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An Untitled Love (Venture, Georgia Book 2)

  • Title: An Untitled Love (Venture, Georgia Book 2)
  • Author: Olivia Gaines
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Untitled Love Venture Georgia Book Orlando Flynn wasn t beyond calling in the debt Jacquetta Mason owed him to get what he wanted The love shared between them had always been untitled and he was ready to change it to something concrete

    Orlando Flynn wasn t beyond calling in the debt Jacquetta Mason owed him to get what he wanted The love shared between them had always been untitled and he was ready to change it to something concrete Orlando knew exactly the label he wanted on his relationship with Jacquetta He wanted her as his wife.

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    1. If you're looking for a passionate romance that makes you laugh, you're going to love Jacquetta and Orlando's story. A real feel good story. I give it 4.5 stars!

    2. This book kept popping up in my feed so I decided to at least peruse the sample. I've never laughed so hard (in recent memory) numerous times, it's funny and heartwarming, too -- so I bought the book.Orlando has a dilemma that only his best friend Jacquetta can solve. He's been cuckolded (by his fiancee) and to save face he's calling in a long-ago debt owed and promised to him by Jacquetta. Is she a woman of her word? Will she keep her promise? Read the book to find out!

    3. I needed something cute and sweet and that is exactly what I got when I read this book. It gave the feels! This isn't an over complicated book, if you are looking for drama or intense moments this isn't the one for you. If you are looking for something sweet, friends to lovers, something that gives you the sweet feels this one is perfect. Now I did read a few reviews saying that it was "lol"funny. I didn't get that yes guy was a character and I did giggle a little but nothing bend over laughing [...]

    4. If you take this book seriously you're not going to like it. It's very funny and unrealistic, but it's supposed to be that way, although there were some serious moments in there.

    5. What a wonderful Christmas story by this author. A story of love longed for and finally going after it.Orlando Flynn has been in love with Jacquetta Mason for a long time, they met on a rescue mission both of them served in the Army with Orlando saving Jacquetta's life. She was so grateful that she stated whatever he needed all he had to do was come to her for it because she pledged her life to him for saving hers.Well Orlando came to collect on that promise but what he asked for blew Jacquetta [...]

    6. This book was fanfreakintastic! Snarkalicious and sensual, this was a fun read. What I really liked about it, was the way that the friendship was highlighted, before the unconventional marriage and sex came into play.Other than some minimal lag, I loved it!Giving this one: 4 solid stars.

    7. This book was quite amusing. It had a few moments of unexpected realism and some really unexpected quirks (some of the things these people did and said were just what in the world was Olivia Gaines drinking while she wrote this?). I wavered between 3 and 4 stars I settled on 4 because I was entertained throughout.

    8. Another GREAT read from Ms. GainesA sweet, funny, no drama adult filled romanceere was so many "laugh out loud" moments and also a few unbelievable moments through out the book but I took it as it was meant to be read.with no drama.LOVED IT!!!! Curiosity has me going back to read Turning the Page Janie and Ethan's story

    9. To enjoy the book, one has to see it for exactly what it is: a full-on campy comedy. If you go into reading the text thinking it's a hot and heavy deep romance--as the cover would suggest--then you'll be sorely disappointed.

    10. What?!?!I expected more from reading the book description. I didn't like the point of view the story was in and it didn't seem realistic. Most times, I couldn't tell they were in love.

    11. HeartwarmingOrlando and Jaquetta are best friends that fall in love. Orlando was there for her at the worst time in her life and saved her. Jaquetta grounded Orlando and kept him sane.This story was unique in the sense that no one was trying to break the couple up. They were genuinely working towards healing each other and having brothers back. The story was heartwarming and funny. This is the book to read when you need a sweet love story with some heatWell done Ms. Gaines.

    12. Loved itThis is a fabulous series. I've been reading them back to back. Worth the money, and the embarrassment of laughing out loud in public.

    13. Great.Love this storyry different and laugh out loud funny. I must check out the other books in this series. Enjoyable.

    14. CuteThis book was really cute and enjoyable. They were made for each other. I would recommend this book! ! Enjoy

    15. Great love storyWow, this was a great love story. No drama, no long drawn out suspense about what is going to happen. A tale about a man who was is love with his woman, knew what she needed before she did and brought it to her. He went about it a little crazy, but he got the job done. A woman who needed to feel safe and loved and her man brought it to her, no holds barred. One thing I really enjoyed was they knew each other well, but waited until they were married and she was ready before they m [...]

    16. A Very Sweet Interracial Romantic ComedyAn Untitled Love is very good and sweet interracial romantic comedy that earned a rating of five stars. The couple's exciting meeting turned into a hilariously funny situations when the reluctant bride meets her new family and home town. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading exciting romantic comedies.

    17. The love between Jacquetta and Orlando is slowly explored through this story. I loved Orlando's enthusiasm and surety about the rightness of his actions. Jacquetta honored a debt and found the other half to make her whole. This is a simple tale of finding the strength to admit your feelings, admit what you truly want, and being willing to accept what comes your way. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to others.

    18. Wonderful Christmas romance! ! !A wonderful Christmas romance. This is my first time reading something by this author. I really enjoyed this one. I laughed and laughed. Orlando really loved Jacquetta. She had a beautiful personality that caused everyone else to love her too. I highly recommend this light hearted, romantic love story.

    19. Orlando and Jacquetta both served in the military. He once rescued her from human traffickers. So Jacquetta owes him big time. And Orlando is demanding payment. He wants Jacquetta to marry him so his cheating ex-fiancee will believe he's moved on. But how can a marriage ever succeed that's built totally on lies?

    20. Taking the Long Way AroundTalk about a twisted path, Orlando was on it in a quest to get the girl. This book was hilarious, but serious in its intent. A good read. Jacquetta needed the stability of a home, Orlando wanted a wife. Worth the read. Background characters were a whoot.

    21. When a man loves a womanI give this story a solid four stars. It's a cute love story about Orlando and Quetta. It's a cute read that will make you swoon for Orlando. Love how strong Quetta is. Plus the story has humor that makes you laugh out loud, people around will look at you funny.It's worth the price to pick it up.

    22. Love Love LoveI must say I'll never get tired of Olivia Gaines books and this book is on the top list of one of her best. I really hope there's a book 2 to this one, because it is just that good

    23. Linda ChristianiThis book shows that love is love no need to label or explain what kind how deeply you care comes across everything we do and this man cared with all that he was great story and unexpectedly hilarious at times hope the brothers story is next

    24. Untitled is Awesome!Jacquetta and Orlando's story is truly awesome. They completed each other. The only time their lives made sense was when they were together. The characters were so funny. I can't wait to visit the Flynn's again. Who's next?

    25. WowNow Mrs. Gaines has done it again. What can I say, sweet, warm, serious subject, but laugh out loud funny. Another 10.

    26. Loved this storyThis was a wonderful story very heart warming and funny. I liked the characters especially Guy. Love can heal anything.

    27. Enjoyable readNot bad. such a sweet story. I did not know what to expect but I was happy I read this well thought out story.

    28. Hilarious!!!I found Orlando and Joquetta's story to be lighthearted, pleasant and hilariously funny. I have not read the other books in the series but I will definitely do so.

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