- By Gloria Whelan

Homeless Bird

  • Title: Homeless Bird
  • Author: Gloria Whelan
  • ISBN: 9780064408196
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Homeless Bird Like many girls her age in the India of her time period thirteen year old Koly is getting married Full of hope and courage she leaves home forever But Koly s story takes a terrible turn when in the

    Like many girls her age in the India of her time period, thirteen year old Koly is getting married Full of hope and courage, she leaves home forever But Koly s story takes a terrible turn when in the wake of the ceremony, she discovers she s been horribly misled about exactly what she is marrying into Her future, it would seem, is lost Yet this rare young woman, bewildLike many girls her age in the India of her time period, thirteen year old Koly is getting married Full of hope and courage, she leaves home forever But Koly s story takes a terrible turn when in the wake of the ceremony, she discovers she s been horribly misled about exactly what she is marrying into Her future, it would seem, is lost Yet this rare young woman, bewildered and brave, sets out to forge her own exceptional future.

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    1. please don't arrange my marriaged if you must, please don't marry me off to some sickly bitchy thing who will soon die and trap me in my inlaws' house where i will be a burden and where they will treat me like a servant but i won't have anywhere else to go until they in turn ditch me in some creepy city where discarded widows try to make a go of it. just don't do it is the worstis book is pretty good, but my warrior-liberated-woman parts gag when confronted with these types of situations. i am v [...]

    2. I know this book is probably for like middle schoolers but I loved it. Koly's parents marry her off without seeing the groom and she ends up married to a sick boy whose parents needed the dowry money for his treatment. It all works out as well as you'd expect but eventually she rebuilds her life. I honestly felt so upset for Koly and the way she was treated through out the book. I loved the writing and the narrative and the details the author added only pulled me in to the story more. I can not [...]

    3. Gloria Whelan's Homeless Bird is a pleasant enough story. Predictable and pleasant. It is a fast read and Koly is a likable protagonist.But shortly after beginning the book I stopped to research the author. As I suspected after my first few pages of reading, Whelan herself is neither Indian or of Indian ancestry and has never traveled to India. I believe that it IS possible for writers to write successfully outside of their own experiences, but I am EXTREMELY wary of authors who attempt to write [...]

    4. a simple short book with a story which will stay in my mind for long, loved this book to the very end. it works as a story of human persistence but very little about Indian Culture. very motivating and satisfying. wish this book was bit longer.rating 4.5

    5. So there I was in an English Department meeting and Tasche says, "You really should've read this book," since it was on the incoming Freshmen's Summer Reading list. I sat there dumbfounded, not realizing it was on their reading list nor that I had actually read it three or four years ago. It's not that it's a nondescript book, quite the opposite, but you know how it is sometimes when you've zipped through so many short-short good reads and you forget one because a more powerful novel by Rabindra [...]

    6. Koly is forced into an arranged marriage, with a cruel mother-in-law, a sickly husband, and a spoiled yet sweet sister-in-law. She learns to read, and yearns to flee. But one day, she is no longer a homeless bird.

    7. This YA story of an arranged marriage between a girl (13) and a rickety family that only wants her dowry so they can take the almost dead "groom" to Varanasi to be saved by Mama Ganges. Didn't work and she's stuck in this horrible situation waiting on the evil mother in law hand and foot, without even the thought of consummation to remember - oh, yeah she's 13, that's a blessing. This well written story varies significantly from the usual they married me off to an evil/old/abusive/gay/perverted/ [...]

    8. To be honest I read this book because one of my teachers said I had to or they'd give me a red slip for being unprepared. So I read it and this book was amazing. This book is realistic-fiction. A 13 year old girl named Koly needs to get married. When she finally does her new husband falls deadly ill. meanwhile the mother n' law hates her. Soon koly falls to be a Widow and so does her mother n' law suprisingly. Her new mother then takes her and koly to a city a very famous city. A city known for [...]

    9. This is such an inspiring story of finding home. I could not put it down until I finished it. I've met Gloria Whelan, who lives in MI, and she's a wonderful lady. It's fascinating that she can weave such seamless tales of different places and cultures using her own research and imagination. I was amazed to learn what happens to widows in parts of India, left to starve, homeless and often penniless. It's shameless and cruel. But the real heart of the story is in the innocent and somewhat naïve b [...]

    10. A coming of age story of a different sort. Koly is married off to a boy she's never met--a boy who is ill and she learns the only reason she was married to him was so his parents could gain the dowry to pay for his medical care. Soon Koly is widowed and must face a difficult life against the difficult traditions of her culture. Beautiful and tragic. Grades 4 - 7.From VOYA:"Despite the obvious elements of fairy tale—cruel mother-in-law, attractive young male coming to the rescue—the book does [...]

    11. This is the type of story I usually end up liking. I find it fascinating to read about other places and cultures. While this book definitely had strong settings and a good backdrop of cultural traditions, it wasn't as engaging or as complex as I wanted it to be.Please, dear author, I want some moreI've read a couple of books now that are set in present-day India (well, this one is sort of current; it was published in 2000, so while we do get glimpses of some modern-day features, it does seem a l [...]

    12. Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelanis about a girl named Koly who lives in a poor village in India; and she is 13 years old and she has to get married so that the food in her house could go around. So they marry her off to a "16 year old", but in reality he is 13 years old and he is very sick. Her mother-in-law is very cruel to her because she does not want her to see her husband, they want to take Hari (her husband) to "the Holy Ganges" to heal him.Turns out that Hari dies and Koly has to live with [...]

    13. After reading Homeless Bird I felt like sighing. Not because I was relieved it was over, no just the opposite. I've read a lot of boring and mediocre books lately, it was a relief to finally read a good one. Homeless Bird wasn't just good, it was a wonderful, deeply moving novel that kept me engrossed from begining to end. The main character is Koly, a thirteen-year-old girl living in India. Her parents are looking for a husband for her, who's family will take her in despite her small dowry. Kol [...]

    14. This is a tale of a young girl from a traditional Indian family, Koly, who is subjected to an arranged marriage. (What date this story is set, I don't know. I'm assuming it's a modern day setting as the book mentions color photographs and computers) As you might guess from the title, it doesn't quite work out very well. How it doesn't work out, I won't reveal. It was an interesting tale, well worth checking out. The characters are done quite well, with a bit of depth to them. Koly especially is [...]

    15. What a precious story! It was short but lacking nothing, I loved it! The journey of a young girl in India whose life is changed forever when her arranged marriage comes with a heartbreaking surprise. Whelan's writing has a beautiful simplicity, I could almost taste the spicy samosas and smell the bright orange marigolds in the streets. She made traditional Indian society come to life through her descriptions. I loved the way I couldn't predict what would happen from one point to the next, and th [...]

    16. Great read. A beautiful tale of a young Indian girl whose arranged marriage doesn't exactly work out. Her dowry is used to buy a train ticket to take her sick, young husband to the Ganges, but the Ganges can't heal him. Now she's a young widow with no future prospects and no family to arrange marriages.Her mother-in-law abandon's her in a widow's town and she's left to fend for herself.I thought it was a great tale. Like Bound it was somewhat Cinderella-esque, but the comparison in this case is [...]

    17. This story is a Hindu story about a girl who is told she is getting married at the age of 13. Then later she finds out the person she is supposed to get married to only wanted to get married for the dowry (Hindu term for gift to get married to the person, in other words, she had to give the family of the man she was marrying a gift, like money to marry him) so they can pay for him to go to The Ganges and get healed because he is very ill. The story gets worse and worse for Koly (main character) [...]

    18. Homeless Bird is the first book in a long time that I could not put down once I started reading it! It is so good! Very well written, vivid word pictures made me feel like I could see the settings and heard the sounds, like I was getting to know the characters. I loved the ending. I know that not all books can have happy endings, but I love it when they do, so touching. Made me think of Cinderella. She deserved to find happiness after going through so much sorrow! Loved it!

    19. Literary excellence. Winner for a reason.So incredible to see what so many young girls go through there. How many marriages have been made the same way? Millions? Billions? So much unhappiness there and yet somehow she was saved by love. Loved it, a must read!

    20. Homeless Bird is set in India. The main character is married at 13. The story is sad, but it has a beautiful ending and remains to be one of my favorites. It has a middle school reading level, which is about how old I was when I read it the first time.

    21. Ingatkan aku, saat aku mulai mengeluh ttg apa saja, ttg betapa banyak keberkahan dan keberuntungan yg kunikmati setiap harinya. Berbeda dgn Koly, tokoh utama dalam novel ini, yg dibesarkan tanpa makan yg cukup dan pendidikan yg layak. Menjadi janda dalam usia belia, dibuang dan tersia-sia. Duuh Meski demikian, Koly ini jenis gadis kuat yg tak menyerah pada keadaan. Dia tahu kapan untuk mengambang mengikuti arus, dan kapan harus melawan. Ia juga menemukan celah untuk terus berusaha maju, belajar [...]

    22. When I first started reading the book, I was slightly disappointed and thought of giving up after a few pages. Although the story looked promising, and the set up and background seemed raw and beckoning, the writer seemed to be in a hurry to finish the story. The description was too straight, and emotions were described plainly, not doing much justice to the character and her experiences. For a while, I even wondered if I had picked up a children's book.However, I'm glad I went through further. [...]

    23. The majority of the book is sad, full of terrible twists of fate and caused by the custom-laden culture of India. I knew/know little about the Hindu traditions and learned quite a bit. While some might view HOMELESS BIRD as too simple of a story to tell such a complex tale of cultures steeped in tradition, I do think this would make a great intro to younger readers. There is much to discuss, and it would make a great lit circle book. Fair warning: marijuana is mentioned at a party and a provocat [...]

    24. Homeless Bird is an excellent book which gives an interesting look into Indian culture. While the source of conflict does jump around a lot, it is consistent with what that main problem is -- Koly, the main protagnist, cannot find a home to stay in. The amount of detail in the writing makes the first person perspective feel like the reader is viewing this story directly from Koly's eyes. A lot of that detail is thanks to Gloria Whelan's use of similes in this novel. For example, Koly equates her [...]

    25. This book illuminates the customs and way of life in India with light that is both bright and soft as twilight as it and tells the story of a of a girl married to a sick husband. Soon she is a widow. Her adventures lead to city life and finally to a peaceful country life. It ends there before we can read of her new home in the peaceful countryside.

    26. What a wonderful cross-cultural story appropriate for middle grade! This book is in the YA section of my library & I do think it might be a bit young for late teens. It feels right for 10-13 yr olds. Although as a 30 something year old I enjoyed it.

    27. I have really loved this book. It is placed in India and moves around from many different poor places. I must say it is very sad and a hard book to read but is still amazing. It is not that long and you can read it quickly. I have really enjoyed this book. I rate it like a four and a half.

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