- By Mark Buckingham Bill Willingham Russ Braun Meghan Hetrick Adam Hughes

Fairest, Volume 5: The Clamour for Glamour

  • Title: Fairest, Volume 5: The Clamour for Glamour
  • Author: Mark Buckingham Bill Willingham Russ Braun Meghan Hetrick Adam Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781401254261
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fairest Volume The Clamour for Glamour In this new epic refugees from Fabletown have returned to New York s Castle Dark and Reynard now able to shapeshift from fox to man travels the mundane world to regale the animals with tales of hi

    In this new epic, refugees from Fabletown have returned to New York s Castle Dark, and Reynard, now able to shapeshift from fox to man, travels the mundane world to regale the animals with tales of his exploits, rubbing the other Fables noses in his good fortune Frustration at their restriction to the Farm threatens to become a issue once Can the animals find a wayIn this new epic, refugees from Fabletown have returned to New York s Castle Dark, and Reynard, now able to shapeshift from fox to man, travels the mundane world to regale the animals with tales of his exploits, rubbing the other Fables noses in his good fortune Frustration at their restriction to the Farm threatens to become a issue once Can the animals find a way out of their situation Long time Fables artist Mark Buckingham takes over writing duties in this concluding volume to the New York Times best selling series Fairest.Collecting Fairest 27 33

    1 thought on “Fairest, Volume 5: The Clamour for Glamour

    1. Reading this after finishing the core Fables series was a little bit like eating some stale bread at a gourmet restaurant right after you threw a juicy steak and some delicious chocolate torte down your gullet. Or, like shaking hands with someone after engaging in copious amounts of fornication in manners strange, wonderful, and forbidden with them.In other words, it just felt a little off. As I’ve made abundantly clear, I love Mark Buckingham. The guy’s an amazing artist, and THE artist on [...]

    2. Requesting and getting volume 5 in a series I haven't read before (well I think I may have started reading this series, but stopped reading for some reason) may seem to be a bit foolish and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't understand much and have trouble getting into the story.But when I started reading this one was it hard to stop reading it. I will just read a couple of pagesoh the first issue is already finished? I made a heck of a lot of screen caps, but I don't want to spoil the fun for [...]

    3. Reynard the Fox creating problems. Lots of trouble on the Farm.Overall, a fun and light read but not as high quality as the original series. OVERALL GRADE: B.

    4. Firstly, it's weird this came out after the final Fables, so it's out of order. Second, isn't Fairest supposed to be about the women of the Fables universe? NOT the animals. Though I will grudgingly admit it handled the muddy world going magical better than the end of the Fables comics did. The only part I actually liked was Goldilocks being her usual bitch self. But it was the Scottish bears I loved best. Sassenach!

    5. This was another good volume of Fairest, mainly because it was basically a volume of Fables in disguise. It's also the last volume in the series. This one involved a "glamour lottery" for the animal fables living on the Farm where a few of them would get to be glamoured as human for a while. Of course, things never work out as planned. Reynard the Fox also has a new adventure (and a kid, long story) and a few interesting mundy characters are introduced. We also get to see what Goldilocks had bee [...]

    6. 2.5 stars!What. The. Hell. Well, ok, Reynard's story was entertaining if a bit implausible. But overall this didn't really add to my Fables experience. The only significant section is the one at the end about Goldilocks since it ties up to another story arc. Otherwise, I could've done without this. Also, I thought Fairest is supposed to be about the female Fables? This one definitely isn't. There's so many female Fables that they could've chosen for this final volume and they decided to feature [...]

    7. Of the five volumes of Fairest this is the only one that comes close to the the creative quality of the original early Fables books by Willingham & Buckingham.

    8. I am so happy Reynard got a story in this. It was absolutely adorable. In fact, all tales in this were adorable, and well told. I am going to miss this series so much.

    9. Well that was bland and hackneyed. I'm never a fan of stories that feature pregnancy, and this one doubled-down by making it an accelerated pregnancy, which wasn't fast enough to not irritate me. The way that Mehgan just jumped not only into bed with Reynard, but also into an entire life on the run was completely unbelievable, even given this is a fantasy story. Her brother and father were initially presented as complete assholes, and then the author pulled a 180, making them actually nice and c [...]

    10. No idea why but this volume didn't keep my attention like the previous ones did. Not sure if it due to where the story line was going or if my focus just wasn't there. Personally I'm thinking its due to both problems. Hopefully future volumes will be back to the previous amazing caliber and will be much more interesting to read againc from NetGalley

    11. Huh. As far as endings go, this wasn't a great one. There were some good stories in the Fairest series - this one wasn't one of them. However, I did love Mrs. Pussy Cat and Mr. Web (not together, mind you) - they're small stories were woven into the larger plot, and their characters were sweet and heartbreaking.

    12. This volume was aright. It has it's funny moments and it's well drawn. However, Vertigo/DC decided to publish this after the Fables #150. The timeline in this volume is a little jumbled. I'd say read this before #150 and after Fairest in all the Land.

    13. This was kind of a disappointing wrap up to the Fairest series. All the other stories in this series have been about the kick butt ladies of Fabletown and this one was about Reynard and the wrap up story for The Farm.

    14. Most of this story is narrated by Mr. Sunflower and takes place over 2 months around the time that Bigsby is frozen by Brandish. The narrative flows between the happenings at the farm as animal fables are demanding the glamours that Charming promised, and Reynard's excursion into the mundy world where he falls in love with a human.Everything about this story was great, we got to spend time with some lesser known characters instead of reading the train wreck that is Red and Snow.The only low poin [...]

    15. Ci sono, manco a dirlo, ottimi spunti in questa ennesima esplorazione collaterale nel mondo di Fables, primo fra tutti la disavventura di Renard la volpa, che si dimostra piena di trovate divertenti. Ma è la dinamica del tutto, mancando forse episodi davvero drammatici che sveglino il lettore, a tendere a una freddezza di fondo che è stata il pericolo di fables fin da principio, normalmente scongiurato. E rappresentato da una narrazione sopra le righe che allontana l'io narrante dal lettore. I [...]

    16. I love stories revolving around the farm (liken it was around the very well known point of non-human fables stuck to the farm and the issue of glamours) and gorgeous artwork as always. I found super sweet the plot point between the Owl and the Pussycat, and the super sweet thing the Owl does for his wife.

    17. Ok honestly this has no right to be under the 'Fairest' heading, titles that are supposedly all about the female fables. This one, in theory, was about Rose Red. In reality, Rose appears on approximately two pages and instead we get a story about sleazy Reynard seducing an innocent and naive farm girl who has had next to no experience with men. I am both mad and disappointed.

    18. Torna Buckingham per le ultime storie dedicate alle "ragazze" terribili di Favolandia, e tutto sommato è una chiusura soddisfacente.

    19. Fairest: The Clamour for Glamour, the last in the Fairest series, begins with the narrative from the Sunflower’s point of view. Jealous and angry that Reynard the fox has been given a glamour and allowed to take part in Rose Red’s Camelot, Sunflower insights a riot, invoking Prince Charming’s campaign promise to provide all non-human fables who wish for a glamour to have one. Rose, who is seriously engrossed in her Camelot duties, calls on the help of the mayor and the thirteenth floor to [...]

    20. Well this was a mixed bag. It started off quite well - nice idea with the whole glamour thing. And then half way through it suddenly turned silly. And then the ending of the main arc was just meh.And then the final issue was a kind of prequel to "Fairest in the Land" which was a rather odd way to end the series run.Tell you what though - I think I'm glad I decided to read this before the final Fables comic.

    21. Citizens of The Farm prepare for migration back to The Homelands. Clara and Mustard Pot Pete attempt to solve a mystery of a stolen glamour. Reynard the Fox has a romantic adventure in The Mundy World. There is a standalone chapter at the end by Bill Willingham, starring Goldilocks. Almost all of the Fables core series was illustrated by Mark Buckingham. Here he takes over the job of writing for a change, with illustrations by some other dude. I don't recall whether Buckingham has ever written f [...]

    22. Argh, this is not how you end a series!Ok I'm gonna try to be as brief and spoiler free as possible, but man is it ever going to be hard because I am so disappointed with this final arc.World: The world is still fun as is the art by Braun, it's Fables and for 150 issues this world has been built up and fully developed, it's a wonderful place. The world this time around is mainly focused on 1 area that's cool and another that's absolutely not very fun, The Farm, and Louisiana. This is the least p [...]

    23. Reynaud the Fox recently obtained a glamour to become human from Rose Red after he became a member of her New Camelot army. Now bragging about his new exploits as a human, the morale of the other animals on the Farm is lower than ever. Why can't they become human too? It's all that sly Fox's fault With Reynaud run out of town, the rest of the animals stage a protest. As a result, the witches of the thirteenth floor create 5 glamours, to be disbursed during a lottery. But when one of the glamours [...]

    24. Again, this is going to be a review of the entire series. First things first: this shouldn't be called Fairest. The actual Fairest in All the Land book makes complete sense with that title because the entire theme is about that whereas this series feel more like sidequests. It's great in that it expands the universe(s) within Fables, but don't really link together in any concrete or thematic way. In terms of it being a series about women, it does the same thing narratively as George RR Martin's [...]

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