- By Gamon Sakurai Tsuina Miura

Ajin: Demi Human Vol. 1

  • Title: Ajin: Demi Human Vol. 1
  • Author: Gamon Sakurai Tsuina Miura
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ajin Demi Human Vol High school student Kei Nagai is struck dead in a grizzly traffic accident but immediately revives to learn that he may not be like every other human Instead he may be a mysterious almost immortal b

    High school student Kei Nagai is struck dead in a grizzly traffic accident, but immediately revives to learn that he may not be like every other human Instead, he may be a mysterious almost immortal being granted not only the powers of rejuvination but the abilities to see supernatural beings Scared, he runs away, and is aided in his escape from society by his friend UnHigh school student Kei Nagai is struck dead in a grizzly traffic accident, but immediately revives to learn that he may not be like every other human Instead, he may be a mysterious almost immortal being granted not only the powers of rejuvination but the abilities to see supernatural beings Scared, he runs away, and is aided in his escape from society by his friend Unfortunately for Kei, the manhunt is on and he will soon be caught within a conflict between mankind and others like him as they prepare to fight a new war based on terror.

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    1. Generally, my favourite sort of literature (and graphic literature) is stuff of heft and weight—reading that requires and rewards thoughtful interaction. I loved Bolaño’s Savage Detectives, Julian Barnes’ Sense of an Ending, Tom McCarthy’s Remainder. I reward books like Duncan the Wonder Dog and Nao of Brown with high spots on my Top Comics list. And at this point there’s not really any sense bothering to ask, Do I like these kinds of books because they are the best books or do I like [...]

    2. Que manera de enganchar al lector, Que gran historia y que pedazo de libro.¿Para qué leer Ajin?1. por que las escenas de terror, peleas y sangre y decapitamientos, complace a los amantes del terror.2. Es una muy buena mezcla de ciencia ficción y terror.3. Los personajes estan tan bien dibujados que escuchas y sientes sus estados de ánimo.4. Los monstruos o criaturas LOS AJIN, que escalofrio, que bellezas de sombras y muertes.5. Desde la primera hoja hay acción, no decae jamás. jamás. ES A [...]

    3. --- Ajin - Demi Human 1-? ---Plot: Gelap - cepat - mencekam.Gambar: Gambarnya rapih dan menyenangkan.Penokohan: Dibuat dengan teliti.Review ini mungkin akan saya ganti lagi, lagi, dan lagi sampai buku ini suatu saat tamat.Bahkan setelah tamatpun saya mungkin akan mengeditnya lagi, lagi, dan lagi (haha).Baiklah! Diawali dengan sneakpeek 'apa yang disuguhkan Ajin' di forum, saya jadi benar-benar penasaran dengan judul ini. Judul ini juga sudah lama ada di wishlist akun baka*upd saya dan karena kom [...]

    4. All I'm trying to do is work hard so I can become a fine human being.High school student Kei is struck by a semi one day before summer break and is tragically killed.And then he gets up.Kei and his friends' world is inhabited by demi-humans, human beings who regenerate after death, making them immortal.The demi-humans were discovered in Africa seventeen years ago.They were quickly seized by U.S forces, and their existence hidden from the public.But of course word got out.There are forty-six know [...]

    5. همه چیز خیلی سریع اتفاق افتاد :/حتی از انیمه ش هم سریعتر :-؟

    6. Pulls you in right at the beginning and doesn't let go. Reminiscent of Tokyo Ghoul (which I read first), but might be a little more focused. Definitely more violent!

    7. I really loved the anime (the OP and ED are excellent, by the way), so I'm not sure why it took me so long to start this series, but I'm so glad to start it now! 5*!!!

    8. I'm very impressed. This volume is a very strong beginning of the series! Dynamic, action-packed and thrilling! It's been a while since I was so invested from the first volume alone.The story takes place in our modern world. Seventeen year prior to the events of this volume, a non-human human-like entity was found in Africa, the origin unknown. The scientists studied them and found that they're immortal and can't be killed, at least as far as it's known now. The regular citizens don't know much [...]

    9. Immortality is a gift, right? But realistically, if you were found to be immortal, you'd be immediately taken in by scientists or the government for experimentation - and not a nice friendly good kind, more like torture. High schooler Kei finds out he's immortal - called a Demi-Human - when he's hit by a truck and gruesomely killed and gets back up. From that moment on he is on the run, fearful of the scientists who will surely subject him to torturous experiments to see what he can endure. Peop [...]

    10. This manga is an interesting take on how society views things they don't understand, in this case immortals. To the "normal humans" it's okay to capture these Demi-humans, as they're called, and perform horrendous scientific experiments on them.Kei is seemingly a normal high school student, that is until he gets hit by a truckd comes back to life. Now he's on the run from bounty hunters and worse, trying to understand his new found power,This was a good first volume. The story was interesting, t [...]

    11. Actual rating: 3,5Seems very promising and potentially both badass and scary. The book was, however, very short and vague - something that makes it quite difficult to give it a higher rating.Looking forward to see where this one's going!

    12. My ratings: 4 out of 5 | 8 out of 10A very good start to a horror manga series that left me excited for the next volume.

    13. 4.5Solo quería leer el capitulo 1 para ver que onda, pero cuando me di cuenta ya me había terminado el primer volumen. Es muy interesante, ya que lo empecé lo voy a seguir.

    14. My introduction to the Ajin series was when I first saw it as an anime on Netflix. The "black ghost" shown on it's blurb kept catching my attention until I eventually watched it. All of it, both seasons, in 2 days. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the anime. And like I figured, the black ghosts are my favorite part about it, though I do have many favorite parts. I had read that the anime was based on a manga and when I saw that this manga had 9 volumes and was still in the process of more, I wa [...]

    15. I like it. I couldn't get into the Anime when Netflix added it but I really like the Manga. There are just some little things and details that make everything better/more likeable in the Manga. :)Kei is breaking my heart in some ways. :/ He still feels everything when he dies and I can't imagine what that will do to him over time.I love Kai and his friendship and loyalty to Kei. I just hope that everything is as it seems with him and that he won't betray Kei (because it would break my heart).I'm [...]

    16. Como dije, no hay palabras en griego, latín o en vulcano que sintetice una millonésima parte de lo COPADO que esta este manga. En especial este tomo que es el primero y arranca con tutti.Los diálogos, los dibujos, la fluidez de los cuadros y esa esencia gore, ABSOLUTAMENTE todo.Van, venden a sus hermanos en el mercado negro como esclavos y de ahí a su comiqueria de confianza, se cmpran los primeros tres tomos que están disponibles en el país gracias a Irea Argentina y se los leen de una.

    17. Premis cerita yg sama sekali gak biasa, gambar yg berkesan dark tapi rapi, karakterisasi yg kuat buat protagonis maupun antagonis. Kayaknya aku bakal suka baca cerita ini, meskipun sedikit terlalu 'keras' buat seleraku. Lihat saja nanti gimana perkembangannya.*daaan aku sabar menanti live actionnya* ;)

    18. الحمد لله بدأت قراءته من سنة ونصف سنة تقريبا ولم أقرأ سوى نصفهامنذ حوالي شهر قررت أن أعيد قراءتها من جديد ، لاحظت في نفسي أن قراءتي أصبحت سلسة بكثير مما كانت عليه في الماضيلأول مرة اشعر بهذا الإنجاز في تعلمي للانغليزية ، ولن أتوقف هنا بل سوف اطورها أكثر فأكثر باذن الله

    19. Un excelente comienzo. Con una audaz forma de presentar el mayor misterio que será esta historia: Que es un Ajin?

    20. Untuk vol.1-nya dulu ya (^-^) review dan rating masih bisa berubah ke arah mana angin dan ajin bertiup~~Gambar : 5 bintangaku suka tipe gambar seperti ini (^ ^) jelas, bersih, dan pertarungan serta gerakannya terlihat 'mengalir' ^ ^Cerita : 4 bintang.h misterius, tapi dari yang diceritain cukup memikat: ada ras baru "manusia" yaitu manusia rasa ajinomot, bukan (^ ^) Ini bukan manusia, bukan pula suparman ataupun mecin. Ini makhluk yang masih belum diketahui, yang terbukti tidak bisa mati, disebu [...]

    21. (Be warned that the violence in this manga is gory and graphic. Not recommended for squeamish and/or adolescent readers.)Not sure yet how I feel about this one. The first volume felt incredibly short and isn't really able to "stand alone" without reading more. It feels like a teaser trailer and the feature film is yet to come.However, the preview has me interested in reading more to find out what happens next. The art is fantastic, characters seem promising, and I'm very interested in the story [...]

    22. 3.5 This is a interesting start to it all. So basically there's these Demi-God type people named Ajin. Ajins are immortal and can not die, or least that's what they say so far. Kei is on the run from the popular when outted by getting hit by a truck in the first few pages of the book. So this whole volume is really a high paced chase to catch the kid for a bounty, or legend says they would have to work for you. Interesting concept. My only issues come with the major shifting of narrative. It hap [...]

    23. The premise of Ajin Demi Human as first presented to the reader is a simple one: Demi Humans are people who can't be killed - and inevitably, the few who exist have to run to avoid capture and experimentation by the authorities. Our teenage protagonist is publically outed as a demi-human (by being hit by a truck) and goes on the run, and for a few chapters this is a high tension survival manga. Of course, there's more to demi-humanity than thatA mix of shonen tropes (the only human he can trust [...]

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