abuse so a good part of the book revolves around Damian building trust with Jeff. Their relationship is not like the Dom/sub connections in the other series' books, and that's quite deliber [...]

    29. This was an absolutely beautiful story of two men who needed each other. The authors did a wonderful job of building a slow, sweet romance. Sometimes when there is a slow start to the actual romantic angle I can get impatient. But in this book I was so wrapped up in the healing and self-realizations of each character that I barely noticed.At the start of this book Jeff is so far from ready for a relationship that I wasn't sure it would even work out by the end. He has been rejected and abused se [...]

    30. Okay to start this review I would like to say I have never read about a relationship like this before. So it was very different for me and I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. Now don't get me wrong that does not mean I liked the book less because of it, because I still really loved this book. I just thought it was very different reading about this kind of relationship for me having never heard of that before. Jeff was so hurt and broken when he came to Damian's house for help. Betwe [...]

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