- By Jane Fletcher

The Empress And the Acolyte

  • Title: The Empress And the Acolyte
  • Author: Jane Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9781933110608
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Empress And the Acolyte After three years of studying with the Empress Bykoda Jemeryl has learned all that the elderly sorcerer can teach her and is ready to return to Lyremouth However before she leaves Bykoda reveals a

    After three years of studying with the Empress Bykoda, Jemeryl has learned all that the elderly sorcerer can teach her and is ready to return to Lyremouth However, before she leaves, Bykoda reveals a grim secret, an oracle of death, and askes her to perform one final assignment.

    1 thought on “The Empress And the Acolyte

    1. Really good chapter in the ongoing Lyremouth Chronicles.Forget (if you can or want to) that these are written in a lesbian context and rather approach them as a pure fantasy novel, then they are at least as good as the majority of David Eddings output.The evolving world that the author has presented remains as interesting as at the outset, with additional turns and kinks in the road that ensures that you cannot guess which way the novel will take you.Loved the playfulness that the author was abl [...]

    2. Another strong book in this series and the first not linked to the whole chase for the chalice. There are elements similar to the last book (some Potter-ish murder mystery stuff), but everything is different enough and the characters have matured a bit more. Plus, there's some cool stuff with Dragons.

    3. Another great story from this series. I have a good time reading this, it had romance, action, adventure, and suspense. The suspense was especially good in this one, more than in the previous book. Romance was good, just the way I liked it, as well as the action. The adventure was not what I expected, but in a good way. Overall, I think it was worth reading and worth to add to my collection.

    4. The entire Lyremouth series was a surprisingly very enjoyable read! Book 1 starts very slow, but it does pick up when Jem and Tevi get together (near to two-thirds of book 1, so don't give up :D), and they are such a cute couple, so adorable! The premise of this series is definitely not as ambitious or serious as the author's Celaeno series, but I felt the fantasy world she created here was equally rich (each territory has its own unique culture), more fun (sarcastic talking magpie lol) and very [...]

    5. This book is my favorite out of the Lyremouth Chronicles so far. To me, it's by far the most exciting. I felt I hardly had time to catch my breath before something else happened. Jem and Tevi are tested a lot in this book, their relationship, their morals, and their lives. Jane Fletcher really knows how to write great fantasy books plus did I mention this book has Dragons?!I would recommended this series to any fantasy genre fans. You won't be disappointed!

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