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  • Title: Merle
  • Author: Moxie Darling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Merle Welcome to Possum Hollow where life is hard short and soaked in sin Merle Davis is well and truly fucked Forced to marry the meanest most spiteful woman in the holler in order to keep his wayward

    Welcome to Possum Hollow, where life is hard, short, and soaked in sin.Merle Davis is well and truly fucked Forced to marry the meanest, most spiteful woman in the holler in order to keep his wayward sister from taking a permanent swim in Hogtie Pond, he resigns himself to a lifetime of suffering His new bride, Amaleen Crouse, has the biggest moonshine empire around and,Welcome to Possum Hollow, where life is hard, short, and soaked in sin.Merle Davis is well and truly fucked Forced to marry the meanest, most spiteful woman in the holler in order to keep his wayward sister from taking a permanent swim in Hogtie Pond, he resigns himself to a lifetime of suffering His new bride, Amaleen Crouse, has the biggest moonshine empire around and, as he comes to learn the hard way, the prettiest daughter But he can t afford to be distracted by red hair and a spitfire mouth Not when lives depend on the blasphemous vows he took But when the powers that be force him to taste that forbidden fruit, his resolve goes straight to hell in a Mason jar, and he soon has to choose between the woman he loves and the woman who owns him And either choice will likely end in blood and misery Because there ain t no law in the holler There s only living and dying.This novella is a work of erotica If you re offended by graphic sex, strong language, abuse, or have triggers, it may not be the book for you This is the first novella in a planned series It is NOT a full length book.

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    1. When I started this book I expected a naughty taboo story much like Clover by this author.Whats that saying . yeah. Despite this not being the book I expected I can't sit here and rant shit because I was wrong.This was raw, gritty and at times uncomfortable to read BUT it was also extremely well done. It's a testament to this author that she can go from erotica to something like this - with some real substance.I may have felt slightly ill at points during this but it still had me whipping throu [...]

    2. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Moxie has done it again. This book is a little darker and tugs more at the heart strings than her other three did, not in a bad way though. Merle is a hard man, nothing in life handed to him for free or even with help. He has a younger sister who gets into so much trouble Merle will never be out from under her debt. This time the dirty little ain't nobody gets out alive town mayor, Elmer, arranges the marriage of the one woman in town that N [...]

    3. 5/5 Edge-of-your-seat & scandalous redneck fun!This book is completely different from anything I've read before and I couldn't get enough the entire time I read. This one was a page-turner for sure and I can't wait to see what else will go down in Possum Hollow next. Because you can bet your overalls, things are never quiet in the holler!"This ain't right, Elmer. It ain't." Elmer shrugged. "Most things in life ain't."MerleHe's rugged & 100% man with a chip on his shoulder and a burden on [...]

    4. Holy shit this book blew me away, this is possibly my favorite Moxie Darling book to date, which is saying something considering i've given 5 stars to all the other books. That being said it is a lot darker than the others and throughout the book i found myself happy, turned on, sad, anxious and down right angry and disgusted by some characters. testament to the author who can make me feel such strong emotions for fictional characters. So this book follows the story of Merle who, for his own rea [...]

    5. Didn't like this at all. Had to skip to the end. Wooden characters and a weak willed Alpha, if I can call Merle that. He's almost everything I hate in a man; all rolled into one. Free on UK.

    6. I have been a fan of Moxie Darling's since her Flower Child series and was anxiously waiting the release of Merle. I had a feeling this may be her best work yet and i was definitely right!There was so much more drama in this novel, and i loved the gritty undertone beneath the steamy love story. It was a dark story so beautifully written that you cannot help but read it through one sitting. I stayed up late to finish this novel and it was SO worth it. True there where some pretty rough scenes tha [...]

    7. I picked up this book and I couldn't place it down till it was finished!!! There was so much fire in the characters even the "villains" have amazingly bright qualities that make you want to truly hate them!! I loved everything about this book!! It's not your typical love story by any means and it's starts in a pretty messed up way! But one can not ignore the truly epic way the story is told the surprises to be found and the hearts to be touched!! I can not wait to find out what's next in Possum [...]

    8. Comprei o livro pela capa. Achei meio sombrio e despertou minha curiosidade. E vou contar que adorei. O livro é erotico e com ótima estória, NÃO É MAIS DO MESMO! É muito bom, ansiosa pela continuação!

    9. I absolutely loved this first installment of the Possum Hollow series!! Merle finds himself in quite a mess trying to save his sister for the millionth time. Merle and Cherry are steamy and fire erupts in more ways than one with these two. Well worth the read

    10. Loved this novella and the start to a new series from Moxie! Her writing is so good and descriptive. You can't put it down!! Can't wait for the next in the series, Jethro, coming out in August.

    11. I am a first time reader of Moxie Darling and thought the synopsis sounded interesting and the pages just started turning as soon as I started . She has a way of taking you back into time feeling ,seeing and believe it or not Smelling ( Not a good smell Yuk ! Amaleen )everything that went on , like your there.Merle has to save his sister's life and the only way he can is by marrying the most grotesque woman in the hollow to pay off her Debt , but when he moves in and has to do the most unspeakab [...]

    12. This was my first, my Moxie cherry! I fell in love with this author and her work! I didn't read it so much as devour this book. I think i went in and blinked a couple of times then it was over. This story of Merle, the things he does and has to do. OMG! Its crazy! I don't think i could have been like him and done ALL that. ugh no. When he finds his love, he will go thru anything to keep and protect it. I love that. Perfect first book i think i chose to start with. I have to thank one of my frien [...]

    13. This is about Merle who is put into a really bad situation because he is the older brother to a sister who definitely has a different way of getting through her life. I enjoyed this as you get to read how the relationship between Merle and Cherry develops. This is another great quick book to read by Moxie.

    14. Good story! Very descriptive. I got drawn in very quickly and enjoyed her characters. I thought the sex scenes were well written and showed a good knowledge of what is sexy and what goes through people's minds as they are engaged in it!! Very erotic without being crude! I enjoyed them, however her use of crude slang out side of the descriptions of the sex scenes was unnecessary and not good literary form. That should have been limited to dialogue between characters. I encourage her to continue h [...]

    15. Good readEnjoyable, easy read. Laughed and felt angry at times, but overall enjoyed the story. Good characters and interesting local for the story.

    16. Real good intense moments just wanted to keep reading. merle, was a hard working good man ,looking out for for his sister, who was the black sheep of the the family. Ended up taking on her bills getting involved in a arranged marriage with the meanest,ugliest moonshiner in the hollow. However she had the prettiest daughter around .Things got really hot at home. VERY hot .loved reading the book.

    17. I really liked this book. I went through several emotions reading it. Mostly hot when the main couple were together but irritation with the hwroines mother. You gotta read it.

    18. Sex,violence and strong language but a depiction of life in the hills in my opinion. We are talking really far back in the hills. Merle is a good guy but he just can't get a break. It's a fast read and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    19. I wasn't sure about starting this but then I know all about the holler and moonshine. Both sides of my family are from Coeburn Virginia so I was curious. I freaking loved it! I could picture so much. I remember walking through the holler, old junky cars here and there along the trees and pathway which scared the hell out of me when I was young yet it was so neat. Had to hoof it all the way which seemed like forever to the house on the hill. Moxie did an exceptional job on this story! I could vis [...]

    20. After reading Moxie's Flower Child Series I was very curious about where she would take us in Possum Hollow. From the start I was glued to Merle and Cherry's story. The story had my emotions all over the place. Unlike the more positive Flower Child Series where the women in the stories came from loving and secure backgrounds those living in Possum Hollow have never known security. Despite the bleak situation Merle and Cherry find themselves in, the love they have for each other grows. I was on t [...]

    21. 5 fanfuckingtastic stars! Please know this book is not your typical 'forced seduction' BS, this is an absolute "i-will-take-a-bullet-in-the-head-before-i-f***-someone-like-that" BS! Merle agrees to marry Amaleen: psychotic evil bitch to safe his sister's life "literally" since she owed Amaleen money they can't pay Amaleen is not just nasty on the inside the out side as well! I mean [Spoiler removed]!!! And she has $ and can't even [spoiler removed]?!!! Seriously? It's heart breaking what love co [...]

    22. Elmer (father) ran/controlled Possum Hollow, W.V. (Appalachian, Mts.)Bess Hargesty had been found bloated & floating in Hogtie Pond.Amaleen Crouse (mom) was a top notch moonshine bootlegger around these parts. Pastor Virgil was going to marry Amaleen & Merle Davis.Cherry Darlene Crouse (26) was Amaleen’s daughter. How will the character’s lives end up? Warning: This book contains extremely graphic adult content, violence, or expletive language &/or uncensored sexually explicit ma [...]

    23. Because I know that some people use the word “hillbilly” as a derogatory term, for the purposes of this review, I’ll be using the acronym PWLOTG (People Who Live Off the Grid). This term describes folks who live completely apart from modern society, in the Appalachian mountains, in communities where they’ve developed their own set of rules/punishments/justice system. I confess that I’ve had a little bit of a phobia about PWLOTG ever since Deliverance, even though I know that movie was [...]

    24. Possum Hollow is a spin off from the "A Flower Child" trilogy, that brings you to the wrong side of the tracks, down to Possum Hollow. Merle is taking you the first step into this darker series and Moxie Darling does an excellent job making this completely different from the Flower Child trilogy, but not less captivating. I found it easy to imagine this characters to be real, their struggles and how society seems to have forgotten them, but they strive to survive.Merle is the most adoring charac [...]

    25. I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.Have to say this book was not what I was expecting. It was much much better.I think this was my favourite so far. There are some not quite consensual scenes that some readers may find disturbing. In order to save his sister Merle was forced to marry Amaleen. A demented, awful dirty person and 20 yrs his senior. Just the thought of her disgusts him. What he didn't expect was his attraction towards Cherry, Amaleen's sweet soft 26 yr old dau [...]

    26. For me this is not your feel good sweet story. It's raw and gritty. It's very rare that I find a bad guy that I REALLY hate It happened here. Wow that woman is just repulsive! Kept me worried through the whole story. And that's just the thing, this story keeps you on your toes, even when things are good you are left with a sense of precaution. You want to see what happens next and hope that Merle and Cherry don't step under that dark cloud of doom Ok ok, it's not that dramatic but these two char [...]

    27. I received this book in exchange for a review.Merle has always protected his sister just like he promised his mother. He didn't think that promise was going to make him marry a woman twenty years his senior. She was filthy and mean. Merle married her to save his sister. He didn't realize he would fall for her daughter. Cherry is sweet and kind. She didn't deserve the kind of life she had with Amaleen. He doesn't know how he's going to do it but he's going to get them both out of this mess.The bo [...]

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