- By C. Alexander London

The Wild Ones

  • Title: The Wild Ones
  • Author: C. Alexander London
  • ISBN: 9780399170997
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Wild Ones When a country raccoon used to a soft life winds up all alone in the big city there s no telling what he ll do to survive and to save his fellow wild animals in the process Kit a young raccoon has

    When a country raccoon used to a soft life winds up all alone in the big city, there s no telling what he ll do to survive and to save his fellow wild animals in the process Kit, a young raccoon, has lived his whole life under the Big Sky in the comfort of his parents burrow But when a pack of hunting dogs destroy his home and kill his parents, Kit finds himself in AWhen a country raccoon used to a soft life winds up all alone in the big city, there s no telling what he ll do to survive and to save his fellow wild animals in the process Kit, a young raccoon, has lived his whole life under the Big Sky in the comfort of his parents burrow But when a pack of hunting dogs destroy his home and kill his parents, Kit finds himself in Ankle Snap Alley, a city in the midst of a turf war between the Wild Ones and the people s pets who call themselves The Flealess There he follows the clues his parents left behind to uncover the secret that they died for the existence of an ancient truce that gives Ankle Snap Alley to the Wild Ones But The Flealess will stop at nothing to keep that secret buried forever and Kit is in serious danger Perfect for fans of the Warriors, Spirit Animals, or Redwall series, this first book in the Wild Ones epic is sure capture young readers imaginations and take them on a great adventure.

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    1. So this went pretty much as I expected. Some fun adventure, some cute/maybe not so cute world-building with anthropomorphic animals, and some education of morals and vocabulary. I really liked Kit as a main charcater. London was really able to deliver some fantastic messages without being overly preachy through Kit and the supporting characters. I loved the messages of being environmentally aware. I think it does a good job of showing how having common goals can help people overcome differences, [...]

    2. I had visions of writing the world's longest review detailing my love of this book, but my own deadline calls. So I'll simply say this--THE WILD ONES is one of the most imaginative books I've read in a long time. I loved every single character, even the villains, and the pages turn themselves. See? I'm full of cliches writing this. Just read this, m'kay? A book hasn't made me cry since Cynthia Hand's UNEARTHLY, but I cried with joy and sorrow for these furry animal creatures with big attitude an [...]

    3. Many years ago in the solitude of several summer days I journeyed to a world fashioned by the words of Brian Jacques in his Redwall series. I still remember how captivated I was by those mice and the other animals populating their lives. Books like Jacques' titles alter your perspective. (I have since made sure every home of mine is mouse-proof. I can't bear the thought of harming one.)Imagine my happiness at reading a dedication in one of my most recently read books:To Brian Jacques, whose book [...]

    4. How can you not love a book with animal gangs and a raccoon in a jaunty cap??? From the author of Proxy comes a fantastical story of animals struggling for control of a city. Kit is a young raccoon forced from his home after a seemingly random attack that kills his parents. Struggling to survive in the city, he learns about the turf war between the wild animals, The Wild Ones, and people's pets, The Flealess. He also learns the reason behind his parents' deaths - a reason that dangerous people w [...]

    5. Loved this book! I typically don't even like "animals as characters" stories, but London's characters and writing and story convinced me I need to get past that. These characters are endearing, varied, and entertaining. The setting and world building is phenomenal and humorously detailed. The story has gravitas and keeps the plot moving with adventure and twists to keep the reader turning pages. It's a fun read with enough excitement to keep intermediate grades kids hooked and has subtle message [...]

    6. Kit is a young country raccoon forced to escape from his country home in "the Big Sky" when a pack of dogs kill his parents. He travels to Ankle Snap Alley in search of the "Bone of Contention" honoring his mother's last request. Entering this contentious alley where the Wild One's fight the People's Pets, Kit quickly learns he must think carefully using his clever raccoon tricks to survive. Reminiscent of the Redwall series the animal characters in this story convincingly come to life. Kit is a [...]

    7. My son (8yrs) and I just finished reading The Wild One and we both loved it. My son was drawn to the rich lives of the animal characters, I appreciated the original story and we both had the urge to read just one more pageapter. And we often did, staying up past bedtime on a few nights to do just that. This story will appeal to boys and girls alike. Parents this is one of those books you will want to read right along with your children. #howltosnap

    8. A wonderful story for kids 8 and up - the charming characters, adventure-driven story, and clever writing will appeal to a huge range of readers. London doesn't shy away from putting young Kit into sticky situations, but he doesn't linger too long on anything upsetting, and there's lots to cheer for by the end of the tale. Can't wait for more in this series.

    9. Kit, a young raccoon, must find the missing Bone of Contention that guarantees the Wild Ones a peaceful home. Kit is an appealing hero similar to Martin the Warrior (Jacques) or Hazel in Watership Down. A well written fast paced animal fantasy adventure that will be appreciated by middle grade readers who enjoy Erin Hunter's Warrior series. Howl to snap forever!

    10. I am not usually a fan of books with animals as characters, but this book totally won me over. From the very beginning, London throws the animals into desperate, wild, sometimes violent situations, but beneath the action is wonderful characterization and world building!

    11. So. I can't believe I found a book about raccoons. I am so excited read this gem! For y'all who don't know, I have a pet raccoon named Sassy :)

    12. wow. wow. wow.I LOVE this book. I am listening to it in audio and didn't have very high hopes going in. Why?Well because of the cover. I am a librarian who most definitely judges a book by its cover and I am sorry to say that this cover caused me to think this was going to be a fairly saccharine animal fantasy tale where nothing too scary or sad happens and there is lots of talk of tea and such. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it's not my favorite genre.Yay for me that within the [...]

    13. THE WILD ONES by C. Alexander London is an enjoyable middle grade adventure fantasy featuring an epic conflict between wild and domesticated animals.House pets known as The Flealess are planning to attack Ankle Snap Alley and break the treaty with The Wild Ones. Kit, a young raccoon in the city for the first time must find the Bone of Contention and stop the turf war. Librarians will find the blend of witty humor with the well-developed animal characters to be a draw for youth who enjoy anthropo [...]

    14. A fantastic addition to the 'animals as protagonists' genres of children's lit. Despite being set in 'our world', London successfully builds a unique mythology and world of two factions of warring sets of animals - the ones in the wild and the ones owned by people. Great characters and action packed, I'm already looking forward to the sequel. Not sure if it was just me, but I was getting a Stonewall allegory by the end of the novel and if this was intentional or not, it's something that stood ou [...]

    15. A definite "next read" for fans of the Warriors series and a gateway to Redwall.The worlds of the Flealess and the Wild Ones are well drawn, along with their conflict over Ankle Snap Alley. How Kit manages to manipulate things to his benefit, despite being a naive newcomer to this world, will engage readers as much as the different animals we meet (the headlines blurted out by the finches are so funny and the evil of the Rabid Rascals is perfect). Will this be a series? I do hope soC provided by [...]

    16. Alex London remains as excellent and bloodthirsty as always in his middle-grade books. Expect a similar number of characters to be eaten as you normally see in the adult SF of John Scalzi, and you've got a good handle on what to expect, with the addition of religious scribe mice, a terrifying Rat King, and an art-appreciator alligator who wants people to come see her art (and to eat them).

    17. Goofy and fast, with intentional echoes of so many good stories, from Redwall to Uncle Remus. A few genuinely eerie moments lend depth to a classic new-kid-in-town turf battle. I may never think of popcorn in quite the same way again.

    18. Hard to say whether this is theme, action, or character driven because all aspects are present in full force! Many pages dog eared because of memorable dialogue or characterization. Compares to Voight's Young Fredle, and O'Brien's Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM.

    19. The main character is described as wearing clothes in the book, yet is not wearing clothes in the illustrations inside and is only wearing a hat on the cover page.

    20. The wild onesKit, the young racoon, is spending a carefree life under the big sky when one day he is chased by hunting dogs that are working for a dangerous orange cat that wants him distinguished.He is sent by his mother to the Ankle snap valley, which is no better off. the little rock that his parents died for, might be the only way to find the solution to the constant threat of war to the animals of ankle snap valley. Nowhere is safe. There is no one to trust.This one, tiny racoon will have t [...]

    21. This book has a great story-line and an amazing plot. And instead of taking over the world, the flealess are trying to take over the ally. And like it said on the back of the book, Kit and his friends might pick your pocket. But they are the best characters I have ever read about about. With good hearts; too good for ankle snap ally. I don't really like how Sixclaw dies. But I think it's a really great story.I would give it four and a half stars, but it won't let me.

    22. great book but because it was so interesting anyone who wants to read it should'nt read it before bed because its so stimulating. I personaly could not fall asleep! my favorite part was when the wild ones were losin the battle and eleni came out of the sewers riding gayle.

    23. It took me too long to get to this book. On the upside, I can go straight to Moonlight Brigade. Can't wait to read the next wild adventure.

    24. Ellie wished she had read this one first because she knew from reading the second book that everything would turn out fine. None the less she really liked this book.b 1/28/18

    25. Overall, I enjoyed The Wild Ones. It was fun to dive into this anthropomorphic tale and cheer for Kit as he learned to navigate Ankle Snap Alley, to not trust just anyone, and to make the most out of his life–howl to snap. I give it 4 stars!Positive:- I really liked the adventure itself–from Kit leaving the Big Sky to getting mixed up with the Blacktail brothers to searching for the Bone of Contention to the very end.- I liked the friendship between Kit and Eeni.- I’m guessing this might h [...]

    26. Imagine a world where animals have their own society, complete with protection rackets, bakeries, and historians. Kit's parents are archaeologists researching the history of raccoons, and they happen to be raccoons. But it seems that some knowledge is considered dangerous. The "Flealess" or the pets who live with People are trying to find a way to force the wild animals out of the city, even the rundown area known as Ankle Snap Alley. Tradition says that Azban the First Raccoon made a deal with [...]

    27. This may just be a case of "I need to read what I know I like" because I have never really gone for books with talking animals as the main event. the closest thing to that would probably be Coraline, but even then the talking cat was a side character, not the main event.The Wild Ones is about a young raccoon whose parents are killed for a reason he doesn't know or understand. He is forced into the realm of civilization to find his uncle, and due to his trusting nature and lack of ability to read [...]

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