- By Jeremy Biggs Bakki

Bearlands: Zombie Bears (1-5, Special Edition)

  • Title: Bearlands: Zombie Bears (1-5, Special Edition)
  • Author: Jeremy Biggs Bakki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bearlands Zombie Bears Special Edition Over pages of Zombear ass kicking brightly coloured high octane action and Teddy bear related puns

    Over 180 pages of Zombear ass kicking, brightly coloured, high octane action, and Teddy bear related puns.

    1 thought on “Bearlands: Zombie Bears (1-5, Special Edition)

    1. Bearlands: Zombie Bears is a graphic novel, comprised of issues 1-5. It was funded through Kickstarter.The story is very simple, but can be excused as the concept is so unique and fun. The artwork is fantastic; I loved the gore, especially the scene where a zombear gets its spine ripped out! There was a funny little easter egg in the book, everyone will recognise him as he's possibly the most famous bear in the world; although his name isn't said in the book for obvious copyright reasons.Overall [...]

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