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A Ghost of a Chance

  • Title: A Ghost of a Chance
  • Author: Morgana Best
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Ghost of a Chance A fun humorous cozy mystery with ghosts Funny and quirky cast of characters Alison JamiesonA great read Indy GirlA clever fun mystery with a great cast of well developed characters Bryony GatgensNob

    A fun, humorous cozy mystery with ghosts Funny and quirky cast of characters Alison JamiesonA great read Indy GirlA clever, fun mystery with a great cast of well developed characters Bryony GatgensNobody knows that Laurel Bay can see and talk to ghosts When she inherits a funeral home, she is forced to return from the city to the small town of Witch Woods to brA fun, humorous cozy mystery with ghosts Funny and quirky cast of characters Alison JamiesonA great read Indy GirlA clever, fun mystery with a great cast of well developed characters Bryony GatgensNobody knows that Laurel Bay can see and talk to ghosts When she inherits a funeral home, she is forced to return from the city to the small town of Witch Woods to breathe life into the business It is a grave responsibility, but Laurel is determined that this will be no dead end job.There she has to contend with her manipulative and overly religious mother, than one ghost, and a secretive but handsome accountant.When the murder of a local woman in the funeral home strangles the finances, can Laurel solve the murder Or will this be the death of her business Note This fun book is humorously irreverent in places, so please read only if you won t be offended.All Morgana Best books are clean cozy mysteries.In this ghostly series so far 1 A Ghost of a Chance2 Nothing to Ghost About3 Make the Ghost of ItNote This is a cozy animal mystery It is a clean read, a supernatural mystery.A Ghost of a Chance Witch Woods Funeral Home Book 2 will suit readers who like supernatural mystery books, cozy animal mystery books, as well as books about ghosts.All Morgana Best books are clean cozy mysteries.ABOUT THE AUTHORBest selling Cozy Mystery author, Morgana Best, lives in a sunny beachside town in Australia She is owned by one highly demanding rescued cat who is half Chinchilla, and two less demanding dogs, a chocolate Labrador and a rescued Dingo, as well as 2 rescued Dorper sheep, the ram Herbert, and his wether friend, Bertie In her spare time, Morgana loves to read cozy mysteries and walk her dogs along the beach.

    1 thought on “A Ghost of a Chance

    1. This wasn't a bad book, in fact I liked it a great deal, but often I found the main character annoying and the paranormal themes a little too weird.

    2. The mother was dreadful and completely ruined the book for me. I won't continue the series. The characterisation really ruined it for me.

    3. I liked the book but I was beyond annoyed by the mother's (and even at times by the main character's) actions.

    4. This book was well written and the characters were great! Ernie had me laughing throughout the book. Laurel had me laughing and cheering her on. Laurels mom reminds me of a few people and is really annoying but fits perfectly in this book! Basil has me intrigued and I wonder what he is hiding! With crazy funerals, sarcastic ghosts, and a over enthusiastic God fearing mom this book has it all! I can't wait to read the next book and find out what the mystery is that is hiding in the background! I [...]

    5. Different but goodEverything was interesting and quirky in a good way. I like laurel but her mother was a little too much

    6. I feel like this book could've been really good, I really wanted to like it, but it seemed choppy and predictable. Almost hurried.

    7. Laurel Bay has come home from Melbourne to attend her father’s funeral. Coming home brought her in closer contact with her overly pious mother – and this was not a pleasant thing for Laurel. She much preferred being 3 days’ drive away from her in Melbourne! After the memorial service, Laurel saw her mother outside complaining loudly to everyone about how Pastor Green should have been trying to save souls; instead, all he did was talk about Larry, her deceased husband! When Laurel and her m [...]

    8. A Ghost of a Chance? not for meUnfortunately this book has a good plot BUT a big negative. One main character is written obnoxious so well it turned me offis character has a heavy religious belief that made me feel the author was preaching me to re-baptism; It was a turn-off. Since the story centered around an inherited funeral palor business, I wanted the obnoxious character to be one of the dearly departed. I don't feel I would ve reading any others.

    9. I received a copy of this book from Booksprout and I gladly leave my review.This is the 1st book I’ve read and reviewed for Morgana Best and I loved it. This story is about Laurel who takes over her fathers funeral home, her religious mother is angry and upset that it wasn’t left to her so she gives Laurel hell with everything. There’s murder, action, mystery and I had a good laugh, I just couldn’t put this book down and I recommend it.

    10. I was looking for a light, fun paranormal cozy mystery. This book started off pretty good. Laurel inherits a funeral home when her Dad dies but her Mom wants to run it. Laurel ' s Mom is very annoying with her overly religious attitudes. And it does not get much better unfortunately. The dialogue tends to be repetitive and the mystery is not interesting or well paced. Even the romance wasn't interesting. I finished it but was happy to be finished.

    11. WittyOk so first one of my peeves is the typos. Second, I always wonder why the protagonist always has to describe people in general in a critical way. Another thing I didn’t like the absurd relationship she has with her fanatical mother and why she doesn’t just put her foot down. If she doesn’t want her mother beating her to the owners chair in the office, change the locks. I thought this book was just so-so. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody I know.

    12. It made me laugh out loud!!!I was deep into reading this book when I heard something weird and so did my dogs I was laughing out loud!!! And when you have cancer laughs are not only the best medicine it's the best blessing you can gwt. The sarcastic humor is right up my avenue!!! Thank you ms. Morgana Best I solo needed that!!!

    13. A really fun readA really fun read.I loved this book. A funeral director who sees ghosts, celebrity funerals, an overbearing ditzy religious mom, murder in the funeral home, hot accountant and sheep. What more can you ask for.I can't wait to read the next one.

    14. I like it enough and I have this foible where I have to know what happens in a series, it's a sickness really lol, I am curious to see why Laurel is the way she is. It was a good mystery kept you guessing my only issue is that the solving of it was at the very last second.

    15. Started out well with potential then I got to the second last chapter and a new character was introduced and the killer is revealed. I will probably give the next book in the series a chance because there is potential to improve and be interesting.

    16. An enjoyable read Although I wasn't crazy about the main character's mother,overall I enjoyed the rest of this book. I do hope her mother mellows in future books, but I won't let this stop me from continuing reading this series after all, you can't pick your relatives.

    17. Love itThis was a really good book, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, and starting on the next. I think they a funny as well.

    18. I found this book to be a fun read. I read a lot of Morgana Best books but found this one a little different and fun to read.

    19. Let me read it before you ask for a review.Don't know yet. I'm not sure what you want me to say about the book until I read it. I will comment st that tine.

    20. I am pretty torn. The story was cute, but very short. In addition, there were some structural issues (which approximately half would've been addressed by a good editor) that were distracting from the overall effect of the story. For example, at one point the main character said the doorbell rang shortly before 6 and then a few paragraphs later in the same scene, the mother says dinner is at 5:30pm. Other issues with the telling was simply a lack of character development and experience on the aut [...]

    21. Not as good as some of her other series. The religious mother interfering with the business was just irritating.Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of m [...]

    22. When a daughter comes home to help a mother after her father dies, one would guess that there are emotions running between them. But when Laurel Bay is around her mother, the only emotion I see is rage! Well deserved since her mother blindly ignores everything Laurel says, everything the will says, and continues on as though she were in control. Truth is, Laurel's dad left everything to her, with specific instructions his wife was to have nothing to do with the business. That may seem a little h [...]

    23. Laurel Bay came home to Witch Woods from her home in Melbourne just to attend her father’s funeral and help her mother as much as she could during this difficult time.Her father’s funeral takes place in the family owned, and operated, funeral home. At the reading of the will, Lauren and her mother are in for a few surprises! Laurel’s mother, Thelma, gets the house behind the funeral home and the land it sits on. She also gets her husband’s savings account, but is not satisfied. Laurel in [...]

    24. A Ghost of a Chance (Witch Woods Funeral Home Book 1) by Morgana BestA Ghost of a Chance is the first book in Morgana Best's Witch Woods Funeral Home Series. Laurel Bay has come home to Witch Woods in New South Wales from where she has been living and working in Melbourne, for the sad occasion of her father Larry's funeral. Laurel and her mother have always butted heads, so living three days away by car has worked well for Laurel.But then her dad's will is read, and while her mother has inherite [...]

    25. *I received a free copy of this book. I also bought one because it was that good.*"A Ghost Of A Chance" (Witch Woods Funeral Home Book 1) sets up what is sure to be another great series from Morgana Best. This is the 10th (11th?) of her books I've read this year, and although it's now December I think I'll probably squeeze in another two. I love the style of Morgana's books - classic cosy mystery with a dash of humour that makes you laugh out loud.What were the main things I liked about this boo [...]

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