- By Theresa Scott

Captive Legacy

  • Title: Captive Legacy
  • Author: Theresa Scott
  • ISBN: 9780843938807
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Captive Legacy Heading west and to an arranged marriage Dorie never dreamed that a stranger would kidnap her and claim her as his wife Then by a twist of fate she had her half Indian captor naked and at gunpoint

    Heading west and to an arranged marriage, Dorie never dreamed that a stranger would kidnap her and claim her as his wife Then by a twist of fate, she had her half Indian captor naked and at gunpoint, and Cassie found herself torn between escaping into the wilderness and turning a captive legacy into endless love.

    1 thought on “Captive Legacy

    1. If you like TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) heroines then this is the book for you. Not only is the heroine TSTL but a ditz and totally clueless. I didn't feel much better about the hero. I read this for a challenge otherwise I probably would have quit after the first chapter. Now the writing itself wasn't bad for me. I liked how it moved quickly and didn't linger too long giving the reader unnecessary filler.

    2. Wow what a find. This book is unusually good. Though I didn't like the fact that Zander was deceiving Dorie. And how Dorie thought that him saying Country Wife meant that she was his real wife. When Dorie found out what that meant [country wife:] I was really pleased with the reaction. I loved the fact that Zander found out how much he loved Dorie when she was at the brink of death. He prayed and made deals with god. Right than I knew that he truely loved her. Very well researched novel. I would [...]

    3. Reviewed By:Sarah LReview Copy Provided By:PublisherHaving always enjoyed stories about historical America, especially the untamed West, I couldn't wait to start reading. Initially the story started out slow and I had a hard time staying interested. After the first few chapters the tempo did pick up although I never really felt the zing I was hoping for. It had a great plot idea but I didn't feel any sort of connection with Zander or Dorie. Without trying to give away too much of the story, Dori [...]

    4. I am part Native American and I really wish "whites" wouldn't write about us, if they don't do their research. I hate this author just slightly less than Cassie Edwards. The book was boring, the characters flat. I couldn't establish any empathy with either one. So many plot flaws, I was constantly shaking my head. I'd never read anything by this author before and will try to avoid her in the future. So infantil a story I hated it. The writing is infantil too. I would say.avoid this book and this [...]

    5. The story telling in this book is really good. I liked the descriptions and the depth of the characters.I loved Dorie the h.She is innocent in her own way, but such a sweet , lovable lady.The Hero had a rough childhood. He started out rough but along the way he learnt and fell in love. Its a simple sweet story of two people falling in love against all odds.

    6. I really enjoyed Savage Betrayal I am about to start reading Savage Revenge. I picked up this book! I am soooo glad I didn't read this book first or I would not have read her other books. I wanted to really like Dorie she was a strong brave women but she kept making these really stupid mistakes!

    7. only thing this book has going for it is it is a simple, light read. the main characters were to autos to live it seemed. how they survived, is beyond me.

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