- By Jeffrey Poston

American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?

  • Title: American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?
  • Author: Jeffrey Poston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • American Terrorist Where is the Girl A high profile girl has been taken and all evidence points to a man who claims he doesn t even know who she is The government arrested Carl Johnson then they tortured him and took everything from him

    A high profile girl has been taken and all evidence points to a man who claims he doesn t even know who she is The government arrested Carl Johnson, then they tortured him and took everything from him They labeled him the American Terrorist But they let him get away and now Carl has but one chance to survive the manhunt Find That Girl

    1 thought on “American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?

    1. Just finished the jam-packed action that is "American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?", and though I am not the average thriller type of gal, I have to say that Poston's novel hit the spot for an awesome page-turner. "American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?" took me on an intriguing ride through the mind of a father who found himself with nothing left to lose, who through his journey for vengeance, finds a cause larger than himself that he is willing to champion. I won't give away plot points and s [...]

    2. This book started out running and never stopped. It is fast paced, thrilling, and keeps you guessing at Carl's next move. The author lets you into the mind of Carl. What if this happened to me? If I was in his place, I wonder if I could do what he did. I recieved this book through a Goddreads giveaway. The opinions are my own.

    3. As an African-American man, Carl Johnson had previously hassled by the cops, so he thought he understood racial profiling. But, when the daughter of a high-profile figure is kidnapped and government authorities who have the incident on tape identify Carl as one of the kidnappers, a nightmare begins that he’s afraid he might never awake from.Carl has the misfortune of being an exact double of a notorious drug dealer who was involved in the kidnapping. Agents from a shadowy counter-terrorism arr [...]

    4. Best book I've read in several months.Action-packed book that is riveting. This was far better than many books that I've paid $10-12 for. You'll definitely get your money's worth, not to mention the entertainment value. Highly recommended.

    5. Stick with the mission. The way it's written, you could almost swear he went through this. The details are great, the idea behind this was great. Plus the ending was perfect, or about as perfect as you can get.

    6. Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING STORY! I for one don't want to be on Carl's mad list! Mistakenly identified for Alfonso Reyes the Mexican drug lord, Carl Johnson is tortured about a missing girl. With eleven days of brutal torture no man should be able to endure, Carl STILL has no clue who the Feds are talking about. I liked Carl as when his dream would never come true that he didn't get him down. I didn't like how brutal and inhumane and the action the author penned the violence, but in today's [...]

    7. Once you're a couple chapters in, you can't put the book down. J.Poston, a master storyteller, grabs you by the jugular and forces you into Carl Johnson's skin, and you live the hero's experiences without taking a break or missing a page. This is a great read with enough unpredictability and surprises, the main character that's a living, breathing man a reader can identify with, an absence of the cautious moralizing so prevalent in the today's American novel, and the style of writing that explod [...]

    8. Action action!!!!I was totally committed to this book. This book has the type of action that can easily go from page to screen.

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