- By Samuel Beckett

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts

  • Title: Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts
  • Author: Samuel Beckett
  • ISBN: 9780802130341
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Waiting for Godot A Tragicomedy in Two Acts Nothing happens nobody comes nobody goes it s awful Estragon s complaint uttered in the first act of Waiting for Godot is the playwright s sly joke at the expense of his own play or rather at th

    Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it s awful Estragon s complaint, uttered in the first act of Waiting for Godot , is the playwright s sly joke at the expense of his own play or rather at the expense of those in the audience who expect theatre always to consist of events progressing in an apparently purposeful and logical manner towards a decisive climax I Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it s awful Estragon s complaint, uttered in the first act of Waiting for Godot , is the playwright s sly joke at the expense of his own play or rather at the expense of those in the audience who expect theatre always to consist of events progressing in an apparently purposeful and logical manner towards a decisive climax In those terms, Waiting for Godot which has been famously described as a play in which nothing happens, twice scarcely seems recognizable as theatre at all As the great English critic wrote Waiting for Godot jettisons everything by which we recognize theatre It arrives at the custom house, as it were, with no luggage, no passport, and nothing to declare yet it gets through, as might a pilgrim from Mars.

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    1. ACT IIIVLADIMIR: They've called us back. ESTRAGON: For an encore?VLADIMIR: No, we're supposed to say what it means.[A pause]ESTRAGON: What what means?VLADIMIR: This play! We have to explain itTRAGON: And then?VLADIMIR: [discouraged] I don't know. Maybe Godot will arrive. But again, maybe he won't. He's not very reliable. [Another pause] Still, we can try.[They both think deeply]VLADIMIR: Any ideas yet?ESTRAGON: My boots don't fit. My feet hurt.VLADIMIR: [furious] Idiot! This isn't about your boo [...]

    2. “What happened?"“Nothing happened.”“Why did nothing happen?“How would I know?”“You would know.”“I would?”“Yes.”“How I would know?”“Because you read it.”“Did I?”“Yes.““How do you know?”“It is on your shelf.”“So?”“You rated it.”“What does it mean?”“It means you have read it.”“Oh I have.”“So what happened?”“Nothing happened.”“Why did nothing happen?”“Because they were waiting for Godot.”Waiting and nothing – I cou [...]

    3. We are no longer alone, waiting for ‎the night, waiting for Godot, waiting ‎for… waiting.هنا العدمية تتضافر مع عبثية بكيت ‏لتعطيك نتيجة واحدة ‏لا خلاصلا خلاص من أي نوعإنك محاصر مقيد لا تستطيع الهربفأنت أصلا لا تستطيع الحركةدماغك محصور بأفكار معينةتقيدك قبل أن تسمح لك بالتمعن فيما حولكلتدرك أنك عاجز عن التحكم [...]

    4. Who wants to see a play in which nothing happens? Who wants to see a play in which the characters make little or no sense? Who wants to see a play in which the same senseless nothingness is repeated in the second and only other act? Not me that’s for sure. I honestly don’t think I could sit through a production of this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate its artistic merit on the page.Nothing happens, but that is the beauty of it. A famous theatre reviewer once said “this is a pl [...]

    5. I read this book while hang-gliding over the coast of Liechtenstein. It was difficult to grip the jacket of the book, not only because I was airborne, but because the night before I was in Moscow having vodka and gasoline with Luis San Baptista Rodolfo Sr a ex-foot soldier for the Revolutionary FALN, and my head was POUNDING! I told Luis over a dinner (red cabbage over braised Skeletor Dolls) I had never seen the last episode of Family Ties, and he instantly grew furious, and cried out, "Matushk [...]

    6. ا"لا شيء يحدث و لا احد يجيء " هذا هو بإختصار فحوى تلك التراجيدية المضحكة!؟سيظل الإنسان منتظرا للأبد لاي شيءالعدلالثراءالنصر او المختار الذي سيجلب معه السعادة اليس هذا هو حال البشر؟؟احقاقا للحقارى ان المسرحيات🎭 لابد أن نشاهدها على المسرح فقطلا لكي نقرأها أو حتى نشاهدها على [...]

    7. Review revived again to mark the three month anniversary of the Top Lists being frozen.***As you know, the votes we strive for and crawl across barbed wire for and win oh so slowly and painfully are the only way we reviewers can tell we're still alive. We need the hit that only weekly Top Lists can give us. And yes, you could describethe inexplicable absence of up to date Top Reviewer and Best Review Lists as a "first world problem" if you were being really mean, but still, reviewers are people [...]

    8. Waiting for Godot still waits for a review. I wonder if it will ever come. While pondering on the possibility of a review, I think about whether I liked it or not. I can't even say that, so technically, I am still waiting for the rating as well It is in the stars. I added some for decoration. They are quite meaningless, but yellow dots please my Scandinavian eyes. It is about nothing, really. But Nothing was already taken by Henry Green - and also filled with so much of everything - that Sam [...]

    9. A nice homage would be to write nothing.*That is what I wrote this afternoon. Before that, a friend told me to write something. He was so sure that I could. I am never sure about what I can or cannot do. But he thought so. That was nice.Nothing much happened after that, until another kind friend paid this review a visit and said "to wait". And "if he does not show up tomorrow" Well, what is to be done then? There are messengers that assured me he would come. I will keep waiting. Contemplating th [...]

    10. En attendant godot = Waiting for godot, Samuel Beckett عنوانها: در انتظار گودو؛ در انتظار گودو سوگخندنامه در دو پرده؛ اثر: ساموئل بکت؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سال 1972 میلادیعنوان: در انتظار گودو؛ اثر: ساموئل بکت؛ مترجم: سعید ایمانی؛ تهران، اشرفی، 1346، در 210 ص، مصور، فروست: ادبیات عصر ما، موضوع: نمایشنامه های [...]

    11. Waiting for Godot in Antarctica An audience gathers to preview a screening of a new version of this Samuel Beckett play. The directed striped his rendition down to bare existential black and white by filming in Antarctica and using penguins as actors. The problem of dialogue is solved by the technique of voice-over.In the first act, two penguins stand on bleak, snow-covered ice. There’s a close up of one penguin. The voice-over says, “Nothing to be done.”The camera slowly scans to the othe [...]

    12. Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to Waiting for Godot, written in 1952 by Samuel Beckett. Mankind in general is made up of both passive and active people. In Samuel Beckett’s absurdist play Waiting for Godot, there are four characters who can be directly compared to universal mankind. Estragon and Vladimir are considered passive people because they sit back and let life pass them by, unlike Pozzo and Lucky, who are active people because they live new adventures from day to day. Samuel Beckett’s [...]

    13. تقول الكاتبة المسرحية "سارا رول" في كتابها "مائة مقالة لم أكتبها" بأنها أخذت ابنها الصغير يومًا لمشاهدة عرض باليه، وبعد انتهاء العرض سألته عن رأيه، فقال : كان جميلاً ولكنه لم يعجبني!دفعتها الإجابة للتفكير في ما لو كان البالغين يمتلكون نفس القدرة على هذا التفريق "الحيادي" بين ا [...]

    14. من زیاد نمایشنامه نخوندم، ولی این، یکی از بهترین هایی بوده که خوندم. بکت در این نمایشنامه، بشر را به تصویر میکشد که زندگی اش، در انتظار آرمان هایی که نه می شناسد و نه برای رسید بهشان تلاشی می کند، می پوسد و زنگ می زند. بکت این درونمایه ی تلخ را، در یک طنز آبسورد می گنجاند.ولادیمی [...]

    15. You spin me right round, babyRight round like a record, babyRight round round roundStill absurd. Quite ridiculous. Occasionally philosophical. However, since its completion, the comedy of Waiting for Godot has become commonplace. Because the humor could be said to be Three Stooges-esque at times, one could say this play was even behind the times. I say it could be said, not that I say it is.Does Waiting for Godot deserve all the attention it has received? After all, it seems to state the meaning [...]

    16. هذا وضعنا جميعا، في انتظار شيء ما.حتى لو جاء ما ننتظره نبدأ في انتظار شيء ما، حتى لو تأخر فنحن ننتظره.المسرحية جميلة ولكنها لم تعجبني، فيها آراء فلسفية كثيرة وكذلك رسائل بحاجة الى تحليل كثير ومتخصص أيضا.

    17. تعديل: 15-6-2016المراجعة الأولى: 3-3-2016" المسألة هي أي شيء نفعل. ومن نعم الله علينا أننا نعرف الإجابة على هذا الموضوع. أجل ففي خضم هذا الاضطراب العظيم لا يتضح إلا شيء واحد فقط إننا نبقى هنا في انتظار مجيء جودو. "هذا الكلام يوضح ما هو الهدف الأول من المسرحية والفكرة التي تدور عليها؛ فج [...]

    18. GODOT (sitting in the Mezzanine) - What if I were to show up on the stage? It would cause quite a stirDO (lady sitting randomly next to Godot) – Oh, no, please don’t That would be absurd… Who do you think you are?GODOT – Please.let me…, just for a laughDO – What are you waiting for then?

    19. معنا باختگی و تئاتر ابزورد : انسانی سرگشته در جهانی بی رحم هبوط واقعی انسان نه در عدن، بلکه در قرن ما رخ داده است.بعد از انباشت بیش از حد تاریخ،ما معصومیت لازم برای اعتقاد به هرگونه توجیه بیشتر را از دست داده ایم.تنها قطعیاتی که مانده اند،جعلی بودن همه ساختارهای تفسیری و غیرقاب [...]

    20. “Faith”, she said. “You must have faith in something. It is necessary.”These are the exact words as said to me by a colleague a few days back. Faith. I smiled. I knew I couldn't go ahead and say anything which might upset her. I had seen that urgency in her eyes, with which she seemed to be guarding her words. Watching, lest, she might encounter something unpleasant.By ‘Faith’ she definitely did mean God.The conversation brought to my mind the question I have kept asking myself. It h [...]

    21. Estragón: Vayámonos.Vladimiro: No podemos.Estragón: ¿Por qué?Vladimiro: Porque estamos esperando a Godot.Estragón: Es verdad.Y así, en torno a este tipo de diálogos entre los personajes principales de “Esperando a Godot”, una genialidad escrita por un genio llamado Samuel Beckett giran los no acontecimientos de esta obra de teatro. Es una obra en la que no pasa nada y aún así pasa de todo.Beckett dio el puntapié inicial del “Teatro del absurdo” a partir de la puesta en escena [...]

    22. جزو اولین کارهایی بود که در رابطه با تئاتر آبسِرد خوندم. میتونم بگم که اثری خیلی خوب و زیبا بود، مسلما ارزش وقت و توجه رو داره و به خوندنش می ارزه. آبسِردیتی روزمره زندگی اکثر انسان ها به معنای کلام توی این اثر به شکلی زیبا به تصویر در اومده.اگر با دید چشم سحابی به زندگی اکثر انس [...]

    23. "VLADIMIR: Es difícil convivir contigo, GogoTRAGON: Sería mejor que nos separáramos.VLADIMIR: Siempre dices lo mismo. Y siempre vuelves".4.5Jamás hubiera pensado que una obra de teatro me iba a gustar tanto. Los textos dramáticos generalmente no los entiendo, o me marean, o me resultan un incordio. Pero Esperando a Godot es la excepción a todo. Monumental obra de Samuel Beckett, que se merece mi completo respeto.Me atrevo a decir que Esperando a Godot es la obra que mejor expresa la existe [...]

    24. Piece in two acts, the first work I discovered by Samuel Beckett. I'm not disappointed, I like the theater of the absurd.To put two men on stage, to make them speak for two hours to wait for someone who does not come (and who will never come), it was necessary to dare.When we know that these men are vagabonds, that they have nothing important to say to each other, apart from speaking and waiting, that Godot is expected to have no interest, one wonders whether Beckett not take for pigeons.But the [...]

    25. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این نمایشنامهٔ 140 صفحه ای که اولین بار در سال 1953 و در پاریس به نمایش درآمد، در موردِ انتظار است آن هم انتظار برای هیچ و پوچ. کسی دقیقاً نمیداند هدفِ «سامائول بکت» از نوشتنِ این نمایشنامه چه بوده است! آیا هدفش بیداری معنوی و یا رستگاری بوده است!؟ آیا هدفش طعنه ز [...]

    26. [Curtains Fall] Stage: I lived good, within all of you. Heck! You would not even survive a second without me. Why? I even took that wretched boot and that stinky feet on my chest! Feet: Ha Stinky you say! Did you ever eavesdrop into Beckett’s mind when he was scribbling? Ah, I was the one who inspired him. Not some dumbheads as they would like to believe.Human: Come on, now! Really? Like can someone be so obnoxiously imbecile? No wonder you both have no identity without me. Subtract my dialogu [...]

    27. Definitely not for everybody but by God (if he shows up) it's brilliant. But I wouldn't blame anyone for disagreeing with me. Still it's more accessible than you might think -- a student who studied this play with me in one of my university classes had the assignment of memorizing the quite surrealistic Lucky and Potzo monologue. Problem was she was a single mother and between that and her manager's job at the local Lotta-Burger she didn't have much time for home study. Her solution? She gave a [...]

    28. It seems that in some ways we are all 'waiting for Godot', at least this is the theme that appears to come through Samuel Beckett's classic and acclaimed two act play. Part of the genius of this play is the fact that it was written as an apparent diversion from the prose Beckett had been writing at the time. To be able to sit down and write a play hailed as the greatest of the 20th Century while working on a longer volume is an act of legendary proportions.The play itself is both minimalist and [...]

    29. ESTRAGON: I tell you I wasn't doing anything.VLADIMIR: Perhaps you weren't. But it's the way of doing it that counts, the way of doing it, if you want to go on living.I've no idea how I'd have reviewed this had the Charleston church shooting not occurred. For those not in the US-centric know, a white man drove for two hours to reach one of the oldest black churches in the country, attended the prayer amidst the crowd for a while, and then opened fire on the congregation, killing nine people. One [...]

    30. What the fuck did I just read ?? THINK! Yes, I should. I should think about it more.I should sit back in silence and contemplate.WAIT! I will. Yes, I will.No, Not for GODOT.GODOT. Haah funny name. I hope he looks cool. But can we see him? I don't know. Do you??Waiting for Godot would be the most foolish thing to do. I think so.Okay. So What have you been doing all your Life ?Dont tell me you were Waiting for Godot. Seriously.Aaah I don't know. I am not gonna wait for Godot.HmmmUhhhhShould I ??F [...]

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