- By Karen Katz

Counting Christmas

  • Title: Counting Christmas
  • Author: Karen Katz
  • ISBN: 9780689849251
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Counting Christmas Join in the fun and count down to Christmas Three children getting ready for Christmas count down from ten to one in anticipation of Christmas morning

    Join in the fun and count down to Christmas Three children getting ready for Christmas count down from ten to one in anticipation of Christmas morning.

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    1. Counting Christmas is more than a counting book or a Christmas book; it offers teachers the opportunity to count backwards from ten down to one. Counting is one skill children learn from repetition but number sense where they understand what three or eight objects look like and how they relate to counting is another and more difficult skill that they need as a pre-math skill before they learn to add and subtract in kindergarten. This book offers a great way to read the text and have the children [...]

    2. I've read a lot of Karen Katz. Natalie really likes her book with the flaps. So, when I saw this for a few bucks at Marden's, I picked it up t give to her next Christmas (about 9 months away). I liked how this book counted backwards, because that fits with how we count down the days to Christmas. I was surprised that it didn't have a rhyming scheme (or did I read it so fast I missed it?). I did like that the objects counted made sense for the audience.

    3. This is a good story for young children. I use this for my 2 year old story time. This book counts down to Christmas starting a 10 stringed lights and goes all the way down to 1 happy day celebrated by families and loved ones. I made clip art to go with the story and the kids love to count as I put the items up on the board.

    4. This is a counting book coding down from ten to one. Not my favorite Karen Katz book. Actually pointing to and counting the things on the page together didn't always work. "One day" Nothing to count with a child. "Four arms" - she's referring to the parents' four arms but there are ten arms on the page.

    5. This is short and sweet, as the title suggests, a countdown to Christmas. It would be a good book to include in a toddler storytime--short enough to hold their attention, with plenty of ways to spice it up if attention starts to wander, and it's a fun way to incorporate counting.

    6. This holiday themed book counts different items related to the Christmas holiday. It starts at 10 and counts down to 1. Can be used in math to teach about counting down from 10. It could be used in preschool or kindergarten.

    7. I could imagine me singing a holiday song to this counting book. The illustrations were very bright and colorful. I thought the book was simple but engaging for young children. They would enjoy the counting and discovering what was next in line.

    8. Little ones will enjoy the large pictures and bright colors.They will enjoy counting down from "the tn tiny lights getting twirled around the tree" to the "one magical day for families and children to share."

    9. I am a big Karen Katz fan and her books where a staple at my story times when I was a Children's Librarian. However, this is one of those weird books that rhyme and then don't rhyme and then rhyme again and then sort of rhyme. And that's annoying.

    10. A perfectly fine toddler Christmas counting book (that's a mouthful) but I know Katz can do so much more. Can't win them all.

    11. We couldn't help but dive into this a little early! We love Karen Katz illustrations and this is a great book to get into the holiday spirit.

    12. A sweet book with positive family images and plenty of Christmas things to count! Perfect for a little one just beginning to count. It certainly held the attention of our tiniest charge. :)

    13. The baby counts down from 10 to 1 using various Christmas objects such as light bulbs, presents, cookies, stockings, slippers, stars, and bells.

    14. Love the author's book Counting Kisses. This Christmas themed book is darling and my little one will love the colorful pictures as we count fun Christmas things.

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