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Her Texas Family (Love Inspired)

  • Title: Her Texas Family (Love Inspired)
  • Author: Jill Lynn Buteyn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Her Texas Family Love Inspired Falling for the Single Dad Moving to a small Texas town Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond s office the two instantly clash

    Falling for the Single Dad Moving to a small Texas town, Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond s office, the two instantly clash The same can t be said for the widower s daughter They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for hFalling for the Single Dad Moving to a small Texas town, Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond s office, the two instantly clash The same can t be said for the widower s daughter They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter and for him Yet his late wife s parents don t agree Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair He can t let his daughter lose her grandparents but he also can t lose the woman who could complete their family.

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    1. So… I’m pretty sure I could happily read an entire series (say, 20 or so volumes?) of life with Graham and Lucy and never stop grinning in delight. And then you add Mattie to the mix? Heart. Melted. Yep, I was a complete goner.Lucy is a hoot. Mattie is adorable. And Graham? *dreamy sigh* He’s a serious single dad who feels deeply and loves deeply and misses his little girl when they’re apart (I melt) and looks equally great in a tux or in jeans & a casual shirt. So – basically, kee [...]

    2. This was a great book that left me with a wonderful feeling. It was fun to return to some characters from the book, Falling for Texas. However, if you have not read that story, don’t worry, Her Texas Family easily stands on its own. I just enjoyed seeing what was happening in the lives of Cash and Olivia, the characters from the first book. They do appear in Her Texas Family and I really liked that. Olivia is the sister of Lucy, who is the main character in Her Texas Family.This story just had [...]

    3. This review also could be titled, When You Wish the Book was Longer. And I mean this in the best way.Vibrant Lucy Grayson is in Texas to make a new start--her way. Self-sufficiently stubborn to a fault, the girl with the heart as big as Texas makes it her mission to bring fun and joy into the lives of the perplexingly increasingly handsome, broody doctor she works for spur of the moment--but she first falls hard for his daughter, Mattie Grace.Graham Redmond has sworn off relationships after the [...]

    4. Oh, where to begin! I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book! The story was layered, paced, and choreographed with such expert precision I practically pirouetted through the page right into the story world of Graham, Lucy, Mattie, and well…Texas. I was impressed by the perfect balance Lynn mastered here. It was lighthearted and fun without being flimsy. It was emotionally compelling and even heartbreaking without getting too heavy. The characters were vivid and flawed and endles [...]

    5. Single good looking widow doctor. Young, attractive, smart and spunky female. Is this book going straight for the romance department aisle ten? WRONG! Did I fail to mention one little thing? How about the cute little girl named Mattie? Better yet, let's talk about her grandparents. Cue the music dun dun dun the WELLINGTONS. This is gonna be a hot mess. If you have plans to travel warm like a theme park or enjoy the pool, alter your plans ASAP. You'll be spending it with your head stuck in."Her T [...]

    6. Jill Lynn does a fantastic job of creating characters you love and can connect with. I loved how natural and three-dimensional all the characters were, experiencing true-to-life emotions, growing as human beings, and growing in their relationship with God. Lucy is spunky, independent, and determined to help others have fun. Her personality is one that draws you in and bonds you to her as if she were a living breathing woman. I absolutely loved her energy for life and the fact you never knew what [...]

    7. Looking for a fresh, fun voice in Christian romance? Jill Lynn is that voice! Lucy Grayson arrives in Texas with a flat tire and a spunky, carefree attitude--the exact opposite of serious Graham Redmond. Lucy happily fills in as the receptionist at Graham's doctor's office, but her heart is more invested in his sweet young daughter. Lucy makes it her mission to bring fun into both their lives, but Graham's guilt about his wife's death and meddling in-laws threaten their future. This book was a j [...]

    8. Her Texas Family is a fun fast read. It is a wonderful romantic comedy mixing in small town life with a message of faith and love. Jill Lynn has a wonderful way of telling a story. Her characters are so realistic I find myself thinking of my own friend whose love story could be very similar to Lucy. I found the message of prayer and faith in God’s plan the exact reminder I needed in my own life. After Falling for Texas I wanted to know more about my friends Liv and Cash and now after Lucy and [...]

    9. Do you love romance? Do you love books that make you laugh? Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn has all that and more it is a wonderful book to read. A book that has so much love, faith, hope, heartache, pain in it. Characters that will surely delight you. I so love the quirky, spunky, determined Lucy Grayson. The things that she does will surly make you laugh. Be sure to get your copy of Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn today. 5 stars! I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

    10. Her Texas Family was such a fun read! I love the way Jill writes, it flows nicely and I enjoy fast-paced drama. Lucy is a deep character and I enjoyed her "aha" moment and how well Jill detailed it. What more can I say? Jill Lynn is a gifted writer and I am excitedly waiting for the next book!!

    11. "Her Texas Family" by Jill Lynn is a delightful read. Filled with charming and quirky characters, it will keep readers captivated from the first page to the very last!

    12. 4.65 stars - mild pg13Loved this fun story! Immediately went and bought "Falling for Texas" after reading this one!

    13. I guess God decided to bring some fun into Dr. Graham Redmond’s life in the form of Lucy Grayson! She’s the sister of Olivia in “Falling for Texas” and you met her briefly in the book. I was caught up in the humor of the story just by the first sentence; “Climbing a tree in heels? Not one of her better decisions”. I knew I was in for a treat with this one! Fun loving, carefree, and compulsive Lucy doesn’t need a knight in shining armor, after all, she had given her heart away only [...]

    14. O, how I enjoyed Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn! There's so much depth in her story. It's not just about boy and girl meets and fall in love. It's about letting God fill your insecurities with love and hope and finding that life never stands still, but is constantly moving and full of surprises.After a rocky start, spirited Lucy's position at Graham's medical office doesn't only ease patients' minds, but also bring laughter in and out of the office. As Lucy and Graham starts bonding, Lucy finds h [...]

    15. Jill Lynn brings us a Love Inspired story that brings elements of humor, faith and romance. We are introduced to Lucy Grayson and Dr. Graham Redmond two incredible characters that will weave their way into your heart immediately. To me Lucy is a free spirit. She described herself as fun loving and very independent. She doesn't want or need a knight in shining armor to run to her rescue. Graham is still in a state of grief after losing his wife to CF and is trying to raise his daughter the best h [...]

    16. Her Texas Family – Jill Lynn Her Texas Family is the book that comes after Falling for Texas, both written by author Jill Lynn. I am unsure if it is a series. Lucy Grayson is escaping her problems. She is flighty, but fun. Graham Redmond is boring and stuck – and totally fine with his situation. Graham’s daughter, Mattie, is too old for a 5-year-old. Lucy takes it upon herself to help out this situation – much to Graham’s opposition. I really enjoyed this story. There are misinformed [...]

    17. Lucy Grayson is looking for a new start in a new state. When she moves from Colorado to Texas to find a new job and get away from some past issues, this independent woman finds something she doesn’t even know she needs. A family. Lucy and the town doctor,Graham, don’t really get along from the beginning. He’s a widower with a young daughter and he’s still grieving the loss of his wife. When Graham’s daughter takes to Lucy it seems to soften his heart. Can they learn to get along with G [...]

    18. Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn. Lucy Grayson moves to a town where her sister and brother in law live to start a new life for herself. Just before she gets to town she has a flat tire. She climbs a tree to try and get cell phone service. No luck. Along comes Doctor Graham Redmond. Lucy doesn't like asking for help. She does, eventually, take a ride from Graham and his five year old daughter to her sisters house. Graham knows her sister and brother in law. Her sister tells Graham he should hire Lu [...]

    19. About the Book:Lucy Grayson moves to Texas after her sister convinces her to start fresh in a new place. She starts by getting a job as Dr. Graham Redmond's temporary assistant. They are total opposites so working together is not easy. But Lucy loves Graham's daughter and while spending time with her, Graham and Lucy start to bond. But will something or someone keep them apart?My Review:I loved this book! I love characters that clash at first then eventually they see that opposites attract! I de [...]

    20. This is the first book I have read by Jill Lynn. There is another book set in the same town, and I can’t wait to read it as well. I really enjoyed her writing style and loved the characters. I felt that this could have been a full sized novel. There was so much awesomeness that I know I would have happily read for a lot longer. The main female character Lucy was so much fun, I found myself not ready to say goodbye! She was not your typical damsel in distress and I loved that! Her Texas Family [...]

    21. This is my second book by Jill Lynn and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The opening pulls you in and you stay in until the very last page. The character of Lucy was just so fun to read and get to know. Graham's and Mattie's were also. And it was fun catching up with characters from a previous book, too.The spiritual aspect was very good as well. We can try and try to work things out the way we think they ought to be, but God is the One who plans our steps. Psalm 139 tells us He planned all our days bef [...]

    22. This was a nice story. And it was a quick read as well. I realized halfway into the story that this is book #2 of a series. There were enough hints in this book to make the reader want to read the first book. I didn't feel lost, though, because I hadn't read the first book. The romance was sweet. The agony of Lucy and Graham was heartfelt. And dear little Mattie grabbed and pulled at the heartstrings. There were definitely enough spiritual epiphanies in the book that made me stop reading and thi [...]

    23. I greatly enjoyed reading Jill Lynn's book Her Texas FamilyHer Texas Family. I loved Lucy the main character and her zest for life. The story opens with Lucy up in a tree trying to make a phone call. Lucy embraces life, but guards her heart carefully. The story has wonderful romantic tension and you enjoy watching Lucy slowly open up her heart to Graham . They both work through in-laws, family, vows, and their past to find God and love. The book held my attention and I did not have to skip to th [...]

    24. Her Texas Family is a cute story of a beautiful, fun-loving, anything but serious dance instructor and a serious widower doctor and his sad daughter. I enjoyed both of the main characters. Lucy realizes some of her "fun" activities have been her way of protecting herself from being hurt. Doctor Graham finds that he and his little girl need some fun in their lives. Both Graham and Lucy learn that they need to seek God's will for their lives. I enjoyed this light, contemporary romance and recommen [...]

    25. A delightful follow-up to Jill Lynn's first novel, Her Texas Family kept me turning the pages late into the night. Great characters, fantastic chemistry, a plausible backstory and obstacles to keep the hero and heroine wrestling with their faith and attraction to one another. I laughed out loud at Lucy's antics and the witty banter between Lucy and Graham was spot-on. No spoilers here, but the there are some meddling secondary characters who threaten to come between Graham and Lucy and I found m [...]

    26. Wow! This book is worth reading if just to learn about Lucy's "Director of Fun" personality! Lucy has moved to a small Texas town to be with her sister, and literally lands her shoe on and lands a job with widower Dr. Graham Redmond. She quickly becomes attached to his serious, young daughter Mattie, and teaches her how to dance. How the story unfolds, with Graham's disapproving late wife's parents, is delightful! This is well worth a read, and the spiritual insights add worth to it, too!This bo [...]

    27. I loved this book! Jill Lynn is a talented author and really brings the characters in the story to life! I felt as if I was in Texas getting to know spunky Lucy, serious Graham, and sweet Mattie. The book was a quick read and kept me engaged the entire time- I couldn't put it down! "Her Texas Family" was very heartwarming, and I loved the threads of faith woven throughout. It was inspiring and refreshing! I am looking forward to reading Jill's first book "Falling For Texas" as some of the charac [...]

    28. I loved this book! It is really wonderful! It is second in a series but you do not have to read the first book; it is a standalone book. The plot line moves nicely along with enough tension that keeps you reading. I finished the book in one day. The tension between the main characters, Graham and Lucy, starts at the beginning and continues in a striking way to engage the reader and make you feel an active part. Lucy’s fun, crazy antics and personality brings a lot of joy and makes this book a [...]

    29. This was a very enjoyable, easy-to-read book. The main characters, Lucy and Graham, were well-developed and fun to get to know. Lucy was spontaneous and fun-loving, while Graham was more serious and careful. Mattie, Graham's daughter, was a darling. It was fun reading about Lucy's antics, including some laugh-out-loud moments. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy clean, romantic stories. I will definitely be reading more of Jill Lynn's books.I received a copy of this book by the author [...]

    30. I was totally hooked with the first sentence!! I loved Lucy; her character is so funny and energetic. I would love her as a best friend! Graham was perfect for her; so focused and in need of some lighthearted fun. And Mattie was just adorable! I really enjoyed reading this book because it flowed so smoothly. No awkward pauses or fillers. Just some fun reading. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary Christian romance.

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