- By Richard Gilliam Edward E. Kramer Various

Grails: Quests of the Dawn

  • Title: Grails: Quests of the Dawn
  • Author: Richard Gilliam Edward E. Kramer Various
  • ISBN: 9780451453037
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grails Quests of the Dawn This vast array of stories dealing with the legendary Grail from its mythical past to its unexpected future includes works by Marion Zimmer Bradley Alan Dean Foster Orson Scott Card Jane Yolen M

    This vast array of stories dealing with the legendary Grail, from its mythical past to its unexpected future, includes works by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Alan Dean Foster, Orson Scott Card, Jane Yolen, Mercedes Lackey, Neil Gaiman, Andre Norton, Gene Wolfe, Janny Wurts, and Diana Paxson First of a two volume set.

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    1. Nov. 24, 2012Although the description says this anthology of apparently original stories was first published in 1994 (the date of the Roc trade paperback edition) the back of the title page indicates that it was originally one part of a larger 1992 anthology from Unnameable Press, Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences. Some time ago, I picked it up at our local flea market, intrigued by the Grail theme. Of course, the stories themselves are not necessarily from a Christian perspecti [...]

    2. Pretty good variety of poems and all sorts of short stories. Started well with a poem from Jane Yolen and finished well with 'Greggies Cup' by Rick Wilber. In between enjoyed the tales by Andre Norton (of course), Diana L. Paxson, james S. Dorr, Lee Hoffman, Janny Wurts and Neil Gaiman.

    3. The Question of the Grail by Jane YolenThe Cup and the Cauldron by Mercedes LackeyThat Which Overfloweth by Andre NortonChalice of Tears, or I Didn’t Want that Damn Grail Anyway by Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Feast of the Fisher King by Diana L. PaxsonThe Gift of Gilthaliad by Brad StricklandCurse of the Romany by Ilona OuspenskayaDagda by James S. DoorThe Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun by Gene WolfeWater by Lee HoffmanWhat You See… by Alan Dean FosterStoryville, Tennessee by Richard GilliamSo [...]

    4. This was an Interesting book I've always Liked the Arthurian Tales and this piqued my interest, most of the tales were quite good only a few misguided ones I personally would've liked to have seen more of the Arthurian tales most of us are used to seeing.

    5. Falling to the Edge of the End of the World Arthurs, Bruce D.Chalice of Tears, or I Didn’t Want That Damned Grail Anyway Bradley, Marion ZimmerAtlantis Card, Orson ScottDagda (poem) Dorr, James S.The Awful Truth in Arthur’s Barrow Fenn, LionelWhat You See Foster, Alan DeanChivalry Gaiman, NeilStoryville, Tennessee Gilliam, RichardWater Hoffman, LeeThe Cup and the Cauldron Lackey, Mercedes R.Somewhere in Her Dying Heart (poem) Lepovetsky, LisaThat Which Overfloweth Norton, AndreCurse of the R [...]

    6. This is the second time I've read this collection of grail stories. Here's what I wrote about it the first time I read the book, back in 2005, an opinion with which I still concur: "A wonderful collection of grail stories, or grail inspired stories, although sometimes the connection seems tenuous at best. The grail, of course, is one of the offshoots of classic Arthurian myth. This book is worth having or reading for Orson Scott Card's tale titled "Atlantis" all by itself, even though this story [...]

    7. Most of the stories in this book were pretty good. There were a a few I could have lived without, but overall I enjoyed it. I think they saved the best one for last.

    8. This anthology was a mixed bag. Some of the stories were very good, but more than a few seemed little more than vignettes rather than full-fledged stories.

    9. There were some great stories in this anthology. Most by writers I had never heard of. Thought-provoking at times, and whimsical and even humorous at others.

    10. An interesting collection of "Holy Grail" stories, that include some top names authors. (Neil Gaiman and Orson Scott Card are two of my favorite authors)

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