- By Maggie Le Page

The Trouble With Dying

  • Title: The Trouble With Dying
  • Author: Maggie Le Page
  • ISBN: 9780473310615
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Trouble With Dying When Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma it s a bad start to the week A very bad start She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why and the bigge

    When Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it s a bad start to the week A very bad start She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off.As if that s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing hWhen Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it s a bad start to the week A very bad start She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off.As if that s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing her, and one devilishly delicious man making her wish she could have a second chance at life And maybe she can, if she finds a way back into her body and wakes up by Friday But if she doesn t, this will be her last bad week ever.Nate Sutherland decided long ago he d settle for friendship if he couldn t have Faith s heart But now, as she nears death, he s going to have to listen to his feelings in a whole new way and act Because if he doesn t, this week will be the worst damn week of his life He ll lose everything he s ever loved This book is intended for readers aged 18.

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    1. After reading one book last week by Maggie Le Page and loving it, I decided I wanted to read another. With #ComedyBookWeek in full swing, I did pick up another book by her and wow. I was taken to places I had never been before, and I loved the journey. There was not falling down laughs, but there was so much humor and so much just emotion. The story if filled with spirits that are not sure what they are supposed to do other than just watch her comatose body. The fact that Faith calls the body in [...]

    2. Faith wakes up floating on the hospital ceiling, looking down on her lifeless body hooked to an array of machinery in intensive care. With no memory and only a dead grandmother for company, Faith has to work out through her visitors and memory flashbacks - who she is and how she ended up here. Her visitors range from her loving but worn out mother to a husband who seems cold and unfeeling. Then there is a woman who appears to be her best friend although she cannot possibly fathom why along with [...]

    3. 3.5 stars Original and Interesting but I wanted more at the end.I started reading this book the minute I'd finished the blurb, I was intrigued.It starts really well, Faith is having what could be described as a bad day her body is in a deep coma while she looks down from the ceiling and as if the coma wasn't bad enough she's lost her memory as well.Faith hopelessly stares down from above trying to piece together what's happened, who everyone is and what on earth went wrong she's aided by her dea [...]

    4. I loved the premise of this book immediately and jumped in with two feet. Boy, did I love this book! The author thrusts us directly into Faith’s mind and I became a part of her. Told in first-person, the author pushes us into the paranormal without pulling any punches.Faith wakes up looking down on a woman in a hospital bed. She soon discovers (thanks to her Gran appearing) the woman is her and she’s in a coma. Faith doesn’t remember anything and she has limited time to figure it out, so a [...]

    5. 3.75 stars for me actually. The story was interesting. It was definitely not a traditional love story but I think it was still a love story. It took dying (or almost dying) for her to get back to the person she did actually love in the first place. She was fooling herself all along with Geoff as her husband. After waking up as a ghost of sorts her first instinct was that Nate was her husband and she should have gone with her gut even if the evidence was not correct. As far as the plot it doesn't [...]

    6. I received a review copyI remember reading this synopsis in my Youtube mail call video recently, and cracking up laughing while I did. While clearly there is a serious topic here – dying is no joke, of course, I could tell right off the bat that there was going to be some humor involved. This book was filled with laughs yet so many touching moments and it was such a terrific balance throughout. This is my first book from Maggie Le Page but I know it won’t be my last. I loved the mystery thro [...]

    7. When author Maggie Le Page emailed me out the blue asking me to read The Trouble With Dying, I was not taking on requests. For some reason though, after reading her email; I just couldn’t say no, and that was before I’d even read the blurb! Maggie was open honest respectful funny and sincere and I was instantly drawn to her. I responded straight away after reading the blurb – which didn’t sway me much as I’d read two books with VERY similar plots in 2015 that didn’t excite me greatly [...]

    8. This story hooked me straightaway. I found it very intriguing.Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma and then sees her dead Gran who is there to assist her and help her prove that she deseres another chance at life but she only has 7 days to do this or else she will die. Faith has no idea what has happened nor does she even know what Country or City she is in. She knows nothing about her life and she's as much in the dark as the reader. The first person Fa [...]

    9. Faith Carson (narrator, aka Pixie, nee Osbourne) was in a very serious accident & in the hospital lying in her bed in New Zealand. 2 police officers come to her room & ask her husband Geoff Carson to speak with them. A conclusion was made; attempted suicide?Faith has lots of visitors: Tessabelle Tess (Faith/Geoff 6+ little girl) & Kathy Osbourne (Faith mum). Gran (Grandmother, deceased) speaks to her quite frequently. Several days in a row Geoff is seen eyeballing Cynthia (Faith BFF) [...]

    10. *Received book in exchange for honest review*Faith Osbourne is having an out of body experience. Literally. She lies in a coma in a hospital and she's left watching, and figuring out what happened to her to land her in that state. With the help of her dead grandmother and some friends with psychic abilities, Faith needs to figure out exactly what happened to her to put her in a coma and fast, she only has 7 days until she's supposed to be pulled off life support. In those 7 days she learns a lot [...]

    11. Wow! This is definitely a story with a difference! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the heart-in-the-mouth, jaw dropping rollercoaster ride the author plunged me into from the very first page. I have an open mind when it comes to ghosts, physics and other out-of-body experiences, believing anything is possible, and I have to say this one really has me thinking. It is emotion personified. I felt the love, the anger, the longing, the regret, and the fear, holding my breath at every turn of the [...]

    12. Faith Carson wakes up looking down at her self. Only she doesn’t know she is Faith and she doesn’t remember any of her past except that he dead grandmother is there with her too and she is dressed in a very unusual outfit. Soon she realizes that it is up to her to decide whether she wants another chance at this life. She must also prove she wants it. As the important people in Faith’s life visit her she soon realizes mistakes she’s made and that she needs to live to make things right. Bu [...]

    13. I read this fast paced chick lit novel in less than 24 hours. It was the perfect combination of funny, heartwarming,and surprise. Very well done story about a woman hovering between life and death. The choices she has made in her life have brought her to this point, the brink of a death that she's not ready for. She has amnesia (even coma patients get amnesia apparently) so she needs to work out the details of her life while floating above her body in the hospital bed with her long dead Gran at [...]

    14. received this book free for review. . Read it straight through without stopping.quirky, suspenseful, not putdownable Faith wakes up in a hospital room, floating just below the ceiling. Below her she sees an unconscious young woman, attached to machines. The woman is her. Her grandmother is there with her telling her she needs to wake up and figure out what is happening and how she got there (her 7 years dead grandmother). Throw in a best friend, an estranged husband and an ex-boyfriend, Add a si [...]

    15. This book had me. The beginning built up with a slow, agonizing suspense that had me wanting to yell, "Just wake up, Faith!" Such an interesting premise, the idea of an out-of-body experience while laying in a coma, attempting to figure out how you got there. Wonderfully suspenseful, romantic and steamy, and gripping. Ms. Le Page is an excellent writer, and I anxiously await her next book. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

    16. This book has the type of cover I would genuinely try to avoid. At some point I downloaded the Kindle edition. Glad I didn't dismiss it. I was hooked from chapter 1. Loved the paranormal element and Faiths story. Will check out more by this author.

    17. Loved this book, and I did not have high expectations for it at all. Figured it would be at least entertaining It far exceeded my expectations, it was more then just entertainment. A great read, I was hooked from the beginning

    18. Really liked this book. Lots of twists and turns in trying to figure out what happened to Faith, as her spirit tries to figure out who she is. This was well written from the spirit caught in between the living and the dead; along with a second chance at living.

    19. Playful Cute playful story filled with adventure, romance, jealousy and spirits. A great who did it. Afterlife and beyond. Easy read

    20. Fast read of what I categorize as "garbage books" - not for you if you are looking for anything beyond mindless entertainment

    21. The Title Says It AllAs a terminally ill, retired Cardiopulmonary Practitioner, and mom I can tell you this novel does it's best to offend all of my life roles. I don't know why Ms. Le Page felt the need to carry this story through such absurdities. Now, perhaps, the casual reader will not completely understand this review. But, those in healthcare will. Trust me, the only parallel to a comatose patient is the frustration Ms. Le Page touches on with Faith's inability to respond to vocal cues or [...]

    22. I liked the relationships part of this book and it drew my attention. Let me start with Faith. I liked her but wow at times she really made some horribly stupid mistakes even when out of her body. But then I had to remember, she is missing so many of her memories and is just winging it. Her daughter Tessa (Tess) was a straight out delight, hands down. Geoff, her husband came across as a successful businessman but a pretty clueless man otherwise. I did get the feeling every so often that he did c [...]

    23. Faith awakens to find herself gazing down at her comatose body in a hospital room. She has no memory of how she got there and no idea how to return to consciousness. Her long-dead eccentric grandmother appears and disappears to her, each time wearing weirdly different costumes for no apparent reason. Granny loves her, comforts her, and encourages her but is unable to directly help her because it is against the rules of the "Death Council" to do so. Faith learns she has a husband Geoff, an adorab [...]

    24. The Trouble with Dying by Maggie Le Page is about Faith who is in a coma and having an out of body experience. She can't remember what happened to her and in fact she can't remember quite a bit of her past life. So she floats above her body trying to find out what happened to her. She has the help of her dead Grandmother and a few psychics along the way. Faith has 7 days to figure it out and prove that she deserves another chance at life before she's dies forever. She has to figure out who wante [...]

    25. Much like the author, this book is fun, quirky, warm, and compelling!We meet Faith Carson as she hovers over her own comatose body. With no memories of the event that has landed her in the hospital, of those who surround her bed, or even the ability to move, Faith is utterly helpless. Or would be, if it weren't for her dead Gran who is floating beside her, offering support.Listening in on the conversations of those in her hospital room, Faith gradually comes to understand who Nate, Tessa, Kathy, [...]

    26. The last time I tried to read a book by this author, I admit that I couldn’t get past the 2nd chapter. But this one had a woman lingering between life and death, so I thought I’d give it a shot.Faith is in a coma of some sorts; her spirit (or whatever) is standing there watching her limp, lifeless body with no memory of how she got there or who these other people are. She doesn’t recognize her own husband, her daughter, not even her mother. The only person she does remember is her dead gra [...]

    27. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for this title! :) Please come and check it out: awellreadwomanblog.wordpress.The Trouble With Dying, by Author Maggie Le Page, pulled me in right away. I loved how the story was told from the POV of a patient in a coma, who was having an out-of-body experience and was able to float in and out of hospital rooms as her family and friends came to visit her in her comatose state. This made for a rather unique plot!What I wasn’t expecting was the whodunit type mys [...]

    28. Having read the blurb I was excited to try this book and it didn't disappoint.The story follows Faith Carswell (Osbourne) who wakes up to find she's on the ceiling looking down at her body in a hospital bed. She has no memories of her past and no idea what happened to land her in a coma other than a flash of falling from a height. She receives some help and support from the afterlife in the form of her Gran as she tries to remember who she is and what happened and get back into her body.I found [...]

    29. I'd like to thank the author for sending me a copy for review.This book is excellent. It's very well written, it develops at a good pace, and there's lots of suspense. I really liked the paranormal element, which surprised me, as I don't tend to read those types of books. I particularly liked how the main character had flashbacks of memories that were woven into the story, and also how she doesn't like/is surprised by some of the revelations about her actions in the past - I do like a flawed mai [...]

    30. Let me begin by saying that I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review. I was really looking forward to reading this book. Being a nurse myself, I was curious about how the author would describe coma patients and how they can perceive their surroundings while being in the coma. I think Ms. LePage did this very well. I have heard patients wake from comas who could recall conversations that had occurred while providing care for them. I've always been very careful to talk [...]

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