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A River Bend Wedding

  • Title: A River Bend Wedding
  • Author: Molly McLain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook
  • A River Bend Wedding The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of Carissa Joy Brandt Joshua Daniel Hudson on Saturday the thirteenth day of February at St Joseph s Parish But shh Keep it on the down low

    The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of Carissa Joy Brandt Joshua Daniel Hudson on Saturday, the thirteenth day of February, at St Joseph s Parish.But shh Keep it on the down low, because the bride doesn t know It is recommended that you read the book before the wedding Can t Shake You before digging into this novella Can t Shake You is aThe pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of Carissa Joy Brandt Joshua Daniel Hudson on Saturday, the thirteenth day of February, at St Joseph s Parish.But shh Keep it on the down low, because the bride doesn t know It is recommended that you read the book before the wedding Can t Shake You before digging into this novella Can t Shake You is available at all major ebooks retailers for FREE

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    1. 4 - "Your love is the only real thing I need." Stars!I have a bit of a soft spot for Josh and Carissa, you see the first book in the River Bend series Can’t Shake You, was also my first introduction to the awesomeness that is Molly McLain’s writing.I think the title and the blurb gives you the details as to what this novella is about, but in her usual inimitable style Molly manages to squeeze so much more into the story than you would expect of a book of this size. A lot has happened in the [...]

    2. "He was the sunshine on her gray days, her strength when she was weak, the very beat of her heart"- This perfectly describes how Carissa feels about Josh.Who says you can't pack a whole bunch of feelings in just 100 pages. You most definitely can and Molly McLain does exactly that. It's time for Carissa and Josh's wedding. Planning a perfect wedding for herself and Josh has taken a toll on Carissa's health. She is stressed all the time and Josh can't stand it.When some unexpected news comes thei [...]

    3. OHHHH! I love this book it was the cutest thing ever. I loved that we get to see Carissa and Joshua get married they are just So adorable. We also got to see the characters from the other books in the river end series and it was fun getting to see what they were up to and also there roles in this novella. and at the same time it gave a hint of what is coming next in this series . I loved this novella seeing this couple who are head over heels in love with get married was everything I expected an [...]

    4. The was a very quick glimpse into Carissa and Josh's big day. Unfortunately, everything seems to be going wrong for Carissa and then they discover a wonderful surprise. I have to say I was surprised how whiny and annoying Carissa was in the beginning of this book. She didn't want any help with the wedding from anyone but kept complaining about all the work. Josh as always was majorly hot and thoughtful fiancé who saved his bride to be from stress.

    5. Absolutely phenomenal I had a hard time waiting for this book, was so excited when it came outIt was so sweet to plan a secret wedding, yeah even the bride didn't know. way cool!!But the twist and turns leading up to the wedding yeah so with it

    6. Damn you Molly McLain, you did it to me again, multiple times!! Sorry, I will explain this statement in a moment. I have this review to write.Spectacular, outstanding, fabulous…. all of this and more. You have read the blurb so you already know what this book is about, so I will not rehash the blurb. I will tell you why I love this book. First and foremost is Molly McLain is an outstanding storyteller. She brings her readers into a book to the point that you never want to put them down. She wi [...]

    7. A RIVER BEND WEDDING: Let me first say I love Molly McLain's books. She gives the small town like I love. Josh along with there friends pull off the unimaginable, and most beautiful thing in the worldJosh and Carissa are so high strung about there upcoming weddingok well maybe more the Bride to beHer sister-in-law Maddie is the main person by her side. Not that her other friends aren't helping they are. But when something Un-expected happensJosh steps up and handles everything. He can't let anyt [...]

    8. Carissa Joy Brandt & Joshua Daniel Hudson have been planning their dream wedding. As the days get closer and closer to the happy date things are going crazy. Not sure if the wedding will even happen Carissa is stressed beyond belief. So what's a man to do when his future bride wants her big day to be perfect against all odds? Plan her the best wedding ever of course.but keep it quiet because she has no idea!I received this book as an ARC for my honest reviewI absolutely loved every second of [...]

    9. A River Bend Wedding byMolly McLain celebrates the planning and pre-wedding events for the couple that started us all on the journey in River Bend, NE, Josh and Carissa.Five and half years are what it has taken for Josh and Carissa to get to this point. Their joys and trials, tears and cheers, kicks and kisses; we went through them all with this couple. Now we get to see all that love for each other, as well as from their friends and family, celebrated in A River Bend Wedding.This is a Novella a [...]

    10. Oooh, how I love River Bend!Now, I'm usually the person who will tell you -- you can totally read this book without any of the others! But not completely this time -- simply because this is like the "extended epilogue" of Can't Shake You. If you're an epilogue reader, like myself, you could probably get away with just reading this fantastic wedding book, but I'm not sure why you would want to only read "the end". Not only do we get to see more of the love Josh has for Carissa, but we also get to [...]

    11. A River Bend Wedding is a short novella that is the perfect addition to one of my favorite series. This wonderful follow up to Josh and Carissa's story is like waiting for your favorite dessert----you hope it's going to be delicious and when you finally sink your teeth into it you know that it was worth every second of the wait! Josh has always been my favorite River Bend guy and Molly Mclain once again shows me why---hello gorgeous, thoughtful, sensitive, sexy, strong alpha male! His and Cariss [...]

    12. ARC. This book is about Carissa and Josh. A sequel to Can't Shake You. Their wonderful story to preparing their wedding in River Bend. With help from their friends (all that have their own wonderful stories which should be read).Can’t Shake You (Josh & Carissa) Can’t Let Go (Dan & Maddie) Can’t Get Enough (Tony & Nicole) Can’t Walk Away (Mark & Ally) Can’t Resist Him (Brody & Jenny) Always Enough (Tony & Jenny) Can’t Forget Her (Ryan & Rosemary, Hope Falls [...]

    13. (I received an ARC from the author for an honest review)I am a HUGE fan of the authors and I LOVE this series and all the characters. The book that starts the series features Josh and Clarissa and I highly suggest you read it first to see all the hurdles and history that Josh and Clarissa had to work thru first.As a fan of the series and this couple it was a really great book to read. It is short 82 pages but it packs a lot in there. This is wedding to remember because it planned by the groom wi [...]

    14. This book was the best! I really loved that this author chose to continue on Josh and Carissa's story and have them get married in the most adorable way. I mean, seriously, Josh took it upon himself to make the wedding happen with the help of the other River Bend couples that I love so much, so that Carissa could stop stressing. The man is perfect and it's a shame that he is fictional. Lol. Anywho, I spent the entire time I was reading with a big goofy smile on my face because everything that ha [...]

    15. All of Molly McLain's River Bend books are wonderful but this one, on Valentines Day, was a story that shows you what love is really all about. Josh and Carissa, they both strive to do everything possible to ensure the others happiness and in a truly, heartwarming way. And I suspect that this marriage, this life together, will go on, forever and a day. Join the fun as a wedding is planned, with surprises along the way, as well as getting together with friends and family you have met and come to [...]

    16. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I have not had the privilege of reading any of the River Bend novels. That being said, I absolutely loved this novella! It was a sweet story centered around Carissa and Josh's wedding, the planning of a wedding, moving into a new home, family changes, and friendship struggles. It gives insight into the stress that goes into planning a wedding and life's challenges along the way.Even though this book could be read as a stand alone, I recommend th [...]

    17. This is a romantic novella that ties up Josh and Carissa's love story. You need to read the other books in this series to get the most out of this book and especially Book 1 to find out how Josh and Carissa fell in love.Who can read these books and not fall in love with the River Bend series. The love between the sexy former Marine/contractor and school guidance counselor is so sweet and touching. Josh has built a new house for them out of love and Carissa wants to give Josh the perfect wedding [...]

    18. OMG – I want to steal Josh; Carissa is one lucky woman.This may be a novella in length but it sure packs a punch. Carissa has been working herself ragged planning a wedding for the coming summer. When she gets sick Josh decides to take things into his own hands. Boy is she going to be surprised.This story was so moving – it made me cry way too many tears; but they were good tears.If you’ve read the other books in this series, especially the first one, you HAVE to read this. It was so great [...]

    19. It is helpful to read Can't Shake You before you read this to get to know the characters.While working toward their life together, Josh and Carissa encounter a few hurdles. Josh can't wait to give Carissa everything. She is his everything.Carissa is trying her hardest to give Josh the wedding he wants but faces one speed bump after another. Determined to make it all happen she finds something else along the way.I love these characters and it's so great to see them in another story. The writing i [...]

    20. First, I've fallen in love with the residents of River Bend. I always look forward to what is going on in River Bend.Second, in my life, I'm a cry-er. I cry at Hallmark commercials. I cry at baptisms. I cry at weddings. I even cry during those reveal parts of Undercover Boss occasionally. This book had me in tears in a great way.How long does it take to plan a wedding? Can you plan one and set up a new home at the same time? Being the mother of the groom in a May wedding, I know the stress and t [...]

    21. A River Bend Wedding by Molly McLain is a beautifully written romantic story of here come the bride. This book is so awesome, I could not put it down, there is so much love and great connection between Carrisa and Josh. Molly is amazing she fit so much into this Novella it was like reading a full size book. This is only my second book by Molly McLain and I am so looking forward to reading all the books in this series. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up and all of Molly's books, you will n [...]

    22. This is a novella about Josh and Carissa's wedding. The stress of the planning the wedding has been taking its toll on Carissa. The plans end up changing and Josh is now in charge. There are some nice surprises in this novella which you'll need to read this to find out what they are. Sorry, if I say more I'll just be giving away the whole story and I really can't do that. I really enjoyed this addition to the River Bend series. This book would be better if you read the whole series in order. You [...]

    23. Absolutely love this book! I fell in love with Josh and Carissa's story in Can't Shake You the first book in the River Bend series. I love getting to see how they've grown as well as seeing all of my old River Bend friends. Molly McLain out does herself with every book in this series. I think I have a favorite and then the next comes out. I love the small town romances with these hot alpha males. The real dialogue between the characters along with the hot steamy parts makes for some great love s [...]

    24. Reading this on Valentine's Day couldn't have been more perfect! I've been in love with Josh and Carissa since the beginning of this series and I couldn't have been more happy for this amazing couple. A wedding and another surprise on the way had me laughing, smiling, but also a little emotional! I knew Josh and Carissa always loved each other, but this story just even more solidified that and I fell for them even more. Add in the rest of their group of friends and fun along the way and you have [...]

    25. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.My favourite thing about the River Bend series is that it depicts adult character with realistic lives. Carissa is busy planning her wedding to Josh when she falls ill. Some unexpected news has Josh eager to plan the wedding asap to take the burden off his bride to be as she recovers.A River Bend Wedding his such a romantic and uplifting story. It is full of happiness and joy. I smiled all the way through and even cried happy t [...]

    26. Carissa has to have attitude when dealing with Josh at times, "was he for real? She shoved at his chest, but he didn’t budge. “You’re going to get an irrational kick in the you-know-what if you don’t get out of my way.” Josh can get so excited at times he forgets where he is, “eff, babe, have you seen yourself?” Father Joe cleared his throat and Carissa dropped her chin to her chest, giggling. Whoops. “Sorry, Father.” Carissa knows how to shock her man, "biting her lip, she wai [...]

    27. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC in time for Valentine's Day. As usual, Molly McLain reminded me why she's one of my favourite romance authors. I love the setting she's created of Riverbend and this novella was a great catch up with the local characters whose stories I've enjoyed. You should definitely read Carissa and Josh's story first in Can't Shake You. The characters and situations are relatable. The plot is interesting while still being realistic. The romance is steamy without being ov [...]

    28. Holy Moly Molly, you've done it again! A River Bend Wedding features the nuptials of Josh and Carissa from Can't Shake You, and the rest of the River Bend gang we all know and love. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again. A fabulous follow up to favorite couple, and a must read for River Bend Fans!*reccomended reading AFTER the first 4 books for full enjoyment. Plus, spoilers for those!**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    29. Loved the book, it was so good to find out what happened to Carissa and Josh along with Maddy and Dan. It's made me want to go back and re-read the stories as I read them quite a while ago. I think my only criticism is that the cover kind of gave it away, if you look at the female model she does like slightly pregnant. That said, it's a minor criticism. I adore Molly's books and cannot wait to read more of them. <3

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