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  • Title: Callie
  • Author: Sharon Srock
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Callie A baby is dead and Callie Stillman blames herself Haunted by memories of a tiny coffin Callie can t understand how God could expect her to put her heart on the line a second time But the evasive litt

    A baby is dead and Callie Stillman blames herself Haunted by memories of a tiny coffin, Callie can t understand how God could expect her to put her heart on the line a second time But the evasive little girl attending her Sunday School class is so obviously in trouble that Callie finds her resolve cracking Iris and Samantha Evans are living on borrowed time Deserted, oA baby is dead and Callie Stillman blames herself Haunted by memories of a tiny coffin, Callie can t understand how God could expect her to put her heart on the line a second time But the evasive little girl attending her Sunday School class is so obviously in trouble that Callie finds her resolve cracking Iris and Samantha Evans are living on borrowed time Deserted, orphaned, betrayed, and deceived, they need rescuing in the worst way Steve Evans had his life changed by God A reformed drug addict, he s searching for the family he abandoned ten years ago and praying for a miracle The road to healing is rocky But as Callie confronts her worst fears by bringing father and daughters together in a risky bid for reconciliation, she realizes that the Evans family aren t the only ones God wants to rescue from a tortured past.

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    1. Callie Stillman's compassionate heart results in concern for her granddaughter's friend, Iris, an 11-year-old girl who has begun attending her Sunday school class. Iris appears withdrawn and shy, and Callie's worries about the child's home life rise to the surface. Callie's husband and friends in her bible study group are worried about Callie's involvement after her painful experience regarding a young child in the recent past. As Callie questions Iris about her family she uncovers a heart-wrenc [...]

    2. Wow! I just wrote a long review and before I put the last dot on it, a website error occurred and it disappeared. Teach me to put the reviews in a document first before I put them in a review!So since it's after 2am, all I will say is, this is a book about Callie, a woman nearly paralyzed with fear after testifying in court regarding the life of a child, and it ending tragically. Now God is directing her to look into the life of a sweet, sad, withdrawn 11 year old girl in her Sunday School class [...]

    3. This one one of the books I went in with low expectations and was blown away by how good it was. In fact, I've put a lot of this authors books on my wishlist. Sometimes, books you get for free end up being gems.First off, this isn't a romance book. Callie is married, and none of the other characters have a romance. Now, I like romance books, but I get tired of them. After all, life isn't all about romance. There are a couple of references to the married couple being affectionate, and I think the [...]

    4. I had the privilege of finding a new author, Sharon Srock, and her debut book, Callie. I have to admit, I entered multiple contests, hoping to win this book because reading the blurb on the back, I thought I would love it. And I was right! When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about the characters and wondering how the scenarios would all play out. I found whatever chance I could to sit and read and finally finished it this morning, when I probably should have been doing other things instea [...]

    5. Callie Stillman is the kinda gal I'd like for a friend. Fiftyish, married, active lifestyle, and a lady who doesn't give up when God asks her to do something. And God puts a shy, withdrawn little girl in Callie's path and her heart. Callie, along with her husband, Benton, and her prayer-warrior friends, refuse to let Iris and her sister go without helping. But Callie's recent assistance for a little boy ended tragically, and fear wars with faith.If you read my reviews, you know I don't typically [...]

    6. For me, a book is all about the characters, and the folks of Garfield, Oklahoma, don't disappoint. From Callie's husband, the protective and godly Benton, to her quirky companions, the characters feel like old friends. But the one who captured my heart is the precocious Iris, a sweet preteen girl hiding a secret. Just like Callie can't resist Iris--no matter how hard she tries--I couldn't resist Iris' charms, either. When I finished Callie, I couldn't wait for my next visit to Garfield, Oklahoma [...]

    7. I'm not a reader, I promised to read the book because its my moms book and I wanted to be supportive. BUT, it really grabbed my attention from the very start and I couldn't put it down. I REALLY. Loved how well the story flowed and how close I felt to the characters. I really felt like these were people I knew, not just a fictional story. Great book mom! I'm excited to read Teri's story.

    8. Obedience to God sometimes means getting out of your comfort zone, as Callie Stillman learns when she senses there is something disconcerting about one of her Sunday School students that draws her to the child. She's suffered for a year over the outcome of the last child she thought she was helping. What would happen if she reached out to this child? Meet the main characters in this wonderful story of faith, healing, forgiveness and redemption:Callie Stillman - Although she blames herself for th [...]

    9. I was really moved by this book. It is a book about fear, trust, letting go, forgiveness, and mercy. Also love, compassion, serving others, and commitment. This book drew me in from page one and held my interest through-out. I couldn't wait to get to the end. I had to know how it turned out.I felt Callie Stillman's pain as she took Samantha, Bobbie and Iris Evans under her wing. Callie was simply afraid. Would she fail again? She could simply walk away, couldn't she?Samantha, Iris and baby Bobbi [...]

    10. This was a tear-jerker--warning, warning--lay in a stock of tissue before you read this book!Callie Stillman is overwhelmed by guilt. She had been instrumental in having baby Sawyer returned to his mother after child protective services had removed him from the abusive home. Six month later, the father beat the child to death. Sawyer's terrified cries ring in Callie's ears whenever she's asleep or even sometimes when she's awake. It's a living nightmare that haunts her. She's lost weight because [...]

    11. In the debut novel, Callie, book one of The Women of Valley View, Sharon Srock has written a sweet story of friendship and healing. Callie is a mature and likable heroine haunted by the death of a child. Yet she can’t stop worrying about a little girl in her Sunday School class, all the while afraid of getting involved again. Toss in a father searching for his children, a couple of nosy, loving friends, two young girls and a baby, and you have a very nice debut novel. The spunky secondary char [...]

    12. Callie by Sharon Srock was a pleasant surprise. The book follows the journey of a woman in her 50s and two sisters with a huge secret. Callie doesn't want to be involved with them but she feels God pushing her to help despite the tragedy she bears extreme guilt that she can't get beyond. It's affecting her marriage, her job and her faith.There is much to absorb for readers from these pages. It's a heavy book, but has light moments of fun. Despite the seriousness Callie doesn't leave you feeling [...]

    13. I won this book by commenting on Sharon Srock's blog. I was under no obligation to read it, but the story synopsis sounded interesting so I gave it a try. I found myself caring about these believable characters from the get-go. Their emotions were genuine and their fears real. The dialogue was very true-to-life as well. What a great story line from beginning to end. I could hardly wait to get back to it every time I had to put the book down. The struggles the girls faced broke my heart and I wis [...]

    14. This is a story of the heart, a story about unconditional love, God's love as He guides us through this world. You will fall in love with Callie and all the others in this story as their troubles draw you in and make you look a little deeper into the hearts of othersAfter nearly being destroyed while trying to help a young mother, Callie feels called by God to try again, to love more deeply, to give of herself more freely, to be more than she is capable of on her own. Isn't that God's call to al [...]

    15. 3.5 stars. The writing was definitely a 4 star. Easy to read and easy to keep reading. I loved the issues raised in the book but not sure I would have gone about things the way Callie did. Lovely cover BUT I've taken off half a star because it isn't the woman in the book. Callie is 54 and stressed out. She wouldn't look like the glamourous woman on the cover. Please give us reality.

    16. I really enjoyed this contemporary women's fiction by a new author for me. Sharon Srock had me hooked with this story of forgiveness and hope. The characters open their hearts by loving others even with the chance of getting hurt in the process. Real life situations are faced through a nuturing environment. I look forward to reading other books in this series.

    17. Loved this book. Brought tears to my eyes - - in sorrow and in joy. I read Terri first because I'd won it. After reading Terri, which is the second book, I simply had to go back and read Callie. And I'm so glad I did. Can't wait for the third book.

    18. Wonderful StoryI would have rated this 5 except for all the grammar errors. You should ask me to proofread. The story was great and I look forward to reading more of your books. I love the way you tell a story and would recommend you to family and friends.

    19. This started off a little slow for me but it didn’t take me long to get into this story of broken hearts, sorrow, healing, forgiveness and the faith one women has in God as he leads her to find the answers for a small family who has lost everything in return finding forgiveness for herself. It is really hard to put yourself out there helping others and making the correct decisions never knowing if it will come back to haunt you. So many times we maybe should have stepped in but turn away not b [...]

    20. I had trouble reading this book because hardly any ten pages went by that I didn't have tears in my eyes. Oh wow! This story hits the heart in so many ways and it just keeps on doing it through to the end.The story of this 17 year-old mother of an infant and filling the role of mother to her 11 year-old sister starts by breaking my heart. Sam and Iris have lost their mother 18 months earlier and their experience in the foster system was horrendous. When Sam isn't working, she is going to high sc [...]

    21. Hooray! I've discovered another excellent Christian author and am looking forward to reading the rest of Sharon Srock's Women of Valley View series. Callie and the other characters were well developed and realistic, each with their own hopes and fears, their faith and their doubt. It was so good to read a Christian book where the characters' faith was very real and integral to their lives, and not just something they did on a Sunday.The story was interesting and gripping as well, and I did have [...]

    22. Callie by Sharon SrockThe Women of Valley View Series Book OneCallie Stillman is a nurse. She feels guilty over an incident that happened six months befored even though she's a strong ChristianCallie struggles with moving past the tragedy. And now, God is calling her to stick her neck out to help someone else. She is saying no. Benton, her husband, is saying no and yet, she feels God continues to prod her forward.This is the first book in this series and I really enjoyed it. There are several po [...]

    23. Do you ever wonder why it takes you so long to read a book that you have had for a long time? This book would be one of those books. Callie is a sweet Christian lady who tries to bless and help others. She does what she thinks is best and sometimes she gets hurt, emotionally. . She just went through a really bad experience and a very quiet girl named Iris walks into her subway school class. Callie can't help but wonder what is going on in her life. Read the story to learn more about Callie and I [...]

    24. Well done!Sensitive subjects are often ignored in fictional writing. But I have to say this book covers a lot of ground in a magnificent way! There are a lot of side angles to keep up the suspense and just the right amount of sharing each character's emotions. I'm putting this book in my "Spwcial Books" category and will probably read it again at some point in the future. Be ready with your tissues when you read this one! Enjoy!!

    25. Well written book concerning Christian principles.I liked this book very much because it shared honest attempts by the characters to learn and follow God's will for their lives. Some of the principles dealt with were: trusting God and others, dealing with a broken heart, learning to for forgive others and yourself, and loving one another.

    26. Inspiring BookThis is an excellent book! It kept me interested completely all the time and very eager to continue reading. It's a beautiful book of faith, which means it's totally clean too. Well done!

    27. Wonderful story you won't be able to stop reading. The characters in this book are all very special people who will feel like part of your family by the end of the book. You will feel God working throughout this book

    28. I enjoyed this book. The characters were realistic everyday people and the situations were also pretty realistic. The happy ending at the end was a little to cliche, especially of how the older daughter turned so quickly from being angry at her father to totally accepting.

    29. Callie's StoryI enjoyed reading this book. It came at a good time and reminded me once again what our responsibility is as Christians. Parts of the story went too fast for my liking, however it had a good message.

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