- By M.C. Carr Cara Coe


  • Title: Birdie
  • Author: M.C. Carr Cara Coe
  • ISBN: 1523497351
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Birdie All her life Birdie Clements has felt like an outsider The only dark skinned member of her white Southern family she struggles to fit in even at home At eighteen years old and with only a handful of

    All her life Birdie Clements has felt like an outsider The only dark skinned member of her white Southern family, she struggles to fit in even at home At eighteen years old and with only a handful of months before she graduates, her parents marriage falls apart and Birdie is shipped to her mother s small hometown to live with an uncle she never knew she had The planAll her life Birdie Clements has felt like an outsider The only dark skinned member of her white Southern family, she struggles to fit in even at home At eighteen years old and with only a handful of months before she graduates, her parents marriage falls apart and Birdie is shipped to her mother s small hometown to live with an uncle she never knew she had The plan is simple get through these last few months with her head down, graduate, and then be free to move away and finally take control of her life once and for all The plan did not include falling for the very popular, very handsome, very pigment challenged Wesley Lott But things don t always go according to plan This book has mature sexual situations and language and is intended for a mature audience.

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    1. I just. SighThis is a good book. A great fucking story, and it's definitely one that made my heart swell and ache throughout all of it. The story tells of 18 year old Birdie. A biracial young woman who is suddenly displaced by who she thinks is a foster family when things suddenly come to light. Such as that her foster mom is actually her birth mom but her foster dad is still just that, her foster dad.ough she finally understands why he struggled to look at her while growing up. When Birdie's pa [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I found the story really engaging, the relationship between the two mains was well developed with just the right amount of angst and the characters felt realistic.The book is called 'Birdie' and for good reason. This is really her story although Wes has a good amount of real-estate and is sometimes more sympathetic than Birdie.Birdie is biracial. She believes she was adopted into her all white family. Until a bombshell is dropped and suddenly she finds herself pl [...]

    3. Moonbeams and hearts and stars and bunnies and sh*t! These two have literally melted me. I am a puddle on the floor speaking to you from underwater. Every so often, I read a novel that's a little outside of my wheelhouse, but it's able to grab ahold of me from the beginning and keep me on board for the duration. Maybe it's the style of writing, maybe it's the characters, maybe it's the story itself…or a combination of all. But whatever it is, it totally worked. This novel is story-rich for suc [...]

    4. So sweet I fear I need to check my blood sugar.Seriously, Wes and Birdie are so adorable. I loved the character progression. Birdie's trauma history and abuse history completely explains why she is unable to connect in a deep way to anyone and why she runs. I love that the author does not give the fantasy that love alone fixes childhood wounds without compromising the complexities of relationships just to force an HEA. Oh, and there is an HEA.I know some people complain about Birdie, and I get i [...]

    5. My heart *inserts Fred Sanford gif*Sappy sweet and sentimental with just enough angst to make you not wanna choke a bish out for not following her heart. Wes & Birdie are a new fave. Lawd knows that girl deserves some happiness in her life, and Wes was there for her, even when she wasn't for herself. Good gracious this book left me in a beautiful mess. Click it up!

    6. 4.5 starsI'm going to need Ms. Carr to right another book ASAP! I loved every bit of this one and I'm ready for the next!

    7. This was a beautiful story. I didn't love some of Birdies choices, but she was broken and abandoned so it was so hard for her to let Wes love her. She felt unworthy. Given her background, I get it. Characters were great. Written beautifully. Ending made me happy.

    8. I cried, I cheered, I cursed, I cackled, I cried some more and finally got what I was hoping for: the best ending possible! Great story, read it!

    9. Well hot damn!! Birdie's story seemed like such a great spring or summer read but golly gee willickers if it didn't bring the heat and drama in the winter This story was a bit of a roller coaster nearing the end. Loved the characters (especially Wes) and even Birdie( not always but overall), even though at some points from the way they acted I couldn't believe they were the age they claimed to be. I do wish I was able to find out more about a few characters and events but overall really good sto [...]

    10. Wow! Birdie is one of those beautifully written love stories that you really sink into and just don't want to end. Spanning several years, it tells the story of Hummingbird "Birdie" Clements and Wesley Lott and their journey from friends to lovers. But the core of the story is Birdie trying to find out the truth about her origins. On her 18th birthday, she learns that she is not adopted--as her mother and father have led her to believe. Instead, it comes to light that her mother is having an aff [...]

    11. I loved this book so much. Birdie's family treated her like crap. Thank goodness for her Uncle Tim. I would like to find out some of the back story on him. Her poor excuse of a mother just dumps her off and sneaks off in the middle of the night. Her sister only cares about herself and her stepfather is just an asshole. Birdie had no choice but to be strong, she only had herself to depend on, until she met her Uncle. Wes and Birdie's story is one I will remember for a long time.

    12. I really enjoy reading new authors and this book at a really interesting story of a biracial young woman struggling with the abandonment of her mother and some revelations about her father. I loved the character of Wes but I don't think Birdie's resistance towards a relationship with Wes is flushed out, in fact I didn't understand how he could still love her after how she pushes him away. The beginning of the book is really good and I enjoyed to see how the relationship develops between the two [...]

    13. Sweet LoveThis is a sweet love story about a biracial girl named Birdie and Wesley Lotte son of Mayor Lott in a small town in Texas.Birdie's life is rudely interrupted by her irresponsible mother and uncaring father .e lives her entire life thinking she was adopted only to find that she's the by product of a rape that happened 18 years agoroughout her life from that point on Wesley becomes he constant unconditional lovehe just have to wait until she accepts it unconditionallyry sweet bookautiful [...]

    14. Loved ThisThis was a lovely read. Mrs. Carr you wrote a beautiful book. I couldn't put it down. I loved how Birdie's character is strong yet so vulnerable. I love a man that loves with everything that is in him. Wes was that man. Seven years went by and he loved her still no matter what. You hit on a lot of serious topics in this book and you wrote about them from an honest point of view. I can't wait to read your next book MC Carr!!!! Great book. Please pick up and read. Happy Reading!!!

    15. Take a chanceI loved this book. Wes just might have to be one of my book husband he is that great, btw I only have 2 book husband 3 now if u count Wes

    16. EnjoyableI loved this book from the very beginning the middle and of course when it came to the ending I just wasn't ready for it to end.

    17. I wish I could give this book a higher rating.It's not that I did not like it .I did just not so muchOk let's start with Birdie, more specifically let's start with teenage Birdie. ****Spoilers ahead****She had a tough childhood, being told a lie about her existence only to be revealed so harshly by an idiot of a "father" during his bitchy outburst .at was really bad and awful experience for anyone. She is a loner bookie who rather indulge herself in books rather than face the harsh reality of he [...]

    18. OMG!Found another gem of a writer to add to my list!!!! This story was so good I loved it even the parts where I wanted to pull my hair out. Birdie girl was going through it I felt for her she had a sad upbringing a stepfather who ignored her, a sister who tolerated her and a mother who lied to her about her true self and then dumps her with a uncle she never new she had. But thank God for Uncle Tim, loved him.Then she meets Wes and girl let me tell you after meeting him and getting to know him [...]

    19. You ever get a book that just sucks you in from page one? This was it for me. I didn't want to put it down at all. This is not just a love story but a story about a girl Hummingbird "Birdie" Clements who becomes best friends with a boy named Wes Lott. It starts very platonic and takes a turn to love but Birdie has some real issues she is dealing with. I was frustrated with her but I also could sympathize with what she was going thru. The one true thing was that Wes loved her and she couldn't see [...]

    20. This is my first book by this author. I read this book on Kindle Unlimited. This is a BW/WM story.This is Wesley and Birdie's (Anne) Story. They are a young adult couple. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster. I know that Birdie had a messed up heritage with her parents but she found a guy who loved her for her. What a merry-go-round she had him on right to the very last minute. I found it a little hard reading it because I was rooting for Wes and I could not believe that Birdie had hi [...]

    21. KU: loved itEven loved the acknowledgements. Hummingbird or Birdie is dealt some pretty hard blows in her life, but she finds a great friend is Wes Lott. He was there for her during her breaking point and picked up the pieces when she refused to see the good in herself. It was definitely unfortunate what happened with Katy,you can't help but feel bad for her but I was glad when Wes and Birdie got back together.Great book!

    22. In life some people find themselves running from there problems. They choose not to speaking up or face their fears head on. They often figure out in the end that something or someone wasn't really meant to be left. And that while running your demons are with you every step of the way.I'm glad scrolling through FB looking over Marcia's random postings for with new books. I took a chance on Birdie by M.C. Carr.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I love the way the characters were explored, the way the romance blossomed. It seemed so natural and realistic. I felt a certain comfortable calmness during the narration of the story. Some parts were exciting as well and made me smile. The story was sweet. The struggles each characters faced didn't seem far fetched. I felt for them. I would definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

    24. At times the heroine drove me crazy with her commitment issues but it all came together in the end a perfect story it revolved around the present and past and lucky for us the readers the author placed dates before chapters so the back and forth was almost seamless. I really enjoyed reading this story.

    25. I didn't read this book right away. But not that I have I can honestly say it was really I wanted to slap Birdie a few times. But then I remember she not this way because of her own doing. Wesley is such an amazing male character he truly does love his Birdie. I love stories where its that real passionate love and not forced like other stories I've read. Good work M.C. Carr!!!!

    26. I really enjoyed this book. I found the love story very unique and it was interesting to get an insight into a interracial relationship and the insecurities within it. The only downside was that the book is way too short - I would've really enjoyed a couple more pages :)

    27. ExcellentExceptional coming of age and overcoming all of our shortcomings and misconceptions from childhood. Wes wasn't afraid to go after his heart's desire no matter what.

    28. 4.5 Stars This is a very sweet, sweet and poignant love story. I loved Wes! I'm adding him to my book boyfriend short list.

    29. Oh mahhh gaw 😍I absolutely, positively, supercalifragilistically loved this book. Now, let me tell you why. This heffa (M.C. Carr --and I use this word lovingly --seriously, I do) pulls you in quickly, and I mean quicker than quick sand quick. She entices you with this lost love story from the get-go. You get this heroine, Birdie, who comes across a picture of the love of her life with another woman (say, what??) that leaves you scrambling to read the next however many pages this book has to [...]

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