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Finding Charlie

  • Title: Finding Charlie
  • Author: Katie O'Rourke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finding Charlie KINDLE SCOUT WINNER It isn t like Charlie to stay out all night without calling but maybe Olivia doesn t know her little sister as well as she thought When Charlie vanishes without warning the

    2015 KINDLE SCOUT WINNER It isn t like Charlie to stay out all night without calling, but maybe Olivia doesn t know her little sister as well as she thought When Charlie vanishes without warning, the people who love her are worried sick Even if the law considers her an adult at nineteen, Charlie s still the baby of her already broken family Older sister Olivia is determ2015 KINDLE SCOUT WINNER It isn t like Charlie to stay out all night without calling, but maybe Olivia doesn t know her little sister as well as she thought When Charlie vanishes without warning, the people who love her are worried sick Even if the law considers her an adult at nineteen, Charlie s still the baby of her already broken family Older sister Olivia is determined to figure out what s happened She finds a lost cell phone, an abandoned car and a shady boyfriend she s never met before And he s not the only secret Charlie s been keeping.This disappearance feels uncomfortably familiar, reminding Olivia and her father of another loss years before But this will be different, Olivia swears Charlie s coming back.

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    1. Her sister is missing!In a family where the mom walked out when the kids were small, older sister Olivia became mother and sister to Charlie.One day Charlie turns up missing. No one can reach her – not her father, not her sister, not her bestie. Worse, no one knows why she left without her car or cell phone.The cops are no help, so Olivia starts piecing together Charlie’s last day and eventually learns she left town with a male acquaintance. Olivia traipses after her, eventually finding her [...]

    2. This book has heart. It sucked me in and wrung me dry. Very good writing with a strong character arc.

    3. I read a portion of this book on Authonomy and was very pleased to see it selected by Kindle Scout for publication. Even years later, I remembered it and eagerly supported this story of a family in crisis.At one point, one of the protagonists is reading a novel featuring minor characters from an earlier book and notes that if everyone is the hero of their own story, everyone must also be side players in each other's stories. This is a book that does a good job of illustrating that, as it covers [...]

    4. I love books that have complex characters and explore seldom-addressed topics. This is that type of book. Finding Charlie is thoughtful and insightful. In our society, women who leave their families are demonized. This book delves into the reasons why a mother might choose to leave, and though I wanted to dislike the mother in this story, I couldn't help but empathize with her. I enjoyed this book - the characters, setting, the hint of mystery. Katie O'Rourke is officially one of my favorite aut [...]

    5. 4.5 stars on my new rating systemAs with the author’s other books, the spotlight here is on modern family life and relationships. In this novel multiple strands of the past are cleverly unravelled; two sisters discover that there is more than they ever suspected hidden within their family’s past. Great characterisation, nice buildup of suspense, crisp writing. Overall a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended for women's and contemporary fiction readers.

    6. Great read!Had trouble putting it down! Interesting look at complex family relationships. Told in alternating character voices which I enjoy.Highly recommended!

    7. Charlie, a young woman, has gone missing and her family cannot seem to find her. Her father and her older sister, Olivia, are scared and don't know what to do. The one thing that they don't know is that when they are trying to find Charlie, she's trying to find herself. This book does a great job of working with both meanings of the title--a physical search to find Charlie by her family, and the search that Charlie does to find herself. The synopsis leads readers to believe that this is much mor [...]

    8. Good family story. It seemed more like a short story, but it was a really good story. I loved the format of having each chapter be in the first person about each character. I felt totally involved in the story, like it was my family. Charlie and Olivia are typical sisters, in the way of siblings kinda far apart in age. Roger is a solid character, and their mom comes across really real. I'd like to read it again.

    9. A touching story about a family's relationships, told from each of their perspectives. You have the sensitive teen who tries to be different; the older, more "sensible" sister, who's had to raise her younger sister; a professional father who raises his two daughters; and the alcoholic mother who left the children she never wanted in the first place. The story isn't fast-paced or dramatic, but it digs into the emotions each character has faced throughout the years.

    10. Great quick readThe characters in this book are so well developed you feel like you are talking to a friend. I will be looking out for more books by this author,

    11. Second ChancesGreat book about learning to forgive people who have wronged you in the past and giving them a second chance.

    12. This book was fine. Decent story. There was nothing about it that I didn't like, but it just didn't really grab me.

    13. Glad I didn't pay for thisIt was slow moving, with boring characters and a mundane plot. The story line was easy to follow but didn't pull you in.

    14. Finding Charlie is the story of a few days spent looking for the youngest member of a single-parent household, Charlotte (Charlie). Abandoned by their mother while young, Olivia, the older daughter in the household, ends up basically raising her younger sister, Charlie. When Charlie disappears, Olivia begins a frantic search for her. However, this is not the story of a little girl who has gone missing. Olivia is a working physical therapist. Charlie is a sophomore in the local college. Their mot [...]

    15. I read the first section of this on a writer's forum, and then bought a copy after Katie won Kindle Scout with it. I don't know why it's taken me a year to read the rest, but books tell you when to read them, you can't force it (unless you're at college).This is a neatly-plotted and very well written family story which, like all the best family stories, reminds the reader that everyone has their own version of their family history, and it's almost impossible to understand the thoughts and motiva [...]

    16. Finding Charlie is about family, Olivia has a younger sister Charlotte (Charlie) who failed to return home one night. With a distraught father, Olivia embarks on a journey to trace her sister's footsteps, only to find more than what she set out to find.A story about a broken family, Olivia has to come into terms with what she had lost. Charlie's disappearance had a reason, which will rock the family's peaceful life. This little mystery turns out to be quite a revelation. Olivia, the older sister [...]

    17. The Tale of Two Sisters I liked how Ms. O'Rourke lets each character speaks from their own perspective. And each perspective is clearly delineated. Her characters are truly representative of what can happen in single parent households. Olivia,the eldest sister, takes on the maternal role,and essentially, her emotional development stops at age twelve, when her mother leaves. She also has huge trust issues. Charlie,the younger sister, is anti-authoritarian and somewhat self centered. She has misse [...]

    18. This was a nicely written family drama with a bit of mystery. The story opens with 19 year old Charlie, nickname for Charlotte missing. Charlie's sister Olivia and her father have no idea where she could be and her not calling is completely out of character. The author does a great job of teasing the story out slowly. Little by little we find out more about Charlie and Olivia's lives. We begin to understand what led Charlie away from her family. I found I could relate to this family, their dysfu [...]

    19. Terrific!Terrific story about a family and how each of them copes when they get home and find that their mother and wife has taken all of her belongings and left a note for their father with a less than adequate explanation.The story takes place 13 years after this life changing event and is narrated by the 4 main characters. I enjoyed reading the book from each character's perspective and believe it enhanced my reading experience.Highly recommended.

    20. Good butI'm hoping this storyline continues on in another book. The characters are well developed and you start to really feel with them but it has this feel at the end of being quickly and incompletely wrapped up. It was as though a page limit was reached or the deadline was quickly approaching. Other than that it was a very enjoyable read.

    21. I didn't love this book or hate it, it was very middle of the road. Very short, only 193 pages so it can be read in less that 24 hours. It might be nice for a flight or something but it really has no depth so I wouldn't ordinarily recommend it.

    22. A three and one half. The title is misleading. Charlie really searches for her long lost mother and the whole family has to come to terms with her being back in their lives.

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